Was Michael Jackson the black/white Mel Gibson?

Was Michael Jackson the black/white Mel Gibson?

The dude makes a song about (((them))), denouncing them, which gets censored for added effect. "Jew me, sue me, everybody do me. Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me." youtube.com/watch?v=bnMAh-0wmhg

The man deals with pedophilia allegations ever since he pissed off them by refusing to push the agenda after Thriller. In a leaked phone call he also called the Jews leeches who conspired to leave him penniless. He spent half his life running from them, after multiple assassination attempts, even going so far as to shelter abused children at Neverland, which they used as ammo to plant evidence against him. I don't know for certain, but I'm beginning to feel he was assassinated by them. Thoughts?

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Michael Jackson was the black Michael Jackson. Pretty Jew wise, probably killed him for it via that doctor. Typical tricks.

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MJ was woke to the jews, anyone have the "fuck sony" webm? In part it goes to explain it.
Jews started the mj is a pedo shit to ruin him so he would have to sell the rigjts to the beatles songs for a pittance.

Is this rabbi better looking than Rev. Al Shapton?

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MJ was sexually molested and castrated as a child, the kikes and his family abused him his entire life and his doctor murdered him.

Its a shame he didn't live to see trump as president.

He only sais something because they fucked him over. If they didnt stab him in the back, he would have kept his mouth shut I'm sure.

You know, I worked with non-American Blacks.
That means, they were NOT raised to be niggers.
I liked them…they liked me….when they got into a bar fight, anywhere in the goddam world, I threw in with them. I didn't give a damn about the fight, I threw in with my shipmates.

It isn't the race that is the enemy…it is the crap they are being brainwashed with.
The ZOG is the ultimate enemy, that must be destroyed…but those that are bribed must die, too.

Don't hate the race. Hate how they are being used.
Hate the users…they brainwashed us for ages, you can't have forgotten that…

Let them into White countries?…no. That is the genocide, and anyone complicit is taking their lives into their hands, by historical precedent…

…but They do not deserve the hate of those blessed by bright skin…They are beong fucked with, just as our own is.

Stay safe out there, Zig Forums

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He told the truth, at the end.
This vindicates him, in my book.
And his music was top-notch.

I will not see Michael Jackson as a ":nigger."
He was not.

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What the ZOG did to the black man, is what it is doing to the white man at this moment. "Niggerization" and "golemization" are the same thing. (btw, everyone here needs to stop calling themselves "goya/goyim/goys", thats just another word for golem). But yeah, MJ wore a red arm band for a reason.

Whites and blacks can not live together…
But whites can support black countries, and be allied with them,.
But most of the mind-fucking being used against whites, and…in many cases…is being carried out by blacks…is Jewish.
That cannot be ignored.

Blacks, I do NOT see you as equals
Blacks, I do NOT approve of mixing with you.

But, if you can see what has been laid before you as the truth, and ignore the Jew crap…

…then you will win.

And you non-whites that think white countries becoming non-white will help you…why are you here in white countries, in the first place?

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He collected Nazi memorabilia too. No doubt the kikes killed him.

frpm what I have learned as many others have about jew spin and bring ppl out of thin air to claim baseless shit for the name drain alone whether it was true or not they find patsies to come forward and lie so I think he was a nigger that really wanted to be white and understood we are better than him then got abused by the rat kike and had to come to the realization that jews aren't white and started expressing his disdain for the kikes then all this pedo came up after his songs naming them however not saying he wasn't a pedo but will say kikes put him in that position for control over him and he bucked.So was he a pedo proly however the kikes where instrumental in it if he was so they could blackmail his voice to billions of ppl to spew jew puke and he took the a different route tolde them to fuck off then the pedo allegations started flowing from kikes

had some iconic music but all and all for me he was a nigger fuck him and his whole race along with the jews he used to get successful.Whites are above that shit and they know it.We build shit and take care of our familes and like people that are white.

Jackson WAS assassinated, in exactly the same way John Lennon (Beatles) was.

Both artists were getting uppity about the jewish drug/crimelords who instigate mass war, starvation, debt, illicit drug epidemics and all the other mass psyops done to fleece innocent civilians.

John Lennon was influencing too many, too quickly against 'the -jewish- war and debt scam'.
Michael Jackson was glorifying the rights of human beings to revolt against the jew.

Both were killed off before the seed grew. Any other talented singer in the same boat will end up facing the death squad.
mossad, jews and other assorted psychopaths have too much to lose if people all wake up from the blue pill.
So expect a lot more killing of your favorite singers when they get blue pilled and chatty.

Who knows WHAT their next album or song could have been? Once you go red pill, you can't go back.

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* red pilled and chatty

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Lots of artists get screwed over by jews and don't speak out.

False. There are still strong genetic differences between the races, and that does determine behavior to some extent. That said, that's an average, an individual can lie anywhere in a bell curve for a particular attribute. And not being brainwashed to hate whitey helps too.


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You'll see it pop up a lot with black musicians who have been in the industry a long time since all of their producers are jewish. They hate their kike owners but love them at the same time since they wouldn't be in the industry without them.


Video isn't bad but holy fuck why is this dude so angry?


Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a people to be subjugated.

In his systemic efforts to ruin girls and women, he strives to break down the last barriers of racial discrimination.

The Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate, and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.

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Was Gibson a pedo too?

mike gibson honorary aryan

The dude was so redpilled he became white.


The only thing more pathetic than shills themselves is people who think every topic they don't like is a shill thread.

Please come and bitch about my thread being a slide thread when you actually do something noteworthy in another.

Jacko had a lot of accumulated assets that should not be in gentile hands, Beatles rights were tip of iceberg. There was one possible way to relinquish.

he was assassinated by them
also, being a celebrity from his childhood, he was probably MKultraed to some extent too
what makes me think that he wasn't flat-out possessed at all times is that he called out the kikes

Michael Jackson | The jewish Problem

He's playing a character called 'The Rageaholic".

Sony bought MJ's shares in Sony Music recently and then released the music video'Behind The Mask' to rub it in people's faces.

who knows

he could have just been a pedophile that faked his death, it's as likely as everything else. It's like Charlie Sheen, he questioned what really happaned on 911… but then apparently he's also a drug taking weirdo eating poo, or maybe they made him that way after he questioned 911. Who knows, chicken or the egg.

Annie are you okay are you okay Annie?
You been hit by you been hit by Jew criminal
Micheal Jackson moonwalked was redpill as fuck. It was a pizzagate movie long before pizzagate was a thing. Video related.


What have the kikes done to you?

after learning of this (after his father died no less) I was truly sad for him, he most definitely was a victim from his early years RIP

What the fuck are you sperging about you dumb niggercunt?

This is pretty old news, but not worthless.

"When you don't want the GOYIM to know about something, bump up a useless thread about celebrities. Make a comment that adds nothing to the discussion and just acknowledges that a discussion is happening so you can switch ips and do the same in another thread. " - Sun Tzu, The Art Of Glow In The Dark Shilling