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Seriously though, how long do you guys think before shit starts falling apart? I mean, mass poverty, war, revolts, and crime on a large scale?
I'm kinda tired of this gay Earth, and I want to know if there's any possibility of me being able to witness its denizens completely fuck it up despite all of the resources and knowledge we have.

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Another 10 years or so before we really move away from first world status. Most of us will live to see the involutionary process go rather far. Where we stop is anyone's guess. We could just devolve into some 60 IQ Brazil-style country.

0. Most likely the majority of Humanity will be quietly herded back into their pens while everyone here who sparked awake gets suicided or is ostracized for their entire life by the NPC script. The majority of people were slaves for the majority of history and they will be again.

it already is

I guess not where I live. I'm talking about IRL stuff though, things that will effect how you and I live.

I don't want to swallow that pill, but if that is the case, I hope humanity goes extinct.

I could see 10 years as a reasonable estimate. I'm really hoping that it gets so fucking bad that after the weak and stupid die, due to their governments failing to support their autistic life-styles, that the new way of things red-pills those left, and that either everyone wakes up, or that the red-pilled forcefully take positions of power so that we can not devolve any further.

It happened years ago and no one really noticed. Real life isn't like a movie, it's enduring with brief moments of terror or revelation.

It's right on your doorstep if you're in the US. This particular caravan is not only getting special coverage, it's getting huge; overwhelmingly huge.
And when they storm Texas, everything in Texas moves North. Whites taking White flight, the illegals that have been here, Black gangs, and Latino gangs. Where you guys get this "10-years" crap is abstract

Whenever the FED decides to crash everything. So I'd say after several failed FBI/CIA Trump assassinations. A max of five failures and they'll nuke our finances. Our entire financial system is a fucking pyramid scheme controlled by the jews, so they can pull the rug out whenever.

I don't know what's keeping them though, and I wish I did. It would be ncie to come out of the crash jew rich so I can fuck shit up and be a warlord.

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Shit is currently falling apart lad.
There's not going to be one day where it goes from "normal" to SHTFGTKRWN over night.
The kikes have us on a slow boil. It's unlikely that any single event will kick off the DOTR.
We just have to kick the milk until it turns into butter. Or something. I forget how the proverb goes.

Checking these black-pill dubs of pure anger and rage

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Would be nice if Trump just named the Jew after assassination attempt #3 or so

Stop swallowing the lies spread here. Life is beautiful and the future is bright.
You just need to drop racialist thought. It isn't natural or moral, and it leads to misery .

He did real estate in New York. There is no way he doesn't know. No possible way.

He mentions his friends, kids, and grandkids often though.

It is natural you kike. Only whites are not allowed to see through a racial lens because of muh raycist programming.

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Id say total societal breakdown is 5-10 years away OP
Current market downturn wont be it. They love the game too much to go full retard just yet. And with current set backs accross the board ie putin/syria trump/imigration and what not it wont happen this year.
Prediciting is too delicate a game, my mother comes at me with dates every second week. But to look at the grand scheme of wide spread decadence and the general uselessness of the NPC, it wont be far off.
My plan;
Stockpile weapons and ammo until such time arrives.
Stockpile and cycle as much tinned food as possible.
Purchase more heirloom non gmo non hybrid seeds as possible and freeze them.
Purchase and stockpile as mich physical gold and silver as I can.
Reason being, I just dont see the level of consumption and stupidity running much longer, I get that this game has been played for the better oart of the last century but greater civilizations have failed and why not prepare for the worst.
Once shit hits the fan I intend to hunker down for the first month or so.
Once the majority devour each other I then wont to move out of town and set up shop near water and live the rest of my life of the land.
In preperation for this I have been practicing gardening for the last five years. And have made moves on sorting out all of this. I have a 3000 litre water tank and most of the physical metals, i have most of the rifles I want and ammo to last a while.
Just need to sort out the food and water situation properly. I dont want to run the gamble of running to my water tank for water if shits going down outside. Maybe some kind of water tank inside.
Sorry for blog post too but thread deserved it.

Dropping it means death.
I will take misery over death.

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I don't think the US will see another Presidential election. The coming mid-terms are a referendum on Trump. If the dems lose, which I think is likely, then reality is going to hit hard for them; that it wasn't just a fluke, and that the nation really has shown them the cold shoulder. Expect a tremendous escalation in violence afterward.

so vote straight republican on november 6 is what you sayin?

The dying out of a race, or certain traits (e.g. blond hair) is not your death. It is not the death of an individual.
It is simply a gene that no longer exists. You shouldn't care about something so trivial.


Tejas is Mexican clay and no one over 85iq hasn't noticed yet. If you're still in Texas, you are a turbo mutt or an idiot.

It never was nigger. And you'll feed the trees when Whitey comes gunning.

Fuck off kike.


catch aids, zio nigger

That's for you to decide.

I heard ya there.

If it's as bad as you're saying, my one request for Zig Forums, is that you witness me.

Yeah, you have a point, one that I was scared of.

I'm not trying to spur on D&C, but rather, here is my opinion
I liked Trump in 2016, I really thought he was ourguy. His timing was nice too, we who were in the oil industry were still recovering from the crash, and we were pissed. In fact, it was when I first started getting redpilled. I saw my first sjws, I saw the ghettos, I saw degeneracy. Then, all of the sudden, there's this guy Trump, who seems to be trying to save the day, and we thought it was great. Then, 2 years later, not a lot has changed. There's still a propaganda machine, there's still a systematic effort to exterminate the virtues that make great nations, and the people are still asleep. I have come to realise that the democrats and republicans are the same shit from different assholes, same going for the typical right wing and left wing person. As far as I'm concerned, Trump is in place to keep the people pacified, fat in their pride and lazy in their actions.
Sorry for the blogpost.

Life CAN be beautiful. It doesn't change the fact that the Lion eats the Giselle, that maggots eat the dead, or that there is in fact a natural hierarchy. Some cultures are better than others, and some cultures are in denial.

Good advice, the only way my plan is different is that I plan to seek out like-minded individuals.

I can believe that. I can't wait for antifa to go full spaz and get their shit btfo every time they try to go militant.


Over my dead body you spice nigger

pic unrelated, I like kshit

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Actually very true user, I only have my parents and two like minded friends. One of said friends knows a few other people and wants to do a night at the local pub to have a beer and mull things over. And I am very inclined as one cannot simply survive on their own. I am very lucky and my long term girlfriend is somewhat on the level but I cannot expect her to know what I do or be ready as I am so I make plans for 2.
At the end of the day and for what its worth goodluck man, its gonna be hard, its gonna hurt, but goddamn itll be a shit load better than this life we have been forced to live.

No White man enjoys thinking these kinds of thoughts; but if it's us or them kpol, it is time for Whitey to do gods work

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Critics say the US military is operating biological warfare labs in the Republic of Georgia and up to ten other places. One big family of viruses they nurture for weapons' purposes causes Hemorrhagic Fevers.

"Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are a group of illnesses caused by four families of viruses. These include the Ebola and Marburg, Lassa fever, and yellow fever viruses. VHFs… affect many organs, they damage the blood vessels, and they affect the body's ability to regulate itself. (They) cause severe disease and death."

So think Julian Assange, Private Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden.

Odds ain't bad that the next insider to turn against ZOG and release samples of what's going on behind closed doors will release something biological rather than digital.

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When did I ever say that it was the death of an individual? Genocide kills off each individual of the race… so actually it is my death.
I will take the misery of fighting and struggling to survive over giving up and dying a traitor to my people.

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Good user, you seem to have the right mindset. I see a lot of "call to action" threads, trying to incite the revolutions now. I also see those who suffer from acute cases of blackpilling, saying we'll never do anything, that we'll just lay down and die. These types of posters are a symptom of a society that doesn't actually interact IRL. Their only contact with the outside world is through their PC, a medium controlled by the very ones they wish to overthrow, therefore everyone is going to be called a shill, slowly spreading the blackpill in the process. Revolutions don't begin on the internet, Zig Forums. They happen in your living room. They begin at the family gathering, they begin when you speak to another disgruntled stranger at a bar. They begin when the silenced members of society leave their hugboxes and let it be known that they are done with the way of things.
Sorry that kinda went off topic, I was trying to emphasise the importance of having IRL friends and family.


That's a spooky prediction.

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No reason to apologize. You make a very good point.

Starting local clubs for men is incredibly important. Shooting, hiking, car building, woodworking, local GOP clubs to a point, nature photography clubs, 4x4 offroading, dirtbiking, and much much more are all great activities that attract non-NPC types. Being an upstanding Evolian man will quickly attract friends in these places. The old timers will take you under their wing due to paternal instinct/them actually liking you. You will make lifelong friends and when the time comes you'll know who you can count on.

White's aren't being killed at a rate that will genocide them you delusional buffoon.
The per capita white death rate is the lowest in history.

Not off topic man if anything the most crucial and underrated aspect often overlooked.
Nothing in life is easy, fuck growing vegetables is the hardest thing let alone trying to grow the fuckers year round is impossible to juggle along with this lifestyle of 9-5 mon/fri work.
If anything a tight knit community of like minded driven people is all that will come through the other side here. Its what they put so much effort into stopping. Thats why the truth movement got so heavily shanghaied years ago with so many divisive theories like mandela/flat earth/moon men/reptillians/illuminati/freemasons/ etc. etc.
It was to muddy our waters so we coupdnt just come together on what common ground we had at the start which was-
Cunts fucked
All governments are not in our best interests
And that society doesnt last forever.
But we all got divided up along the way and so very few made it to this end of the equation. Find the like minded friends in your locale, meet often. Have a plan. And hope you dont have to enact it but know it wont be long.
Im aussie anyway I think you said you were texan? Sad cause Id put you on the bug out list!

Every being on Earth practices racialist thought you buffoon. It's the natural order of the world. Families and societies are happier when they know they can implicitly trust those close to them. You are a buffoon and you are wasting your time. He already came to us seeking knowledge. His third eye is open. He will see the truth and he will not be dissuaded from it.

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And not to mention the grounds that jews did most of this, its the most important bit but can be hardest communicated to anyone not on the level.

Things will never fall apart. Not the way you think. Things haven't even really fallen apart like that in current year Venezuela of all places. The world goes on as normal, people just go from eating four times a day to once a day.

In the long run ecological collapse will probably trigger "the big one". But the collapse won't be rooted in mere economics. Expect big stuff to start popping off around 2030.

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I always figured it would be disease in China that does it. Large global hub shut down due to a rampant illness. Global financial confidence eroded, "just in time" logistics ruined, etc. Either that or cyber attack on the U.S. power grid coinciding with some other natural disaster. (Mt. Rainier eruption for example)

Thanks user. I have a gf, a family, and I have a dream of being a part of something greater. My dreams are being hindered though. If you go to college, you will get a useless degree, at the expense of thousands of dollars and time you'll never get back. If you don't go to college, you will barely scrape by, you will work from 11 til 3AM 5 days of the week, and your fridge will still be nearing empty. Have fun finding a trade school, they're going extinct. I am a firm believer that a nation should be as strong and as intelligent as it's people, and if a nation's government truly has the intention of creating a culture that emphasises intelligence, it should make it more affordable, if not free. Think about it, we have the motherfucking internet, where knowledge is fucking free, yet, they think it is more appropriate to cram your head full of useless knowledge in the form of college it's almost like they're intentionally dumbing down the public (^:
They make life and its necessities un-affordable, resulting in the wage-slave cycle. While you work to survive, they scheme, they count your dollars, and they run your world. There is no more time for critical thinking, the average joe is thinking about how he is going to feed their kids. In the great age of information, it is only through our nation's neglect that the people remain stupid and poor. They endorse (((college))), ignore trades, and shit on the workers who make their world go round. Sorry for the excessive blogpost. It makes me so angry sometimes that I can't sleep at night.
tl;dr, They're fucking the avg joe, it should be the gubmits duty to provide an affordable means of education, and it makes me reeeee

clubs, clans, groups of any kind are of the utmost importance. I would love it if they un-kiked the boyscouts

Likewise, aussibro.
Think about it in a positive light though. Though they're never going to stop trying to destroy us, all it means is that we'll just keep growing more resilient!

Why 2030?

We don't like gooks here.

i wish Zig Forums was more Zig Forums friendly, every time i post the truth that even commie chinks know, "political power comes from the barrel of a gun" or post about how a certain tribe 95% of the time wants to remove goyim weapon ownership, autistic npc's screech about Zig Forums

It really depends where and how you post it. The main issue is that Zig Forums tends to be more vocal on Zig Forums.

I think it will be 2025 for the sheer Kali Yuga meme. The timing seems about right to me too. Two more presidential terms of executive overreach and then the attempt to transition power to the new administration. AI spooling up and being disseminated. Class divide becoming even larger. Investments moving out of the USA as it crumbles. Kind of a Neuromancer-esque set up where there are island havens and oceans of tumult.

It's been my experience that Zig Forums is the "football" of Zig Forums. People do not want to be bothered by politics when talking about the hobbyist aspect of firearms. It's why they screech equally to modern NatSoc as they do to stupid fucking Israeli shills who take them for another boomer firearm forum obsessed with Israel. Also of course trying to paint firearms as a "worker's hobby" or even more hilariously a "leftist hobby" when the board is 49% Nazi and 49% REMOVE tier with the final 2% being shills.

People make a dollar a day and never fight back. It doesn't matter how much more american slaves have to work, they will do whatever they have to so they can watch The Voice. They have this calculated down to the penny. The word economics is a name for the way resources are distributed among slaves.

No matter what happens blue pilled faggots will never fight back. They are so fucking stupid they will get laid off and have their house foreclosed on, then they will become a limo driver for the bankers and take a bullet for them.

There is never going to be any chaos of that sort unless the opposing force forces it.

beautifully put

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Biological warfare or terrorism is a bomb waiting to happen. Everyone stocks up on guns, but how many of those people also have cleansuits and respirators?



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2030 is around the time you can start to expect most coastal cities to start having to deal with serious flooding on a regular basis, along with potential crop failures inland due to climate change. Plus peak oil.

The 21st century will make the 20th century look like a walk in the park thanks to climate change alone.

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Nice clueless Autism. You worthless Low Energy GOOK. Good thing you have virtually Zero grasp of what you're trying to say at all. You're too busy being a low T depressed Cob to understand the cycle of anything. Try again Kike

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based anti-blackpilled poster

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Don't forget a super refugee crisis from every shithole on Earth. "Climate Refugees" will pour across the world in search of gibs. Read Starfish by Peter Watts for a depiction of how it would be handled.

Yep. This is why any random "shithole" town in the Midwest is so attractive now. Grab up the cheap land out there while you still can. Things will get absolutely barbaric when the entirety of Asia starts to migrate just to have food in their stomachs. Things will probably even go nuclear.

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We can hope so

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Maybe 79 series Land Cruisers will stop being so expensive when Japan takes over all of Manchuria again.

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You took the bait.

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People have revolted before, I don't see why it couldn't happen again.

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I'm not saying it's manmade but the Earth is going through a cycle that will facilitate crop failures in all the "developing nations". Without unlimited gibs and western agro advisors China, India, all of Southern Africa and lots of South America will starve. Then the naturally occurring, yearly natural disasters will be painted as "CLIMATE EVENTS" and used as a reason to open the borders.

I'm still not sold on the "climate change refugees" thing. The words already out that you can go to any European country and get free gibs and commit any crime you want without punishment, yet it's still not as bad as it could be. I'm not sure what even would happen that would suddenly make migrant numbers jump even more than they have.

That's one good thing though, migrants will be drawn to mega cities. Staying in bumfuck nowhere protects you from almost all global events.

It's just marketing. But it'll be the "big thing" of the mid to late 2020s when the "refugee crisis in Syria" is untenable to due to a lack of war.

Crop failures are pretty much a thing of the past. We can probably genetically engineer mutant super corn to grow on the moon soon.

Also the US basically feeds most of Africa already. I don't have the stat on me, but I think like 3/4 of African's diets is excess corn and soybean meal from the Midwest.

The coming calamities of the 21st century rooted in climate change and ecological collapse will make the Syrian + African refugee crisis look like a regular day at the border, all "refugees" thus far have been mostly opportunistic economic migrants looking for gibs from the western european welfare states, I assure you the massive hordes of humanity that will start to go mobile in 2030 out pure necessity will be absolutely real and it will happen and I urge everyone reading this to prepare in the long term for this, things will get very ugly regardless of what your personal politics regarding climate change and green politics are.

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Read and heed. Crowd control on the millions scale will cease to be called "ethnic cleansing" when it's standard practice on the border.

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the world will probably go to war with China due to their overfishing of the oceans alone
plus all of the micro plastic and mercury in the water
plus soil erosion even in established agro economies like the us
don't even get into the general ecological problems from industrial waste and the like

i really wish the right wing was more redpilled about global warming and ecological issues there is no reason for far leftists and run of the mill shitlibs to have a monopoly on it

personally I think everything will go to shit before 2025 just from peak oil by itself, no more cheap oil and the world starves and this includes established agro economies like the Midwestern us too, nowhere is safe

I don't buy the "peak oil" thing. I have friends in commercial geology who are re-surveying old oil fields and they're actually starting to refill. Supposedly they're working on a theory that says petrochemicals are long chain hydrocarbons formed in the Earth's mantle rather then decayed and pressurized ancient swamps in the crust.

Other than the open warfare, we're already there.

ive heard Russians were pushing that theory for a long while too, I can't say I've read too much about it but it is good news if it is true, starvation is not right around the corner but the ecological problems will remain

But I want open warfare now user

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America needs to hit a period of hyper inflation, or great depression style economic collapse. That or it needs to lose a war. Then the solution to the Weimar conditions will be demanded by the people.

user's intuitions on the next 10 years, mostly baseless and formed on a life of light reading:

Western Europe:


Eastern Europe:



The final act is some sort of showdown between America and Russia, fuelled by Jewish deviance. Maybe the kikes false flag America somehow and Trump chimps out.
I pulled all of this out of my arse but I guess it seems likely.

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It makes the whole race-war concept feel fucking real. When do you think it'll kick off?

It'll just exacerbate them in actuality.



The "real" right wing is redpilled as fuck on ecology issues. Most of us see the raping of the earth for what it is, expansion and endless unsustainable growth fueled by greed and unrestrained birthrates by non-whites.

Global warming is a different issue as we have little idea how much is natural and how much is man-made, and any of the globalist kike suggestions to "fix" climate change are really just methods to import more immigrants into non-white countries and make themselves more money.

The way I see it if we do have an impact on climate change, the best thing to do is simply cut pollution and fossil fuel buring as a whole, instead of focusing on hairbrained schemes like releasing artificial gasses into the atmosphere or telling white people to cut down on energy usage instead of unregulated third world countries. But us Whites can still do our part by not buying shit produced by dirty industries in China and South America, and voting to make nuclear plants.

Chapter 1: Why Ethnic Cleansing?

Or you could not be a faggot and waste dubs.

Could be tomorrow, could be eighteen more months. Trying to timing such things is a fools errand. The point is to be prepared BEFORE it kicks off. So have your ammo and list of jew addresses ready to go :)

you just described the current state of the world

If this shit happens, I'm fucked.

Nor should you as they've been talking about it for, forty years now. It all originated with one cunt.

It's true about the old fields as it's pushed up from the mantle but it's not commercially feasible in human life time. People that believe you can go a hundred miles off the coast, drill 10k+ deep hole and the oil you get is from dead dinosaurs and rotting plants are retarded cunts. The world uses roughly 100m barrels a day.

Russia and China will dp America and neocons type cunts will allow it to happen which is how we'll get a, 'new world order'.

If you believe in coastal flooding, I have a bridge to sell you. That's total jew bullshit.

It's said that people are nine missed meals away from becoming revolutionaires. The shit in Egypt a couple of years ago started, not how CNN said, but because the price of government subsidised bread went from a US nickely to twenty five cents. That meant people went hungry. When Tryone can't get a big mac, the chimp out will be apocalyptic.

I found the jew.

[hava nagila in the distance]

Shut the fuck up, kike.

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US would fragment
China with its lack of ethics and morals would experiment on their people using the real Aryan DNA they found

Not for a while. A good economy is the only thing keeping the world from waking up and genociding every last heeb.

hide and report.

Not really. No civilisation lasts forever. If we run out of fuel, oil, antibiotics, potassium for fertiliser, topsoil for crops, any of that, then it will collapse.
The planet is not meant to sustain 7.5billion, it will collapse eventually.

Ayy, did someone think a few dead kikes changed something?

I am routinely haunted at Halloween. A big wet. The woman can deal. Can you?

Wise user.

You can easily survive for a month on 100L of water drinking 2 litres a day and cooking with one. That's only 20 5L bottles.

It's already falling apart and will fall apart more.

Yeah dude, the miracle of life on Earth is so trivial ha ha

Like yeah there's huge NGOs dedicated to saving specific coloured birds in the jungle but when it comes to human genes adapted to different continents they're just so trivial LMAO


Except that we whites are able to produce synthetic products like oil using the Bergius process pioneered for mass production by the Reich in 1930, that meets all our demands instead of the semitic fossil fuel scam. We could 100% rely on it.

NS Germany's synthetic and bio diesel fuel jet fuel oil has been trashed since the wrong side won ww2 for semitic reasons where oil industries are now making a fortune off of a completely fake manufactured sense of "limited resources".

Humanity could be so noble and free of a lack of resources/energy/food/clean water if only the good guys won the war.

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The way I see it is that although Republicans are Zionist neocons, for the most part they fuck up other countries rather than your own, so they are preferable to Democrats.
One should never expect politicians to solve society's problems, but you should at least vote for politicians who give you the tools to sort them out yourself, like gun ownership policies. The fact that Republicans support gun laws and the 2nd amendment is always good.

The way I see it, although the Republic.

Civil War, mass balkanization of the U.S./civil insurrection in 3-5 years. All of us feel it.