The Absolute State & what's to come

Alright lads, I spent the last month working on this little project which was supposed to be a condensed version of Farmlands and that kike whore hopkins hour long documentary. It turned out far more insane then I could have ever imagined.

Just exactly how bad is it? Well take a look and decide for yourself. This is a peak into the future of western civilisation.



I also put the NPC meme in an unobnoxious way into it so you might appreciate that too. Enjoy.

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I couldn't figure out how to upload the video itself on here, sorry bout that.
Also for the mods: No I'm not datamining & no I'm not CIA. They temp banned me last time when I shared my Antifa reckoning video for that reason. Might tone down the paranoia a bit.

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Bumping because pretty fucking good man.
You need to do more of these.

makes you sign in. stop being a nigger and just embed it. no one is clicking on bitchute which gives your IP straight to antifa


How do I embed it? Phoneposting. Why would bitchute corresponde with Antifa?

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Thanks m8

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Fuck off back to reddit.

The fuck is your problem idiot.

You made it so we can't watch embedded? Fuck you m8, no shekels.

It's age restricted. Some commie reported it and it got reviewed in like 15 minutes. I didn't do shit.

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checking those bump digits

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I like the vid, but I can't seem to be able to download.

Some services I'm using say your vid nob exist. Either the commie bastards went full anal or your restricting access for e-shekels.
Either/or; find a different website to upload your work. Diversifying where you upload is beneficial overall.
Never place all your eggs in one basket.

I'll bump only because the artwork was breddy gud.

Good video OP

Try putting "ss" after "www" and in front of "…"

amazing work OP. 1488

It's on bitchute too m8. I'll upload it on real video too after I shilled parts on twitter


Thx m8. I forgot to check the links in the description.
This is some damn fine craftsmanship user. 88

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I only watched half of it for now, but I like what you've done. Keep it up.

Absolutely infuriating. Good job.

I could barely make it through, that was pretty intense. I'll definitely make use of it Clockwork Orange style in the future.

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apologies for being a nigger OP. I appreciate your effort in creating this. polite sage for doublepost

You made the animation? The transitions are really good,they keep attention at the video.

You should do a version with south american violence considering the approaching caravan, this can be used to redpill normies about the nature of the incoming invaders.

Nah, animation is appropriated but I modified it and put it together as something new.


use only the bitchute link, it won't last on youtube, they took down the cybernazi music videos which were simply sounds with no words and a simple image…

There is not a single thing wrong with Bitchute you actual Autist Retard Hag. Go Shill for KikeTube on Reddit you actual Fuck

Gunna be honest with you OP, I expected shit but was pleasantly surprised.
Based black man.

They temp banned me last time when I shared my Antifa reckoning video for that reason. Might tone down the paranoia a bit.
lel theyll prolly ban you again if they live up to their reputation.

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Well they already reviewed it. I think they won't actually cause there is no act of viilence to be seen. It always cuts away and just implies. The pictures of the dead are fast cuts and are permitted apperently on it. Farmlands even has em in.

Can the mods make this a banner?
OP might have a better version though. It's what I grabbed from the vid.

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it will be taken down by the creators you used the music in the vid then

Rhodesia is an esoteric metaphor for national solidarity.

It will be re-uploaded

I'll make webms tommorow probably. Iust download it yourself if you wanna.

That's fucking weird. My usual greasemonkey script (ViewTubeGM) for replacing YouTube's player with my browser's default video player isn't working. The page for the video loads initially and then cuts out to some sort of restricted page that wants me to log in. Usually, that script bypasses age-restricted videos, no problem. If I want to view region-locked videos, I can use something like to grab it, but even that site won't work for OP's video.

Congrats, OP, whatever your video is, it pissed somebody off.

For reference, pic one is what I get when the page starts to load, pic two is what I get after it finishes loading and reverts to some restricted version, and pic three is a different video altogether, illustrating what my setup usually looks like when viewing YouTube pages. Fourth picture is what returns when attempting to download. This doesn't appear to be the usual 'limited state' result, either, so I'm wondering if this is some sort of undocumented treatment reserved for those like us. Mp4 is me.

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Scratch that, it's working properly now. Weird.

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Doing God's Work Lad. Well Done. 10/10

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I fixed the embedding. Weirdly it was turned off


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I'll be back with a webm sometime later. This one's going to be tricky to fit into the 16.5mb limit with decent quality.

thanks user


If anyone is interested in how this all looks in programm take a look at this

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Not gonna lie user, that was breddy gud, and you should feel gud about yourself for that one. You have some genuine talent, and should look into making some more vids with the same or similar slick style when you're up to it.


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good job OP very well made video

webm or gtfo

Got a few ideas. I'll take a few weeks off tho. That shit is exhausting

Can you list the titles of the music tracks used? I recognized several Hotline Miami tracks in there. What's the track where the beat drops at I want to say something by Nine Inch Nails but I can't put my finger on it.

I was wrong, this is good stuff.

>I want to say something by Nine Inch Nails but I can't put my finger on it.
Oh shit, wait a minute, it's that track from John Wick, isn't it?

Check the description m8. Yea John Wick and Hotline Miami are in there

Bump for incredible video
Upload to your own jewtube and media site channels

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Nice video!
I didn't know you could advertise content here. I also made a lengthy video (granted not a music video) about multi-racialism and thought about putting it here on this thread but was unsure.

Go ahead dude. If starting a thread just put it into a relevant political context.

op nor any anons itt know into ffmpeg?webm should be done automatically as matter of course.


No idea what you're talking about, sorry

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Great video OP, thanks for reminding me that I should bet against the Rand at some point.

Dude its a 13 minute video I'd like to WEBM it but such top tier OC doesn't deserve to get 15 FPS at 480p with a shit bit-rate. Having it embed is fine.

do it yourself faggot

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Can you post it in Spanish? My DACAryan wife from Bolivia really likes watching these videos with me.
I'll leave a link to just you anons since it doesn't deserve too much attention, it's just a memeing parable of addiction and white guilt to red pill actual normies; the Zig Forums frontpage doesn't need disturbing with a 2 month old video that I never shared. Good luck on the videos and thanks for sharing your channel. They're blended very well.
If you mean the syntax here's a good start to ffmpeg to encode WebMs, you may need to learn BASH to script on Linux which is what I'm guessing you mean by "automatically".
Nevermind, jesus user saves the day


Bookmarked. I'll give it a look tommorow

why the fuck should this user webm when op user could have and learned how was the point faggot,

that guide page brings back memories ,also yea a little commands in bash or even cmd if your that stupid or have no choice anyway easy as fuck to do and use to be done outright and can't get shoah'd

This is the best editing I've seen in a long time and it nails the topic so perfectly.
Don't let glowniggers scare you away, you have the power to change the world with videos of this caliber. Never doubt yourself.

Rainbow Nation will be a classic. Thank you.

I would webm myself, but I'm at work.
This is some fine work user.>>12344739


Gods work,

Bitchite like (((hooknosetube)))?

Thank you guys. Wanna do vids on achool massacares, post modernism, animal abuse and it's connection to the lost connection to community/yourselfy warmongering, mass migration, etc

If user's have any suggestion I'll note em down

Use the proper pc term: italien, bigot

Lay off the drugs and stop being a lazy bastard.
You look like a shill.

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Gaddafi and the zion wars would be brutal. NPCs still think was about muh oil.

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Ryan Dawson got taken off of Vimeo
throw him a couple shekels before he has to get a real day job

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You can post your content here if it's not gay, stay user and you can take the bantz. If you go full namefag there's no turning back.

What programs do you use OP?

Just gotta be carefull with the kike topics here in germany. Gonna outsource it if I make something along the lines. I build in a lot of dogwhistles anyway

Vegas Pro 16
Actually bought it the first time in 6 years
I'm too dumb for the more sophisticated ones like adobe tbh or I just don't want to get into it

Very well done. Thanks for this.

Use indirect method if you're in deep. For example, if history is fake and gay then the hololcoaster and the oppression Olympics falls apart.
If you really want to make the NPCs go insane, remind them that history is apart of the humanities and the handmaiden of ideology. If you make the masses doubt (((settled history))) and look at it critically, they'll find the right path in due time.

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Alrigut boys, getting it out there!

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Cool, this could be like 'With Open Gates' 2.0.

Put the logo at the end in because yi was inspired by it. What do you guys think of it anyway? Nice to look at?

This? I like it. I've always been partial to the old school Zig Forums logo.

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Doesn't look as nice as a still tho

i dont have adhd and a longer form fleshed out version would be preferable and easier to disseminate than a rekt feminist format.


Can anyone tell me how the quality on bitchute compares to the one on youtube? Videos on there for me always look low q

Make sure that you proxy out to upload your stuff, OP. If you travel at all or use a mobile hotspot with TAILS and other anonymizers and send anons your stuff, you can be safe from your kikel bolice there.

Also this. Lead the audience in the direction you want them to go. That's more important than a single statement or stand. It's about nudging them. It also doesn't make people very uncomfortable, as it's less invasive. It's great that you're using your talents to help. All help is appreciated.

Shit was chilling to watch. Didn't know that Zig Forums still had great anons like this.
It's been a long time since we've pulled a successful media campaign. You think we still have the numbers to push this video into the public? I could see this video resonating with most normies, although the video might be too long keep their attention spans the whole way. 5-10 minutes might be better for propaganda purposes.

Nice, I'll finish watching it.
It does kinda strike me as some sort of music video rather than a documentation about genocide, though.
Welp, I am no good measure for this, nice work!

Gotta grab attention somehow m8

his e begging is out of control the truth shouldn't have a price on it yet he bubbruhbubruh muh patreaon po box gibme your shekels so I can feed my mystery meat sperm worm with a poor unsuspecting jap girls hapa.
and mma wise your garbage same age I would beat you to sleep or choke you to death./ Wake up Ry its the joos its always been the joos.

Yeah, that's a fucking techno video, not a documentation of genocide, you actually managed to make me angry.
What the fuck are you even thinking? Focusing on the fucking few people that are actually going around training with guns?
Sorry, but I can't hide my contempt. I may not be able to create such a flick, but I am definetly able to see that it is completely useless in terms of bringing the message across.
Sorry for my reaction, but I can't see it any other way.

Feel free to promote it and spread it and most importantly make sure the message gets out, but it is much rather a fucking techno music video than a documentation about genocide to me.
I'll stick to showing a few cut clips out of Farmlands to people I want to inform about it with video.
And maybe descriptions of the brutality of the murders to go along with it to get women on board that can only think in terms of muh emotions and children.