Then what?

So let me get this straight, when whites get their own countries and deport all the non-whites/foreigners, then what? THIS is what divides Zig Forums. Some say "conquer the whole earth" while others say "just go isolationist"

So what is it going to be?

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fuck off kike

How the hell am I a kike?

We'll deal with it when we get there. The critical piece is that whites can deal with whites on equal terms and can reach an agreement about their future. You can't do that with non-whites.

Short term, isolationist. We've got a lot of things to fix and a worldwide purge will detract from that. Long term, we're going to have to deal with them. I don't think it's possible for shitskins to not try and take what we've made for themselves and at the very least, India's habit of dumping raw sewage directly into the ocean needs to be addressed.

We attack turkey and india, since imkikey and his pajeet buttslave create low effort threads

This implies that jews are exterminated so there will be a peace on earth, until some mudshit starts shit and we decide to eradicate them.

Bitch this thread is necessary. Zig Forums needs to debate on what can be done in the future. I don't see that many threads on this issue. After all we talk about current issues most of the time.

go isolationist obviously


It's a low effort thread. You didn't include your own opinion, or attempt to argue for one or the other. Put some more effort into your next thread.

I say either tbh.
Personally I'd aim for pure fuck off isolationism because it doesn't make you make as many tough decisions, but that's entirely a matter of if we are capable of building a world class military purely purely on our own resources.
If we do go for the global Aryan imperium route, then it is necessary that we are totally exterminationist with regards to other races. Whites ruling over brown masses has not once ever resulted in a positive outcome for anyone. Whites are too merciful and too meritocratic for their own good.
Even India which had an explicitly Aryan priest caste ruling over the street-shitting masses eventually became… India. No society can survive time and once your society that enforces your standards weakens and you let a few exceptional non-whites into your upper-class and mixing occurs there is no going back - your people are forever lost to time and the world will only remember you as yet another white civilization that was eventually overrun by the brown hordes. I say it's time we stop sowing the seeds of our own destruction in every civilization we build just so one of your generals can stroke his ego over what a pragmatic genius he is.

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Lol was christian vs pre-christian not working anymore? At least you're being thorough.

This is more important as the future of a civilization depends on the longevity of it rather than the worshipping ideology it subscribes to.


Reconquer the Earth*

Genocide the inferior races, promote a eugenics program, promote virtuous values, destroy all obscene things, have a totalitarian government until this New World Order is stabilized, then allow freedoms back gradually.

Eugenics is the key to unlocking the full potential of the human race. Anyone who opposes it should be silenced. Who would not want a race of strong, genetically healthy, intelligent, inventive superhumans?


Jews already took the world, you whites are doomed.

Well then we Whites master genetic engineering to the point where we bring back some long-extinct species. People talk about resurrecting the Passenger Pigeon or the Tasmanian Tiger or the Mammoth elephant by implanting a reconstituted cell into a related species' surrogate mother. When we take over I want to organize a project wherein we bring back Neanderthal man by and through using a broad chested jewess as a surrogate mother.

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Our hands get that money moving.

This doesn't divide anything. Low effort shilling. Sage.

That will be decided by the winner.

The real rub of it is, both Jews and National Socialists know the score. Whoever wins will decide the fate of the European people, as was the case following the last conflict between these two peoples and their ideologies.
Once again, Europeans and Jews come into conflict.

In the year 70, the Europeans won, and drove the Jews into diaspora.
In the year 1945, the Jews won, and drove the Europeans into self-destruction.
In the year 20XX, they will meet on the field of battle once again, and this time, the victory may well decide the future of the entire population of extant hominids on this planet.

If the Europeans win, who knows?
As the Jewish people are predisposed to certain behaviors, so are we - and empathy is one such behavioral trend.
As the European man made Dog from Wolf, perhaps he will find a place for the other modern hominids… And perhaps he will not.
Only time and struggle will tell.

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There are infinite planets so everyone will get to be god of their own universe. The quickest path to this future is a fellowship of the whites since all other races are unable to go five seconds without ruining fucking everything. The average non white spends their day analyzing random shit they did the day before. Or they are planning some future ego pursuit. Whites are the only people who could even sit down and have a discussion like this without someone going Sheeeeeeeiiit this is boring , how much will I profit off this, or MY CHINESE SCIENCE BOOK DIDNT PREPARE ME FOR THIS BEEP BLOOP CHING CHONG

You mean, get BACK their countries? Happiness due to, safety, going out at night again, a sense of community, good health. Lots of good things that will make Shlomo rage.

No, /pol isn't divided. /pol has dumb jews and other faggot commies who drop in and try to shitpost.

Isolationist first
Build true first world Utopia free from kikes and shitskins
THEN conquer the rest of the earth
AND THEN conquer the stars


isolationist first
Build white only Utopia
Ditch this nigger infested shitball and colonize Mars as the first white Ethnoplanet.

we genocide all other races

OP, whites, we want our own home place. Now that there are too many people on earth, and we whites are an incredible minority, having a safe home is a necessity if one doesn't want to 'eat' the very earth away like the chinese and indian hordes.

Mars, we'll move to Mars, and leave the earth for the mud lice.

Then we all go to the doctor for consuming an insurmountable quantity of salt

halfchan tier thread

go isolationist
Imperialism = reverse colonialism after 200 years
Every race deserves a place and if you send whites to Africa, then theyll eventually become black

you got that backwards , but yes to both … and basically way better memes and videogames

Why do I guess you are nerds prone to fantasy?

Hi OP. I don't think you're a kike : )
Well, the difficulty is that other skin colours would arise if we were to conquer the entire Earth. Even if we don't conquer the entire planet we would still eventually develop different skin tones. But, for the sake of simplicity, let's say that we do conquer the entire world and our skin remains white permanently. In this case, as geography globally is not consistent, differing cultures would develop and we would find ourselves in the exact same situation that we are in now. The only difference would be that the identification tool would not be skin colour, rather, culture or something.

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One must walk before he runs, you D&C kike. We know exactly what you are doing, and you can fuck off.

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Looks like a (((Jewish))) disorder to me.



Stealing something is not owning it.


The issue isn't about 'skin color' user. There are many variations in Whites already but we all still hold the same or similar values without becoming insane low IQ savages who rampage and murder at whim. There is more to being White/European that a shade of skin. It is a culture, a way of life, a genetic line, a mode of thinking, a code of ethics.

It used to be that everyone was imkikey. Now everyone is Moot; Chris Poole is lurking hidden inside the post of every user. ;) I can't wait to see what it is next week.

hahaha…best answer ever. Totally underrated.

A shill replying to a shill

Long term, the creation of a truly isolationist White bloc (Europe + Anglosphere + Honorary Aryans), of nation states that trade between each other on equitable terms, disengaged from the kikes and golem hordes, would result in a lot of the problems solving themselves. Just let nature take it's course.

Without Western backing, Israel would end up duelling it out with the sandniggers in a war of mutual annihilation. Just make sure every last kike is back there when that happens.

Africa's population boom is not sustainable without European skills and/or outside aid. In South Africa they're already working to genocide themselves by driving out the white farmers that are feeding everyone, learning nothing from Zimbabwe. They could still trade with China, but China's thirst for African resources would likely dwindle without Western consumption driving their manufacturing industry. (China itself would probably be fine, but could kiss goodbye to it's global power ambitions.) Just let them starve in their own lands and kill each other in inevitable wars. They'll likely end up begging for a return of paternalist colonialism, but it would be better to treat Africa as a nature reserve, IMO.

Meanwhile, freed from our shackles, we would enjoy an economic, technological and cultural renaissance. Without kike-infested universities and media spreading the brainwash, the plague of degeneracy will soon die out - they don't reproduce naturally, and without kike sponsorship would be forced to become productive members of society or die. Imagine the glory of 1933-1939 Germany spread across the entire Western world. After the dust settles and Darwinism has done its thing, there might come a time to re-engage with the remnants that remain - but that would be something to judge at the time, strictly on cost/benefit basis. Never again should we allow our productive efforts to be enslaved to the service of ungrateful primitives, who blame us for every problem they created for themselves.

Don't be mad kike because you will be cast out of our nations and unable anymore to manipulate and kill people at your whim for 'money'. I am sure that you kikes will be busy 'creating things' in your own nation, where you belong.

Getting a little ahead of yourself there moishe

Live in peace amoung our own kind without the threat of murder, rape etc. Grow our nation, go to church, have families without worrying about them being brainwashed into cutting off their dicks or into starting hormone therapy at age 9.
Sage for obvious slide thread.

We should open borders for anyone, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

After the establishment of an Ethnostate, we then build a productive nation worthy of carrying the banners of tradition and carrying us into the future.
There will be many debates as to how to go about this, but we will be the ones to determine the path of our people

This is a low effort post you fucking nigger.
Save your questions for QTDDTOT and stop shitting up our board you useless faggot.

What do you mean? Then nothing. Then we go on living peacefully because none of those shitskins matter.

Its going to be both you autistic newfaggot who needs to lurk moar, were going to end up conquering the world because of our isolationism. Kicking out the undesirables is what will finally allow the economic room for states to grow stronger than countries. Step outside with more than a child-like imagination of the world and you might actually be able to process a thought that leaves the bubble of your from/since highschool social group that never evolved past their cartoons philosophy.

That is a jew. He looks like DEVO's drummer (((alan Meyers))), second from left in this pic.

Life is struggle. Any future white ethnicities that arise will have to fight to survive, just like all other peoples.


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How dare you call me a shill you paranoid jew cunt, go fuck yourself.
And never forget, we are going to kill every last one of you, just think about that,

Then the White Man prospers.

Step 1 - ethnostate
Step 2 - natsoc
Step 3 - retake money supply
Step 4 - race war
Step 5 - space elevator, dyson spheres, universal domination

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Outer space

Fuck Jews

Dubs decide.


How about we focus on the matter at hand first?

Nice d&c attempt, but not going to work, schlomo!

Do you honestly believe that we can deport non whites and foreigners without massive ethnic violence to begin with? In Germany, for example, when they bantered about sending a few of the Turks back they had massive protests, during which Turks who were interviewed stated that they would die before they went back. A violent purge is the only way to rid ourselves of these parasites, and if we do that, do you think their host nations are going to simply sit by and watch? Not to mention that once violence breaks out you are going to see the real nature of these subhumans, fast. They will invade homes, rape & kill with abandon, slaughter families, children, and laugh about it. At that point how do you think the rest of the whites are going to feel? A race war is inevitable even if all we want is to gain our own countries back because of the ensuing violence and the repercussions from it that such a move would entail.

That's what the guns are for.

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So be it.

We take the most practical and flexible foreign policy possible. Having international allies, and exerting what influence abroad we need to secure our defenses and our race
Once we have a grand coalition, then we strike