Trump posted a video on Facebook that's in Spanish

Trump posted a video on Facebook that's in Spanish.
Gonna try to download it and post it in the comments…

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It's almost downloaded.
My internet is slow
I'm gonna upload it in a min

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Here it is

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Totally lost my vote, am I right fellow NatSocs?

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Totally baste my pede.
Trump plans to sign executive order curbing birthright citizenship: report

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pretty bad spanish but A for effort

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MAGApede or DACApede, I learned there is a difference

What an orange cuck

Trump is basically just a dem who panders to niggers and spics.
Why is this hard to comprehend. He was a dem his whole life.

Zig Forums from 2015-2016 essentially got sucked into groupthink and forgot to stay clear-headed. whites have to save themselves. There will be no hitler in this country

I hope there is a hwyte priviledge exemption for hwyte people like this kid.

So he's just a dem?

What did you honestly expect out of a kike from Jew York City?

Trump is no kike, kike.

I watched that for longer than I should have.

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so? I like the comment section, it has literal shills.


Thank you user…

I'm saving it myself as well, nice vid btw

why are you double posting?

Hace Los Estados Unidos Grande Bueno Otra Vez, cabrones

Cant white people get a mention from republicans like, at all or ever?


While I'm here, a daily reminder of how these vermin are masking the state of modern America.

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That's pretty good. We need all the help we can get to get rid of (((Dems))) and make sure GoP stays in power.

Yes, lets get rid of dems by bending over and taking it up the ass for minorities while never defending white people. That'll sure show em!

Which white people?

And just like that the kike reveals himself

holy shit, they are the backup of our race

How exactly?

We have to forget racial allegiance for now. There are more important fights ahead. If Democrats win, we're fucked no matter what.

Yeah, sure thing there

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hello FBI

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You expect us all to understand Spanish?
You have to understand that there is intelligent life outside USA borders even if you didn't learn history beyond 1492.

I have a fear that the "restriction" will be that only kids born from 1 citizen + 1 spic/nigger will be considered citizen with which the average normie will have no problem.
Thus the executive order forces (((integration))) by racemixing.
I hope this will not be the case but I am pessimistic.

His father and grandfather are German Jews who helped support Jewish communities in Europe and the US, Trump is in bed with New York Jews, he has attended more Jewish religious ceremonies than any other president, his first wife was a Jew, his current wife is "Catholic" but consults with rabbis on a regular basis, his largest business partners are Israeli, he's a Zionist, and his children are practicing Jews.

He's a kike.


look at this shill and lagh

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user… spics arent any whiter than jews

hello reddit


shit post. all you can do is quote what they said back at them or post kys/this like a redditor

Wow boys, maybe now he'll get eleven instead of ten percent of the spic hoardes to vote for him! Well worth throwing whitey that votes for him 85-80+ percent under the bus for that important gain! I think he should court more based black niggers that way he can get ALL THE WAY UP TO THREE PERCENT SUPPORT from the negroes! Could you imagine it! Maybe twenty thousand nigs will vote for him instead of nineteen fifty. The progress being made would be legendary!


Yes, actually.

Don’t care.

Nice, we need to make songs with Aryan rhythms like this to reach the Aryan youth.