Why does anyone care?

This entire fucking board is full of fascists and NatSocs. Why the fuck do we care about American/European politics. No goyim or (((bluewave))) will happen if we just assemble a milita and fuckin establish our own state in buttfuck nowhere Wyoming or whatever. Jew can’t do shit if they got a bullet in their head

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QTDDTOT, niggerjew.

Blow your brains out.
>No goyim or (((bluewave))) will happen if we just assemble a milita and fuckin establish our own state
No, jew, we aren’t running away from our problems.
You will never do anything.

You want to change the world you gotta do it with out hate, it's why Hitler failed so dismally.
Yes the Jew's are bad, and yes the left is fucked, but you cannot resort to their underhanded tactics of emotion and violence.
If you set out to change the world with hate, then you will be brought low by hate.
If you fight back with logic and reason, as Christ did (here I mean with words and sacrifice rather than steel and punishment) then what are our enemies to do against that which they cannot justly destroy?
Use your noggen bro, we are all blessed with one and it's really not that hard to figure out with the amount of information at our disposal.

I'm so glad Jesus succeeded, succeeded in making the Roman Empire fall and turn everyone into beta cucks.
Only redeeming thing about Christianity which doesn't outweigh all the cons.

If we assembled a militia (((they)))'d probably Waco us on a larger scale.

well yeah, how else do you fight a group that have utter faith and use their words to prove it?
Violence will always lead to more violence and the aim of the game is to break the cycle, Jesus just set the example, like a father does to his children.

Without violence, how can we hope to bring our mortal enemy to extinction? It's clear that the kikes wouldn't peacefully establish an ethnostate along with the rest of the world, it'll always be a case of nationalism for me, but not for thee goyim. So how do we solve things without violence at some stage? t. non-bioluminescent caucasian civilian

Sage and report this bait.

This place has had a big brain drain

The militia is important to remind people we are not demoralized.

Put a bullet in your head, paid jewish shill.
You have NO argument.

Enjoy your honeypot, FBI.

DACA is coming for all of us

to be honest, I'd be fine with the Jew's having their own homeland if they kept their noses out of mine and didn't perform genocide against the tenants that had moved in while they were gone.

Low IQ shill or wignat SIEGE reader detected. I won't bother explaining why since you clearly haven't read fascist and natsoc history before. People don't isolate themselves from the system and wank to Hitler to make a change, they participate in it.


ZOG would kill you.

Also sage, a thread died for this

I know, right? I've been noticing it too. It must be all of the left-wing shills.

Yeah, but did he kill anyone? Did he cause great harm? He even healed one his persecutors in the garden when Peter chopped his ear off.
On top of this when he was finally crucified he could have called out to his Father to curse his killers but he didn't, he asked for their forgiveness.
The people whipped in the temple where hypocrites and we're breaking the very laws they had sworn to uphold by turning a place of worship into one of greed, and Jesus whipping them is no different from me using a cattle prod to push cows out of a pen they shouldn't be in.

Jews will roast in hell for all eternity. It’s our job to send them there as fast as possible. You, however, will never do it.

t. responsible conservative

I agree but this is a worthless thread.

user please stop the crystal meth your family is worried about you.

We're of Euro descent and Europa is the traditional homeland of our people.

Go rope, gas, and shoot yourself at the same time, unironically.

Except Rabbi yeshua specifically and explicitly says he's here to save the jews, and not the gentiles. It is later spelled out that gentile christians are the actual synagogue of satan. Christfags are too dumb to realize that if their kike-god is real he isn't they're all going to hell for trying to usurp the (((chosen)))

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Paid shill?

here is a good place considering these 3 points:
1) It's current and this will link to the events that have transpired this week
2) It needs to be addressed (separetly) the sentiment many anons have here
3) This is discussing the "blue wave" different from other threads


don't bother OP, this board is full of retards that try applying the politics of Germany in the 1940s to the USA. As if to say the president has all the same powers as Hitler did and that this country was even founded on the same principles.


Rome was already in decline

Violence only works if you have the allies to carried it out. If you start first, you lose.

I'm curious what will be the cause for war in this regards

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Why take Wyoming if you can take the country.

no one here is willing to give up

to where?

In Jesus's time? Hell naw.


Glad we have redpilled people like you still here. we need to put fear in every shill


How dare you! Don't you know pre-Christian Rome was a perfect utopia free of all sin and degeneracy? Those damn Christians were responsible for its decline!

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I doubt it

I actually can't stand their LARPing



top kek



(1) and done comically obvious FBI bait thread and people are bumping or building a false consensus. Tisk tisk. fucking newfags

With Yellowstone about to blow. I think not Mr. Fed

Exactly what I was thinking.

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Pretty much.
I just want people to fuck off back with their own, stop shitting up everyone else's nations.

That's impossible.

the militia is too scary to the jew and socialist un niggers to be allowed to be thought of by the slaves. and the slaves are too stupid to even look up info about militias or what they even are or even realize that they have a section in the state constitutions describing them

anyone that would want to form a militia just needs to get political and run for office and educate dumb niggers on whats up and pull the same tactic of using retards to get the law right

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"Those who say they are jews (chosen) but are not." A key tenant of the christian faith is that YHWH transferred the covenant from the kikes over to the "Christians"
This of course doesn't exist in the texts and is the creation of the later (((church))) to keep the goyim in line.

You have to remember this was written by kikes, about kikes, and for kikes. There's literally no reason to think that anything in the (((bible))) is intended to benefit non-jews.

Ask yourself one question: Has christianity ultimately benefited the kike or harmed him? We can clearly see that the christcuck is an unwitting slave to the jew if we only look at history. If anything, it's a testament to the power of the control that no matter how many times whites get fed up and try to throw off their jewsus mindcontrol shackles, they always end up cucking out and helping the kike again because MUH BIBLE.

If Jell-ostone blows basically the whole US is gone and everyone else is dying under a massive dust cloud, it wouldn't matter if you're on top of it or on the otherside of the planet beyond how long you suffer.

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Tenet, faggot. It's "tenet". A tenant is somebody who lives on somebody else's property.

Your mom should have swallowed you. Suckstart a shotgun.

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/pol is a humble Peruvian flute-making board of non-violent satire. Also Hitler literally overturned Versailles and a full Soviet invasion of the entirety of Western Europe with the ballot box, bioluminescence bundle of flamboyant sticks

You cannot change the world by pacifism. Didn't you daft fucking hippies learn anything?

any more retarded questions?

Kill yourself

Not even close to what they did, what happened in both of those cases would be like a farmer getting randomly harassed by the government because reasons.
They made no claims of sovereignty or attempts to fight the government until AFTER the government shot at them.

Anything you do has to be done underground, the system is to all encompassing to do anything as obvious as this.

I know you mean "he'll never revolt or get involved in violence" but frankly I suspect he'll never ever even get a job whatsoever.

we already did it idiot , you are living in the aftermath.

your parents must have been jews , otherwise you would know this.


one hurricane season would clean up the south

Well there's a problem there. You establish a "militia" with stated goals of independence, your buddy John is actually an informant, next thing you know the heads of the militia are all sitting in prison and everyone else is aimless and goes their own way. The only way out of this is by organizing ideologically and openly and infecting the government with our ideals. What you suggest is like rats making a nest in a cage with a lion, the government being the lion. They have the power, not us. We can not be independent of their reach absent a position of power. Now remove the militia aspect, which would bring the entire weight of the government down on those taking part, and form a community based on ideological lines, and manipulate the legal system, and you might last longer, but either way, there's more than enough white guys out there willing to do their part to infiltrate us and ruin us. The end-goal can't be separation, but take over.

You cant climb on this system without assisting Jews
Everything they'll allow you to do is to support ZOG
The system is really rigged

fuck off jew shitpost

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No matter how many times kikes were driven out there was always a Christian or Muslim kingdom nearby that was ready and willing to welcome them with open arms and grant them rights and privileges while the White masses lived in a perpetual servitude as feudal serfs. Sometimes all it took was the death of the residing monarch who got wiser on the JQ and the church and nobility made sure jews were invited back in. Really, every time jews jewed too much they were simply shuffled around a bit and then invited again. Everytime the lower classes took arms and pogromed the local yids it was simply because they were disfranchised and the Christian authorities, clergymen, kings and nobles overwhelmingly favoured the hebrews over their own people and open rebellion was the only choice left available to them to try to change their sorry fate.

Jesus what a faggot you are.
Go fuck yourself with your favourite black dido gaylord.
Fuck yourself to death.

Hmm, hello shill.
I recognize you in some other threads sprouting " QTDDTOQ FAG"

Sure thing FBI-kun.
Give your address so we can assemble our army and start taking over the US.

No, kill yourself you useless faggot.

Hmmmm, hello invading jew.
I recognize you because you don't even try to fit in. jew cunt.

Global report.

lol no, 8/pol/tards just meme about reading wikipedia sentences of Mein Kampf, Revolt Against the Modern World, and CoC. Talk about anything pertaining The Theory of Mind as Pure Act, Carl Schmitt's works, Ludovici translations of Nietzsche, or even Wyndham Lewis, and nobody here will know wtf your talking about.

Face the facts: The election killed Zig Forums, the only people left are just racist liberals who happen to hate jews and non-whites. There was even a thread up here some weeks ago claiming that people were more "ideology" than race, lol. Zig Forums is a den of 40+ burnouts and bullied school kiddies.


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you try too hard

The average Roman citizen and Medieval peasant has probably had more sex than /pol, m8

funniest thing about le meme book is that it prohibits wanton vandalism and advocates taking over institutions

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you built your high trust ethnostate yet


And? If you're trying to say that this is unusual or wrong, you have failed.

That isn't a Roman statue. Look at how new it is. Look at its style. It is modern.

Hey, if anyone believes this crap, I have a few religions to sell you.

Why did hippies fail?

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Exact same situation today. Goddamnit.

A typo is when you make a typographical error, for instance transposing or omitting a letter. You, on the other hand, used the wrong word entirely because you had never read the word before and instead had only heard it said.

You are what they call functionally illiterate. When was the last time you read a book in its entirety?

no pacifism, you should always seek to protect yourself, but never seek to actively harm.
In the same way that a hippo only kills to protect itself and it's home.

you obviously don't understand what I'm saying. Plus I guess I worded it pretty poorly, you should hate, but not for who they are as the Nazis and so many others do, it was what let to their downfall.
You can only hate people for what they have become (that includes yourself) not for who they are currently.
I am by no means a coward or, as you put it, a faggot and the level of hatred I have for everything as it is has no words that I can describe it with.
But to give in and to hate someone for who they are rather than what they have become is the reason that you and everyone you know, love and despise is stuck in the seemingly eternal cycle of sin and failure.
You don't know hate, all you know is violence, disdain and destruction and it's why you will never understand why Hitler failed or why the next one who imitates him will fail just as dismally.
You have lost the game because you played it the same way as everyone else and hate them for who they are.
Congratulations your a tool, just like the people you despise and call a NPC
: ^ )

you stoop to their level and it will become the social norm, there is no going back once that happens until the empire's cycle resets and even then its stigma will always stay with your people.

no Meth, there was a lotta dope though, but not anymore. I'm done waiting for everyone to realise the truth.


read this:
also, you gotta understand I have no qualms with using violence, but it should only be used in defence or sparingly, otherwise it will consume everything.

Seems like I'm dealing with a millennial, sit down in the corner child, the mens is speaking.

Of course they will, but only if they continue down the path they currently tread.
They are going to get one more chance, this much I can see.
If they don't see the light this time around, it's not going to be pretty.
I truly do feel sorry for them and lament over what is to come if they refuse to change, it's going to make the holocaust look like a rampageing toddler compared to the raging cyclone that is Justice.