Why doesn't Zig Forums like mass transit...

Why doesn't Zig Forums like mass transit? Hitler modernized the Reichsbahn and Germany was one of the first country to introduce high speed trains. Even Goring had Marklin sets.

inb4 muh niggers as an excuse, let's get real the sooner one of us pulls a Bernie Goetz the sooner the white race can start uncucking itself and taking back the public spaces that rightfully belong to us

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You're confusing things. There is Zig Forums and then there is the flood of shit who poured in in late 2015 and haven't left.

Because under Jewish control, increased public transit leads to banning privately owned vehicles, therefor restricting freedom of movement and tracking wherever you go at all times.
Just another tool to enslave the populace.
Make personal transit so expensive that you have to buy a subscription service for a car.

cars just mean you're enslaved to the oil jew and like I said Goetz proved that they can't stop white people from defending themselves

Mass transit is great…

… with White people.



never go out unarmed

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"Muh niggers" isnt an excuse retard, you simply cannot give 40 millions niggers and spics access to high speeed rails so they can rob, rape and murder more efficiently.

because the other 99% of the world aren't citycucks who are mature enough to drive in open roads across the county.

It's not a fucking excuse. Have you ever even taken mass transit anywhere in your life?

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Jew rules don't apply to you, goy.

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Americans with their inferior public transport system detected.

You've never been to any major Western European city, have you?

Public transit is for city kikepawns. Drive a car, take a bike, walk or fuck off.

Fuck you, trains would be great without niggers.

Because it doesn't work in a society that has subhumans in it and doesn't have de jure segregation.

It mostly works for the japs too.

I don't dislike mass transit but every time in my life that I've been on a subway, bus, el-train or what have you it's been full of human (and subhuman) detritus.Of course, I really don't care that much because if I don't need 4wd to get home in the winter I'm wishing I lived somewhere that I did.

because europe fits inside texas or alaska and mass transit is pretty fucking cheap and not time consuming when you travel a hundred miles to anywhere in your fucking country. there's also not thousands of miles of mountains, canyons, desert and other fuckign binomes to traverse and take into consideration.

Well yes, I suppose I should have said "Its great… With humans."

Any centralization while being occupied by an enemy will be used against you.

Sage for OP not tackling the JQ.

Its not just an excuse on account of non-white "bodies" filling those spaces, it also has to do with the mindset programmed into Whites to not band together for anything.

Truly, what do you think could bring Whites and only Whites together in a public situation?

Germany didn't have trains full of niggers.


look moron, not everyone wants their lives run by some shitheads in a central government. cars represent freedom. oil is in abundance and not running out any times soon. if you were smart you would stockpile food, fuel, guns, ammo, and water. also kys

Who ever said Zig Forums doesn't like mass transit in and of itself? It's very beneficial to the public normally, but as you pointed out, it's been (((weaponized))) extensively to push niggers into white areas. That alone is reason to oppose it for any reason whatsoever in the current US. But any white ethnostate should have mass transit in cities. It's beneficial.

Yes, this, but in selected dense areas (IF they were all-white), public transit is highly beneficial.

Mass transit is the way of the future to keep the city less clustered.

It would be good in an ethnostate.

I live in St. Louis and I don't want to make it any easier for the niggers to get around.

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with mass transit… in an all white society. Else it is just the diversity delivery system.

Mass transit is fine. If it was only just white people using it.

Mass transit only works for racially homogeneous societies.

In my city, there's a reason why everyone calls the Metrolink the Afrolink.

You must be some kind of heaven blessed country boy if you don't understand how thoroughly disgusting and violent niggers have made public transit in Europe and America.

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You can't hop on a rail car with a truck bed tool box. Can't load 6 tons of scrap onto a bus. Can't leave in a hurry when the next bus arrives in 45 minutes. 5 minutes late leaving the house to go to work? Fine if you have a car. Public transit? Fuck you, next stop is in 45 minutes. Start sending out resumes. And it only gets better when they put a nigger in charge of the DOT who pockets all the funds.

So you blame bad public transit for public transit in general.

I can picture you though, hurrying with the stuff, getting into the car AND bam, traffic jam.

Stop projecting, kike!

To be honest, I don't even know what good public transportation is like. All we have here are some buses that smell like nigger sweat that don't arrive even hourly. And when they do, the nigger driver doesn't wait for you to sit down before stomping the accelerator. Also every article I see about the company has the word "corruption" in it somewhere.
Which, funnily enough, is also only a problem because of non-whites. There'd be plenty of room for both public transit and personal vehicles without niggers and spics.


because of all the niggers dumb fuck

Go visit Japan or some german small towns/city.

Americans hate a lot of concepts because niggers use them and they are not maintained to shit.

So it's not the problem of the system, but of non-whites.

I urge americans to travel more, to Europe and Japan to see more of the world.

Japan's mass transit looks crowded as shit, but I bet it still works a hell of a lot better than what we have here. I would like to get at least a glimpse at what a functioning society looks like sometime.

It's crowded during rush hour, but it's like that in all countries.

But for weekend, and train services? Man, it's fucking grand.

In American, you have to drive a car to go on car trip? Japan, you can take the bus or the train and go to the place yourself.

This is the greatness of developed infrastructure.

And they also produce some of the world's best cars. Though, did you see the thread about Abe caving on immigration? Every form of transportation is in peril over there if the country gets flooded with shitskins.

America doesn't have enough population density to be worth it.

Only retarded burgers hate mass transit because in our country its the nigger transportation system. Mass transit in Japan and Europe are pretty fucking awesome

Reported. Kill yourself.

How big is Europe and Japan compared to the United States, user? The nation is too big for public transportation, not to mention public rail travel is forever linked with the state run joke that is Amtrack.
Solutions that work for some nations just won't work for others. Besides, you don't have to share a car. Note, I live in a very rural state, more urbanized areas may be different

I can agree on this

It literally is the niggers. Niggers are why we can't have nice things.