Rockstar's Jewish communist inspiration for their "female empowerment"

Dorothy Parker aka. Rothschild

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You can go to town and literally punch a suffragette bitch in the face.

There is a whole unskippable pro-suffragette mission.

What's the plot, setting and conclusion of it?

Haven't played that far. You ride through town and make fun of the dumb backwards rednecks, with them.
The game shits on the south.

She is an early 20th century lena dunham.

How about no.

Spend on money on good games instead, like Kingdom Come or Ultimate General series.

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tfw there was better 'social commentary' in spaghetti westerns and the director hadn't even been to America

ultimate general sounds pretty good. any recommendations for an rts and strategy fag?

That's exactly what you are looking for.

It's better than Total War, or Total Cuck for now, just lacking the turn-based RISK map.

Warning: do not play on Legendary/Iron man because you are gonna lose, a lot.

Unsurprising really.

noted. i'll keep it on my wishlist and buy it when steam does a sale.

Another game is Battle Brothers, it is Turn-based tactics but worth a mention since it's made by germans about german soldiers in the Middle Age. They wanted to add some battle sisters shit but mysteriously run out time before they could so the final game is saved.

Super hard even, read guides and shit before playing or you are gonna giving up.

It's on GOG, big boy.

Do not buy shit on Steam if you can help it.

Ultimate General Civil War is a goddamn addicting game, only issue is that the campaign is still sort of on-the-rails meaning the battles don't really change no matter how well you do, so it's not as "open" as total war. It's still an excellent upgrade from Sid Meier's Gettysburg though

Honestly, I really don't mind that since in TW I mostly auto-resolve (casual I know).

Meanwhile, in UG:CW, the battles are the main meat so I learn a lot.

DarthMod may be a total assberger but he can make a good game, I'll give him that, for the proper Sid Meiers sequel that was loooong over due

He's working on the next game now, being Napoleon.

It's totally gonna destroy Total War at this point.

What, no good mobile suggestions?

Come on not all of us can sit in a single town all the time. Fame has its faults.

lol faggot, I don't play mobile games.

I only use the phone to read manga.

I figured as much, that's good to hear

Daniel Vavra is a self admired Jew and in Kingdom Come you have a mission where you have to protect a Jewish merchant from prosecution. Many quests can be solved in different ways but in this particular however you're forced to be a good goy and defend that kike no matter what. Not to mention Czechs are big philosemites for some fucked up reason.

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Fake news meant to demonize one of the best RPG made, meant to prove all the jews wrong.

Jews made up to 1/4 of Czech for hundreds of years. They really shaped its culture. As a result, Czechs think like Jews and like Jews. Look at their folk tales, they're littered with Jewy figures.

The game looked like crap to be honest, just generic boring on the rails stuff that was only propped up because he wasn't as PC as other devs, but being anti-pc isn't enough, you have to actually make a good game

Yeah, Kingdom Come is one of the best RPG in recent years.

Yeah, D&C some more, kikes.

Anyway, the gameplay isn't. I'll give that much.

Hardly a faggot. I am restricted from owning a computer by the damn government. Not all of us are incompetent ineffective intellectuals. I was blessed enough to get a nice visit from a rather friendly guy with some ladies from the NSA about a year ago.

I am banned from owning a computer until the middle of next year, and no I don’t know why they made it to that particular time.


All this reddit spacing lol.

There's also a rothchild in fallout.

So either buy a good laptop or buy a portable like a Vita or 3DS.

Phone games are shit. Nothing's gonna replace a desktop.

Nice cuckchan memes.

Don't put your panties into a twist user. Kingdom Come is one of my favourite games but Vavra cucked out to the jews. He made the same old mistake as many did before him and concentrated his efforts on muds and niggers without realizing that the real problem lies with the jews who enable nigger behaviour and shield them from prosecution. The game is great, all be it was buggy as fuck on launch and the two DLCs that came after were rather short and lackluster.

What happens if you kill the cyberkike and "fail" the quest?

Oh please, he only says he has jewish ancestry to mask some stupid ass criticism.
Again has no fucking thing to do with the game.
The fact the game came out as it is an inspiration for everyone, since this is literally their first game.

It shows that with dedication and heart, everyone can make an AAA RPG game.

Read posts beforehand please

Again, if they ban you from a computer at all, you can buy a portable console.

I find it hard to believe you can own a phone but not a portable.

And funny you mention this, since the Hatred guys did put out a RTS early this year.

It's pretty fun too.

Is this /v/ or Zig Forums? You can literally drag niggers behind your horse until they die in this game.

Doesn't make the game any less cuck.

It's a side quest if I remember correctly. If you kill the jew nothing will really change. You just fail the quest and don't get the reward.

>back to the South from (((New York)))
stopped reading there.

Well there you go. You can cleanse your electric goy box of cyberjews and niggertrons to save the simulated white race

lol no

I've even given up m2tw

Yeah, and she's easily the worst, most annoying character in the game. They don't even try to make Sadie look attractive. Let's talk about the actual cute white woman Sally Nash instead.

1/4th of PRAGUE was made up of jews by the early 18th century. Once they reached this level they were expelled and their ghetto demolished.

removing this game from my backlog. thanks user.

kill yourself anti-shill
vavra is based and we should all buy his game

Kill yourself kikes. KC:D is one of the most immersive, beautiful, engaging, and replayable RPGs to come out in the past 15 years. The only ones shitting on it are commie kike fucks who can't stand the fact that such a good game has zero niggers and Jesus loving White people. A tiny indie studio made a better RPG than any fucking AAA developer has in well over a decade. The bugs got ironed out quickly and they actually listened to player feedback and released updates addressing the concerns.

Your loss you dumb faggot. Missing out on a real gem because of lying kikes on Zig Forums.

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what gamefaqs forum did you just roll in from?

Like I said in this thread already I love that game. It's my favourite game in 2018 but I'm not complately blind by fanboyism. KCD had one of the worst releases I ever seen in my life. Even Oblivion and New Vegas weren't that bug ridden on the release day. Warhorse is quite alike to Obsidian to me. Both developers know perfectly well how to craft a beautiful world full of interesting characters and engaging storylines but the technical aspects of theirs games are shit. On the release day KCD was almost unplayable for vast the majority of people. It was in the alpha stage at best and remained that way for up to 2-3 monthes after launch. The game simply shouldn't be released in the state it was. I remember Vavra twitting something along the lines of "every time we fix one bug, ten more show up to fuck things up for us". Well, I'm sorry to say Daniel and his buddies can't an't code for shit if they continue to have a problems like that years into development. No wonder nothing works when KDC is held together by layers and layers of duct-tape and band-aid solutions everywhere. KCD is a great game, and I have a blast every time the game decides to work. It's a game which could even compete with Witcher 3 for the title of the best RPG of the decade, if KCD wasn't held back by its technical limitations that is. Right now it's a diamond in the rough, and a poorly scripted resource hog with many bugs like the infymous halabard bug and problems with texture streaming persisting months after the realease.

Take it to /v/ nigger.

kill yourself

thank you for your DSZervice user. we out here and we growing.

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I played this game and, where are the jews?


how low R* has fallen

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OLD 4chan thread nb 3

Just like Goodman and Schwermer, Leo Frank, the Jews that Grant kicked out of the department of the Tennessee for defrauding soldiers, and so many other "Freedom Riders" and "activists." What a fucking pestilence rots forth from Jew York to infest the nation, the South most notably.

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Great government you got there

Carpet Baggers did more to ruin the South than the Union Army did

here's the mission in question.

Like shit even fritz is not aloud on that shit, only the jews would be stupided enough to put something like that onto a M rated fucking game. Not gonna touch this trash.

arrogant bastards aren't even trying to be subtle

One of the big messages in the game is the main character figures out usury is shit and despite being legal is worse than illegally robbing banks/jews.

The black/indian guy and powerful woman characters are pretty meh, but in our current climate it's almost like if they're not in the game the backlash from the gaymer media would almost be worse than just having them in the game.


Greece knows what's up.

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I definitely noticed how romanticized their pet women and minorities are in those video clips, pretty much the same way SJWs always treat them.

Wargame: Red Dragon is fun

Another thread op listed thirty tumour-level things about the game.
He also posted a list of all the horse names so far blocked. Note that players can report words to add to the filter list.
As in, anyone screaming and crying and throwing a tantrum enough to make their hair dye start to run, can change your single player game.
That is the future.

Rockstart never gave a shit about "offending" people during their golden days, why they should start worrying about hurting the feelings of some impotent soy faggots now!?
Rockstar likely got subverted from the inside like what happened with NetherRealm and NaughtyPoz

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That photo of Dorothy….it's like William F. Buckley in drag..

They're Scots. For Scots the United Kingdom isn't suicidal enough. They want more poz Houser brothers were always a bunch of old school leftists who simply shat on their more radical colleagues. They're like the creators of South Park. They want to be seen as impartial but in the end they lean left. GTA was always full of poz, but at least Rockstar could into humor. RDR2 looks like it was designed by a bunch of yes men. It looks like Mafia 3 all over again.

What's even worse RDR2 is a single player game. None would see that you named your horse nigger jew.


Yeah, reconstruction was a total shitshow.

GTA San Andreas did a pretty good job of shitting all over the whole "gang lyfe"/"street honor" BS though.

Admittedly, I haven't played the game.
However, I watched 5 minutes of a stream and there was archetypal nigger victim character that jews often put in movies; the nigger was articulate and seemed well educated. None of which would be true at that time.

Even in GTAV the Not Trump and Not Hillary were not abhorrent
"Not Trump" Jock Cranley
"Not Hillary" Sue Murry

it still leaned left, but youre right; it wasnt obnoxious.
rd2 is straight up pozzed

Max soy. Now do a video about being unable to shoot Indians.

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Is poop a jewish psyop?

By Huge "V Smith Elf" Weaving

Is poop just a way for Jews to steal our life force?

The end


Buy Gainicker water filters today 6 million percent off

The one that grinds my gears the most is that the redskins are depicted as noble savages and not the actual savages they were and are. A mission where you confront poachers for slaughtering those poor buffalo and you punch them in the face till death for it while your chug partner cries a single tear over those poor animals. Meanwhile, the actual natives ran them over cliffs by the hundreds and wasted tons of meat in the process. Because they cannot possibly have eaten or preserved it all, nor cut and carried it all. Or they set fires to burn the grasslands and catch the herds of buffalo in them, burning hundreds of animals to cinders at a time, also wasting plenty of meat AND DAMAGING THE ENVIRONMENT THEY WERE CONSIDERED TO BE TOTALLY ONE WITH LOL.

Fuck modern games. I'll spend $70 on some stupid waifubait simulator or something instead.

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You know they actually talk about being halfy mutts right?

If you want to see something that depicts natives as savages, watch Bone Tomahawk. Good movie.

I'll have to look that one up.
Have a picture of a dude that got scalped by the noble redman.

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There was a .webm on /v/ or somewhere with a "haha silly huwite conspiracy theorist, nobody is replacing you, and even if they did, you deserve it" caricature that felt completely out of place in 1899.
The red nigger has his mission where he cries over muh bisons and ebil huwite poachers killing them for fun, even though in realty redskins overkilled the bisons to extinction because they got access to modern weapons.

user, you just can't drop something like that and not expect to pique someone's curiosity.
Without giving too much away, what the fuck did you do?

I don't typically into /v/, but, you've intrigued me enough to go take a peek.

Having to be connected just to play a single-player game you already fucking own was always bad news.
I knew that shit was cancer from the moment I first heard of it and never touched it.

Betting he found out too much and had his hard drive filled with Child pornography courtesy of CIA.

How original. Kikes are terrified of the south.

Meanwhile, in 2005

Western films and cowboys have always been a staple of White American culture. Liberals been trying to subvert this as of the last years
Think of Tarantino's nu-westerns like "Django Unchained" about a nigger slave getting revenge on the evil whytepeepo and then he made another one which I have no interest on watching, heard it has a scene of a nigger raping a White man in the ass.
And now this piece of junk from those british cucks at Rockstar. There's also some crappy Netflix western parody movie by the cuck who created fucking Family Guy, just typing the name of that show makes me lose braincells.
Do yourselves a favour if you enjoy Western and watch "Death Rides a Horse" starring Lee Van Cleef from 1967, by the way.

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I'll take any kind of victory at this point.

The talmud states rhat the moshiach wont return untill edom and kittim is destroyed . They plan to kill every white person on the planet as we are according to them esom and kittim . This is where the words a conspiracy so monstrous it cannot be percieved come into play . Truth is the immigrants are being helped in to replace the white everywhere and to slaughter you where you stand . Already you are weak from the chemtrails and poison food and jew sex sites . The talmud states you will be helpless before the horror . Unable to fight even a worm . This truth i tell you as its the real conspiracy of everything that is going on .they are much smarter than you .they live . We die .the rest sleep


It sounds like shit made by a kike, faggot.

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According to the talmud the jews will rule the eart as god kings when their moshiach returns . They believe this witb all their heart and soul . According to the talmud AND the torah the white man is edom and kittim . This conspiracy is too monstrous to be percieved but believe it . The immigrant is helped in to slaughter you where you stand and then rwplace you in society . Every jew believes this and every jew believes they can lie as much as possible to decieve edom . Time is up white man . When i say they are killing all of us i mean ALL of us . They wiped our history and are preparing us for sacrifice . Talmud states the white men will be too weak too even fight a worm . We are there already with chemtrails poison food and water and pornogrophy invented by the jew . The white man may not go quietly into that long darkness but by the looks of it we are going quietly enough . We have the keyboard warrior but nothing else . Capitalism is not the invention of the white man . Who invents systems movements and religions ?i managed through years of research to track them back 8000 years found under many creeds and religions . They are smarter than is being told . Sometimes with iqs 170 or much higher . Believe this as its the conspiracy that engulfs all others .i repeat this . They are planning the annihilation of the entire white race and that has to happen very soon as the jews are restless . Most want their moshiach NOW .

Why are you homosexuals and kikes (even though you call me a kike) so aggravated when the truth comes out . Is it the truth you cant stand?hiding behind the mask of blqck hebrew israelites whom you decieve . Your agenda is in the talmud .you have already won . When the white man is soon vone then all wlll be your slave . Every cuck every nigger and every eurasian negroid . All already in chains but the master is not yet home .you won .the white man is too stupefied to see his demise and the black man too blind to see his new chains

Dont worry about the deception called black hebrew israelites . Its a paid movement and a mask for the jewish agenda . May Jesus Christ (an aramean jew ) btw return to stop this monstrous sin bc the white man is too weak to stand and too stupid to fight . The jew has won and if there is no Jesus then the Jew will be god with 2800 slaves each when the moshiach comes . They dont want white slaves . They want us dead . This i bring you the truth . Accept it or not . Our end will soon be .

One last thing . My name is sverin . Dont believe anything you see in the media or internet unless looked at through correct vision . The devil is the master deciever beyond intelligence and the jew is the devil . He is smart organised powerful rich and he has centuries of war exercise . What have you got?hmmm?they got u by the balls and you seem to enjoy it . Perhaps when the talmud states that all goy have animal souls it could be true as only sheep and cattle lay down for the slaughter . I have warned you . I went searching for God and found the devil sitting in his place . The jew .times up

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Looks like they've fallen far from the old days of gta stomping hookers on the sidewalk. RDR was a dope game. Leftism is ruining everything.

According to my bible the kikes will be worshipping at my feet.