Baphomet worship

reminder that this girl was in Mad Men, and masturbated on camera when she was 8. then a couple of years later, she's posing for a photo with baphomet. (and now she has her own series on netflix, I guess it pays to worship a demon)

what the fuck is up with these pedo spirit cooking baphomet worshipers in the US elite groups (politics and media)? Remember the email leaks and Hillary mentioning Baphomet as well?

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Talk about Baphomet worship. Take a look at Rothschilds (sponsors of Hillary).

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I don't know. Why doesn't Trump and the US military just kill them?

Read the catalog before you post your goofy shit here OP.
This isn't cuckchan

I hate that (((satan worshipers))) ruined the goat for everyone. Only further proof that that faggot should stay in hell for the rest of eternity.

but yeah they're all in on it. also remember the ritual george bush and (I think bill clinton) were caught in? ritual at some huge owl statue or something.

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that goes double for you refugees

fuck off shill

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yea sorry.

Take a look at this video. Illuminati masters in action. Child sacriface, baby rape, you name it they did it.

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that is not about the same thing though. now gtfo of her you shill.

You thread isn't about JACK SHIT! You just posted some little girl next to a holloween goat!


Holy shit lol

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synagogue of satan

Oy vey - the goyim know!


reminder that the stories about witches are not fiction. they are based on Jews and their horrible deeds. our ancestors made sure the stories wouldn't be forgotten as to warn us.

Sacrifice is to keep secrets.
Nobody cares about that fucking goat.

When it's your turn they give you heroin and film you killing a homosapiens.
You also drink their blood while it's warm.
Many get sick, but no one ever talks.

It's levels like that, you have to do a bigger sacrifice for bigger a secret

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seems like truestroy

has anyone watched the show? the whole thing is about her rebelling against the satanic church. i did find it pretty odd when they showed her character who is 15 years old naked on screen.


U fuckin wot, m8? I've never watched Madmen. Is that where she did it? And if so, fucking why?

because the kikes in charge of the show wrote that scene specifically for her

Hm, suddenly I understand why we invaded all these muslim countries, our leaders worship a goat so they had to bomb goat fuckers.

@OP : How can she be 8 then "a couple of years later" be 16 ?
What is this sick crazy masturbating on camera at 8 story ? If it really happened, then some perverts must have forced her to, which is very sad. I mean, at 8, wether you are in a cult or not, you just don't think about those things yet, chemically your body just is not even able yet to have pleasure doing those things.

there are webms of the mad men scenes (the masturbation one and other weird ones)

there's also a webm of her on a live show where some adult roastie with a hook nose is trying to get her to fuck jimmy kimmel (when she was 12)

Wow we are fucked. They aren't even hiding it.

Take your meds, schizo.

Hail Satan.

they weren't hiding it way back when george bush (junior) and Bill were caught on tape doing a ritual at Bohemian grove

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You'd best not be insulting Lord Shiva.

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that statue is at CERN of all places.

Jews coopt everything they can, even Gods and Goddesses that explicitly hate them.

le spooky sigil

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We already have a board for that


She cant be a serb, with that nose.

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beat me to it

also, she's way older than she looks. pretty much confirmed blood transfusion from young people (kids)

thought this would be a cool spooky halloween type series to watch and the first fucking episode not even 10 min in its full of anti male fem mestration and literal refference to muh white male patriarchy nevertheless I should have expected this filth from (((netflix))) and it was turned off.The brainwashing of kids is at levels that shouldn't even exist these days.

Fucking kikes.

pedo detected
and he doesnt even know how to use jewtube

IX XI -> 9 11

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That went without saying. I was asking what possible context they could have for her doing that other than the character being long-term molested.

Underrated post.

i wanted a url not the video , im assuming that there is just info on it

wait theres video on youtube?

Every thread is a MGTOW thread.

Here you go


OK, I've done years of research on religion/universe/spirituality/ occult.

All this gay god shit came AFTER the creation of everything. It's all parasites hijacking your ability to create freely for eternity .

Jews worship Satan . No really, I've seen it with my own eyes. These faggots are little pussies and I saw exactly what these people really are. Christianity is controlled opposition. That's why they are all useless pedo hypocrites.

The path out is the enlightenment path Jesus and all these fags talked about. Meditate, fight , make sacrifices, explore everything until you figure out who you are and what is going on. There are arguably spirits which help you advance and give trials and shit but that's also just your intuition. You are basically looking out for your lower selves and you will know when you connected to higher self because that's when you are basically general status and straight up destroy legions of demons with the force.

There is potential for evil in everyone. Until you know you don't know shit. Some low level people murder then feel bad, OK great imprison and let them repair themselves and the damage they did, usually these people will figure out on their own how much they fucked up and how they need to undo the damage because they just killed themselves.

The problem people are the ones with this knowledge who still choose to do evil shit. People who experiment on animals and shit. I had a vision the other day of some cia faggot scientist in a lab working with a monkey , the monkey looking in the faggots eyes begging for life, and the psycho cia nigger , to feel BIG, torturing then executing the harmless animal. That is the true nature of these people who have power in this universe and they need stopped at all costs. That's why mother fuckers literally die fighting this shit.

Baph worship is based and redpilled. Just look at Atomwaffen Division. Anyone who doesn't workship Satan is a cuck since Satan is the only entity to have ever tried to fight the dead kike on a stick known as yeshua.

Blood for the blood god as 2014 anons would say

Then why are you here?

Yes, goats sustained humanity during the floods. Very good animal.

They worship the owl because it's wise and can see in the dark.

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Why can't all of the stupid occultist fags and kikes (but I repeat myself) just fucking die?

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Mad men is not real life, get your faggot ass out with the fake news.

Masturbation is common for little girls, user.

Nice reddit meme, genius.

I liked it.
Doesn't exactly portray satanism as a good thing.

Shills are pretty mad about this thread.

Bumping with images from the pedogate thread. Please post more so I can expand my very limited collection.

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Get ready for the real redpill, Marty.

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what the fuck. any details on the walk? does it contain more information?

Reminder that this is a

Or she regularly fasts, which is still the easiest way to look younger

fasting does not get rid of wrinkles. look up young blood transfusion. even modern science confirms it.

Those are both elite trannies, and the "girl" the thread is about is also a MtF. That is why "she" is posing with baphomet.
Every "actress" you masturbate over is a man, you are worshiping false idols exactly like the bible warned you would in the end times.

Ask yourself why your brain sees trannies everywhere. Then kill yourself for being a closeted homo.

Also this:

Spirits taste nasty when raw, which is why they're cooked first! :^)

that stupid fucking thread is still up? what the fuck.

gonna need some evidence for that, chief.

Yea, vids or it didn't happen! :^)

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also a screenshot from episode 1 of her show

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Dear god…

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Satan is a Vatican invention and jews don't believe in it. It's not even biblical faggot

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what was the girls name in the bottom of the first pic?

Source god damn it?

What's up with first-time posting newfags confusing baphomet with moloch and making shit threads with complete confidence?

Moloch is just another Cannanite version of Jesus' dad anyways (lord of heaven type). That's why he his first born was sacrificed. Baph is just esoteric Jew symbolism from the 1800s related to the Templars gnosticism bullshit. Satan was a Vatican meme because they didn't translate the word advesaries.

Zig Forums can't learn this shit because it's too full of /x/ and Zig Forums cucks

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Stop spoonfeeding then

I guess…

I miss old Zig Forums anons

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What show is this?

the girl in OP has her own show now (she's jewish, so of course she gets her own show). pic related.

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Calling bullshit on that pic. There are no 2000 year old torahs, and certainly none written in hebrew. The earliest known versions of the torah are written in Greek.

Also weren't they written as scrolls back then?

that's from a scroll

always figured satan was metaphorical for adversity and hardship
also checked for adversity dubs

Hollywood is derived from the words Holy + Wood, where different woods in the occult have different properties etc

Belair - Bel is the Aramaic form of Baal, the national god of the Babylonians (Isa. 46:1; Jer. 50:2; 51:44). It signifies "lord." (See BAAL.) He was the earth god. So, I guess, in some weird way, Bel Air, could mean the area or air of Baal

The constant idolization of Satan/Demonic influences in mass media/mainstream culture ("edgy" music, instagram, etc) is highly frustrating, considering the Ultimate Evil's most avid fans are those that'd unfriend anyone they perceived as racist or bigoted. I understand they do it to be rebellious against their "judgemental, conservative parents", but much like a naive child, they have no idea what they are dealing with

You fucking retards all deserve a baseball bat to the back of the head.

i thought it was originally going to be called hollywoodland as in holly woodland in reference to the holly trees that were found in the area?
seems like another european thing perverted by juden

Eh… not really
Satan is the antagonist and uses the allure of power to try and corrupt the "innocent girl" into selling her soul.
Also Catholisism is touted as the only real counterpart to satanism and seems to represent the universes version of true good.

But then there's this shit.
In EVERY fucking netflix show now

TL;DR don't subscribe to netflix

you have to go deeper. read about the legion of decency and the catholic war against judaism (guess which side won)

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this is how I know your a lying idiot

What you think? (((Abram)))ovic