Ice Cream Has Been Politicized

Ice Cream Has Been Politicized

Somebody get me off this shitty ride.

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Kill yourelf, OP.


What rock did you crawl out from under OP? Didn't they have some obama flavor too?

This isn't news or new. Go away.

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(((Ben and Jerrys)))

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Ice cream??
#1 ingredient in ben and jerrys is soy.

Holy fuck I'd forgotten about this. Such ridiculous people. God how i wish that retarded Seminole knew how to properly make a bomb.

How long before they realize this is racist against people with nut allergies?

They'll just counter that refusing to eat pecans is racist Islamophobia because the future is female. No, it doesn't make sense, but these are leftists we're talking about.

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This is better stuff.

You’d be wrong.

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This thread is cuckchan-tier slide garbage and you should kill yourself for making it.

The jews that own that crap always were.

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Everything nowadays is used by the left as a political tool, why the frick are you surprised

Go back to your sonic videos.

he should have said frack.


At least there's some honesty to it.

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Figures that the gay ice cream looks like a turd.

Eat da poo poo.

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They are absolutely repulsed by beauty and vise versa.

Stuff like this is a jewish dialectic to get people invested in a fabricated right/left dialectic. Stupid social stunts like this always are. I wish we could have a board where no stupid tabloid-tier, "trigger le sjws", posts are made.

When I was a kid I remember fat old PTA ladies always bitched about how great ben & jerry's was ….never had it because my mentality was if repulsive people like that like something I should avoid it… years later I learn about the jew and that said brand is jewish…. That ice cream is probably bottom of the barrel chemical filled trash that is over priced.


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Ben Cohen
191 S Winooski Ave #2
Burlington, VT 05401-4665
(802) 482-3368 - Landline
Jerry Greenfield
2779 South Rd
Williston, VT 05495-8883
30 Community Dr
South Burlington, VT 05403-6809
(802) 846-1500 - Landline
(802) 879-1499 - Landline
(802) 373-2402 - Wireless
(954) 781-9483 - Landline
[email protected]
Possible Businesses
Jerry Greenfield And Elizabeth K Skarie Foundation, Inc
2779 South Rd Williston Vt 05495
Ben & Jerrys Homemade, Inc
30 Community Dr South Burlington Vt 05403
Ben & Jerry's Foundation, Inc The
30 Community Dr South Burlington Vt 05403

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I like how the resist ice cream is filled with nuts. The memes write themselves.

jews are smarmy fucks and the NPCs are programmed to ignore how they're being played.

When will ben and jerry get #MEtoo? They sounds like cucks who would admit to a false rape charge because listen and believe.

Ben and Jerry's FREE ICE CREAM for PoC and LGBT when coupons?

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Good idea

dey lick it like ice cream

Reminder that Haagen-Dasz was started by a New York Jew, Reuben Mattus, trying to sound like a Danish gentile using "the old ways" to create ice cream.


Literal jews.

What won't they ruin?

Has anyone stopped for a second to read the ingredient list? Its a bunch of unpleasant to eat when cold items embedded in ice cream.

I hope they all injure their mouths next time they get munchies.

Ben Cohen.
Pure Cohencidence, goy.

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The Kike Scream has always been politicized. They're made everything from believe to anti-gun to cocksucking and what have you nots.


This is shit and you are also shit.

Ben And Jerry's is owned by the Unilever megacorporation


It's Pecan as in, "we can"

I pronounce it, as does everyone I know, as pah-cahn or sometimes pee-cahn, not pee-can. A pee can is a last resort toilet, not a food.

(((Ben Jerry))) puts also glyphosate into their "natural"


Jews will always try to find (((sneaky))) ways to ged rid of whites, whithout looking too suspicious at first hand. They try to make an art form out of it.

"The sleight of white genocide"

Read short version (9 minutes of time) of Siege and decide for yourself, if you agree or not.

Can we get a two scoops edit?


Your reminder that OP had to repost this thread three times before he got it to the top of the catalog. Congrats anons - you bumped a Ben and Jerry's ad campaign. Sage

Wait, I fucked up that first layer.

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breddy gud

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This is the first time I've posted this thread.

Like posted, they've been notorious communist agitators for eons. Thanks to them, I often have to Colbert's face every time I pass by the frozen dairy aisle.

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No seriously, what is is with jews and icecream?

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The 3 most expensive and most popular ice creams are owned by 1 or more actual jewish.

Ben & Jerry's

What's interesting is that all 3 are LARPing Jews. Ben & Jerry LARPing as peaceful hippies, Haagen-Dasz LARPing as a Dane (Danishman), and Talenti LARPing as an Italian. What is even more interesting is that not only are these the most expensive popular consumer brands but these are also the most PURE consumer brands. Most ice cream, nowadays, besides the 3 Jew Brands have terrible additives in them. Some are actually harmful and some are cheap crap. You'll also notice that the 3 Jew brands give you the least.

Many Jews can't enjoy dairy, it's not a big part of their diet or culture. Dairy may not even be healthy to enjoy in the quantities some GOYIM eat it in. However you'll notice that all the lower-tier ice creams have harmful additives in them and you are hard pressed to find many of the ice creams w/non harmful additives in anything but brand offshoots specifically labelled "Natural or Simple", etc.

This drives many GOYIM to view the 3 JEW brands as refined, high class ice creams outside of their GOYISH norm and willfully pay the high price for what is essentially just ice cream.

It absolutely is a conspiracy because:

It is my belief that by some conspiratorial means they are poisoning GOYIM stupid enough to buy this garbage (note: It is not just bryers) and they are robbing GOYIM who buy the big JEW 3. Ice Cream is essentially a drug because dairy (fat) is addictive and so is sugar. By creating a desire in the public for ice cream once the populace was sufficiently addicted they could cut the drug (ice cream) like crack rock dealers cut cocaine. And it also drives up the price of the real cocaine (ice cream).

So you see there is a conspiracy. Also of note that Ben & Jerry's has starting putting some of these additives in their ice creams leading me to believe that since dairy isn't a part of the Jewish diet in large amounts that B&J is trying to ride the fence of poisoning and robbing GOYIM at the same time.

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B-but I like ice cream.

make your own or buy from some local ice cream shop. it's sugary trash though, if you want dairy then drink raw milk or eat raw cheese

>(((Ben and Jerrys)))
(((Ben Cohen)))
(((Jerry Greenfield)))

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Breyers is exceptionally disgusting. Instead of melting when left out, the bowl fills up with an amber colored substance. I don't know what that shit is, but it's not ice cream.

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Not this ice cream because its jewish ice cream

Sorry but I think I'm gonna stick to Haagen-Dasz.


I would suggest Turkey Hill's natural line. They only have at most 5 flavors but I think it's non-jewish and it is made well. Don't buy their regular stuff though.

Don't buy Haagen-Dasz that's like buying ice cream from your enemy. I'm not sure how long Turkey Hill natural will be a viable alternative. It's owned by Kroger and the last family member president retired in 2013. You could inquire more information on who is president and running it now, but if it's just a nameless corp figure its natural line could be annihilated fairly rapidly.

raw milk + raw eggs + raw honey + vanilla


So you are going to buy actual kike created ice cream? KSG yourself.

Didn't see you complaining when they took down Cody Wilson, for being a "filthy pedo".

Surprise, surprise.

This just shows how fucking stupid the left is. They exist to be used, and yet again we are witnessing these idiots being used for the financial gain of others. Meanwhile they'll uphold it as a sign of glorious victory that another company is taking their side. It's hilarious. Dumbest fucking people on the planet.

Why u mad tho?

But Haagan Dasz is good ice cream, no?

Every single time.

So which ice cream company in this list is the good one?

I only eat Van Leeuwen ice cream but that's because I make a lot of money and don't give a shit about spending $7 per pint. It's really delicious.

I don't blame Ben and Jerry's for their marketing strategy though. Imagine how much ice cream they're gonna sell when every leftist eats 7 pints of that shit once they get whooped in the midterms.

Not the first time this hippy formed bull semen and gelatin dairy treat organization has made a vulgar attempt to rally their comrades. There was Buttfuck Brownie, Faggot Fudge and Rainbow Regression some years back.

This new flavor sounds as disgusting in ingredients as it is in sentiment. They should be releasing new flavors to combat their foe (somehow).

Traitor Toffee
Subversive Salsa
Salty Spic Strawberry
Coughing Clinton Caramel
Good Goy Vanilla
Millennial Moovement
Little Kid Krunch
Six Gorillion Gaza Grape
Auschwitz Applebaum

Nigger, learn your history. These are kikes who subverted and perverted popular movements to resist their efforts of enslaving us. They did the same thing to the hippies (through the YIPPIES) as they did with the "alt right".


Yet another dumb nigger.


Redpill me on Blue Bell
They seem too wholesome to be jewed

Gelato is the way to go. A superior product in origin and taste; providing it is authentic. Forza Italia!

Dont forget about the moralism Jew. Some Jews pretend to be perfect in order to criticize those who come close but arent.

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The same kikes who own the diabetus medicine and treatment products own the junk food, they get you sick and then make a mint taking care of your lifelong condition.


I read on cuckchan that this is just a rebranding of an "exclusive" flavor that walmart dropped due to poor sales.
Sage against viral marketing.

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Some faggot is encouraging people to take them out of freezers so they can't be sold, as if that hurts BJ's bottom line and not the supermarket.

That's your first mistake. Ben & Jerry's has been doing this for years, my man

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Another vermont product

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Why is dr pepper gay?