Twitter to Remove Like Button

Twitter to Remove Like Button

Honestly, I think Twitter is bullshitting us all. Everyone knows that likes/RTs are used for validation of our opinions. With Twitter's algorithms boosting leftist content, leftist Tweets are capable of garnering hundreds of thousands of likes within a very short time frame whereas right-leaning accounts are lucky to get a few thousand likes. This gets the lefties invigorated, energized, and mobilized as it allows them to see just how large their mob truly is.

So why are Twitter talking about removing it if it's actually helping the left? I believe it will play out like this:

- If the left wins the midterms, Twitter will say, "We heard all your concerns and have decided to keep the like button."
- If the right wins AND Trump goes after social media to disable all algorithms, only then will Twitter remove the like button to prevent right-leaning accounts from getting too many likes which could affect the left's morale going into 2020. When Twitter gets called out on this, they will say, "We've already been thinking about removing the like button even before the midterms."

I am always right. Always. This is exactly how it will play out.

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So they can suppress wrongthink regardless of how many likes it gets
And then shove pro-narrative bullshit to the top without having to wait for it to get likes.


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I love when these stupid jews make themselves this obvious by projecting degeneracy this bad right off the bat

but how will they know what to sell you and how to market your data?

Honestly, between TelAvivision being watched less and less and social media being a hug box echo chamber where the din of feelz&emotions drown out logic&reason, they're doing a great job of turning people away. Who needs to address social media platforms and NPC-programming by media when they'll eventually burn every bridge and find themselves alone at last?

TelAvivsion, user.

This is not the way people that are always right talk my man

Yeah, and? What do we care?

So WHY DO WE CARE? What does it matter to us? Nothing can be done short of killing the people responsible, and you will never do this. Stop wasting our time.


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Well, because it's a kike MO they used in the Yom Kippur war and in when Russia was still the USSR (hence the name "The Russian Dog-Walking Hour" when Russians did something revolutionary; they shut off their TV's and began havig conversations with their neighbors)

Who the fuck do these jews think they are to be the judges of any conversations?

lmao, it's going to be a real treat if they get rid of this and all those like farms turn their like bots into shitty chat and retweet bots.

T-that's because we got rid of the Russian bots.

Is that -9 million from them banning everyone right of center?

Because ignoring issues totally stops them. You blithering fuck, think for once.


I don't care about twitter, but what is likely to happen

It will basically outsource their need to constantly be upping their AI-game to suppress "dissident" content and spew leftist dogma at anyone who even so much as looks at the site

Mark my words, thats what will end up happening. No way they'd take away the "like" button which is not just "validation" for the leftists to spread their opinion, but also a psychological factor in keeping them on the platform (gotta get dem dopamine hits). Taking it away would utterly destroy that, and twitter isn't stupid enough to fuck themselves AND their political agenda in the ass like that. They're dumb, but not that dumb.

I think it's a combination of people ditching twitter, blocking bots and banned accounts

If Twitter replaces the 'Like' button with a 'Hate' button, Zig Forums will get Twitter accounts; amiwrong tho?

Trump Complains About Twitter Removing His Followers

with extra spicy comment about Twitter's owners

I think you're right. Even so, I think changing it to something like that, combined with all the other subversive shit they already do will be overreaching and they'll still lose half their membership.

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Social Media is ass cancer

Yeah, you’re wrong. Fuck off.

Since Twitter controls the content of their website they can delete accounts at will at the users can flag things they do not want or that offend them leading the offending user to a ban. What this does is create a self-regulating environment in which the users actively prune non-collective thought. Anything that may fall outside the community agreed spectrum is brought to the attention of the moderators and quickly destroyed if deemed wrong-think. The hand holding process of Twitter is over since they feel the collective Twitter hive-mind baseline has been successfully established.

Why you would be a part of Twitter is beyond me at this stage of the game. It would be like trying to hang out with pigs in their pen and being frustrated when the pigs become hostile because you don't oink like they do and they squeal and the farmer comes and kicks you out.

What the hell were you doing in there in the first place?


Considering his apparent narcissism, this.

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lmfao wrekt

It's as likely they're re-tuning shadow banning so instead of outright suppression, they can better control information exposure tailored to the individual account who engages with that system. By default it'll strongly overwhelm users with purely mainstream content, making it that to see alternative content requires a lot more effort than simply leaving it as is (preying on the fact that normalfags are rather lazy). The idea would be to create an entirely subjective experience on twitter so people cannot discern what is objectively trending or popular. With that perception, you can manipulate like-minded groups (categorized by algorithms) into believing their influence/popularity is lesser/greater than what it actually is. I suspect that's the real reason they are considering to remove/modify the like function.

Twitter can then claim it's not technically censorship because people do have the choice to find alternative content via that system and their defaults are what are deemed as "safe" content ("So if you go beyond what we normally recommend, you're putting yourself at risk goy"). Good luck finding anything to begin seeking out alternatives if you a new user though, as it'll be like going through a nightmare of repeated "more of this" or "this is good" or whatever button clicking to do so.

Twitter have been worn down by the inconvenience of people not as stupid as their target demographic. When wrongthink becomes popular it sends their alarm bells ringing. The first priority is to stop the spread of wrongthink as quickly as possible, while also hoping to delay or deter their own from criticizing Dorsey for perceived inaction.

Secondly, removing the ability to like tweets helps to not only protect the spread of wrongthink, but also reduce the ability of everyday people to connect with and inspire each other. Instead the absence of likes will elevate the blue ticks to an even higher level of influence. Top tweets will be exclusively from their (((informed))) opinion and those given an artificial boost for propaganda (apes who fight coffee shops, sand niggers who get shot in the head, sexual deviants, et al).

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Like shit ain't going nowhere. These cunts live for it. It's like crack to them. If anything, the checkmark shit will become super niggerfied to some next level, promoted shit to follow like jewtube 'creators' and they'll pay lefties to shitpost all day. Shadowbans will return and 10x harder. If you just say, 'faggot' your account can be auto locked now. A tweak personally setup by sodomite Jack am sure. It's just a dead platform as long as they put the cart before the horse when it comes to trying to 'crackdown' on anything. That being, going after people who respond to batshit posts instead of the cunt who posted the bait in the first place.

That's a great pic, but the NPC meme has already exposed that virtually everyone there is a bot. The last person I said this too IRL said "I'm not surprised."