CNN gives us a gift

CNN blessed us just before miderms:
Thank you, CNN. We'll take it from here.

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I'm on the mobile jew and don't want to get holohoaxed with (((data charges)))
What's the tldr?

It fucking figures.

ripped from twitter post, there has to be a better copy of this out there somewhere.

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breitbart has a longer version but the quality is also shit

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Yes, it's annoying.

Technically he's right. White men are capable of so much damage and have the intelligence and fortitude to back up their claims of ending them. Think about that niggers, jews, gooks, etc. We haven't even stepped out our doors yet and you keep fucking pushing us. We tried reasonable and this is where it got us. Go ahead, double down and wait for your end.

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You will literally never do anything, whatsoever. You will never fight back. Anyone who tells you to fight back is dismissed as FBI. You will never grab your guns, you will never kill any traitors, jews, or other nonwhites. It won’t happen.

highest quality version i can find

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How's your sewer treating you Levi?


Zig Forums is a board of peace

i forgot about that

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Hopefully no one will daux everything on this planet that he loves or cares about; just in case Robert has a twin brother that shitposts on the chans

Dude? That's a dude!

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Loosely called for a travel ban for all white men too. That might be the Democrat's ultimate goal if they are able to take back the presidency. They will cite the rise of right-wing extremism abroad as a reason to do it.

Yes, thanks for proving me right.

And that’s why the jews are still in power.

Why? It won’t do anything.

Some things never change.

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this dumb bitch in tuckers clip was also the same one that was crying after election day on CNN or something that "THIS IS NOT OKAY! THIS IS JUST NOT OKAY" i can't find a clip of it though, jewtube memory holed it.

This is the conversation we want to be having. Post nigger crime statistics.


Push this hard!!! We the Normans to respond to some harsh RP's in a highly violent way
Also: Hourly reminder that Lemon is a "non-practicing j00"

A shame, it would have been great to juxtapose the two.


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does nobody remember that? someone should have a video of it or can find it somewhere, im searching using the wrong terms maybe. it was posted here for sure during the election salt threads.

That's what they told Rob "Fuck your optics I'm going in" Bowers and then look what happened

Oh it'll be priceless as the Left says we need harsher border controls.

i wouldn't be surprised if that is their end plan after their school shooting doesnt work out like all their other false flags. they really are desperate.

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Found it.

you bastage. I needed 3 more seconds to post this vid but no ….
Anyway, those were some fake ass tears. There was no salt to be mined. She's part crocodile


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Can't say I remember it bud.

fuck ya thanks i've been looking for this for weeks
time has not been kind to her

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You know, she's acting though

Is she the other anchor?

i wasn't even 100% sure they were the same person, but they are, the names are confirmed in both videos
Marjorie Clifton

What else is new?

will they nuke themselves in the most epic ultimate false flag?

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Niggerjew2, you will never be white or a man.

why haven't they updated these shitty zogbots in years?

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Even poojeets won't work for them. kek

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Reported for spam.

You will literally never do anything, whatsoever. You will never fight back. Anyone who tells you to fight back is dismissed as FBI. You will never grab your guns, you will never kill any traitors, jews, or other nonwhites. It won’t happen.

zogboting is beneath even poojeets

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That man looks like a nice guy.


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Speaking of checking digits, I did not do the respectful thing and check these dubs


wish I had dubs like that

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Do not worry, brother. They will come to you as your confidence grows.

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what the fuck kind of last name is lemon anyway? does he fuck citrus?

Family probably picked them when the jews owned them.

You realize nobody died right? It was staged by the Operation Mockingbird glow in the dark niggers just like the gas attacks in syria.

Unless you really believe that Die Hard Trump Supporters decided to start mailing bombs and attacking synagogues randomly coordinated just weeks before an election…

gay jew nigger Don Lemon stepped in it big time

Here is a version that is more succint.

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you fucked up the audio

seems fine to me.

It's out of sync.

its in sync for me?

Here is a version I threw up on youtube. About to start shilling it on half-chan so it gets out to the normie sphere.

Works fine. Thanks.

Jack Lime was already taken

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I swear to fucking god, one of the shortcomings of Taiwanese yodeling societies like this is that we have to keep going over the same redpills over and over for the new people.

The entire establishment sees whites as A: Dangerous, B: A bad investment on its way out, and C: The enemy.

Make this the first axiom of your thinking, and nothing will ever surprise you again. Then, when you've accepted the horrible truth that we live under enemy occupation, in a badly broken timeline that was supposed to turn out different, post-1945, you can finally write off all your false hopes and begin the struggle in earnest.

There is not one righteous, no not one!


Maybe it's my video player. I just want to be sure normalfags don't think it's dubbes because the audio is out of sync.

It's off sync for me as well

i can't tell if it's out of sync, if it is it's by a few ms, but you can avoid this by not doing a codec copy with ffmpeg, just re-encode the video and audio and it should stay in sync.

it was a false flag

How about this one?

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What's a jew and negro hybrid called? Obama was one too.
Jigger? Blew?

You're wrong

Thats not how you spell "Trash".


Thank you, Don Lemonparty. You're the best gay nog Santa ever!

We're D: Both A and C.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kosher Chitlins?


I don't know, but it has to suck to sit at the back of the oven.

Blew is quite apt when you consider how well king nigger deep throats those ice cream cones.

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The Real Threat is white men not the people coming to the border ? is this Nigger serious

Dotr ''''?
Board of Peace ™

You are losing kike. You are losing power and you're scared. You will never get your power back. It won't happen.
I look forward to the rest of your worthless tribe being shot up.

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aye, still no update
saw this pasta in another thread. pathetic. at least earn your paycheck you lazy jewish fuck.

Just call them Sammys.

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webm version

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hes not wrong, beware whitey because hes coming to kill every one of you niggers.

Why are you guys celebrating this obvious media deception?

This is no different than Jews blowing up their own towers to start a war.

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Place your bets on what option trump takes. I think there’s a 53% chance he doesn’t mention it

Sammy was a convert tho no? King Nigger was half kike by blood.

Goddamned white people!! Probably put that pond there because they know black can't swim!!!
When will the stop persecuting us and allow themselves to be genocided, already?
We tried to be reasonable about their genocide, but they keep killing us at every turn, with water, with guns when we invade their homes, with the very drugs we inject into our veins!!!

When will it all end?

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In 20 years, when humanity begins traveling to the edge of our solar system, we are going to look back on comments like this in disgust.