So? Who? Whitey Bulgar just died

Who's Whitey Bulgar? He's a mob hitman whom Mueller, yes, that Mueller, protected. Innocent people sat in prison for years, because Mueller was protecting the fact that Whitey Bulgar was an informant.

And now Whitey Bulgar is dead.

The obvious conclusion is this: Mueller is a member of the mob.
(((newsmax))) interview of (((dershowitz)))
Whitey Bulgar killed in mob hit, this week. The (((FBI))) is "investigating" lololoooooool

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No fucking shit you blue pilled faggot what the fuck do you think the global economy is its a collusion among mafias and media / education / psychiatry / social movements / marketing / all other forms of psychic warfare are there to break down the individual until he submits to the will of the parasite. How we got here is obvious and there are countless write-ups and documentaries about this. Who maintains the prison is obvious too. There is not one thing an opposing force can do to hold these people accountable by working within the system. If you can't see the shield's certain people have through social engineering you are fucking blind. If you need some BREAKING WIKILEAKS RELEASE to understand what is happening you are a dumb fuck. These people set up something called a legal system which bypasses the justice system for example, and there will always be some new way to hide the truth in fake and gay world.

The solution is attacking the core, and this is done by cutting off the parasites forever. Christianity is controlled opposition but the Jewsus comic book character clearly stated "if you want to become closer to enlightenment give up all your shit " this has nothing to do with just sitting in a cave forever, it is instructions for dealing with this corrupted world. Countless people independently came to the conclusion that this world is corrupt to the core. This universe is infected by a virus. That's why you have more control over your dreams than your own shitty slave life here.

I can clearly remember where I was before here. Literally just infinite exploration and creation. I could still tap into it as a kid and then one by one everything was leeched off me . Hallucinogens allow you to immediately reconnect with the true world. Thats why child rapists get better treatment than people who sell lsd.

Freedom has nothing to do with united states politics. You arent forever enslaved by the faggot who happens to know calculus. None of this shit fucking matters and this doesn't end with glory and this elaborate revenge scheme, it just ends and things go back. Go rewatch Fight Club, the Matrix, Lord Of The Rings. The world in the end of those is what reality becomes when the parasites are destroyed. People forget about the endgame because we are bombarded with pointless propaganda 24/7. While we gossip about dumb fucking shit they use the entire processing power for their selfish shit. Don't see this as an endorsement of religion because those people are just larping and masking their shit, but the jews literally fucking worship Satan. At the core there is literally this evil cringey faggot who made up this bullshit so people worship him. Basically everyone on earth worships these pieces of paper this kike prints at will. Anyone will betray their most loyal friend the moment one of this fsgs pieces of paper come into play. If you have looked at any picture of Jared kushner and didnt come to this conclusion you are borderline mentally retarded

You're ranting about things that have nothing to do with this situation.

You are wrong
He ranted truth
There are no coincidences in the (( (world) )) do not forget it

It might have been copypasta. He made not one mention of Muller or Whitey Bulgar.


Damn, good post. Didn't expect this to come out of a Whitey Bulger thread but I'll take it. Capped for posterity user, thank you.

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It didn't. It's completely unrelated.

Bulger was near death anyway, so why bother killing him? Unless you're afraid he's going to spill the beans, that is. Mueller is in deep and is clearly guilty of a lot of the same shit he's investigating trump for, which is no coincidence. Hopefully there are still some patriots left at the bureau. There's clearly some dirt on sessions we don't know about, either that or they're threatening his family & friends, q-larp not withstanding.

It's whah you'd expect from an intelligent user too. Very clever. Decent pastabait


Keep this dumb shit off Zig Forums

< keep that off here, goyim!

There is nothing real about this. It's Alex Jones tier BS.

Whitey Burgar is dead. Killed in a mob hit, nigger. You denying this, kike nigger?

Again, take it back to Q-tard containment board

I found the kike:

< m-muh mueller
< c-can't call m-muh golem m-mueller n-names

sounds like semantics to me.

This. Whitey had already ratted out every mobster he knew, but he was still insisting he wasn't an FBI informant, even though the FBI admitted that he was. The only people left for Whitey to rat on was the FBI, so they're the ones who murdered him. Cui bono.

Whitey Bulgar. He ratted out every mobster he knew, did he? But tell me this:

its here … this is a whitey fag thread … so seems like legit

whitey was the king race traitor

A better explanation would be appreciated. Tell us more about Whitey Bulgar.

Hang yourself NOW. you Shill dumb fuck Kike FREAK

Great post user. Thing is for every person like you, there are thousands of npcs, for lack of better word, that are content with their daily lives. They've grown to accept that there's another major shooting right around the corner, politicians don't do shit, they'll become minoritys themselves so long as they have their netflix and videogames. We need a real leader to inspire and wake up the white race. I miss him.

Weird whitey gets whacked and the gay indian fuck head spams the board. Weird.

pics of hot white girls first

most black pilled comment I’ve read today. thanks user.

growing up in whitey’s neighborhood was a pretty interesting time as a kid. clean streets, petty crime like theft wasn’t an issue, but man if you got caught breaking into someone’s place… some broke knee caps for sure…

just watch The Departed. not really a biopic, but a good breakdown of how the feds run the mob and characters like Whitey.

funfact is that it was RICO laws that allowed the gov to take over the mob. Rico is unconstitutional as fuck when you look into it.They can use that shit to prosecute any 'men's club' at any time and will probably use it on WNs soon enough.

fuck him he was a mick snitch that got power by snitching,hope it was ugly and bloody but given his ag4 proly just choked out

now tie it into some jew rats running for cover thats a happening otherwise that rat pos don't even deserve a catholic burial

FBI = jewish
Mob = jewish
All jewish syndicates work together. Why do you think these people don't get arrested despite everyone knowing who the mob bosses are? "They don't have enough evidence!!! The FBI needs millions of dollars for their 20 year investigation where FBI agents hang out with the mob and work for them for 20 years and then catch and release a couple mob members." The FBI is just cover for kikes receiving welfare checks from the government. The FBI is about the most jewish alphabet soup agency in the country. Ron Paul would have abolished the FBI.

Now type that down again, while sober.

that's a bit simplistic. the 'mob' is a collection of all organized crime groups from bikies to tweakers to goombahs to micks to pump and dump wall street scams. calling it jewish sounds nutty
>Why do you think these people don't get arrested despite everyone knowing who the mob bosses are?
Some do, and some are informants for the feds. It's also fukin hard to convict a boss, because there are layers between him and the guy who does the killing/stealing etc. Most higher ups don't even commit crimes, but act as supreme courts, making judgements, and collecting kick-ups from lower crims.
Would he? But then OC groups would be more rampant.

Didn't Trump work with the Mob a lot too?

No thanks kike. White people need high IQ gangsters like our Founding Fathers (some of who were only in their early 20s) to correct this shit. Not cowards like you or larping satanist like RAM and siege. But business men.

There is no infinite and you're crazy. Keep counting kid.


Even a bigger loser than above

Two fucking massive losers wew

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Could this be some leftist sleeper cell activation thing?

Or some sort of message?

"Kill WHITEy"

I will be honest, I haven't researched much about this mob guy's death, but it happened in WV right? 1st day he was relocated to a new prison. Most likely a mob hit. The guy may have just truly hated rats and is of no consequence other than an old mafioso was, from what I did read, brutally murdered.

Not much happens in WV. Mostly overdoses on black tar heroin and oxy and shit like that. Occassionally some inbred will piss in the kitchen sink of a pizza hut, or a sherriff gets btfo on his lunch break outside a courthouse (cop may have been a kiddy diddler) and make national headlines. Its mostly an afterthought or butt of a joke to the rest of America.

Hopefully unrelated, but the President will be attending a rally in WV today (((12hrs)))at the airport near where the Marshall football team plane crash happened. (((HTS)))

Its 0400 and I'm shitposting on 8ch. I'm obviously concerned. I'm not looking to get hassled by the ABCfags, i'm not going anywhere near that rally, I dont know anyone who is, I'm not in WV, nor do I want to go there tomorrow. I dont trust large crowds of people anymore. It's just a shitty place really.

Tiny fucking airport (honest to God, I dont see how AF1 could land or take off from there, but I dont know shit about af1's capabilities though, it just looks big, so), on a hilltop overlooking an oil refinery, with other, taller hills around. As a defensible position, its shit. 1 main road in and out of there, but interstate, rail, and river access closeby, not to mention a motherfucking forest practically surrounding it. I would hope the abcfags have some REAL bad asses out there innawoods looking for antifa or whoever it would be up to doing some stupid shit in this political climate. If it's not an inside job.

Sorry if I've derailed, or any other number of perceived slights against the board. I post with good intentions, and with peace, not to subvert or anything. If I did, i didn't mean to be an asshole. I mean no one harm, unless they mean harm to me.
I am a proud supporter of the 1st and 2nd, of America.

Full disclosure-
I smoked some pot tonight, go ahead and judge me you fuck. I was walking (bad idea) the dog after getting a needle jammed balls deep
into my knee earlier today and that walking shit hurts. Thus, paranoid rant.

I'm basically retarded, and new. I hope I wasnt being a faggot.

I thought if I post here, well, anyone could see why sending that to the abcfags over twitter or facebook would be problematic. Im sure it gets looked at, and I hope for anonymity (but i mean really, i know better. Those fuckstains probably know my blood type already and I haven't even sent the damn message yet)

Not a threat, just concerns from a goofy pothead or something.