The trade wars just ended

Trump says he wants to make a trade deal with China, the jobs are never coming back, this is never going to end!

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lol what did he expect to happen?
china fucked trumps ass AND he flopped on NAFTA. There was not ONE thread on here about trump implementing copyright laws similar to the TPP into the new trade agreemnt either.

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China number one trump of is wife donkey.

China enter west in 2030.

That is certainly an abstract way to post but I'm afraid it's not a good one.

I would bring back the factories, if we can't due to labor costs then I say automate all of those factories and fuck the foreigners.

What made America so great when it came to firearm technology centuries ago was that we discovered how to not only automate much of production,and we invented interchangeable gun parts. The British went apeshit.


They where all just moving and preparing to move them to the next best shithole with "based best new friend after Israel of course" excemptions and zero tariff threats. Shitholes where Trump happens to have direct personal interests in real estate. Its was a farce to begin with.


I flat out expect juden to fuck over white men
I live my life by this credo and it hasn't failed me yet

Wow, this place is cuckchan now, fuck, i remember when shit threads like these were deleted and saged just because they were shit threads, its just exactly like a cuckchan thread.

By the way this thing is still going on, but Trump has no results to offer, so they are talking "hypothetically Trump could meet Xi and maybe China will accept" There is not even planned meeting between Trump and Xi.

It's just tough posturing after Pompeo just personally crawled to China and asked for that deal, but the U.S. delegation got snubbed for the 3rd or 4th time. Look it up they didnt make much of a fanfare about this like this non-news.

if the tariffs continued as they are now then China's economy would dissolve as the countless manufacturers lose 80% of their market and China would have essentially no choice but to kick off WW3 to conquer their weaker neighbors like the Philippines and Korea

If we can get a decent trade deal and not go to war with the bugmen for a bit longer then production in the US could still come back and the real estate market will maybe not collapse for a bit longer

Blame codemonkey.

Learn English. Otherwise, good post

Trump probably got the straight talk during his first week in office. the talk about how the US is the reserve currency of the world. so this means that the dollar is in high demand among all countries, and of course, it helps to keep the value of the dollar high, even when the fed is printing money at record levels every year. If the USD were not in demand internationally, if china did not want to hold dollars for buying oil, then the fed would print money and the inflation would be felt immediately. You would be wiping your ass with dollar bills once inflation really set it.


Trade war is still going, kikes are so mad that they make fake news now.


Trump also said the Fed was his biggest enemy.

Trump's tariffs were retarded anyway. You don't want to put tariffs on shit like steel. You want to put tariffs on finished products that use steel. Just putting tariffs on steel ends up fucking American industry in the ass even harder than it was before. It's too bad Trump has a low IQ and doesn't understand shit about how the economy works.

You buying chinese steel is hurting american, dumbass.

Chink steel is shit.

Hes been saying this since he started the trade war. America doesn't have another choice otherwise its lost forever.

Goodnight, bugman.


Yeah, it does. It is China who has no choice on who to sell to.

I want to own a factory. I really do. I want to make nice leather work boots and shoes. Ones that fit just right and break in over time

Wait, so Trump promises one thing and then does another? Color me shocked.

Damn right
Fuck china and all god damned slopes

Production is never coming back to the US under the present establishment. The people who would be employed and gain wealth are their enemies.

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Wrong. Putting tariffs in chink steel is hurting all American industries that use steel. Import materials cheap and put tariffs on the products made from those materials. Or at least put tariffs on both. That is how protectionism works. Tariffs on steel means any American manufacturer who uses steel then needs to spend more for materials, but since their products are not protected they still get btfo by chink products. Trump doesn't understand it and is just trying to use the tariffs in a low IQ effort at gunboat diplomacy. It will not work.

The dumbest thing is starting a trade war when you have to import so much. It's sold to the people as "they're going to go belly up and come begging", but at the end of the day those export economies still have the stuff.

well it would be ideal to tariff the shit out of fucking everything to force autarky, fucking the economy in the short term, but according to Trump is only taxing raw materials which would indeed be retarded. I don't know the specifics, really

A war with China would be a significant boost to US industry just like back in WWII. At least it would be a war worth fighting and not the retarded shit now where we're killing sandniggers that are already killing themselves anyways in some desert.

I agree on putting tariffs on both, chink steel is so bad quality that only jews approve buying them to build houses for goyim.

Doing this relies on the same class of people with vested interests who exported all of the industry in the first place. Nobody wants to hear this because then it is "communism". They are never going to bring the industry back after what they did – they are actively trying to kill us.

Its not even fit for houses, Chinese Steel is very inconsistent in carbon content and is poorly tested for tensile strength. that's why its so cheap to begin with. It's mainly used for shit like lock shackles, maybe fencing, watch parts, that sort of thing where you can get away with it, basically anything that doesn't require significant structural strength. Every other industry, automotive, construction.etc uses American steel

German austrian steel for me.

Technically the largest steel company on Earth is in Luxembourg IIRC

Trump is only putting Tarrifs on China, not everyone. This is plain and simply a way of shutting down China specifically. This tactic is known as Containment Strategy and was used before to ultimately force Vietnam to adopt a market driven economy.

What an Actual fucking Autist Kike Thread. America is being Saved. The rest of the world is covered in Fecal Shit. Time to get used to it Slug

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USA doesn't *have* to import any Chinese shit. We could build up our own domestic economy, but kikes on wall st would not be able to pull as much profit and we wouldn't be able to watch the fake GDP numbers constantly going up, so nobody will do that.

It does have to import. Could build up is not has built up. That's the point I'm making, which you just ended up agreeing with at the end of your post so I don't know why you even made it.


Factory can be set up in one literal month, user.

WHY they haven't done it is because they are anti-white.

Wrong. the plan hasn't changed. only your interpretation of it has. This was never meant to be a trade war. This was meant to bring china to heel and to negotiate a better deal for the united states that doesn't cede the next century to china. Trump saying he'll make a deal with china is what he's always been saying. it's also what he said with north korea, mexico, canada, the EU and Iran. grow up

The USA is still the second largest industrial economy. We have factories user. That's not the issue. People need to understand that in order to be China you have to lower working wages to fucking nothing, have people work for dirt, and lower your GDP per capita to their levels. We don't need lower working wages, if anything we need higher working wages, but like you said, then it's suddenly "communism"

if he is not willing to seize the fed then hes just a useless old man. He talks big, but hes wasted two years. Hes not going to end the fed.


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i-its all over tho
blumpf betray
dont vote please dont vote
we must bow before Great China and ask forgiveness

look into kobe steel in japan faggot. its all part of a bigger plan you dumb shit fake news reddit faggot

"trade war"

Yeah, that's not what WE call it, shill.

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OP FFS the chink economy is in the toilet! They are in a very weaken position. Sure a deal will be made. But a very different deal.

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OP is either a kike or never read Art of the Deal. Probably both.

Wrong. Long-term strategy is to force American companies to go local, as opposed to buying brittle steel from chinks that will inevitably collapse due to poor quality. China literally has nothing to barter for at this point and is simply puffing it's chest out like it has any leverage in the first place. Trump is the first President to tell China to fuck itself anyway. Plus, I don't see anywhere in the article stating that Trump capitulated to the chinks. OP is a shillnigger, and this thread is another attempt at 'muh drumpf is a kike puppet.' blackpilling before midterms tomorrow.

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Kill yourself CIDF.

It seems clear that he's using tariffs as a way to gain leverage. If this falls through the tariffs will go up, otherwise a deal will be struck.
Look, if he fucks over the rust belt, he's going to lose in 2020. Whatever he does, he's going to make sure his base is taken care of, because otherwise he loses office and the kikes tear his family and legacy apart until he dies a miserable old man.

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what the fuck do any of you care ??? oh noes jobs are gone … fucking go out an get a job.

we all fucking work 8hrs a day , come home, drink smoke and do it again. Its not fucking rocket science.

theres like 20 people on this board that this even matters eveyone else fucking get an other job you lazy fucks. This is why whites are being pushed aside. Half you fucks act like niggers.

Im not fucking crying for you lazy ass … I got a degree and I type for a living. Get fucked.

his family is the kikes you anime idiot

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Im fairly certain hes trying to secure texas or own of those chinky states other than california which is completely lost.

Make a statement , especially one like this costs him nothing and its place the night before midterms. Too close to really be questioned by media.

This is really low effort bait post. Good job OP

His kids aren't anything, retard. Converting doesn't make you a full jew, just makes you look like a kosher tool. If you don't know what a political marriage is though, then I have a bridge to sell you down in huezil.

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What's the worst thing a kike can do in the eyes of other kikes? Go against the tribe.
Look at how they react to Miller and his immigration stances. Kushner is toast and Ivanka is a convert anyways.
Have you seen how they react to Trump, have you not noticed how much they hate him? I mean really, are you going to pretend the kikes love this guy?
He's stirred up populism and a serious right-wing movement which contradicts the goals of the Jews. If you believe (((they))) don't want to punish him for these actions, you're honestly just a schizo.
Neither of those accomplished any of the goals of the kikes, they were flashy moves meant to please the evangelicals and neocons in his base. I don't know how autistic you have to be fret over two strikes with 0 casualties while he's talking about removing birthright citizenship.

Fuck is wrong with you people?

I'm going to need to get more lamps to accommodate all these lampshades.

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No Archive

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Trump is on record that the long-term strategy is just getting China to open its markets, specifically financial markets, to (((American))) firms with the same degree of freedom they enjoy here. This is further backed up by Steve Bannon. Trump has no interest in actually making the US self-sufficient or autarkic.

His kids are jews because he was married to a jew for a while, too. Ivana "Trump"'s birth name was Zelnickova, "daughter of Zelnick".

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