Bear with me here, but does anyone notice TES V storyline is parallel to the modern poz world

i mean i can't be the only one to have noticed this. was someone at Bethesda red pilled ? or is the PC supposed to ally with the witch elves and turn skyrim into a gay interracial orgy ?

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no need to be upset fam, there are several questions being asked here, not just one

Pop culture is so freaking. Based xd UPVOTE

literally thought the same thing
hermaeus mora is literally Zig Forums because he deals with forbidden knowledge

milk drinker = soyboy

I wonder (((where))) the milk-drinker is a weakling meme came from

Is the dailystormer down?

Doesn't require chewing, therefore it's baby food.

no i'm not a fbi informant like 90% of tds writers are, i knew that place was sketchy even when it was being shilled hard circa 2016 web pages were way too neatly and professionally done and most articles seemed like the typical "commit this crime goyim so we can arrested you via hate crime" shit that they have used multiple times in the past

i heard a theory that it's basically calling them cum drinkers, as many nords in skyrim drink normal milk, so that would be a weird insult unless it symbolism

Todd is redpilled. Don't listen to /v/ they hate games

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dont over think it, nords are meant to love mead so dirnking milk is seen as juvenile

Yes, The Elder Scrolls™ V: Skyrim is the most redpilled and right wing videogame in history, I play it every day. A fantastic christmas present to buy for all your children!

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heh , redguards are lazy and dumb

And yet here we are, making fun of libs who use Harry Potter for their political metaphors.

Fuck off OP.

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Makes perfect sense.

Ulfric is Trump (predictive programming). The Empire is the UN. The Dominion is China. Any questions?

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Kill yourself kid.

yeah they are projecting themselves onto elves who are clearly the masterrace how the fuck is that redpilled kiddo ill have you know that they are once again promoting the idea that blonde fair intelligent superior beings are naziscum antihumans. you get to play as a nord who kills hyperboreans for the sake of the merchant empire kys redditor

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also nords are seperated into a seperate race from the rest of humanity made out to be barbarian brutes whereas the most powerful influential humans have special ability find more gold kys redditor

Hence the name QTDDTOT.
someone needs a blood eagle

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Not only does it’ll be up politically, the Thalmor are almost a direct rip from Frankist Kabballah, wanting to unmake reality because they’re too illiterate to understand divine metaphysics.

Stasis asks merely for itself-which is nothing. The foolish Altmer worship that nothing.
Hail Sithis. Hail Kaos. Hail life, beauty, disparity, and change.

Sieg fucking Heil

high elves - jews
dark elves - slavs
khajit - gypsies
dwemer - germs
bretons - french
imperial - anglo
redguard - med
nord - scandi
snowelf - finn
falmer - russian

Traditionally elves are an allegory for the original Aryan race but in TES it's a little different. This is shown by Dunmer being clear stand-ins for Arabs. They used to be a single race with high elves (the Aldmer), but were later separated along ethno-religious lines. Dunmer place names and even architecture (forts are literally ziggurats) are clearly semitic.

Dwemer are Sumerians. This is the key to understanding TES.

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An interesting point of comparison between the dunmer and semites is the trinity.
The dunmer were deceived by false gods who replaced the true trinity (I encourage everyone here to contemplate the lessons Mephala, Azura, and especially Boethia) which seems to mirror the replacement of the pagan gods by Christian saints.

Don't they literally say in Oblivion if the Empire were to fall the Daedra would all invade?

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They did, and got btfo. That was the whole plot of the game. The empire doesn't really matter per se, it was the "dragonfires" keeping the daedra out. Actually I'm a little foggy as to why the daedra can't invade again (it's been a long time since I played oblivion), and by the time the events of Skyrim play out it doesn't matter at all since the Septim line has died out, the current emperors are just some guys, not dragonborn. Bear in mind that the empire hasn't been around forever, and in Morrowind an avatar of Tiber Septim (Wulf) tells the player that the empire has basically played itself out.

I say "emperors" because in Skyrim you can facilitate the passing of the Mede emperor to that breton guy.

The reason the empire's imperial line doesn't matter anymore is because the last of the Alessian bloodline ran out with Martin. Daedra can't invade anymore because of the aforementioned priest having sacrificed himself at the end of Oblivion to push them out of Nirn for good. So the fires continue to blaze, and no longer need to be rekindled with each new Emperor.

Right, thanks.

THIS. Todd lurks imageboards and shamelessly promotes his games on them

Obvious slide thread… about tes. God damn it.
do not ask what sithis is.

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I sort of agree with this, but at the same time, the Thalmor "winning" would just be people not playing or even thinking about TES anymore.

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holy shit kike stfu. this is one of the most easily debunked jew lies i've ever heard.


reeeeeeeeeeeee, i who hate vidya that isn't made by gay one armed indie developers in Ghana, fuck triple A shit


gas yourself kike knife ear


Well that's because lefties are sub-human filth.


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You know what happens next.

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Todd is the greenpill poster on /v/ and is in EVERY Prequel thread.

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Skyrim was probably the last game we will ever see from a big western game studio that was even mildly pro-White. I fully expect TES6 to be some pozzed story about refugees or transgender argonians or something.

Maybe the Khazarian Khaganate, because they were probably one of the smartest turkic cultures and no longer exist, plus they looked a lot like modern Jews, strangely enough. Plus, the Dunmer were just outcasted elves and we're already comparing the elves to Jews.

brainlet the imperials are clearly zog as they seek to dominate the world and are known as the merchant race their special ability is find shekels gas yourself actual kike the game is pozd

TES online already is, in terms of questline, assuming you choose to play as a high-elf, wood elf, or kajiit. Nord, Argonian, Dark Elf questline is some dumb civil-rights shit, don't play it. Breton questline is pretty based tho. You save kings and kill monsters and protect Breton culture and shit. Also you get to help Breton and Orcish pirates escape some Redguard shithole as part of the introductory quest.

The argonians are already transgender.

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Well fresh milk was hard to come by and pretty much only babies drank their mother's milk and then grew out of it when they matured. So drinking milk is seen as a immature and childish thing to do. They are basically calling milk drinkers babies.

Bretons are the true master race, btw.

I hate this board so fucking much.

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That's old lore and not poz'd, my individual. You do realize most of TES lore was written by dudes who were fucked up on drugs in a basement for months on end, right?

dig the song static by GSYBE

The idea is that if you're a real man, you drink mead/alcohol. Milk is for children and the ill.

through exoteric art

You're all attitude with a slave morality.

enjoy those cattle hormones, nigger tits.

Fix your shift key [buzzword](1)

they use wordpress lmao. if there's an actual design criticism of the daily stormer it's that the design is not even half-assed it's like 10% assed. the site looks like shit on desktop because they're too lazy to make it look nice on both mobile and desktop so they use one gimped design for both.

tumblr already noticed this and concluded that the the right thing to do is ignore both sides and run around in the woods with several tittymods installed

You aren't fooling anyone kike. Fuck off.

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Now all they need is to accept that the Stormcloaks are the actual good guys.

The Altmer aren't trying to rule the empire. Their end goal is to destory the Earth Bones so they can break down reality and go back to being pure sprites. And they do in the end.


That's a happy thought.

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Okay, kike. I didn't support your total genocide before, but I do now.

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