The GOP thinks you're dumb.
They were supposed to get rid of CHAIN MIGRATION in the 1965 law. They didn't because they're owned by the Koch bros so they're rolling out a gimmick with this birthright crap. Don't fall for vote their bullshit. They're going to gut SS and Medicare and privatize everything

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But those are ESOTERIC IMMIGRANTS, shill-kun. MAGA

Global report.

Sage for not even being able to D&C properly.


This, we need more esoteric (redpilled) immigrates to vote republican!

Who's 'we' shlomo?

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Someone tell Zig Forums that one of their retarded niggers escaped and started nogging over here

Global report.

you're a tool for billionaires, and you're not even wealthy… you're against your own economic interests… you want bailouts for rich business men and then you want to take away food stamps from your own redneck family

Bernie warned you. because of the Citizens United SCOTUS decision immigration probably can't stopped. The best you can do is vote for a candidate not owned by corporations.

Reminder: Trump and most of the GOP did endorse a immigration bill, the Paul Ryan bill. It was the largest amnesty in 30 years and it removed E verify so illegals can compete with American workers.

I know it's against your instincts but you have to vote the GOP out of power for this betrayal. Mike Pompeo is in charge of immigration and he's a top recipient of Koch cash.

Vote these faggots out and focus on candidates who do not accept corporate donations. If you don't we will be in corporation ran Neoliberal hell. Vote the GOP out so they will fight with the dems

Forget the border crap. 1965 Chain migration aka family unification
is all that matters. Vote the GOP out so the have to change it next time.

Kill yourself, leftypol.

Read the image Chaim

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Global report for being leftypol.

Global report.

You kikes never give up

Global report.

Feed me more jew tears faggot

That shit doesn't even work on boomers anymore much less the younger generations. We all know it's insolvent and we'll never see a dime anyway. Fucking destroy it now. The social safety nets can be rebuilt once the shitskin/kike question has been dealt with.

Global report.

Oh no, you’re a jew because you said things jews never say.

Mmm your jew salt is delicious


Global report.


Wonder how many times i can get the jew to reply to me lol

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Black pill Leftist news always says this. Nobody believe them.

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Don'y mind these GOP shills.
Look at the facts.
John Bolton is like spitting on the graves of the soldiers he lied into war last time and Goldman Sachs bankers running everything.

Fuck these lil fags screaming socialism this and that. Vote these fuckers out.

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700 times. Because faggots like you always bump these threads and turn every thread into spaghetti by having conversations with shills.


We don’t want marxism here.

Global report.

the bot is broken

Democratic votes goy!

Stop replying to him/her/it. Report and filter.

>>>Zig Forums

Fuck off, leftypol.

Don't worry about that your heading toward Neoliberal hell
. Google it bitch and there's no way out. Don't fall for the spin it's the corporation vs the people and they time is late.

It's funny how (((they))) squirm under pressure

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Yeah I'm totally going to vote for a full open borders anti-white now. You've really convinced me. Man this latest batch of shills are quite possibly the lowest IQ to come along.

The Republicans are bad enough but comparing them to the openly anti-white Democrats is like comparing a paper cut to a decapitation.

Your mileage may vary, but I don't think there's much difference in the "openly anti-White" qualities of the Republican party. Not everyone on the board is 12 years old and literally can't remember the last ~20-30 years. We can cut through the marketing here.

PSA for anyone early in their lurking years
filter id+ erases a shill and all replies to him.

Trump wasn't bought out by Jew corporations however pretty much everyone in Washington is. Even if you go into DC with good intentions you'll eventually be manipulated to go against what you once stood for. It's what happened to Trump

Here's what Pompeo did, he set the meaningless immigration estimate at a record low but told his corporate donors don't worry about it. they will work on the 700k asylum seeker backlog. They do not count in the immigration totals.

We have to focus on the corporations, vote these fuckers out and pray Bernie runs in 2020. That'll buy us time.

If we give the GOP the majority one more time this country will be looted the the former soviet Union by the exact same people. They do this shit every time, trump's even set you up for gun control and strict hate speech laws.

Please watch, if they will pass new hate speech laws we all focus on corporate money buying our elected officials and the Military industrial complex that is robbing us.

Go see what Nikki Hayley is doing, working on bringing Mohingya Muslim immigration.
Read about them here

Sheldon meets or calls Trump twice a month to tell him what he wants, that insane tax cut has to be overturned. Trust me i know you guys are new to politics but the time is late.

Do not give the GOP majority.


Who the fuck gives a shit? We're being invaded by shitskins and you're worried about the rich not paying their fare share to a government that hates us? I hope the gov is completely starved of taxes.

Uh oh, when has the free market ever shown to be successful?

Reminder that the republicans are openly anti white. You are a paid jewish shill for voting for them.

Infinite, you jackass. They get paid per reply.


No one taught that woman to read. It runs on a pre-programmed script.

They think GOP voters are dumb because it's true. The Republican voter base is literally retarded.

You’re ban evading for a reason, moishe.

Yeah, he didn't even need to be bought. He sucks Jew ass for free.

Checked and kek'd

Go away, Satan. I want DDR back.

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Shut up kike.

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The point of both legal and illegal immigration is to replace the Caucasian WASP, so it should be almost complete by 2030; especially if we get a few more "caravans". Then they and their loyal shabbos will be off to China, while what remains of Whites in the US get slaughtered wholesale like South Africans

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Global report.

Do you have a bigger second picture?

To be factually honest the chain migration proposal was part of the wall/immigration bill trump has been trying to pass.
This is nothing more than an EO Trump can quickly pass which will end up being escalated to the supreme court. What Trump really wants is an official ruling on the entire amendment. Then the immigration bill can be tailored around those laws. If you're trying to prevent loopholes you need an exact legal definition.Obviously the timing of this was to overshadow the mailbomber and the kike shooting but its a necessary step towards proper immigration laws.

Yeah, let's vote for the jews instead. kys

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I think Trump was waiting for a SCOTUS majority before he wanted to challenge the immigration laws. By only announcing he wants to do this by EO, he can energize the base without risking to energize the Democrats. If he can get retroactive illegals to lose status and establish jus sanguinis, that is in many ways actually better than the wall (although we still need the wall). Especially since it would stop a less talked about form of illegal immigration… the "overstaying of the visa and popping out kids" method… which is according to compromised researchers (but you can still get an idea) is about 40% of illegal immigration to the US.

The only issue is would effectively close the doors on some proposals anons had over trying to bring in a new wave of White immigration from Europe. It would spark debate about "what an American is" which I think is very useful to us.

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don't worry, the blue wave will save us from becoming a 3rd world shit hole

The latest tactic of trying to get us to vote Democrat is hysterical.

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Oh wow you're the -kun faggot too?

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The problem with this idea is that Democrats are just as much corporate shills as Republicans are.

Actually you are wrong - the question of who to vote for for anti-whites just amounts to who likes their steak medium and who likes it rare. Doesn't matter that one is bleeding - they are still both cooked.


Protip: They are dumb.

The greatest tragedy is that you seem to think you have any other option but an open borders anti-white when it comes to voting.
That's the lie. And you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The only real difference is that one is 'open' about being open borders, while the other tells you they oppose it… But still leave the borders wide the fuck open. OP's statistical reality is proof of that - your beloved president sold you out and opened your borders, all the while telling you he was going to combat it.
And fool that you, you believed him.

Hook, line and sinker.

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*fool that you are, you believed it

SS is a ponzi scheme.
Medicare looks similar.
They have to go.

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Exactly, Ponzi scheme plans have to be replaced with something more sustainable, anyways. A state run campaign to help the race-nation save for their golden years that teaches good saving habits and warns about the evils of unnecessary consumption and credit needs to start at elementary school and continue until you retire.

The Muslim ban psyop really did a number on this place. Any US president has essentially unlimited power when it comes to immigration and other issues of national security, the reason why Trump hasn't reformed the system so his based spics can come in through the gate in his big beautiful wall is because he never intended to. The Rubashkin case should have tipped you off, as those jewish slaughterhouses rely on illegal slave labor.

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This is just shit tier trolling
sage and report

A disproportionate number of which are jews.

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And it’s not being repealed by republicans. Because this isn’t the 1960s anymore. Both parties are identical. They vote exactly the same way. They do exactly the same thing.

Could you be any more obvious, shill?

Checked for incredible truth.

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Hahahahaha dude are you fucking kidding?
I'm an accelerationist oppositional to continued voting and even I can tell you're a fucking scab.

Reported for mass spam in every thread.