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Something I thought of just now that would probably piss off the bankers:
What if a bunch of Christians set up a system where they would pay off peoples' debt to banks immediately, and in return they would get paid back 101% (1% non-compounding interest) of the original loan over time.
The semitic salt that would generate would be glorious. A proverbial eye-jab to their longstanding method of extorting money without actual labor aside from playing with calculators.
Enforcing payments to make the system financially solvent would be the hard part, I imagine, but if it worked out things would be real nice.

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It's not a new idea. Banks already give interest free loans to the chosen ones and cripple their competitors. Mudslimes also do it with loan shark style forced deals/memberships and other 'usury without calling it usury' deals.

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Not surprised to see that.

Anyone know of any trustworthy Christian organizations that respond in kind? The power of in-group preference is not to be underestimated.

Most likely the banks would come up with some legal excuse to shut you down.

I wish for that to happen but not only is Christianity a cult of faggotry, but you'd also become the next Hussein, Hitler, Gadaffi, Assad, and all the other guys who wanted freedom from usurious fiat monopoly money.

If a user wins the lottery, they could just open loan repayal business.

You're probably right, they could have their expensive lawyers bitch about "fraud" or some other bullshit

Setting aside the possibility of RNG-sus giving us divine intervention for a moment, couldn't a Christian lending system among a few allfluent believers get set up to bypass the banks entirely?
What kind of legalese bullshit could banks come up with to (((SHUT IT DOWN))) if they aren't even involved in the transaction at any point?

Probably something like you're legally required to buy financial insurance in case people don't pay you back, and the only people allowed to sell you insurance are the banks you're trying to bypass. That's typically how they operate.

Fuck off jew.

You are practically trying to lure a bunch of christgoys into losing their savings, aren't you? In order to set up an alternative banking, you would need to have at least the very basic knowledge about banking and economy.


Nice idea, but a complete truckload of shit rains down within seconds of touching the third rail of kikes' usury. Nothing will make the monster bare its fangs faster than that.

For instance, you could set up a credit union for your religious group, maybe just Christians generally. Good idea, in principle, but you'll spend the first year talking your way past (((thrift regulators))) whose informal job is to find out whether you're as devout a Moloch worshiper as you should be for banking. Assuming you pass that hurdle, advertising your project as a humanitarian effort to relieve people of consumer debt will immediately get you (((investigated))) for fraud. Normalfags will believe the (((TV))) when it says you might be scamming people (especially elderly Holocaust victims) out of their money, and the (((((((((FDIC))))))))) will shut you the hell down, whether you've broken the law or not.

Want to appeal? Hire a Jewish lawyer to file in a kike court over technical matters in a banking code that's practically translated from Hebrew. Good luck.

Assuming you don't get shut down, your plan will suddenly be swamped with bad debt from mysterious (((shell companies))) with billions in interest-bearing loans that found the loophole to make you pay them off. Plus the pre-payment penalty. Plus a hefty settlement for not agreeing to lend to them in the first place. If that doesn't sink you, the next step is every nigger in creation dumping their Cadillac Escalade loans on you and then going bankrupt, like their kike-worshiping pastor told them to.

If all else fails, your car will explode one morning.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do, but there are maybe 20 layers of security built into the system to make sure the shekels always flow up, never down. And there's no faster way to get the feds looking into your shit than to open a lending institution that isn't squeezing people's balls for every percentage point. You can get away with the Christian no-usury angle for a short time, but it's implicitly anti-semitic to even think of a world without compound interest. You'd be safer going into CP, for god's sake.

Honestly, I'm starting to think optics are overrated.

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My idea is to make an app that bills the person calling you from a business. Let's say that a debt collector calls you , you open the app and it bills the call center using metadata or whatever at something exorbinent like 200/hr min 1 hr. Something that would bill their accounts payable directly and make automatic e invoices. Call it bill em back or some shit like that. Get the kikes where it hurts them the most. Want to settle a debt with user? Ok that'll be 200/hr to talk to him
Much etc.
let me know what you dudes think

There is no way you could prevent it from just turning into paying off of debts for non-whites. When I was young my mom and I volunteered for Catholic Charities, maybe we helped some Whites then but in recent memory as my mom continued her volunteer service its just become helping cloth and feed illegal Mexicans. Its been really difficult convincing my mother not to help these needy people but she doesn't think borders should matter in matters of faith.

This. With so many Whites losing interests in Christianity OP's idea could easily backfire and turn out into a bunch of Whites supporting freeloading niggers and spics who are almost universally die-hard Christians, or who could easily pretend to be, simply to extract resources from Whites. The pillar of our struggle is race. If you put faith above race you're going to get betrayed and backstabbed sooner or latter by those godly Christian niggers.

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Sorry but I think you're retarded.
There's no way you could 'bill' them and then there's no way they would pay even if you could.

How about instead of paying off people's debt. We make them sustainable (food, solar) so they can live much cheaper then they make everybody else in church sustainable

People already tried that, it was called the axis of power.

Why are these retarded pro-semite threads allowed to exist? Why aren't the mods doing their jobs? This is Zig Forums, not Zig Forums. We reject semitism. The Christians set up the first European banking system that led us to where we are now.

Board owner, please put some mods in place that aren't fucking semite turds.

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That's just counterfeiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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There are only two ways of defeating the Jew.

- Crush the entire system with no survivors
- Become a greater Jew than them

Anything in between won't turn out good for you long term. There is a reason why they have chosen hexagram as their modern symbol.

Rather simple: modern banks don't loan money.
They sell you products. The product being a loan (or an investment).
What's the diference, right? It's still loan.
Well, by law you cannot sell at a lose when that harms another competitor. It's considered unfair trading (you're trying to bankrupt the other guy, not thrive as a business) and you get even get jail time for it depening on how malicious the judges find you.

Pull crap like this, and you'll find yourself in court. Just warning you anons that it's the sort of legal mumble jumble they pull when someone tries to do this.
The only thing you can get away is if you keep that 1% margin of profit that OP sugested and then argue that your organization is small enough that it doesn't need more.
Of course, this means keeping a small organization and that means you won't be able to help a lot of people.
However, I'm not trying to blackpill any of you. Just saying that things like this are best done in the dark, away from prying eyes. Not because they're illegal, but because they're (((illegal)))

That's fine friend
I don't think you or I ,either one of us, are retarded
I will present my ideas to the thunderdome and let whatever result comes fucking happen

I like the idea of barrel rolling this bitch with no survivors
Let us see who comes out on top

That's below breakeven risk value, time value of money, and inflation. It wouldn't even be solvent as a nonprofit charity.

So would be the extirpation of all jews.

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Could just start a bank that offers exceptionally low-interest loans and fuck them within the confines of their own system. Would be a sweet ride until they decided to enforce anti-trust laws on your bank for the first time in a fucking century.

My (( (mortgage ) )) is fucking 5.1%
It is usury

Why not buy a house in cash? I did that now I don't worry about mortgage

Which is one of the harshest pills to swallow, that Christcuckholds are not our fucking friends.

Because we’re not kikes and don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around. Most of us barely have enough to fucking support ourselves, much less a wife or more than one child.

Reported for paid jewish shilling.

Remember that all unaffordability is ON PURPOSE and artificially created by jews to stop whites from having kids.

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There would ideally be safeguards in place that prevent debt payoffs to customers with unreliable or no credit. But I see the issue with allowing non-whites to use it (and refusing them would get the program killed too).

Maybe the only way for it to work would be a covert, informal, communal pot that could somehow bypass legalese fraud accusations.

Not with that attitude… First world countries are to get money (US if you're a smart entrepreneur, Sweden if you're a leech, etc). While third world countries are to start a family in an ethnic neighborhood. Third world countries don't have strict laws against discrimination NOR do thry pander to (((feminism))).

Think of your position as a blessing, if you had money now you would be married and now divorced/cucked.

Women are only as loyal as their choices, if the LAW allows them (or in the case of first world countries, rewards them) to act on their hypergamy, they will cheat and go for the better male. Use the US to get money, then leave with white friends to make a better life. A decent house can be around 10 times cheaper in those countries.

It's Not BlackPilled. It's the biggest RedPill you could ever have.

this is sure fire Validation that Sane human beings need to Trash this system. Not haggle it. It's not even a haggleable system. if you don't realize this you're an NPC

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We're on the same side but you've got some serious high school logic going on there buddy. It means you care and you think about things so you'll probably be an valuable asset at some point.

If I had that cash I would have bought my farm already my man
I am a working poor

Preach it brother
I have two sons with my beautiful wife and we want more but alas here we are
May my sons have ten sons each

Sieg fucking Heil
Yeah it's hard to not care when you have 180+iq
You know

teach them how to settle debt, or how to become "judgement proof" (the 2nd being the more extreme option, but good if you want to go 'off grid' after completely fucking (((them))) over.)

There is information online about settlement percentages and timelines for specific lenders. The charts are pretty accurate.

I think there's a lot to be said about dominance. We don't necessarily have to become a greater jew than they are, but we need to have a strong sense of the areas in which we can dominate them easily. Where even normie whites will beat them without thinking. That lets us know where to spend our effort and we make as much conflict happen in that context as possible.

Basically be strong where they are weak and choose the terrain the battle happens on.

So maybe going through a church/christian group isn't the best idea, but why do you need to distract from the main point of the thread?

The idea being proposed is "how can we establish a small-scale/possibly informal interest-free loan network to help fellow whites?" Maybe this can happen through a church, maybe just neighbors, but the "theme" of the group does not matter as much as the principle and the beneficiaries.

This is a perfect example of a dangerous trend all over this board–whether you're a pagan, atheist, christian, or whatever, as long as you care about the primary thing that matters saving whites/stopping jews, it does NOT MATTER. There are plenty of pagan larpers going on about world peace just as there are plenty of cucked churches/priests. But as long as anons on here recognize the value in the institutions and as long as they use them to further the aims stated above, why should we waste time fighting about it?

12USC S411

Stop paying taxes. REDEEM LAWFUL MONEY. The Fed is a foreign entity that we CHOOSE to pay interest to in the form of income tax; the IRS being the collection agency to enforce.

Per 12USC ss411, you may choose to redeem legal tender at your bank for LAWFUL money. Dyor, but this shit is real.

Excellent post

And now we wait for this thread to be deleted.

It's all fucking dumb anyways; Kikes are going to gut your estate once you get 'the cancer' or Alzheimers.

This nation is a giant 'going out of business' sale, so grab whatever you can (because everyone else IS)

You may not want to hear this but I have way more money than I need and I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. I envy your life to the point of tears sometimes. I wish you the best of success and more children to fill your home.

And for anyone who doesn't understand this money doesn't make women throw themselves at you, it just removes one thing that can disqualify you.

Anyone thinking beating them by becoming a better jew, doesnt really understand usury.
Usury is nothing by itself and you cant compete with the jew because of monopoly.
Dont be a better jew. Dont fall into zionist mind set. Dont make me put a gun on your head. Dont be that stupid, dont die stupid.

Fuckin good for you man
I am going places , no worries here.

This is an astroturfing thread. The main issue here is that the conflict is white versus jew, not christian versus jew. OP intentionally is identifying the opposition to the jews as christians, thereby implying that the racial element is not the issue and that since Zig Forums is aligned against the jews then Zig Forums is made up of christians.

Be wary of how christian shills word threads. And by christian shills I mean the JIDF. They're the ones who want to turn this into a christian versus jew conflict even though christians view jews as allies and brethren and bible makes it clear that all christians are jews because they worship the same lord.

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This sounds interesting, but I'm not sure how to proceed. How does legal tender vs. lawful money work?
t. not a law/financefag

Knew a family of spics who did this. The husband was a typical 80-IQ wet, but the wife had a reasonably high-paying government (of course) job. Daughter was a whore single mother on food stamps, despite the parents buying into a fairly expensive neighborhood.

They overspent on dumb shit like vacations and trips back to Mexico to visit family, and they were upside-down in debt a few years into buying the house, despite all the federal help they got for diversifying what used to be a nice area.

So. . . when they saw the handwriting on the wall, they scraped together the $2,000 or so for a bankruptcy filing and went hog-fucking-wild on the spending. Bought all new furniture, new car, new electronics worth maybe $20,000, new kitchen stuff, like gourmet knife sets and new cookware, financed some home repairs, converted liquid assets into cash and bearer bonds to put it in a safe deposit box, the works. Fucking beaner trash were probably $300,000 in consumer debt, plus their mortgage, by the time they were ready to file. I couldn't know how much cash they had, but the woman made easily $60,000 a year at some make-work spic job in state government. The borderline nigger-tier husband probably made another $40,000 working as a janitor for the county.

Declare bankruptcy. Declare no assets except the traceable ones. La Raza judge rubber stamps the deal, they renegotiate their car loans and mortgage – boom! Seven sad years in "credit jail," while they continue spending like it's free.

Sooner or later, you're going to be personally faced with a choice to either show these zoo animals mercy and take it easy on them, or to come down hard with whatever power you have to hurt them, be it a gun, an ICE report, a vote; whatever. Remember this story when that moment comes, and harden your heart.

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Dollars are in our construction
( ( ( federal reserve notes) ) ) are not
I know the difference but my taxes are withheld from my paycheck without my consent

The conflict is the world vs the Jew tbh.

The conflict is the white nations vs the world.

Vid related.

Wrong vid.

Start Here

This thread started nearly 10 years ago
This forum was started as a branch off from the above post in God Like Productions

=You have no idea the rabbit hole here should you choose to go down it.=

Title 12 USC §411 :
[link to]
“Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank. “
(emphasis mine)
This proves that “Lawful Money” and “Legal Tender” are not the same.
All that is required is a restricted endorsement on the back of any check to the effect of:
Redeemed in Lawful money
Pursuant to Title 12 USC §411
True name dba Legal name

file and you'll be paid a refund on everything.
> if you've been redeeming lawful money. You stil have to file your taxes.

Unite the goyim

(((They're))) going to slide this hard as fucking possible. They always fucking do.


One of the best possible breakdowns of usury I've ever seen is archived here

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Sure. What ever could go wrong.
kol nidrei

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oh wow, it's being slid into oblivion



If you haven't watched this yet then you have no right to even post ITT.

Money as Debt

Money as Debt II

The Money Masters

And OP is right. This should be at the core of everything, your No.1 demand should be that this be fixed. It's also a really easy way to find out if your President is a ZOGboi. Hussein and Ghaddafi both tried to get out of it, both were killed. JFK tried to get out of it; killed. Old Hickory managed to get out of it; attempt on his life. Lincoln got out of it; killed.

Let's do a test and see how many nu/pol/ users (since 4cuck is 99% Leftists now) actually understand how important this idea is. Then ask yourself why it's not at the CORE of all your arguments?

This is an Uncle/pol/ fitness test. Are you a media millennial soy cunt, just choosing sides, or are you a real redpilled warrior? Anchors = fear of usury exposure.


It was a progression of thought in regards to trading. Grain was easy to trade, it was small, you could measure the quality of the bunch, you could weight and divide it and also transport it. Grains were used to measure water, medicine, gunpowder, metals, etc. So it wasn't a large jump to use something similar that didn't perish, i.e. coins. So in the beginning they even connected them, like 1 Troy ounce = 480 grains and so on. It was also quite easy to hoard wealth, so you could leave something to your children.

Yes, but today, from a strategic standpoint, Silver can be used to break the financial system.

Explain to me what is so special with this whole BS? It's talked about like it's the Holy Grail. Wtf. Of course you need to put into circulation only as much currency as there is work done or you devalue everything. What is so revolutionary about it? Do you have drones flying around and searching for work being completed so your printing press can print some paper money? Go to ebay and search for Third Reich Silver Reichmark. What are you even talking about? Hitler raised the purity of the 2 and 5 Silver Reichsmark in '33 or '34, and thereby establishing the standard measurement for value in exchange of goods. All notes, all bonds, all base metal change coinage denominations were convertible by law to this standard. Do you even read the Reichsgesetzblatt, the official publication of law in the Third Reich?

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I literally bumped it to the first page…

How retarded am I?

No interest means no bankruptcy and yes slavery, or else no loans.

Interest good, fractional reserve bad. Get it through your retarded (((christian))) brainlets!

You also don't understand present value of money. Interest has to compound because inflation compounds and opportunity cost compounds over time. If your interest rate is just inflation rate, you're paying back the same amount of wealth that you borrowed. Interest above inflation is the risk premium, aka the amount you're charged to offset loans lost to bankruptcies.

This user gets it. (((christians))) are some of the most myopic idiots I see on a daily basis (I don't live in (((muslim))) country)

You're the one who wrote an annuity contract with a discount rate of 5.1%, you have only yourself to blame!

is 4u

Please quote this law and the jurisdiction it is from. Read any book on retail sales and you will find that it is standard business practice at big stores to have "loss leaders"… products sold at a loss, to get you in the store, because you have a product the competitors (at least the small ones) can't touch the price on. And harming your competitor (taking his sales away) is exactly what that is about, and fair game in the US. The only time this becomes against the law is in the context of becoming a monopoly; a company providing a vital product and positioning itself as the only available option by destroying all competitors.

Unfortunately, even among whites, there are shitheads who won't pay back. 1% isn't enough to cover this loss. So what do we do? We did what we used to do, families would loan within the family, or people would live in houses with their extended family, and you wouldn't need loans.

You only need loans when you live beyond your means.
You only need loans when you live beyond your means.
You only need loans when you live beyond your means.

The real problem here is the completely jewed lifestyle of everyone having a house and the extra bills that come with it. If 3 generations lived together, you would have much smaller bills, and pay nothing for childcare because the grandparents would do it while the parents are out at jobs.

Pool cash to start loan company, add one time ten percent fee to total of loan, and leave it at that.

100k home, with current interests, costs 200k by time it is paid off.

This would leave 90k in the family budget over next 30 yrs, lower home payments to around 500 tops with insurance and property tax escrow. Also adding 300-400 a month for the family to budget with.

For added bonus, no payment due during december, so you have more money available to spend on your family, instead donating 50 to a specific charity for vets bills or something like that.

Happier families raising healthy kids because of an ease of financial burden, only needing one parent to work to cover the bills.

It would be leave it to beaver and andy griffith all over again.

If you are using fiat currency, you're already a part of a usury scheme by the kikes. Every fucking dollar is a representation of debt. It is not money.

Fuck off kike. There is no damned shortage of land in this world. ANYONE who's taken a real look at the financial and property markets, knows that the entire system is jewed to increase profit margins, at the expense of lives and livlihood of whites. There are more fucking EMPTY HOUSES than there are homeless.

Selecting which loans are likely to pay back sounds like something that involves labor. Selecting effectively "fees" (usurious interest rates) for loans that are less likely to pay back sounds like something that involves labor. Given the enforcement mechanisms that currently exist, not taking the due diligence to perform such labor will just fuck yourself over.

I'm getting real sick and tired of the crypto-commie idiocy around here. Approaches like these to economic policy won't be of any benefit to whites.

Yes, and those homeless are mostly drug addicts and mentally ill. You put them in the homes and they will trash them. Call me a jew, but I live in the real world, not fantasyland where all the people on the street are just aryans temporarily down on their luck.

When I can buy shit down at the local store in gold doubloons, I'd be happy to do so.

Yeah, you notice it too, eh? Funny how this whole thread is "gimme shit free" instead of "don't buy shit you don't need" and "live within your means". Does anyone really need the latest iPhag and a shiny new car? My last mobile phone lasted 5 years, and I'm giving it to my kid next. My cars are 20 years old. People need to learn to turn a fucking wrench. Many cars will easily go 300K miles with maintenance and some simple repairs.

(((Zig Forums)))s and (((commies))) are best friends

TorPedo with the hot takes as usual.

Interesting how there's been a massive influx of religious D&C (christcuck, larpagan, etc.) as we get closer and closer to midterms.
But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Well, torfag isn't wrong. Every church my wife has dragged me to has been damn near openly communist. Last one even had a sermon on being nice to Trump supporters. Glad I missed that one, I'd have been laughing out loud from the back.

That was the old way when information could be controlled easier. These days they will just take control of your car or a car near you on the highway and cause a fatal collision for plausible deniability.

There are already debt consolidation companies that do this, except they charge their own compounding interest. All you have to do is the same thing at a flat rate.

inb4 thread shilled to oblivion with DnC

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I am homeless and the only "drugs" I do are cigs and caffeine, won't even touch booze, even less so weed. You tend to underestimate how easy it is for kikes to throw you in the streets nowadays.

You were responding to a shill.

They are not, unless you mean protestants and evangelicals. Don't bundle Catholics (trad) or Orthodox with it.

loans are jewish
fuck this thread
fuck you, op

if you were a good person you wouldnt be homeless. some friend or relative would be happy to take care of you while youre in need. sounds like nobody cares about you. maybe stop being a nigger?

breddy gud

he's right about you having a shit attitude

just stop the jews from being able to print their own money and outlaw ursury instead.

so much this i cant even

I just had this crazy idea and looked it up.

Premium rate numbers have a higher than normal rate, and part of that extra charge is paid to the service provider, enabling businesses to be funded by the calls. Internet calls make it easy to use these numbers to monetize telecom fraud. This paper will show you how it works, and how to prevent it.

Lee Beaumont wants you to call him – preferably on his new home phone number. Just watch out. Lee now uses a premium rate number for his home phone. You’ll be charged 17¢ for the call, and Lee will receive about 70% of the proceeds.

In a month, he’s made over $500, mostly from telemarketers. But he’s hoping to make much more. Beaumont originally registered for the premium number because he was tired of sales calls interrupting his favorite TV shows. Beaumont said it was very easy to set up the premium rate number: he found a company online and paid a one-off £10 plus VAT, with no other fees or charges.


Lee Beaumont premium rate numbers
Now Beaumont is actively looking for ways to increase calls to his number. “I actually want to be cold-called now,” he said. “I look for ways to get companies to call me.”

When he opens a new bank account, switches energy supplier and so on, and the company asks for his home number, he gives them the premium rate number. After a recent problem with his online shopping, he declined to call a customer service number but posted his number on Twitter, hoping the number would be picked up by marketing companies.1

Lee Beaumont is just one of many people who have learned to exploit the premium rate number system. Though his example is fairly innocuous, it illustrates how simple the basic idea of premium rate number fraud is, and how easy it is for anyone to game the system.

What are premium rate numbers?
Premium rate numbers have long been a staple of the telecom industry. These numbers charge a higher than normal rate and part of that extra charge is paid to the service provider, enabling businesses to be funded via the calls. Adult chat lines (phone sex) and psychic hotlines are very common uses of premium rate numbers. In Europe, it is not uncommon for technical and customer support services to use premium rate numbers as well.

The problem with premium rate numbers is that they are easy to exploit. The money that is paid to the “business” acts as a strong incentive to pump traffic to a phone number. Traffic pumping, or access stimulation, is a scheme in which a fraudster uses inappropriate means to artificially inflate traffic to their premium rate number.

As Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus put it, “Premium rate numbers are begging to be used for fraud. The premium rate number business model made sense before VoIP technology was available. Now, a whole eco-system has evolved that makes traffic pumping fraud to premium rate numbers an easy endeavor for anyone.”

Fraudsters today can hack into a phone network, use stolen equipment, or simply use deceptive practices to generate traffic to premium rate numbers. The results can be tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Because the general public looks at telecom fraud as similar to credit card fraud, as something for which they should not be liable, most service providers are unable to collect payment for the huge charges, and are instead stuck paying the bills themselves.

According to the FCC, “Unfortunately, there are companies and individuals who engage in all of these kinds of deceptive and fraudulent practices, and the FCC receives a steady stream of complaints as a result.”

What youre forgetting is that people that are broke, are broke.
Its not just bad luck.
Theres a reason why ppl that win the lottery go back to 0 money or even debt within a few years.
Its a mindset inside your head that controls how much money you have.
However I do have to point out with exactly this, that due to how poor ppl are growing up nowadays, that mindset will be set into them. They'll never have a lot of money unless they get rid of that mindset, which even if tried, very few are able to.

Tell me more, user.


It would be helpful to know which products being sold carry a Kosher tax

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They're also all given interest-free student loans for being a tribal, and get direct hired into high positions straight out of college for being tribal.

KEK, please show me what else I said that wasn't true. The way to stop usury is to stop borrowing money, it isn't to borrow money free. Free money is just begging for gibs like a nog.

Also, to stop being a drug addict and be a responsible aryan.

Christianity is the reason white man is put into monetary slavery in the first place.

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