It's become clear that there will be no progress in taking back the US from liberal, jewish...

It's become clear that there will be no progress in taking back the US from liberal, jewish, and other foreign influences, nor reversing the damage of multiculturalism by the means we have done thus far. No matter how much we try to redpill the populace, spread information that has been censored or omitted from news stories about the political corruption in our western nations, try to engage in public discourse about hatred against whites and the hypocrisy and false narratives of the liberal leftists, vote for representatives of our interests, or use any other method proposed within our communities, they will continue to send us backsliding for one important reason. That reason is twofold – money and attention.

1. We need to utilize our skills in data mining to ferret out and list all consumer goods and services that fund companies with leftist agendas, ideals, and connections to corrupt organizations and make a collective effort to stop giving them our money. It would be best to inspire others to create new competitors or support those who side with our cause. Otherwise, cut the bad fruit and make the sacrifice. Period. No exceptions. This alone will deal an absolutely devastating blow to them. Use the internet, use social media, use whatever tools you can to bring people on board. Start a movement.

2. Stop trying to debate with the left. Don't reason with the unreasonable. Stop seeking rationale from the irrational. Make a concerted effort to do so. Speak what you believe and fight for those causes. Do NOT engage your opponent. Ignore them. Giving them attention also gives them power. Do not give in. Treat them for what they are – children crying for validation.

Following these two simple rules alone will shift this war back in our favor by creating a reverberating effect throughout our society on every level. Focus all of your efforts, Zig Forums. Work together to make America great again. You don't need to pick up a gun and be a soldier. The landscape has changed. Your enemies have become more sophisticated and subversive. Do the same. This is how you fight. This is how you win.

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Wrong. Post a throwaway email

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How to glow in the dark the post

Let's spent the next 50 years voting in REAL elections so we die and then the next generation can spend the next fifty years voting in REAL elections then die and then the next generation can spend the next fifty years voting in REAL elections then die and then the next generation can spend the next fifty years voting in REAL elections then die

I mean, how else is Seth Rogan going to make millions repeating the same joke about the pubes on his head for eternity?

Go Shoot a couple more churches then you fucking Sperg Comic Strip.

Progression is a crawl. a deeply seeded problem doesnt vanish in a season or 3. Buckle up and get fucking patient Spic, because the fun hasnt even started yet. that wont register to you because you're an instant gratification slave

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We've actually done a damn good job wresting power from liberals.
Once the kike pawns are out of power, we can take the next step and start working on the kikes themselves.
Yids have been in control for over a thousand years, it'd be a miracle of we can remove them in a decade, let alone the first half of a single presidential election cycle.

Checking these dubs of truth
Removal of kikes takes time.

I'm interested in this.

nice try schlomo.We are well past the point of Jewish boycotts being effective.The Jew has an unlimited supply of money to prevent the collapse of their companies. What do you think the PPT is?

The problem is that the West is so fractured and zombified and our militaries compromised by Shabbos traitors that there is no one left to do what needs to be done - the final solution.

You think you have time on your side?
You don't


It'll be alright user
we're going to be alright

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so, every company ever?

Stop BTFOing the left's arguments? The single most effective tactic in the culture war

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I'm older than most posters here. While edgy racists (only being racist ironically) and unorganized neonazis have existed forever on the net, and IRL (GLR bemoaned how so many of his "followers" were just goofing off and didn't actually believe in anything natsoc politically but were just using it as an activity to troll people), there hasn't been even 1% of the many legitimate fascists/natsocs/third positionists that exist now, even 10 years ago. The pace of how this is seen as "normal" is accelerating at a breakneck pace and I'm really fucking excited.

If there aren't mass deportations and internment of all jewish citizens within the next 5 years it will be too late.

Actually, not necessarily. Many of us have been inclined this way since the get-go. It’s called ‘Culture War’ and it is fought on levels we formerly thought we’d not have to fight on. Every level, in fact. All-out.
Martial combat, local and national electoral politics were the only traditional ways normies thought they’d have to fight if called on. How wrong they were…

Those are not foreign influences. The USA was founded by liberals and Jews, which is why it was always doomed to end as it has.

wasted dubs.


We don't have time for incremental progress, especially in the United States. Have you actually sat down and stared down the cold hard numbers of our demographic collapse?

What most people don't realize is that we are actually in a far deeper pit than the numbers at a surface glance would suggest. The vast majority of whites in the country today, are from the previous generations, particularly the boomers. Half of whites living in the United States today are from the Baby Boomer generation. Over the next few years they will begin to die off and once that occurs, even if you stopped all immigration right now, whites will completely lose any hope of having political power in the country their forefathers built. Furthermore, the next biggest chunk of white demographics is the generation right after the boomers, meaning the great majority of the white populace is comprised of the elderly.

When you look at the demographics when accounting for the age factor, you should realize that right now, whites are in truth already virtually gone in the United States, politically speaking. For gods sake, just go outside and go to a major social center or an educational facility, and count how many white people you see that are in the 12-29 age demographic, vs how many non whites you see.

In the next 5-10 years we will be at 20-30% of the population of the country, (or 5-15% if immigration continues unchecked) at which point we will have lost complete control of the political mechanisms of our country, especially considering that a significant percentage of our own people support our destruction. Laws will be openly passed discriminating against us and destroying what little economic freedom and power we still retain, and the final stages of our genocide will begin.

This is why the Jews are getting so openly irritated with the game, by the way. They know this data, they understand its implications, and they are quite frankly tired of playing along with what they consider to be a farce. Go read the letter (((Tim Wise))) wrote after the election to see where their mindset is at. As far as they're concerned this is a done deal, and when you look at the cold hard facts, it's hard to dispute that point of view. At least, if we just keep going along with the very system that's grinding us to extinction.

Oh, and I'm not telling you not to vote. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't do what you can politically. I am telling you that this is the reality that we face and you need to be prepared for what's coming, because voting doesn't magically expunge these invaders from our lands and it doesn't create a time warp in which whites had enough children to counteract the never ending flood of immigration smashing our country to pieces. It doesn't make you a fit, well armed, and prepared individual who can effectively fight for his peoples survival in the inevitable struggle that we face.

Go ahead and vote. But don't think voting is all you need to do to emerge victorious against what we're facing.

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Come to Chile and redpill our great nation