So Mike Pence tries to show religious solidarity and universalism in a time of loss with a sincere gesture by bringing...

So Mike Pence tries to show religious solidarity and universalism in a time of loss with a sincere gesture by bringing a reformist jew (Someone both his community and Jews SHOULD be able to relate to) and the Jews respond with…. HE'S NOT JEWISH ENOUGH. Fucking seriously? Pence tries to build a bridge, and the Jews burn it down before the paint is even dry. You're fucking welcome.

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Good, fuck kikes and pence for being the zionist kike lover he is. Also shit thread.

He's allowing the zebra to show its stripes. "And you see, this is why God as he spoke through the Lord JESUS CHRIST said, jews are evil."

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I am not suprised

I hope this is ironic

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Truly Vice-President Pence loves the Jews, and wishes that they could be saved through the infinite love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let us pray that the Jews would no longer follow the path of arrogant stubbornness, but that their souls would be redeemed and that they could sit at the right hand of God in Heaven for eternity. Amen.

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It’s ok to be a Jew for Jesus!
God didn’t say “Thou shalt coexist”.


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That's awesome. I hope more kikes act like spoiled SJW filth and publicly attack Trump and Pence. The faster that the normiesphere associates jews with the degenerate left, the faster the DOTR gets started

Pence comes from a large devout Catholic family. He instinctively knows the kikes are frauds.


Those who would try to stop the Jews from hearing the Good News and being saved are the real anti-Semites here IMHO, not Pence

Are the Jews actually divided among themselves? Like I understand that they're united against the Goyim under pretty much all circumstances doesn't matter if you're an Israeli or a Hollywood Jew but are they actually opposed to one another in any real way or is it just lip service to keep up an act?

Amen, brother.
Let’s pray for all the Jews to come to Christ and for Israel to become a Christian state. When all Jews finally come to Christ, there will be no anti-semetism because there will be no Jews.

Gee, it's almost like cucking out for kikes doesn't actually work, who would've thought..

The Jews are not a single hive-mind. A lot of people believe Congress is a single entity of people colluding to line their pockets, but the Republican/Democrat dichotomy is pretty well the best example of a split right down the middle of Jewish interests. They really do hate each other and want to see the other burn, only uniting in their hatred for the little people. Marxists and Zionists have very drastically different ideals on how to run the world, and they often tend to fight over which side to take. It's part of why Marxists have been so angry lately at the Israeli oppression of Palestinians, despite the group being overwhelmingly Jewish: a difference in their belief structure and ideology, the same as any split in religious denominations.

This has been happening throughout history, but at the end of the day, Jews as a whole are always willing to use the plight of the group they hate to further their own ends. It's always a pogrom that affects Jewish identity or the Jewish religion, even if they were on the winning side of the battle at the onset.

Go look up the Haavara Agreement, despite the disagreement of the Marxist Jews running the Weimar Republic. And then, remember that before the Jews could be deported, British forces blockaded the path to Mandatory Palestine, prompting Hitler to open concentration camps so he could safely keep the Jews out of the way of his countrymen until they could be deported.

Am I the only one who things Judah didn't exist and these kikes are just cult members?

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Accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah is the one thing that gets you kicked out of the Synagogue of Satan. You can do literally anything else and still be a kike. You can eat non-kosher food, you can be an atheist, you can break shabbat, whatever you want. The only thing that they care about is that you not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. They are, by their own admission, anti-Christ. Always remember to point this out whenever someone talks about “judeo-Christian values.”

Your race and genes can't be taken away from you.

Mike “Israel should dictate US policy” Pence is going to be hanged for treason.

Except you’re wrong about that, as jews have been “converting” to Christianity for CENTURIES for the sole purpose of perverting and destroying the religion from within.

Hi polvol2!

1. You’re replying to the wrong person.
2. Those people aren’t wrong. Mike “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” Pence is a zionist shill who has absolutely no intention of supporting whites (or even Christians) in any capacity. You are clearly a kike shill if you don’t know about Pence’s judaism.

And what exactly is it that Jews would want Christianity to change? It’s proselytizing of Jews. Check the inquisition again there nnnguy

This is correct