Be a follower

Enough talk and propaganda.
By now stormfront has reached every corner of the internet.
What you should be doing right now is organizing.
And by that I mean assigning a leader and following the leader.
You know, like the nazis did.
Enough of this I'm too good to be a follower.
Humble yourselves and join some organization.

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We already support Trump you stormweenie. He's the only leader we need.

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wew, this is the most blatant fedpost I've ever seen. these people get paid $50k+?

instead of this kind of shitpost, you fags should be RECRUITING here. plenty of uneducated NEETs that would love to afford better onaholes for minimal work and would be better agents than anybody you have by far

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Truth. Y'all know where to find me.

this is not a movement of followers, it's a movement of leaders


Hitler would have sent brownshirts to straighten you guys out.
The nazi movement was a movement of followers and hitler was the leader.

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reported for spam

Well Hitler also let Jews and gays into the NSDAP. You think people should do that as well?

Listen whats more important.
Petty differences or an organized group that capable of effecting change?
Cause loner chair warriors are not a threat to the status quo.
Businesses run the same way.
You don't rise above the ranks until you've proven yourself or via nepotism.
Its as simple as that.

Who the fuck is "we"? Speak for yourself and the orange.

worst (((shill))) thread ever

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I would have been lucky to browse there a handful of times

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God damnit Zig Forums is such a fucking waste of time. Buncha brain dead internet larpers, you faggots give National Socialism a bad name.

get out fed

It glows so much it hurts.

A thread died for this


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How does it feel to have autism? Like the feds would give a shit about this waste of bandwidth.

Omg you are really fucking desperate. This full blown raid is hilarious.

So you're either some newfag who just got off the boat from some other site, or you're so green that this is the best you can come up with. Either way you better get good fast or you're never going to fit in.

The Tel Aviv crew.


Don't think so. Too bad you already killed all the leaders, or you might just have one enemy instead of 200 million


Just so we're clear, are you saying you want us to make it obvious who to arrest in order to make your job easier?
Bad luck shlomo, you have a much bigger problem on your hands than you even realize.
There is an army of lone wolf serial killers that are completely hidden from your view, with no organization for you to infiltrate and subvert and absolutely no empathy or remorse toward their enemies.
They are committed to an ideology that you cannot water down or divert, and they will keep on killing until this war is won.
As time goes on, more and more will join this hidden army of silent assassins, and you will see traitors, jews, criminals and immigrants start mysteriously turning up dead in growing numbers with no leads and no evidence.
The police will eventually stop investigating because their job is being made easier by the murder of so many degenerates.
The scariest gang on the block is the one you don't even no exists for sure until you wake up at 3am with a knife through your skull.
There is nothing you can do to stop this, it is too late, the wheels are in motion, you brought this on yourselves.

user you forgot your sage and bumped a shill thread

yeah sorry
and I spelled "know" as "no"
I need sleep

Get some sleep user, gotta be vigilant.

Faggots pls go

hitler lost

organization just makes you easier to corrupt, it means there is only one guy they need to target
we should be creating cells instead and I am sure some of us are