What's to be done about mischlinge and crypto-kikes?

Say, someone you know, not me, took a DNA test and found he's 100% Ashkenazi but he was born a Christian.
That friend of yours has also been redpilled on the evilness which lies inside the Jude. Inbred, neurotic, swarthy, amongst other things, will the evil nature prevail and take over him?

I've seen enough of them in real life to know that even the crypto-kikes eventually get overwhelmed by their evil nature, the greed and the evilness of their race. Mad and neurotic, virulent animals they are.

Even without their plague-like religion, the Jude still has Semitic blood in their veins, from which there's no escape.
Those who breed with white people will only encourage the farther generations to look for their roots, and what then?

Nothing good ever came from them. Is there still hope for the rat?

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Totally not you, right
They get to feed their kind into the furnace and can hop in last. I will even let them shut their own oven door

Whew lads, glad I am not a kike. Nor a girl from Southie pretending to be Chitown.

This is what Christian idiots considers "one of their own": as long as someone is an adherent of their cult.

Take it here

someone post the reworked english version of OP's pic please

They cannot live among us, but can be used as spies abroad

Those companies are run by Jews. The test results never give 100%. He would get some percentage of "broadly European" or the like.
They also always add some >1% African/West or central Asian/Jew/other sub-human to actual Europeans.

But they don't ever report a high percent of Jew for somebody who isn't (can't have us claiming gibs), with the posible exception of known pro-white activists.

I do hope we will see affordable equipment to run the tests at home at some point.

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Utmost assuredly not me since I'm white, good to know though.


What if he lives amongs whites and considers himself like them?

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Thanks. But whats up with the ms paint 666 and pentagram/hexa.

Could be fake or some bad result, IDK, I haven't, well, asked him for details.

It was already posted on Q. I had to edit it.

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you can just add a single pixel somewhere and its postable
thanks again

Religion is fairly irrelevant, despite both of those being semitic kike shit. It's race that matters and is actual blood.

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How old is this? Looks like yellowed paper.

Like begets like, they seek each other out and will once again begin to breed. You must exterminate them all. Especially the mixed abominations. Mixed breeds can hide more easily among a host population, they must be singled out just as fervently as any full-blood.

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Then he's a parasite. Own up to your own racial heritage you fucking cuck kike. There were jews in the Third Reich who fought and died for humanity and the natural order, some even executed by the Allies for doing nothing but challenging international jewry.

Overcome your genetic faults with action, but never forget your lineage or try to blend in with that of another. Miscegenation has led to some of the worst misery our race has suffered through.

Why bother, especially when people hate you for no reason at all?
Just the other day, I was walking from work and saw this kid on his bike who suddenly stopped, took a look at me, then ran towards his mum while crying.

Even she was shocked and asked the little guy why he ran and left his bike behind. Does that sound fair to you?
Because it sure doesn't sound to me.

any doubt, kill them all.

Sage. This thread will get 751 posts, I guarantee.

doesn't matter what he thinks or wants, white people come first in white countries, no exceptions.
If he likes white people, the best thing he can do is leave their countries forever and spend his life undermining their enemies.

That's just the way it is, fair or not. Humans are drawn to and more comfortable with people who are genetically closer to them, it's just biology. If that bothers you a lot, perhaps it would be better to live among people who are genetically like you.

We have DNA tests now.

- small % non-White: sterilization
- any % of nigger or jew: out
- less than 1% feather-nigger: okay, just don't run for president

Honestly, we need to be much more intense about purity than the Germans since our race is now in dire straits. If not, long term, we'll be mostly White with a homogeneous touch of mud like the Argentineans.

An ethnic jew who worships an ethnic jew is still an ethnic jew.

Brazilification is more likely. Argentina was mostly uninhabited by amerinds before Europeans came. America's population is going to be a 1/4 mestizo soon. Don't forget the large negro population here (which argentina didn't have)

You earned your hotpockets for today.

Argentina did have injuns, just they cleansed them in the Campaign in the Desert.



where am I @


for the correct answer,

the correct answer is the correct answer all the time I imagine,

you can reach me here if you have a guess,

[email protected]

it took 4 posts for this yid to start complaining about anti-semitism and children not wanting to be near jews.