Trend of whites brutalised in media

After reading and raging, I began to come to a realization.
That realization is that not only do jews want to see our race wiped out, they want it done in the most gruesome and degrading way possible.
In a great many (((movies))) you can see examples of this, such as silent hill, white women are killed in horrific and utterly demonic ways, such as in the link.
Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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Yeah I think it's called

Sure OP, they larp hard with their sick fantasies. Most of them have mental health issues due to generations of inbreeding. Part of that is being suicidal. Literally and by doing things like massively taking illegal drugs and doing fag shit. Israel… it's a mess. I see their wanting to get rid of White people as an extension of that because without us, they're FUCKED. Mohammad is going to go to town on their asses. They will kill kikes for sport like how they have Friday night beheadings in stadiums in Saudi Arabia.

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Jews don't want to kill humanity, they want to enslave them according to the Talmud. Remove your anger from yourself and remain steadfast. These things are irrelevant considering we live for ~90 years.

Accept Jesus Christ and put these things behind you. There's an eternity beyond the years we have on Earth, and I don't want anyone here to be so blinded by hatred and Jews as to forget that their own sins will need to be paid for. Justice will be served in due time for everyone including the Jews, but make sure that you accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross before it's too late.

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A lot of their holocaust stories are actually fantasies of what they want to see done to others. They're fucked in the head. Look at Sigmund Freud. Dude wanted to fuck his own mother, was obsessed with anuses, and saw dicks everywhere. He thought it was normal and wrote extensively on it with no self awareness.

That snakes and donkeys can talk? That Jews were slaves in Egypt? That the whole world was covered in water in a giant flood? That any of these three things have any actual evidence when in fact they do not?

metaphor and yes some of it did happen , do you have faith or are you an idiot shit poster

This isn't your fucking blog. Reported.

bro jews are cool and are very nice and friendly… trust them with your money bro.

I havent noticed anything. Do you have proof or just silly anecdotes about your "videogames".

Fucking maga incels

None happened at all. Never once.
Not in Semitic demon-cults, no.

ill pray for your death my child

Nice dubs, but I do not fear your worm god (((YHWH))).

Lol @ fuck of Peter Popoff how are you actually shilling for apathetic, low energy semite desert religion in 2018, the same religion which sold us out to Jews and multi-culture by preaching total egalitarianism(proto-marxism) for 1000+ years now. Very "divine" and "noble" indeed, great job letting white civilizations like Byzantine fall to barbaric 300ad Muslim filth while religiously jacking off to bullshit.

Rome was built without your talmudized desert crap and fell shortly after accepting it, because whites dont need to be hamstrung by some shitty cult telling them god says x and y, all we need is idealism, realism, blood and soil. And if people like you want to worship go ahead, but understand that no matter how much you pray it won't bring jack shit.

Semitic desert religion for goyim 2.0 will not save us but faith in the future will, this world is kill or be killed. Win or lose. Taking up the sword and risking dying by the sword is nothing compared to the future the Jews want for us.

And If god is a matter of fact real he'd want justice, for his son and his people now enslaved by Jews. I've yet to see some divine intervention like a meteor strike on tel aviv.

Do you have a reading comprehension problem?
He said nothing about jews killing humanity, he said jews are trying to kill OUR RACE, which is obvious to anyone honest and intelligent.
it may be true that they want to enslave the other races but they are attempting a genocide of the white race with every tool at their disposal, it is literally the focal point of the majority of jewish effort worldwide.
If you refuse to admit this, you are a jew, a shill, or so retarded that you do not belong on this site.

jew worship really is the religion for the slaves of the jews that could easily destroy the kikes but have their balls spiritually cut off so they dont
christianity is responsible for kikes still living today

meant for

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Just like Illinoisan women think Every ethnic group are Minority then Racism will disappear

Even though various ethnic group will feel that they are being ruled by a hostile force with alien values when they live under Die-versity

Which made society more chaotic and dysfunctional

christian think Jesus will save us all ; like Roman soldier, poor,whore,moneylender

where many animals are getting extinct due to nature law

Democrat think "Vote" gonna save people from poverty, crime , disease

Vote is Democrat Jesus and because of that every body should get a voting right

I Just Realized that when society becoming more democratic and Christian way then society become more Multi-Racial

You can see the process From West to East

Play Silent Hill 2. It's completely non-jewish. The movies take goyim media and turn it into masturbatory guro trash. Everyone in Silent Hill is white. It is not racial propaganda.

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Story seemed fake. Searched Leonora Geier, and now I'm here to call out OP on his fraudulent jidf faggotry posting shennanigans. Keep it up, they'll come for you soon.
[x] fake
[x] gay
[x] fake and gay

Brothers of Zig Forums I have a confession to make.
I am most likely an Amerimutt. I have shit-brown eyes and negro hair that curls into a nasty bush should I let it grow long enough. I have been angry about the Jewish atrocities for sometime now, but I'm worried. Worried that even after all is settled and done, when the Americans finally take back their country, the real Americans that is. That I will be without a home to call my own, I've lived my life estranged to the concept of a home, the kikes stole that from me with the perversion of freedom know as Feminism, but there was a time when I was still just beginning to understand the truth about these things that I believed my home would always be America. Am I too blackpilled? I don't have any sympathy for my culture, the culture I was raised with isn't legume culture, fuck I don't even know how to speak bean. America is all I've ever known. If given the choice I'd sooner die an American than live as something I'm not, but I'm not white, far from it I think, I'm far more pale than the typical spic and my hair was blonde when I was extremely young, it got pooed around the time I turned 3. When the race war starts, I know where I want to be, would you have a blackpilled mutt at your side? I am rather angry, and I believe I know more about self-defense then your average user. Why does this melancholy feel far worse than my usual depressed state? I feel lost far more than usual, all I wanted was to play vidya and watch anime man, but I can't live with myself just letting these fuckers continue with what they've been doing. Why do I have this sympathy for people that I hardly share genes with? sorry for the blog post but I need this out of my head

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And Oedipus never wanted to fuck his mother. In fact he was horrified when he found out that he had…he gouged his eyes out in horror at the deed..

You sound like an okay guy in my book.

a very kike filled first post ==SAD===

stopped reading there, your pacifist outlook will do you no good, did you even read the article? let me give you a quick rundown
is that good enough for you faggot? and need I remind you that it was the (((commissars))) that gave the order for these evil doings

I am well aware of this, it is one of the things that gives away a movies jewishness, these movies have horrors which only a jew could dream up. a theme in many of these movies is throwing someone into some kind of grinder and then consuming their blood in some way.

checked dubs

not (((jidf))) faggot, found a rage inducing story and decided to share it with anons to discuss

the day of reckoning is just beyond the horizon, fire cleanses all things
we are connected spiritually, fight for what you believe

Fuck user don't talk to me like that, my psyche dosn't understand how to handle any form of recognition. For instance, I got into an argument with my mother, not even so much as a single choked word was produced, I was just frustrated that she still thinks I'm racist for wanting sovereignty, but some text on a image board says that I'm an okay guy and I damn near shed a tear. I don't think many people know how fucked up some Gen Zyklon boys are, me included apparently. Is it normal to be this confused about your own emotional state?

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It's a pretty normal feel, in my humble opinion. Then again I'm also a Gen Zyklon boy

You were unfortunate enough to be born in peak degeneracy of a couple of centuries old decline period. The upside is that you will probably be the generation to end it.

>need I remind you that it was the (((commissars))) that gave the order for these evil doings
How far can I go without going into war crime territory? Anger is one of my only consistencies, I know that I still have morality in me because I know what to be angry about at the very least. Everything else is kind of a toss up.

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If you stare into the commissar's abyss long enough, the commissar's abyss will stare back. If push really did come to shove, and war did break out, be a soldier, not a savage.


You don't need faith to 'believe' in objective truth. You need to understand it in a rational way, increasing your knowledge and wisdom. Your religion is based on superstition. Fuck off.

what if he was referring to the Corps? Semper Fi HOORAH!

And this is why we should imagine and enjoy material that detroys and counters this material.

Anything that features killing of jews, lefties, and non-whites in the most gruesome and degrading ways should be praised while we shit on any material that features this happening to whites and shit on the people who enjoy it and push the anti-white message.

That shit book really needs the cancer warning instead. It's the very reason for White Genocide.

I can't even read more than tweo pages, I'm shaking with anger.

I believe in the mass rapes and murders of the German people, but that's a bit holocaust-tier.

This is how they worship their god, by making sacrifices to him of the goy cattle in the most hideous ways imaginable.

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NO. They want to degrade their enemies because they want 'revenge' from a position of inferiority, the more humiliated, the more the inferior thinks they are demonstrating power. The superior being, when pulled away from higher things, efficiently disposes of the problem then gets back to work on something more interesting.

the kikes view the white race as "amalaek". It is the kikes religious duty to eliminate amalaek. The kikes entire religion is white genocide. There is no reason for kikes not to be killed on sight worldwide.

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The whole reason the Holocaust racket exists is to hush talk of the hundred years of ethnic genocide perpetrated by jews. When the truth finally rears its head to the world, there will not be a rock for jews to hide under on earth or on mars.

You're not alone.
A lot of teachers want you to fail because you're male, mothers don't know how to raise you, no one will ever take the time to properly mentor you. Its not worth it to them. We have been written off as disposable waste. A byproduct of the grinding gears that run civilization. Useless and soulless. If you were white (if you look white to most people this applies) and a young man, you're a demon - despite working hardest to appease society. When you succeed, you don't deserve it and it is not your doing, but when you fail everyone comes for you. We might change the tide, but I doubt it. I haven't ever met someone my age, in the real world of course plenty on the internet, who is close to being 'redpilled'. Or even curious enough to look into to claims made by their teachers. They just vomit out what the teacher says, because all it takes to become a moral authority in their eyes is 4 years in college. Sturgeons law applies to everything.

I believe everyone on this board is simply jealous of the jews, let's just be plain here for a moment goyim, free speech is dying. Dead. That's it.
Just go home and cry because, by the end of this decade, or even sooner, no one will be able to say anything on the internet about "Der Jude".

It's over. Just go, leave, plain and simple.
From now on, everything which is remotely ethnically intimidating in nature or antisemitic will be immediately erased. There's no point to argue, that's called progress. Blow me while you can, as I can afford it, whilst you may not!

You dont need a lobotomy because you're already brain dead.

I believe you are a flaming homo sexual that takes it exclusively up the ass. It's only over if you let it anons. Don't ever let some faggot tell you otherwise.

That is Ad hominem, ethnic intimidation, sexual harassment, discrimination, hate speech and most of all jealousy. Apologise, now!

Don't worry about it. When the fire rises and things go live, it is unlikely any of us survives that ride. And it doesn't matter really, nobody lives forever and if we save our race, our species, we have won and it is all worthwhile. And while we here must dehumanize ourselves (anyone can do so for the enemy but always thinks of themselves as the hero, our sacrafice requires more) and face to bloodshed (not face to the blood like one willing to look but accept our place as that which has embraced it) those others whom survive may still yet hold enough humanity to allow some assorted pets to survive with them into the future and have a home.

Many would say all must be purged. But to be honest that requires power and the will to use it as well as the time to carry it thru. Our user's here, we haven't even begun the real fight yet, few if any of us will be able to dictate anything more than the ferocity and solidity of focus upon destroying the jews, the traitors whom support them and their pets that grovel at their feet. Decades this war will last at best, and it will eat up the best of us no matter how well we do.

So do not worry about such things as a child or woman feels worry over. For this is a calling far greater than anything you can imagine. We are all user. All united against the kike. And that is important.

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Easy there Juden Peterstein, don't stab yourself with this point:
Who the fuck wants to be a smelly, greasy, kink haired, brown-on-brown-on-brown, whiney voiced, diseased, ugly as fuck, zero imagination kike?
Keep the money, I will take being desirable any day.
Your daughters want white cock because your tribe is hideous, even they know they won't have good looking children with another kike.

I can't even imagine the horrors I'm going to foist upon you kikes! Be afraid.

you first faggot.

he's right, guys.
remember how decades of silence solved that paki gangrapist problem?

We will make no exceptions for based goblinas. Genetic testing will decide your fate.

Why the fuck haven't anons checked these fucking trips?

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A huge bridge was burnt recently. All of North America saw the smoke.

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That's breddy deep tbh

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The way I see it, the world banks are owned by Jewish people, who just so happen to be disproportionately successful in every field they partake in. Which includes:
-Borrowing money with interest, etc.

High IQ people, loved by everyone, the elites of which care for the Gentiles as well as their own. How can you even hate them unless you're deranged?
The only reason they were kicked out of 359 places is that they were better at everything than everyone else. But, they're marvellous beings which were wronged by the people.
God's chosen people, a title well earned.

Just take a look at the many inventions and innovations made by the Jewish people:

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And others.

Attached: Top-10-Most-Innovative-Companies-in-Israel4.png (1000x753 130.03 KB, 446.53K)

Disgusting, i can even smell your semitic breath over here. I see you have a very high opinion of yourself. Delusional!

You just tell us the lies, you tell yourself shlomo. Kikes are successful because they help each other like mad and do not take money interest rates from each other. They speak always well of each other while at the same time destroy all non jews.

Jews destroy the non jews wherever they can with every weapon they can find.

Do you think that this is gods chosen people? Sound more like satan. Research who was behind the atrocities in WW2. It was Ilya Ehrenburg. A jew.

There is nothing special about jews, despite the fact, that they hate all people who are no jews. See what you do to palestine. You are hypocrites. God hates you. Satan loves you, because you do his work.

Jews are/were behind:
-mass migration
-slave trade
-race mixing
and the list goes on.

Endless crimes against humanity, commited by "gods chosen people". Get a rope and end yourself faggot!

Einstein was just a professional thief that knew how to market himself. The only thing he ever accomplished by himself was being a Swiss patent clerk.

sounds jew as fuck chinks aren't too far from the askenazi tree.

fucking parasitical insects

The Jew is the cancer of the world.


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this blog is written by a jew and OP is a jew.

Being jealous of the jews is the same as being jealous of a parasite inside your body that's killing you.

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Just take a look at the many inventions and innovations stolen made by the Jewish people

Just checking these dubs and trips and quads
Gott Mit Uns!

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Japan will turn all based goblins into cat girls.

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Silent Hill is based on a japanese videogame you retard, it has nothing to do with jews. People have liked horror long before movies even existed. Did jews invent nightmares? Your "jews like seeing white women horrifically killed in horror movies" is very close to feminists' (and even Siskel & Ebert's) "misogynists like seeing women horrifically killed in horror movies". Orientals make horror movies too in which oriental women (and men) get horrifically killed. Are they being controlled by jews who hate orientals?

We have quite a fucking bluepiller over here.

Lurk for 2 years MINIMUM before posting.

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So you think jews invented mankind's interest in horror? LMAO!


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Dos años mínimo, el noobposter.

This DOTR can't come fast enough.


Annihilation is too kind for them!


Fucking please. This is precisely the kind of shit (((they))) cite to claim all of us are tinfoil retards and that nothing we say is real. Fucking retard.
Silent Hill is a horror franchise, of course gruesome deaths happen. It's set in an all-white area, of course people dying are going to end up white.


>tfw WF/AM mix autist
>drawfaggotry is an entirely different story where I constantly get hung out to dry over advice I can't bring myself to work out, too much conflicting advice/criticism

At least my uncle and cousin are open for redpills, jew jokes and all. Dunno which would be a great one to start with, however.
Also, how do I inspire a rage-induced awakening to serve as my drive to git gud?

imagine something that you love, something with such a deep seated emotional feeling that you couldnt imagine feeling anything else for it. now imagine that thing being defiled, perverted, and destroyed in a wretched vile way, imagine some greasy hunchback raping your favorite anime waifu.
the only way to induce rage is by putting yourself in a mental state where said horrible thing has happened, visualize it, in the most alarming detail you can, kinda like the story in the OP story, imagine the horrific thing.
afterwards you may quite literally be seething with hatred, it is at that point where your anger simmers into dedication, where no mater what you can not let that event unfold ever again, not even in your mind, do this and it will prevent the events from transpiring irl.
your motivation will be complete because everything you do from that point forwards will be to right the wrong. good luck user
this strategy is for anyone, dehumanize yourselves

despite its origins, modern (((adaptations))) are not the video game. sure it may be a horror game, but the movies highlight key anti white doings, a few examples are
i could go on but those are the most notable

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Extremely difficult to imagine - everything I love and cherish, including my big dreams of making it big as a flash animator/decent drawfag have all been stepped on and just generally shat all over. For any one thing I get emotionally attached to, there's going to be something to either make it feel distant, taint it, or reveal something about it that keeps me from liking it. I have nothing to grasp on, nothing is safe.

It doesn't help when I feel like i'm unworthy of enjoying stuff i'd otherwise be all over.


Fedora *tip* -d8^D~

Who gave you the Negroe slaves who built your Western World? What about Christianity? Who funded every war since Napoleon?
Was it not greed which drove Cortés, Pizarro or various Europeans merchants to drive the scum-races of the New World to extinction?
No, greed must be worse when Jews are doing it, it's all fair game for other races.

Should we all pretend that Europeans are the great people in this story and Jews are nothing but filthy infiltrators?

Regarding the issue of creativity, of course, the Jewish people didn't stand a chance to compete with other races because they've always been the outsiders. Everyone had their chance during a point in time, so why shouldn't we get a chance?

For example:

Have the Germanic races been able to compete with the Ancient Greeks or Romans in art? And I'm talking about sculpture, pottery and painting.
What about Italians during Reinassance?
How about the other way around, have the Southern Europeans been able to compete with the Germanic people in classical music?

The British empire had risen and fallen,yet the Jude remains.
S.P.Q.R. got tainted by multiculturalism and fell, yet the Jude remains.
The Soviet Union? In our hands? Sacrificed for something better.

It is time for "Der Jude" to rise and distinguish itself against the other races and believe me when I say that the time is about to come. The wheels are in motion and your time as pure Europes are at an end!


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You will get your chance to show your true talent soon, Shlomo. At fertilizing our lands.

Purim: massacre of Gentiles.
Hannukah: massacre of Gentiles who wanted the jews to integrate and the jews wouldn't have it.
Passover: massacre of Gentile babies and more

The hebrew bible/talmud god: killed hundreds of thousands.

Twilight zone: Full of "ironic mass killing" to "teach lessons" to the victim.
Book worm likes to read? Everybody else get wiped out so he's theo nly one left.
And then his glasses break.

jews are degenerate psychopaths.

Attached: jacob_ripperstein.jpg (1051x293, 69.49K)

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

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i came

It was a cult.

So what you're saying is that the movie wasn't "diverse" enough for you? LMAO! In the videogames I think all of the victims were white and died horrifically.

Everything you listed is inaccurate and you have no proof to back up your claims. On top of that, the Olympics are biased and have become a sport for nergoes.

Frankly, I think you suffer from a severe case of uncircumcised penis envy.

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In ten years, there won't be one of you left to grind into fertilizer.

At this moment you're now aware that the vast, vast majority of people who die in (((movies))) are white people. In those same (((movies))), white people make up the vast majority of villains

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