Kayne disavows Trump

Kayne disavows Trump.


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Lmao, he's going to go and direct that Blacked.com video Greg Lansky offered him. Trump will be left as the dumb fuck Jew lover who brought a nigger pornographer to the White House.


He’s been Mk ultra’d for the 5000th time.


This just in Trump uses blacks for optics.

He is disavowing Candace Owens because she used his name on her Blexit clothing line.

Don't worry user; it's just PMWest. It's just a phase. Every month around this time Kanye gets emotional, begins feeling unloved, distant, alone and bewildered. It's normal for him to have to deal with cramps, bloating, fatigue and just feeling all … well … puffy.

He's on his meds again.

8/pol is turning in to an extension of cuckchan.

to be fair, any celebrity that talks about politics should be killed

On Zig Forums.
Giving a single fuck about a nigger's opinion.
Are you faggots even trying anymore?
Next thing you know, you faggots will be hanging on a kike's every word.

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Kayne was the centerpiece of the civnat strategy and it's predictably imploding.

The whole Kanye thing was obviously a PSYOP against White Trump supporters.

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Depending on a nigger for anything.
Do you faggots not know any single moms?

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I thought that was buying subscriptions to Blacked.com and dying for Israel.

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They had a strategy?

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Fucking niggers. No loyalty.

Thanks, codemonkey.

Based nigger.

He's disavowing Candace Owens, not Trump (not that it matters, because who gives a shit what a dancing monkey thinks)

No, he's just pissed at Candace for putting his name on something he had little to do with so he's feeling used, something he has made a point of being bothered by. That said, he posted his kid in a MAGA hat so I'm guessing he still supports Trump and just wants to be left alone now.

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It's as if linking your delicate political strategy to an unstable, attention-seeking lunatic is a bad idea. Weird.

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He said he's mad about the fucking invaders, read his faggot tweets. He wants them in

the message Owens was promoting was for blacks to leave the Democrats.

it's quite clear he is disavowing MAGA and that's how most people are reading it.



If I beg everyone in this thread, will you all agree not to explain to me what the fuck that is? I think I'm happier well, less miserable not knowing.

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so he's not for "prison reform" anymore?
cool with me…
throw away the key

Daily Reminder
Trump brought a worthless insane nigger into the White House to pose for pictures after the nigger in question brought up how much he loves a Jewish interracial pornography website on primetime network television.

But is /ourguy/, yeah, seems legit.

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Speaking of drama, Cuckistan (India) is about to collapse… for men.

They fucking deserve it, any civilization that panders to wymyn is doomed to die. It's up to uncucked men (domestic or foreign) to save the wymyn from themselves and the cucks.

I have no fucking pity on these men who has been brainwashed into believing men and wymyn are equal.

> vid related, feminism will collapse the society MEN built.

black exit from the democratic party

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Yeah he also commented on fucking plastics in the water as well.

Kanye is being pissy that his name was being used to promote some fashion shit that he didn't make. He thinks himself a fashion designer and so him getting pissy about this is no surprise. He also posted his kid with a maga hat earlier today so I doubt it has anything to do with Trump.

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aka something that is never ever ever going to happen unless another party shows up offering them even MORE free shit at Whitey's expense.

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top wew
why don't you just go ahead and tell me how you imagine this will modify my behavior, and why that will be justdontvoteguys

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The girl looks cute, too bad she's dressed as a shiska4kikes

Checked for literally everything in the world is about voting to votefags.

Yeah dude super kawaii.

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You lie.


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Top kek, mein sides X'D

well… this just proves how desperate the shills are to instill defeatism

you wish

I think this is just drama

Oh man thank god the magapedes still have their based nigger, right?

WTF? is he a fucking woman?

MKUltra meds

blexit is DR3 stuff about blacks not voting Dem, those are the ideas he is rejecting. he doesn't want blacks voting Republican.


1, 2… DACA is coming for you.

Seriously though, what are the chances the kikes start targeting DACAryans for their MKUltra false flags?

Can someone webm this embed? how do you use youtube-dl on wangblows?

Wow, I couldn't have seen that coming. The African mind has no concept of history, since Kayne says he doesn't like Trump means to his fellow niggers he never liked Trump.

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turns out Kanye is still just a nigger.

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and you think you're any better?

CultState here.

More is going on here than you know. Kanye was with someone who was recently on a large boat in Europe.

CAA is having a hard time these days. Let's hope I get my meeting.

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Anyone in entertainment is, ultimately, going to side with Democrats, kikes, cucks, and non-Whites against Whites and anything that even vaguely resembles traditional life. There are plenty of degenerates in entertainment, but I think most of the people who aren't full-retard lefties will shut up and fall in line because the Jews can end anyone's career by making a few phone calls to friends and relatives.

Don't look to that sphere for /ourguys/. Taylor and Kanye have both affirmed their pro-left stances in the last month. The only reason Mel Gibson can tell the Jews to go fuck themselves and make all his own movies is because he spent 20+ years before that building the connections and wealth he needed to be able to get out from under them. Even then, he has still sacrificed a lot of potential wealth and adoration in order to do this.

Apparently he has a 130 IQ, though.

it already has. People are using the Amerimutt meme now. That's how bad it is

based on results, no.

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yeah, i will take some of that shock therapy and lsd amiright

niggers are free to nigger in actually nowhere
this is a white planet other folks just havent realized it yet

he is just another kiked cucked nigger

Weird how Trumptards are ignoring this post.

that is one big pile of shit man
you must be a farmer

around niggers never relax
we know this

inb4 Greg Lansky wears a MAGAhat and he too becomes /ourguy/ Can't wait for /r/the_donald to unironically promote Blacked.com on their front page.

Thank you, but how the fuck do the commands on windows work for this shit? I cant download anything

kek'd irl
fucking goddamit stop masturbating everyone
three years going strong, only fuck my wife



No he didn't, he was talking about Cadence Owens

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This is what he gets for trusting a nigger

Reminder that The Daily Mamzer had literally like 10 articles praising Kanye West including an explicit endorsement article this year

Hes an ape but net worthy not worthless

Literally fake news galore.

Reminder that Renegade Tribune called this shit out ahead of the curve. Once again, they were right about everything.



Kikes will ignore this

It's a desk lamp.
porcupine quill lampshade with impala horn

Serves Trump right for trusting him

wasn't it his clothing line? He posed in the shirts and was shilling it

yeah, if anyone reads further than the first paragraph on these articles it's quite clear this was about him being manipulated by candice owens and his name being used against his wishes.

Just fucking get over it and vote straight ticket Republican, the party of the white people. Failure to do so profits the niggers, the kikes, and communism.

You have never went more than an hour without discussing celebrities. Your life accomplishment is being an easily duped retard. Why are jyou here and not hanging from a tree you jewish nigger faggot?

This guy's been keeping up with the Kardashians so long, he's lost touch with reality.
Whatever, that's what you get for trusting a nigger I suppose.

She's dressed as you'd expect for a nigger-gypsy-shitskin mystery meat mutt.

I have schadenfreude for the dumbass kekistani BASED BLACK GUY retards over this.

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OP is literal fake news, Kanye still hasn't disavowed Trump.

t. kike

TOR fags get gas too
Banned for shilling or what?

Gotta hand it to em.The cianiggers really did a good job pushing this orange psyop

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Faggots don't use Tor. America is a fag nation. It's a fag world out there. The fag army is taking out gab, won't let it survive, and it will take out Zig Forums too.

People are surprised others supposedly on our side care about the opinions of a hyper narcissistic nigger; but I'm not. There are still too many claiming to be N/NS or even right leaning who still partake in indulgence of foreign, non-white degenerate culture.

Checked. It's proof we should vote straight party Republican. ASAP.

The REAL psyop is "kikes like Republicans" and "niggers like Republicans". It's all BULLSHIT. You let those Democrats win, they'll give EVERYTHING AWAY TO THE KIKES AND THE NIGGERS.

Yeah, I am so totally sure of it

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So Kanye was used to push balkanization propaganda without realizing white people are the ones actually buying his CDs and that he has no future in a black ethnostate.