Trump visits Pittsburgh synagogue. Hmm that was quick

"PITTSBURGH – President Trump visited the Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were killed and six others were injured in a mass shooting Saturday over the objections of local officials who said this was not the time for him to come to the city.

Trump, his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner arrived Tuesday afternoon. No local dignitaries met them at the airport. A spokesman for Pittsburgh's Democratic mayor, Bill Peduto, claimed that the city did not have enough police to "provide enough protection at the funerals and to be able at the same time draw attention to a potential presidential visit.”"

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Daily Reminder:
No matter how hard you cuck, it will never be good enough, goy.

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Are they gonna JFK Trump?

No, they don't get rid of the good dogs.

jews want the "bodies" to disappear quickly.

I love it. All the protestations against him going, he goes anyways. No time to clean their shit up.

I wonder how many of these a president can fit into his busy schedule. Do you suppose he'd just stop going if synagogues were getting shot up every day?

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Why would they JFK a loyal pet?

Some Rabbi will eat his nephews dick and Trump will applaud it

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Reminder to just filter obvious trumpshills posting from israel. Do not get drawn into a back and forth.

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Why would they JFK Trump unless you mean after he signs some Bill to blacken the United States even further and give even more aid to and arms to isreal and Saudi Arabia?
It's not just a meme but indisputable fact

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Best post of the day

That would be very antisemitic. Trump is a friend of Zion after all.

It wouldn't surprise me if they put down their loyal lapdog.

I love u guys for recognizing the enemy. Also some Mexicans are dope and wanna kick out illegal parasites too. We play by the rules too (rules of honesty and hard work)

story of a nation.. you were sold out for shekels by your white brothers

that would be a shame he would not have time to do anything anymore as a president ; if only the far left had some balls

These threads are good because they attract all the kike shills into one spot so the rest of us can have the board free from them for at least a few hours.

Now watch shills get mad that I'm calling them shills and assume I'm talking about them.

Lol Ivanka's kids have the same round as fuck tard face that she had before 6 million plastic surgeries.

Why? He's a servant

50% of Zig Forums caught in flagranti.

orange man legit bad

yeah no shit

Wait, they've done the funerals already??


As jewish tradition dictates, the bodies cannot be seen by goyim. kek

not jeb :(

This proves Trump knows how important it is to take the wind out of any accusations of antisemitism.

That is all.

Regardless of whether the actual funerals have been carried out yet, they will be staggered over the coming weeks to provide further media coverage and heebspeak soundbites.

Have to cauterize this and bring the kvetching to only default level.

Good. Cynical Americans will instantly wonder why a bunch of nobodies get the celebrity treatment that no other "victims" of crime get.


Lol, last two "MAGAPEDE GOD EMPRAH" threads took so much effort away from kushner's legion.
And bang, this happens. trumpkike literally can't stop sucking a cut dick.


Remember that time Trump visited that Church in Texas that got shot up by some psycho? Oh yeah right, that never happened and they demolished the Church right after

Oh shit, them DEE CEE words, frienddo?
You dare questioning the MAGAPEDES?

There was never any shooting there, goy. It's just an empty lot. They were going to build a church there but never got round to it. You must be confused with somewhere else.

I guess if they kvetched for shekels from "good israel loveing goys" immediately after before the bodies were cold it'd stay up like the kikes are doing in Pittsburgh

Let’s pray
Dear Jesus, this tragedy has truly shaken us and helped us to realize just how fragile life is. Lord Jesus, god who became man, who walked among us, we pray for the salvation of all Jews. We pray that they, each in their moment just before death, were able to renounce their unbelief, to turn from their lifelong dedication to the word of man in the Talmud and to declare the great majesty and lordship of Jesus Christ! The sacrifice of the 11 in Pittsburgh would be for nothing if not one Jew could be brought to salvation in Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of man. We pray that not only these poor victims had a chance to repent, but that all Jews everywhere might come to know Jesus, and even that Israel and Jerusalem would become fully Christian, renouncing the mindless patterns of man-made worship in the Talmud.
In The name of the holy trinity, the father, son and Holy Ghost.

My favorite part was when the leaders of Pittsburgh refused to meet with him. LOL fucking assholes.

are the jews saying 11 million people were shot or 11 billion people were shot there in the tree of life synagogue? oy vey!

The jews have conned the goyim for so long new boss SAME as the old boss

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A. The Trump Curse

B. You hit him, he hits back 10x harder.

Watch out Pittsburgh dems.. it's only a matter of time now…

Trump at the wall, don't vote, everyone is jew. kys /thread

Like Tiffany then? Lol

Notice the Donald never said he wanted to date that one…

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What a brave man!

vid related

I would marry her and have a ton of aryan children.

Peduto is an alcoholic loser who spends his time at black tie events eating free shit and masturbating his ego or at the bar ordering a shot and a beer every time he gets something. This is because all American elections are theater and the world is run by mafias. There is more emotion on social media from random faggots than from any of these obvious con artists hypnotizing the retarded masses.

Op I'm worried, the total number of posters has dropped by like 600. Almost 20%. Its like another shoah, if I'm being honest. Did the money dry up early? It almost seems like your the only one left. But that doesn't matter as long as your still here. Heroically demoralizing gnazees on a Sunday night. If you can just keep at it a little longer, your life can change. I know it can. So don't be lonely, we're all rooting for you!

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