Have you noticed how crowded its been lately?

While we find ourselves stuck somewhere between clown world and mumbo jumbo times, let us take a moment to appreciate the event horizon we approach: The mid-term elections and the crazy carny state fair mayhem unfolding across the states. The doubling down of the exhausted MSM and watching it become overreach in real time. A meme was shunned, demonized, explained away, written off, and banished in record time.  a false-flag used to cover up another false-flag that managed to take down a social platform, and thousands of illegal immigrants approach the U.S. border one can only hope they're bringing all the music and food that only diversity provides. 

This place isn't indexed on Google, and any sudden growth of post and thread frequency is often a response to something. With the first NPC threads and any happenings since then, the raids have been stepped up to levels not seen since the 2016 election or the events leading up to and during the second exodus. A lot of nonsense gets posted, no doubt for screencaps to help pad out whatever hit piece for whichever website or think tank is preparing. Among the approaches that frequently overlap include:

- Fedposting
- Forced memes
- Derailment
- An inability to refer to the President of the United States as anything but his name
- Personal army requests
- Reddit spacing
- Using sage as a downvote
- Unwarranted hostility as opposed to disagreement (especially in the NPC threads where teamwork and positive reinforcement kept them up at night)
- Perpetually broken shift keys
- Topic dilution
- Lowest common denominator language devoid of context as an attempt to blend in (works best in numbers)
- Buzzwords and jargon that always seem out of place
- Rewording your reply (even someone else's) and thrown back at you. Go ahead, try asking some of the shills if they're paid per post or hour

The obfuscation of board lore and culture, such as getting upset at smug anime girls and a disdain for gets, is one of the few approaches that has been toned down lately. Otherwise, its just quantity across quality across the board. You can point these out, and most will continue uninterrupted and continue to stand out with ease. Due to the quantity over quality approach, it is often to see shills replying to other shills not only in slide threads but meaningful ones. Despite frequent instances of behavior There are goons, bots, chicom bots, Shareblue and our special guests who seem to be a rouges gallery of low-energy, bottom shelf champions who move from thread to thread.

Among the usual gang of idiots are 'Thanks for admitting _', Goreposter, That one guy who posts about nothing directed at no one in particular, 'don't vote', the one guy who writes paragraphs that look like ransom letters, and Shrekposter but he's been MIA for a while.

Some apply what people point out about their posts made entirely of sore thumbs and adapt. Some are bold enough to not only flaunt it, but will even go so far to report you because: reasons. They will eat up post count, contribute nothing, will razzle with dazzle long enough until having to baffle with bullshit, unrelated pictures that resemble old threads of yore where you upload the nth pick in your folder, repeat what people tell him off with in previous threads but directed at others, type the same words in every thread either because there is a keylogger at their work station, and then accuse you of spamming for good measure. That one poster who accuses everyone of being imkamfy deserves an honorable mention, because only between clown world and mumbo jumbo times is it him hoping someone remembers and posts a pic of that mug of his and his soul is finally at rest.

One by one, every corner of the Internet is compromise and subverted. The very existence of this place spits in the face of people who stand to benefit everything that is wrong with the world we find ourselves in, and undermines so much of what they've desperately to keep in motion. I wish you all the best of intelligence moving forward, because luck runs out when we need it the most.

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Newfag here. I started out on /qreserach/ a few months ago to learn to identify shills properly and came here within the past week or so. It's a little bit more involved, but I think I've got the hang of it so far. I post a lot with double-spaces between sentences, as is my habit from semantic whitespace. It's tough to break here, and the first time someone saw me post with it here I got "kys" twice. It's like that kid from The Wire that has a hairstyle identifiable by cops and his dad tells him to cut it off. My point is, this is something that can be used to identify copy-pasters or individuals who are not even bothering to fit in. aka shills.

I noticed the exact opposite. Threads stay up for ages now.


Double spacing between sentences has absolutely nothing to do with reddit and you know it.

Yeah, nah.

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Do you not know the difference between a space and a newline?

The traps have basically taken over the site. I am about to leave personally.



Right on time.

I'll use whatever spacing I want because I'm not an illiterate fuckbag that doesn't know how to make long text readable.

Stay mad school drop-out bros.

Like clockwork. At least your shift key isn't broken.

Still going to separate my text into paragraphs no matter how hard you cry.


Glad you couldn't refute anything else in the first post.

Seriously, you're here talking about shift keys and you won't admit you assumed what I meant by "double-space"? Do know the difference between the spacebar and return keys? I'm talking about this:
A sentence. Mr. Smith.
A sentence. Mr. Smith.
That's all I'm pointing out. People who habitually tap the spacebar between sentences stick out here.

Thanks for admitting you’re so autistic that you can’t handle being proven wrong.
Thanks for admitting you don’t belong here. You are not a Zig Forumsack. We do not support the ZOG here.

Fair enough, but every three or four posts having reddit spacing during the past week is incredibly suspect at the very least.

Glad you could make it.

Holy fucking christ, YOU are the problem.

Alright, I'm satisfied. Thanks for being reasonable. I know most people (especially on phones) aren't going to ctrl+f on that, but it's definitely a marker of sorts.

With any more projection, you might end up posting your name. Take it easy.

Thats likely assholes and geckos. Same exact tactics
He only shows up about 3-4 months from midterms/generals I've noticed. He's 100% cointelpro and likely was trained in disruption tactics. He also sockpuppets like mad, but his posting style is so obvious he still outs himself without the usual tricks.

Good post op.

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Reported, then. Learn how to fucking read.

Everyone says that, you fucking idiot. Ashes and elbows says things like “YOU. CAN’T.” in redtext. He’s extremely easy to expose.
Reminder that the mods allow it to post here.

you can call yourself that just don't pretend that others are too, spergling

((( )))
Fuck off geckos, its your sentence construction and paragraph formatting that gives you away you stupid kike.

I’ve pointed this out on several threads , though you managed to articulate it a lot better.
The most obvious was the Kavanaugh threads and Direct Action threads .

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Much obliged.

Its too easy to call you an NPC, but no one can be this deliberately ignorant. Are you a bot?

Meant for OP , noticed this thread already got shitted up>>12347162

The board was doing great since they fired the last mods. Last 7-10 days they're punishing us by letting shills post bait threads and endless 4chan cross overs. Banning people the Imkikey way (for no reason - I think they hired a new Jew) but it started out good.
And of course they say they can't ban (((activism/terrorism))) threads because that's not kosher. But Imkikey and Zig Forumsvol2,3,4 use to ban you if you critisized it so fuck them too. The Zig Forumsvol gang would delete threads if they was "too much shilling" instead of deleting shills.

google 8ch. It appears

(((Imkikey))) pushed that here. It was never apart of Zig Forums.

hi Imkikey. Nobody knows what a goon is. It's some old 4chan video game thing.

Hi again

But it's you who destroyed the board. All the smart people left.


no… They were Imkikey or acted just like him. deleted you for disagreeing, deleted threads about history, about culture, about philosophy. Banned if you're not christian. Banned if you don't believe in ancient Semites.
Total pieces of shit.

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I don't get this meme. Is it for people young enough to have never used a forum before coming to Zig Forums, and then assuming they're exclusively among peers?

Flash news: we've been using newlines liberally on and off the *chans for well over a decade.

Yea it's almost like the mods put up an actual warning this was going to happen.

Moralfags need to leave. Prove me wrong. you literally can't

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This is the problem with Zig Forums now. The board allows newfags to post without lurking for 2 years, and so everything OP posted is not inherently understood by them. Then the shill's tactical bait works everytime because everyone is a fucking newfag.
kys=lurk for 2 years so you understand how not to shit up the board and reply to shills. But if you are really stupid, sometimes kys=kys.

Thanks, other anons have pointed it out but usually within a thread being derailed. Dissapointed, but not surprised to see what I outlined in the absence of good slide threads.

The board doesn't grant or revoke permission to post, its entirely up to each user. What makes the recent spike in low energy and bottom shelf shilling is that the sheer number of posters is unprecedented, but most are reading from the same cue cards.

Kys and lurk for 2 years is a false dichotomy, and is justifying unwarranted hostility rather than gentle reminders that (most) outsiders can and never will get.

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Greeks, Italians , Irish, polish. German, Slavs are not white. The only true whites are British and Jews. Those other groups are part black. Get over it.

wasted dubs
Pull up a chair, you must be tired.

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Jews are more whites than Slavs. Get over it Ivan. Greeks aren't even white the are shit skin. I've seen more aryan pajeets than Thaddeuses

What's the alternative? Having gatekeeping, ensuring this site fails like every other site with gatekeeping? This isn't my first time on the internet; it took only weeks to learn how shills post. I necessarily had to reply to a few shills to learn how they would respond. People complains about how "mods allow them to post", but having them there makes it more obvious that they are real and doesn't allow you to put off dealing with them. Like I said, I went elsewhere first, so I wasn't shitting things up here.

Fuck off woman.

Learn to read nigger, he isn't defending leddit spacing. He just makes mention of his habit and acknowledges there are those that don't even make an attempt. Nigger.

A shill replying to a shill

Just scroll up and see which boxes you checked off.

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сука блять!

Sure thing, paid shill. None of what you said happened. No one believes you.

Uh huh. Sure.

It's all so tiresome. I just want midterms to be over and shills to leave. Imagine the level of productivity and new methods of shit-posting that could have been fathomed if this place and others like it were left unsullied by legions of paid faggots shitting it up. One can only dream. Succinct and high quality post, OP.


Are you paid per post or per hour?

Keep crying, reddit. Zig Forums is a natsoc board.

I’m paid every time you beat your wife.

Hey OP maybe if you whine about it more things will improve.

I'm talking board culture, and ostracization when obvious newfags post. The problem with newfags is that they post their little take on some useless current event or they infect Zig Forums with normalfaggedness. The intermittent gore, natsoc ideals, and politically incorrect speech was an immunity against normalfag nature, and bitching at newfags was part of that. If I wanted to talk to everyone from reddit and Facebook, then I would just go there.

I'm not saying you specifically are shitting up the board, I'm saying as a general rule it is useful for board health to lurk and assimilate rather than have an influx and turn this place into the edgy drudgereport.

Your script never changes.

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redditors fear Hitler
Heil mein Führer!

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Careful, if you piss off the shills too much they'll spam reports and you'll catch a ban for "spam."

Sure thing, moishe.

Proving once again my point.

Dynamic mobile IP thou

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Banning paid jewish shills and making the board natsoc again, instead of what it is now.
You are brainwashed and mentally ill.

I know, I was just stating the obvious.

Mods may use the banning system in favor of the Jews and ban reasonable posts
They should only ban the Jews with no arguments, the obvious ones
Most importantly, raise the quality of debate

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That’s what PV1, 2, and 3 wanted to do, but codemonkey said no.

Qposting made a beachhead into Zig Forums for sub-par contributors to join. Their half-redpilled, inarticulate debris litters the board, it's hard to clean because they are just dumb, not ill-will, just dumb.

But there does seem to br a coordinate effort to keep harmless threads up top while stimulating and actionable threads fall below the fold, or worse are anchored. Could blame this on the fact that newfags can't into catalog, but it may also be on account of the low morale that results from a messy workplace (re: boomer cuck Q debris) Bravo to the fucking Q meme. For whatever intents it began, it was exploited to paralyze this bustling truth marketplace. It's a husk of its potential form.

All excuses aside, the real issue is a lack of proper leadership.

There's only a handful of useful thread types and the rest is debris. This thread types are:
-Actionable real time events or happenings, where bored, low quality contributions should group up to mutliply quantity in numbers
-Recent news
-Facts, research, theory
-Art, literature, self improvement, how-to

Everything else is shitposting debris that is cluttering the board.

Also check my dubs niggers.

Want to troll Imkikey? Watch and learn… If he's back in charge I'll get banned.


We know you made the fucking thread kikey

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Why thank you. Those who stand to benefit from the ongoing reckless shilling are just throwing anything against the wall hoping something will stick. Hell, just take a look at the NPC threads. You'll see posts there just like the ones here.

Its not the first raid, won't be the last. Stay vigilant, adversity builds character.

Keep this up and you'll check off every point in the first post. Are you folks posting with keyloggers at your workstations? You all seem to cycle through the same bottom shelf, low energy ad hominem on repeat.

Half a thread responding to someone with the words 'lurk two years before posting' works wonders compared to unwarranted hostility, which has been thrown about endlessly for the past week and a half or so.

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that might be because it's not one.
You are already a meme.
No one takes kindly to your bullshittery 'studies' for free speech repression.

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These aren’t the usual Newfags
If they were Newfags they be moral fags , lolibertarians Zig Forums Zig Forums tier posters that we usually get.
They missed a good opportunity to disguise themselves as that with the Twitter purges and Gab being shoahed .
These are Paid Shills obviously Shareblue and are only hear for election season to do D&C , don’t vote and to help motivate some attention getting Direct Action larping to make us look bad despite that being a long shot. They are well acquainted with us and halfchan but since they’re going to disappear after Nov. 6 don’t bother exerting the discipline to obfuscate themselves since they’re busy spamming Twitter (yesterday’s Robert Mueller thread had almost every Sock in the basket) and of course Reddit.
We will all see when the Nov 7th Salt Thread goes up how they all mysteriously disappeared.
I for one think it works like a Surge pricing for Uber Drivers where they need to badly obfuscate something or promote something they put a premium on sliding or promoting certain threads and then the Shills with their scores of sockpuppet accounts show up and do what they do best.

Its fascinating how looking up 'reddit spacing' on any search engine all yield a description, and usually examples.

The beauty of your posts is that the reoccuring details in each one are detailed in the very begining. Was getting caught part of your plan?

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Reported for spam.

Well said. Its fascinating to see so many posts lately using language the same way a brainwashed kid in a madrassa can phonetically recite the Koran in Arabic but it was never translated or explained to him.

Pic unrelated, something fantastic from an early NPC thread that was drowned out among posts similar if not identical to some found here.

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The only salt on election day will be from natsocs who were unable to stop you fucking kike shills from (((voting))) for the continuation of the ZOG.

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Thanks for Sharing Blue , 5 cents has been deposited in your account making for a grand total of 50 cents so far in this thread alone for you.

Yeah your point is proven right there , the same rehearsed script and arguments made every time the Shilling is acknowledged

What the fucking christ are you even saying.


lol I remember the days we averaging over 3K

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What good is leadership when you are a redditnigger that doesn't do what he's told and GTFO?

Pre-kikey we had ~300 PPH, and 500 or more whenever there were chimpouts. Immediately after kikey was outed (and before August) we stayed above 200. That’s all gone now.

I used to think the same, but now I get it. Gentle reminders don't work on newfags. They are ignorant and unwilling to change. The best thing to do is make it as unfriendly to them here as possible.

I'm not afraid of offending and turning away the good newfags, because I know they will stick around and eventually appreciate the messages of "kys, shit thread, lurk more" once they realize we say it not because we have them, but because we must be harsh in order to preserve the structure of this board.

Yeah like avatarfagging, digging threw your post history and banning you for week old posts. (((Totally principled)))

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If you scroll up, you'll see you're predictable posting has been detailed out the gate and you're just painting by numbers at this point.

If only your post made sense. Type 'nigger' some more and call someone else a woman. That seemed to help.

Can you cite a source or provide a screencap?


You fucked up and exposed yourself there Shillstein
Report Fags have never been welcome.
That’s how the fuck most of us found our way here in the first place

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For you, sure. What works for one person might kill someone else in two weeks.

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Yes, and since you don’t already know this it’s quite obvious that you’re a newfag.

I know they will stick around and eventually appreciate the messages of "kys, shit thread, lurk more" once they realize we say it not because we have them, but because we must be harsh in order to preserve the structure of this board.
As I mentioned earlier, when I first posted here and someone pointed out my double-spacebar posting and told me "kys". But I didn't even take it as an insult. This _was_ the gentle reminder telling me "hey, you stick out. Stop doing that and be an user."

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Were you not here in 2014, both Zig Forums and /v/ were over 3K even /gaymer gayte/ manged it for a while before the board split.

Same old mistakes, over and over.

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So lazy.

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No, they hadn’t started paying shills to post here yet. He wouldn’t have been here.

Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.


Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG. Only redditors and paid jewish shills have a problem with this. Why do you have a problem with it?

I beg to differ. Zig Forums was never natsoc. Oldfags just liked pretending to be nazis

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I think the userbase just got younger.
The Gen Z takeover is happening.
I rarely come here because it's pointless.
Everybody is just memeing and jew-calling.

Is this the new "not an artform" spam?

lol you were either around or not

This is how far the board has fallen.

Prove to me there were any actual natsocs on pre-trump Zig Forums

How would he prove it idiot?
There were natsoc posters yes, and there were also libertardians spamming Ron Paul threads.

It's not that bad. This site hasn't made the transition that /b/ completed in late 2007.

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