The Jewish reaction to Bowers’ spree is highly instructive

For instance, Peter Beinart writes in The Forward:

There you have it. This is basically a confession that confirms everything Kevin MacDonald has been saying for years: the organized Jewish community is promoting multiculturalism and non-white immigration because Jews are perpetual outsiders who fear and hate white Americans even more than Muslims. The Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre is yet one more reminder that the truth about Jews and white dispossession is so terrible that it drives some unstable people over the edge.

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OP is full of shit. Don't even bother reading it.

For a long time now I've discouraged the jew aware from using the word "sodomy" to mean faggotry. if the jews hated Sodom and Gomorrah so much that they celebrate their destruction in the Bible, then who's to say that all the crimes the jews allege took place in those cities were even real, or were Sodom and Gomorrah instead just gentile peoples who got fed up with ancient jewish crap and expelled them, to which the jews retaliated and destroyed them like they claim Yahweh did with their other foes?

Kill yourself.


Every time I see 9/11 vids/pics, I think of the celebration at (((White Glove))) a day before 9/11… These people had tickets to leave the country after 9/11 to different parts of the world.

Gomorrah was worse

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He completely misinterprets that story of Lot. I read it last night. The Sodomites don't hate strangers. They wanted to sodomize the strangers, who were actually angels of destruction. Lot didn't let them in simply because they were strangers, but because he recognized who they were and what they were there to do. He offered his virginal daughters to the Sodomites to try and stop them from breaking down the door and sodomizing the angels. It was at that moment that the angels blinded all the men, and told Lot to leave with his family, or perish. Lot is not a story about accepting strangers, but about how, even when the light of good is overwhelming, you will become blind to it if you surround yourself in sin. Lot almost remains, first for his Sons-in-law which refuse to leave, and later because he is tired. It is only by the grace of God, who sees that Lot has at least a small portion of good in him that he does not perish. The story is an admonishment to stay close to justice, for you know not when your hour will come.

it was a false flag. only 70+ aged people died and get huge insurance payout. not one young person died, despite 2 faggots having their adopted kid mutilated in a bris ceremony. the synogogue got a huge payout for the attack. its the same synagogue that had the rabbi cut the dick off a kid during a bris and was not penalized, removed from rabbiship or punished in any way.

they had a armed shooter drill at the site back in march. who the fuck has an armed shooter drill at a temple/church/etc? you can look up images of the responders and kikes standing outside all smiling and on their phones doing nothing immediately after the shooting.

the shooter is a ghost from highschool until recently. hes full leftist and no mention of his political views in media. he shows up on gabai, a jewish honeypot, with the blatant stereotype racist spouting. this lets them attack gabai as a rightwing site.

the head rabbi just happened to not be at the synagogue that day because his wife asked him not to go. there were barely any people present when its usually dozens. he is always there for these events. he lucky larry'd this day.

the media blitz on shit like the statement in OP and about the caravan and immigration in general. the timing before the midterms and ability to use it as fuel. hockey programs in canada are dedicating entire intermissions and pre-games to this bullshit. the pittsburgh game tonight had like an hour of discussion on it. the teams are wearing love their hate or some other bullshit patch. there's fucking black and gold ribbons being sold and donation campaigns for the kikes. more people die in chicago every night from gangs than this fucking kike false flag.

the jewish group behind the statements telling trump to fuck off are run by george soros' son, alexander.

this entire thing is a joke and blatant false flag. the money these kikes made off this and the agenda they get to push for it is too blatant to take seriously. the fucking pm of israel had a huge press conference and statement on this garbage. trump wants a death penalty for the guy because they are kikes that were sacrificed to moloch. the amount of jewing is off the charts. the new number is 6,000,011.

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Now that's chutzpah.

That doesn't make any sense. "The Jews" weren't a people yet. Everyone in that area was semitic and held, roughly, the same God. So "the jews" didn't hate Sodom and Gomorrah before its destruction. Rather, Sodom and Gomorrah were demonstrations of God's terrible power if you acted against him, in Sodom's case by being the most degenerate ass-fuckers in the history of the world, to the point that their first response on seeing a new comer was to demand their assess as tribute.


The fact that DHS was there is EXTREMELY suspect.

for as long as they've been around, others have been able to see

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The Phoenicians arose long after the story of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah are supposed to have taken place.

Questionable as goes veracity.
>Rather, Sodom and Gomorrah were demonstrations of (((God's))) terrible power if you acted against him
Sorta like that time (((God))) made a non-Jewish king all angry so the jews could kill him and take his shit? Who was that, that (((God))) made angry?
I can't remember his name, but the story was literally "This guy didn't want to fight the kikes but (((God))) wanted the kikes to have his shit so (((God))) came down and made the guy angry at the jews through divine-magicks so he came out and fought the jews and (((God))) helped the jews destroy the king and take his shit".

Hey man, if you believed that one, I have another story for you. It's about the Germans in World War 2. It'll blow your mind.
So you know how Hitler wanted to remove the jews from Germany and send them to Madagascar? Well according to the jews, his real plan was to kill six millions of them using gas chambers and then use their bodies as kindling to burn other jewish bodies and then turn their ashes into soap.

Cool story, huh?

Which was when and when, exactly?
Most of the references I'm seeing for Sodom and Gomorrah seem to suggest like 2,500 - 2,000 BC, with the Phoenician 'high-point' around 1,200 BC.

The whole thing is a shit show joke. Million dollar gofundme and other shit up as soon as news hit.

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Fascinating the way the stories are accurate when they help your argument, and questionable when they stand against your argument.

As for the semitic people, you can choose a different name if you want. The point is that the Phonecians, Moabites, Canaanaites, etc. all shared the same origins. Their langues, though they began to differ significantly over time had the same roots, and their religions also had the same roots. Judaism is one surviving strain of Abrahamic religions, and the Abrahamic religions were one lineage of religions developing out of the religions of the levant, which shared many commonalities.

If you're going to try and say all the jews are liars, you should probably not lie while you're doing it. That isn't how "their" version of events goes. Additionally, I wasn't telling the story to some how foster belief in this God forsaken wasteland. Rather I was showing how the article doesn't even get the story right. If these modern Jews followed their own stories, they would support the opposite policies.


Okay, wow, hah, after a bit of investigation, (((God))) actually did that kind of shit alot in the OT.
He hardened the Pharoah's heart so he wouldn't let the jews go and (((God))) could punish him further.
And then there's this gem:
>For it was of the LORD to harden their heart, that they should come against Israel in battle, that he might destroy them utterly, and that they might have no favour, but that he might destroy them, as the LORD commanded Moses.
Wew. Fuck's sake (((God))).
Ahhh, here it is: It was Sihon of Heshbon I was thinking of.
>But Sihon king of Heshbon would not let us(Israelites) pass by him: for the LORD thy God hardened his spirit, and made his heart obstinate, that he might deliver him into thy hand, as appeareth this day.
>And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have begun to give Sihon and his land before thee: begin to possess, that thou mayest inherit his land.
>And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain
Christians actually fucking worship this (((thing)))? I mean, the Jews I get, but what the fuck man…

Not sure where that's coming from m80, but I don't really take any of those stories especially seriously.
Its mostly just people writing bullshit.

But that's just not true user.

I'm not really sure what you're expecting me to say. You've given a date range for Sodom and Gomorrah that comes long before Phoenicians were any kind of power. The "Golden Age" you cite begins before they'd developed their alphabet. And since you're clearly reading the wikipedia page, you might want to take a glance at the part where the Phoenicians are considered semitic.

can you into reading?

It's not just that they fear White gentiles more than mudpeople, it's that White gentiles have created the richest, safest, and most comfortable host nations for the Jew to parasitize, and that they superficially resemble Whites to the normie eye, at least some Ashkenazim. They Jew non-Whites as well, but never as eagerly and shamelessly as they do White gentiles, because they have the most to gain from White gentile societies. Hence the whole "diversity is great….but only in White nations" deal.


But the Jew's lies are always to perceive. Lot let two fucking people (angels, actually) into a town for a short stay. Big fucking difference between letting in 100+ million shitskins who have shot up crime and shot down wages and destroyed national identity and character. "Welcoming the stranger" is not the privilege of a guest, Beinart, you fucking kike, and welcoming 100 fucking million of them far less so, especially while lying while doing so, with a specific intention to harm the host.


Not even 11 jews died on 911

Sure can nigger.

I'm expecting you to have some class and admit you're wrong.

Welcoming the stranger is actually a motif of almost all ancient texts, from the Torah, to the Odyssey, to the Vedas.

Hundreds of Jews died on 9/11. Many of them were Donald Trump's friends. He's helped run a fundraiser every year in their memory.

>I think the Torah is mostly make-believe but I find it especially funny that its full of references to (((God))) personally helping the kikes genocide anyone and everyone they encounter
FTFY jewnigger

I thought they were in the process of mutilating a baby's penis.

No really, I'm interested to hear your narrative here. Please be sure to include citations, if you would be so kind.
Again, no, really, I'm not giving you shit, I want to hear what you have to say on this topic.

this is a great one to share. Lots of normies will get it.

That was in the next room.

Another really weird thing about this whole deal is the place it went down.
Its a shared communal religious space, it seems, and there were like 3 congregations of kikes that held their meetings there.

This one that got targeted appears to have been full of old 'conservative' Zionist kikes, whereas, in the next room it seems, there were two faggots mutilating their ill-gotten human sex toys' genitals for optimal aesthetics and to mark them as slaves for the rest of their lives.

I gave you the condensed version of their story. They did claim that the wicked Nazis gassed them and used their bodies as kindling to burn other bodies and they did claim that those dastardly Germans used their ash to make soap.
In fact, these aren't even their most outlandish claims.

And I disagree. If the kikes truly viewed America as Sodom, and if they truly believed in Yahweh and all that stuff, then it would be their duty to destroy us by any means. Which is in line with all their other religious beliefs.
Personally, I assume that all the non-jewish "villains" of the Torah did nothing wrong and in fact acted as we did when encountering the jews. First they were credulous and treated the kikes like other human beings. Then, once it was too late, they resisted and were destroyed. After they had been exterminated, the lying kikes invented false stories of "persecution" by those wicked Goyim to justify their genocidal behavior.

We already know what they will write about us if we fail to defeat them.


It is very sad that you actually think ancient stories work that way. Your comic-book metaphysics is not how anyone until the past 150 years has ever viewed the world. I'm sure you don't take the Greeks' appeals to fate quite the same way, nor do you have qualms about Milton's invocation of the muses.

I literally gave you the sources. Go read the Odyssey. Read the Iliad. Read the Vedas.

>He hardened the Pharoah's heart so he wouldn't let the jews go and (((God))) could punish him further.
This one was about vengeance. The previous pharaoh had instructed his soldiers to kill the firstborn child of every jewish family, which is how moses wound up in a basket in the river.
there's no actual evidence outside of kike hand wringing that they were ever slaves in egypt, should probably assume the rest of it is just bullshit and hype too


They're even less Semitic(Shemite), as they were from the Levant region. The two groups would only cross paths along trade routes, and neither intermarried with one another. Their entire existence is so heavily layered, were it not for DNA, they wouldn't recognize themselves. They are a web of deceit personified

Yes, Jewish people have made many claims about what happened to them in wartime Germany, much of which does seem preposterous. But the 9/10ths of it which are indisputable are already enough. And the opinions of people like you and your fellows give surprising credence to the idea that Hitler would make poor strategic choices just to punish the Jews further.

And no, if the Jews though America was Sodom, they would not be obligated to destroy it. In this very same story of Lot which began this conversation, Abraham himself interceded on behalf of Sodom, asking that if there were even 10 innocent people to let the city be spared. The burden of Judgement rests upon God. The Jews are only to maintain their own affairs. This is of course accepting that todays Jews are even remotely like the Jews of even Jesus's time. And I'm sure you've got some theories about that.

Does Robert Bowers have a brother per chance?

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… And? Still hilarious in that this 'vengeance' basically goes like "Oh god how could you do X to me!?" into "Hahahaha now I'm going to do X to you!" into "HAHAHAHAHA NOW WE'RE GOING TO DO X TO EVERYONE!" and this is a faith that people still buy into.

I know, its just silly, ya know?
It blows my mind that people, especially White European people, still buy into this shit and defend it.

First post, Jew Post. That's how you know this is a thread worth reading.

How pathetic. You are like a worm. I cut you in half, and still each side wriggles.

When will you admit that you are a failure to your mother, to your father, to your family, to your people, to humanity, to God? What will it take? How miserable will you make yourself before it is less painful to accept your cowardice?

Such as….?

Man the Jews sure changed their tune quick.
Of course to you like 800 years is a long time so whatever.

You talk a jew from your jew fiction and it makes me chuckle.

That's wrong in almost every way. I'm amazed at how retarded you racialists can be some times.

Stop talking like your jew fiction and just say what you mean simcha.

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To you, everything is Jewish. Every day you cut away pieces of yourself to escape what you think is their influence. Some day, there will be nothing left.

I came here to post this.
Thank you, user.

Misinterpretation implies a simple failure to comprehend; this was blatant and patent misrepresentation.
For anyone who's interested:

You're a failure to G_d, goy, repent!

Cool theory, Freud. Right up there with anal fixation.

FTFY and correct.

Such as the seizing of assets. Such as the marking of businesses. Such as the social excommunication. Such as the ghettos. Such as the labor camps. Such as, such as, such as. You lot begin to convince people when you say "6 million is too many", "look at these doors", "only the soviets found death camps", "it is such a waste of resources", "look at how they have held it over us", but then you carry on with the deepest conspiracy theories to every be put forward. And amazingly, some of you will connect it to every other conspiracy theory that pops up. Flat Earth? The Jews. Hollow Earth? The Jews. Aliens? The Jews. Gnosticism? The Jews. Ancient Advanced Societies? The Jews. Poisoned Water? The Jews. Chemtrails? The Jews. Whatever it is, some of you will bring in the Jews. You of course will deny all of these, or at least some of these. But do you not notice a disturbing pattern? Every single one of you believes not only that the holocaust is a lie, you will believe also in some other conspiracy theory connected to the Jews, about which you will not agree. So then, after you've gotten someone right to brink, even through the most outlandish theories, you still want to exterminate the Jews.

That's how it went down in the rabbi controlled ghettos long before they unleashed their destructive ideologies on us. They got to choose between being a zionist or their usual subversion of nations (revolutionary communists backed by capitalist usury). Both being required for their agenda to rule the world

You're right. You'd have to be brilliant to follow that all the way through.

In the final act, America will flood Israel with non-Orthodox and non-practicing Jews, destroying their ethnostate by the exact same method they destroyed ours: using a combination of the guarantees meant to make the nation strong in serving its purpose, and a shitload of immigrants.

So, when do we start putting kikes on boats?

You don't have any idea what makes for a good person, except that it can't be anything which remotely resembles what you think Jews would tell you it is. So you try to define yourself not really on any traditional or philosophical principles, but rather on what you believe Jews would be mad at you for doing. That's not psychoanalysis.

Hoax or not, we can thank Bowers for bringing the problem of the JEW PARASITE to the MSM, and they are naming themselves!

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All of these got popularized by jews when the rest of the so called truther community realized that jews/israel did indeed orchestrate 9/11. Suddenly all these jews, jones, rudowski, roth etc etc pop up, energy weapons this, no planes that. Fucking world goes crazy on fags and trannies, and all these other wild conspiracies start popping up to discredit anyone pointing out what jews are doing.
You went too big and now everyone realizes that the holocaust, like 9/11, is a jewish event manufactured for jewish interests. Now you have to double down again. And again. And you will, you have no choice.

41-45 degrees that morning
RH 100% accoridng to University of Pittsburgh

NO FROSTY breath filmed on different day

I also read the story just now. More interesting, I thought, was how in Chapters 11-14 Abram and Lot came into their wealth. What happened is that Abram hatched a plot to jew the local Pharaoh by pretending that his wife was his sister, literally whoring his wife to the Pharaoh for cash. The Pharaoh married her, and permitted her "brother," Abram, to stay in his house, showering him with wealth and riches. Then later the Pharaoh learned that his wife was really the wife of Abram, and came to believe that a curse had fallen upon his house because of it. So he expelled the kikes from his kingdom, but still allowed them to keep their riches. Thus the jews got rich and were free to jew another day.
The mind just boggles that they've been doing this same shit for thousands and thousands of years.

Yes, it is everything. As soon as you get the slightest whiff that something you value is valued by Jews, you will begin to become distrustful of it. The mere suggestion of Jewishness is enough to get you to run the other direction.

I'm not being mocked. To me, you are like gadflys. I am here because it is an easy place to distract myself from the things I should be doing with my life. It is like a three-year-old taking a magnifying glass to an ant-hill. You are so addled, you can't even see how you attack yourself. There is not a single thing I can say which you will not perceive as Jewish. My first comment was even a criticism of the article, but because I criticized his reading of the Lot by telling the story of Lot, my criticism became Jewish. You sound identical to those who call civility Whiteness, you no longer eat Mayo because it's White. You are absurd. How can you harm me? When we leave here, you will be miserable, and I will not. You will devote your time to fruitless "research" as the days and years go by.

Lastly–that's not what a strawman is. My argument is not "you think everything is Jewish, but this isn't jewish, therefore you're wrong." My claim, which you are demonstrating, is "You will decry any criticism of you as you as Jewish, and in so doing, reject all identity except the identity of being anti-Jewish."


I have seen Jewish people say they are white when it suits them, and not-white when that's preferable. But I have never seen a Jew deny being Jewish. I'm not so sure why you are all so obsessed with naming the Jew, when one of the most distinguishing features of the Jewish nation/faith/etc. has been their determined commitment, despite all that happens to them, to remain obstinately Jewish.

Interesting to note that when the heebs did leave Egypt how the first born son of every native Egyptian family ended up being smote by (((GOD))) which effectively wiped out fighting age men and young boys who in time would fill the ranks.
And then of course the niggers from up river took over for a few hundred years and ran the place into the ground.

They will blame global warming.

Naming the jew isn't just saying the word JEW. It's pointing out all the ills that our societies are suffering from and connecting them to the jew. Which they are doing on their own now in the mainstream media because of Bowers. Saying basically that his grudge with the jews is perfectly reasonable, because they are proud to be behind the refugee influx.

And see, now you have adopted the "conspiracy theory" conspiracy theory, which (oddly enough disproving your position) became popular in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. There is very reliable documentation of "conspiracy theories" for most of history. They didn't "suddenly" become popular after 9/11. And counter to your argument, they largely became popular among 9/11 truthers only as the truthers began trying to explain why it was staged. Interestingly, this is usually where Jews enter the equation, or else Lizard People (sometimes equated), inter dimensional beings (sometimes equated), or pick your other secret society, which is often equated with one or more of the others. It begins by saying "that is too absurd to have happened the way it's popularly reported." Then it is followed by an alternate theory. But the alternate theory doesn't work without motive. 9/10 times, the motive will reduce to some vague sense of secret control of society. The more money plays into the immediate motive, the more likely Jews get pointed at as the secret group. I don't know that you are one of these people, but if you have ever been surprised by how Richard Garfield's Illuminati game can be so accurate to your specific theory, it's because there are very clear, obvious tropes of this genre of story. You think you are an independent actor; have you ever noticed how much you repeat yourself when you go through these arguments?

They protect the Muslims and bring them to the West, just as they did the slaves purchased from African tribal leaders; while they slaughter both groups attempting to enter the ethno-domain of Israel. Meanwhile, the White goyim line up to finance, fight and die in wars for the aspirations of the Zionist dream of Greater Israel. It's much easier to maintain an "all volunteer" military staffed with White goyim, when the jew ensures that there are no jobs for Whites in their own homelands. Those jobs are for Juan, Juanita, Mkwekwe, Wen Ling, Pajeet and Kerpal, when not infusing the employment sector with jews, vaginas and jews with vaginas

As jewish as it gets. Twisting scripture into a satanic tangle of nigger spaghetti to excuse seditious crimes and claim victim status.

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Yup, their whole MO is basically laid out in the first fucking book of muh torah.

13Yet there was no food throughout that region, because the famine was so severe; the lands of Egypt and Canaan had been exhausted by the famine. 14Joseph collected all the money to be found in the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan in exchange for the grain they were buying, and he brought it into Pharaoh’s palace. 15When the money from the lands of Egypt and Canaan was gone, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us food. Why should we die before your eyes? For our funds have run out!”

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holy shit, American muslim really do suck jewish cock hard

They don't, normally, at least not in public life. You're right that they'll always identify as jewish when pressed, but for the most part outside of explicitly jewish gatherings they do everything they can to play it down and minimize their jewishness. The obsession with "naming the jew" is because it forces them into making that concession publicly; and they hate that, because being invisibly jewish facilitates the ethnic cheating that nobody but them (and us) is aware of. What jews fear most is people waking up and realizing "holy shit, all the people on my TV saying all those things I hate, they're not 'democrats' - they're jews!" When that happens en masse, the game is over.

That is a pretty poor interpretation of the story, and Abraham is not painted in a particularly positive light. For one, his wife is his half sister, so his deception is one of withholding information, not strictly false information. (I'm sure I'm going to get called a Jew for splitting that hair.) For another, the Pharaoh believes he has been cursed because a bunch of bad shit started to happen. And, based on the moral understanding at the time, Pharaoh was still culpable for his actions, despite being deceived. Deception was not an exculpatory factor in almost any society until after Judaism and Christianity. Abraham deceived, because he was quite certain that had he told the Pharaoh that Sarah was his wife, the Pharaoh would have killed Abraham in order to take Sarah for himself. Abraham was let go with much of his wealth, because he had served the Pharaoh well. Additionally, this story is contrasted with a second time Abraham does this. But in this second instance, the King is told by God that Sarah is Abraham's wife. Abraham is chastised for his deception, and it is explained that it is only the King's righteousness that caused God to show him through this deception. This echoes much of the story of Jesus, especially the Crucifixion. It establishes the idea that both that deception is not an excuse, and that the deceiver also bears guilt. It introduces the idea that Catholics call scandal. You might notice that Abraham waits until he is extremely old before he has Isaac, who God promised to him at a young age. The entire time in between, God leads Abraham blindly through a number of trials, until Abraham is a completely different person than at the beginning of the story. The sole positive trait Abraham is shown to have through his whole life, that which he was not taught, was a blind faith in God. If you read through the rest of the Old Testament, you will see that each time the Jews "jew it up", they are met by suffering and oppression. At their darkest point, a new prophet comes forward to speak again the morals which tell them not to do all the things they have just done, at which point they change for a time. After they change, they prosper until they grow complacent, and undutiful, at which point they grow immoral, and face again the trials of God.

The fire rises and the jew is opening the gas valve

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I haven't adopted anything. I'm well aware that conspiracy theories existed before 9/11, that publications like the fortean times etc existed, that aliens were talked about from the 1950s onwards (probably when the kabbalah space jews really began to dominate hollywood)
You are basically just calling it a trope, when it's just jews pre advertising what they are going to do, which further adds confusion. "This was in a film, card game etc, people are crazy, they can't distinguish between fantasy and reality"
It's clever, but it's still just jews, jewing.

Perfectly reasonable to you, someone who self-admittedly wishes the Jews were exterminated. Which is not reasonable.

That's not even remotely true. Jewish people are exceptionally open about being Jewish. I've seen all the celebrity and ceo star charts. How do you think it was figured out? You would not be able to do the same thing with Lutherans or Calvinists or Anglicans.

Those fucking kikes deserved it and anyone on here who calls those jews "random" or "innocent" remember that it's ALL JEWS that deserve to be gassed. Not just the ones on top.

Attached: jews deserved it.jpg (1360x819, 256.89K)

Yeah keep telling yourself that.

Now THAT is a kiked first post!

I'm not calling it a trope because it was in a show, cardgame, movie, etc. I'm calling these things tropes because the same story forms continue to pop up time and time again, and each person who tells the story has got a slightly different mix of elements, but all the elements take on the same shape. I'm not saying you can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. I'm saying that you can't tell the difference between your imagination and your perception. In case you think I just pulled a bait and switch, what I mean is that you can visualize this secret world, and secret history, and you think you see signs of it all around you, but you can't distinguish between the object form of things and what you suppose they might indicate.

Checked. Kikes have become quite bold, over the years, haven't they?


That's the only part you could respond to. That's how I know I won.

Jews try to reframe the attack, so that the other jews do not get scared in their white genocide inside job.

They are probably even trying to increase the migrant influx, so that we start to bash the hero Robert Bowers.

Instead we should do the opposite. Give respect, where it is earned. Robert sacrificied everything, so that the white race may live.

sounds like siege to me

Wait, the onion's back up?

Why would you deface that painting? Gross.

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Why would the GOP listen to a bunch of whining bitchy Democrats?

Are you an idiot? I'm arguing against you quacks. Jews have always been identifiable. You hate circumcision right? That began, in part, as a way to differentiate Jews from non-Jews. They wore their hair differently. They have always held themselves apart. It's the very thing you all criticize them for–that they don't ever assimilate. But then you think it's some big miracle that you can "spot the Jew" when by their own choice they are easily identifiable, and the biggest barrier to their assimilation is people like you who work tirelessly to hold them apart. How are you really so shocked that over 2000 years of being ostracized and mocked, Jewish people aren't quite chomping at the bit to sing Kumbaya?

Well I'll be darned. Why does it go down so much? We'll need the onion if the domain gets unhosted.

Weird that a painting sympathetic to Hitler would have so many ugly, buffoonish Germans.