Are you people for fucking real?

middleeasteye.n et/news/exclusive-saudi-dissident-prince-flies-home-tackle-mbs-succession-58983364

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[Citation needed]

Always the first reply.

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Shit threads get shit replies.

Relevant threads get shill replies.

why would any organization need to pay shills to make Zig Forums less effective when it's already full of retards who attack anyone who is effective e.g. Jared Taylor, James Allsup, or anyone who is right-wing and actually has an audience and hasn't made an embarrassment of themselves.

Okay, this is getting kind of fucking obvious.

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I dont read sand nigger monarchy soap opera. You need to translate this.

In the interest of honesty and so I don't look like a random shitposter: OP is a sensationalist faggot. Nothing has happened in Saudi Arabia yet. Nothing WILL happen, either.

Obvious that Zig Forums is full of spergs who would disagree with me without making an argument? Yeah that's pretty obvious. I'm pretty sure Robert Bowers has been treated more positively by Zig Forums than let's say Stefan Molyneux who, for all his shortcomings, has presented good race & IQ information to literally hundreds of thousands of people.

US and UK are tired of Saudi king acting like a giant cunt. They're backing a coup to put his brother in power instead.

Basically, a western back coup in Saudi Arabia while the country is already destabilizing due to multiple factor, including the Yemeni war, international incidents and the population just being tired of the house of Saud.

That is never a motivation for the US or UK. Someone must be proving to not be as reliable on matters of zionist interest as previously believed.

So literally nothing new

Fuck off Stefan you're a fag.

defoo the jew

This amount of shilling in this thread, in this amount of time is pretty ridiculous. If Saudi Arabia destabilizes it very well could be the spark that lights the fire the whole world is waiting for. They are a lynchpin of the current economic system in place and if they fall everything else could fall with it, leading to massive chaos across the globe. Here's hoping.

They brutally and messily assassinated what in all likelihood was a fucking didact. You don't fucking do that and get away with it. When they killed Khashoggi, they triggered a chain of events which is now lashing back against them, hard. So now, other people are in damage control mode and are trying to get his death curse's target out of a sensitive position.

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Killing people has never been a problem for them before. Like I said, somebody must be proving to not be reliable as anticipated on matters of zionist interest.

No, you're just a newfag that probably thinks the CIA din do nuffin and US induced regime overthrow in the middle east is a new concept.

Killing ordinary people is not a problem. Killing a "didact", i.e. one of the "small people with a very large shadow" is. No, they don't want to depose the king for killing him. But they do want to depose him for reasons precipitated by that killing.

What part of proving to not be as reliable in matters of zionist interest are you having trouble with?

How the fuck is asking for a citation Jewish?

And what changed in the last few weeks which convinced them of that?

We're both right, you're just refusing to see what triggered it for some reason.

Maybe the fact that the post itself is a citation? It's a link to a citation and a quote from the article. This is like being in the ocean and asking where the water is.

That is not a citation for the collapse of the entire Arab world. Not that we would get one anyway - they'd most likely spring it on us. I don't disagree with you that Saudi is in some hot water - but nothing ever happens, ever.

I'm not refusing to see what triggered it. If Khasshogi is the problem, it's because Khasshogi was important to zionist interests. Not because he was some guy that people knew of, or had some political friends, or a known father, or anything other than his specific connections and utility to the zionist regime of USA/israel. If Khasshogi was not relevant to zionist interests, his death wouldn't matter.

That's not what a didact is. By definition, they're nobodies.


Seems fish to me.
First there was this massive hullabaloo about a Saudi guy who got killed in Turkey and now they send in a Saudi Prince thats been indoctrinated in the UK.
Sounds like the usual manufacture controversy and then take over.
NPCs celebrating this like they did when we went in to Iraw.

This wont work out in our favour. And when it goes tits up you can all say that you read it on Zig Forums first.

Your premise is faulty. Saudi Arabia cannot collapse. It is run by jews and defended by the US army. Reported for spam.


If Trump has any intention on delivering on anything, it might fucking over the Saudis, vie just letting do what they want and watch the fireworks.

Don't you have a goat to fuck?

Saudi Arabia is far more important in the grand scheme of the world economy than Iraq or Syria were/are. If they fall into a civil war it could completely blow over the entire house of cards. Obviously the kikes have decided the current king is not pliable or indoctrinated enough and they want a replacement, but if Salman sees it coming and actually starts killing more people to secure his place on the throne, it could spiral out of control quickly, especially given the fact they're already engaged in conflict with Yemen.

Sounds like a good time to me.

This. The amount of bitching that occurred over that death shows that there was more than just some journalist who got knocked off. He was important to the Jews, and they did their usual tricks. They tried to get the US to take a shit all over it and do Zionist bidding.

Its just WW3 I told you controlled op fags it would happen. Saud is one maybe the only country that hasn't needed to be black mailed by trump for help. Which is why the entire western world and commieland wants it couped before the wars start.

Kek! Where the fuck does this chaim think he is? You're not in Kansas or >>>/reddit/ now kid.
The spergs you complain about here think for themselves, and are the oasis of ideas your e-celebs drink from to regugitate to their NPC audiences.
For me alone - ideas I release here I then see on water filter man shows in about 2~3 days time. I sure there are other "spergs" that have similar confirmed head hacks.

mandatory sage for happening clickbait.

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Diverting attention from more immediate and concrete things.

OP is a jew, or from half chan.
Either way you have to go back.

( ( ( sauds) ) ) are crypto as they come too
cousins fucking cousins fucking cousins for two thousand fucked up years

Yeah, need to keep those ten different threads about the synagogue shooting up.

Why are you so desperate to slide this, Chaim?


Moneyjew just made another video defending his race.

Sensationalist bullshit.

I've been waiting my entire life for KSA to collapse, yet nothing will happen here. Call me back when he is backed by an army of loyalists.

Really user?

Checked and agreed. Zig Forums has in part become the serpent consuming itself. I've been here since it's creation. I've seen the golden age (around 2012/2013) reach a new height prior to Trumps election. Between these two eras, pol becomes flooded with spergs who spend far too much time on chan boards and less time actually investigating the events around them.

However, I'll take a dozen pol spergs over 1 libtard/shlomo anyday. They've swallowed the redpill. But the majority lack the contempt and focus to temper it into a true force of reckoning.

TL;DR - /pol is literally the lesser of all other evils. After the red-pill is taken. You must ascend through life experience and real investigative practice.

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yeah, forgot to sage

jews cant help but to capitalize jewish or on being jewish


This is no-where near a 'verge of collapse'.
But it's a step towards enlightening the world on the true sub-political climate taking place in the world. Money is the root of all evil.

What if the crown prince (MBS) kills this guy as well?
This looks like a plan that will not end well.

Those comments restore my faith in my people.

UK and US security guarantees mean this guy is likely going back guarded by personnel from those two countries, and if Salman tries to kill him he will most likely end up killing agents of those countries in the process. He should do it anyway because this is an obvious threat to his power, but the UK and the US are more or less trying to show him who's really in charge with this move.

Relevant, thing about the succession is out of date but I can't wait for the bloodbath

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No newfag.
a strongly worded denouncement if he inspects the interior of a industrial waste compactor by 'accident'
Sage. Know it. Use it.

There is no reason to sage a thread that's discussing an actual geopolitical issue. Or perhaps you would prefer to be discussing Skyrim or Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, the truly relevant topics of the board today. Fuck off you kike shill. Filtered.

Total chaos in the middle east was always the plan, you know it as the "Greater Israel Project"

There is no issue. This is not happening.

What about Doctor and Scientist Jews?

What are you talking about?

Filters me because I didn't pontificate about this nothingburger like the self-grandizing faggots normally do back at his usual watering hole?
Today was a good day.


That's pretty risky for the Jews right now since they still didn't finish off Syria and because of that, haven't been able to move into destroying Iran.

I'd say they just moved to plan B. Without securing syria first they can't move on to iran but with the whole middle east destabilized they can do pretty much whatever they want, and with gas prices inflating sky high every country on earth would get involved.

They could launch a large scale invasion on everyone, syria included, with the support of the USA, UK, france and germany. Russia wouldn't be able to do anything as they would be suffering from the economic damage as well. With so many people the sand niggers wouldn't stand a chance, they'd get bombed back to the stone age (so the level they were 80 years ago) and the whole thing would be resolved in a matter of weeks, thus limiting the damage to their own economy.

I mean, we're talking about parasites whose last resort is to literally destroy the world. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they were to act so recklessly.

What if a team working for the crown prince manages to kidnap the guy from the personnel guarding him, then sends these same personnel back to their respective countries and then proceeds whatever he would like to do with the guy?
This will cause a diplomatic incident of course but since there is no loss of western lives involved, Western governments will simply let it slide

I find it hard to believe that there will not be some opportunity in this whole jamboree for the crown prince to put some plan like this into action

Molyneux goes to great lengths to talk about how he's only like 1/16th kike and his entire worldview being based around semitism and justified through endless holocaust analogies and kvetching does ~nothing~ to undermine his constant desperate distancing.

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Many more shills have flooded the board rather than spergs, especially during the last week and a half. Just browse the threads and notice the similar posting styles, lack of coherency, and general inability to refute anything.

Yeah i know, they have problems :)

How are you going to grab the guy without dealing with his guards, who will open fire on any team going in to grab him? It's not so simple that Salman can just snap his fingers and take care of it no fuss no muss, or he would do it outright.

The only reason the Jews have prevailed up to this point is because they have done things incrementally and carefully. Historically, though, it is true they always get reckless due to hubris and drop the ball hard, so it's entirely possible that they would get desperate and risk it. I doubt it would work out for them at all, as you think it could, though. For one I think Russia wouldn't actually back off and there is a lot of anti interventionist sentiment, and even anti Israel statement, even in the United States, let alone Europe, so Israel actually would have no guarantee of support if they were the outright aggressors.

I agree that its not that simple but given that the guy right now controls everything in Saudi and these guys are walking into the lions den, the odds are in his favor if he plans to do something like this. But let us wait and see what happens.

Related, kind of…
Inshallah there will be a lot of dead mutts!

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whatever happens, i just hope it involves the Saudi Princes killing each other, creating a vacuum for ISIS, who then rounds up the 10,000 Saudo Royals into the soccer stadium in Riyadh and then cutting off all their heads and kicking their skulls into the goals while live streaming it on Jewtube.

That is unlikely, since ISIS is merely a branch of the Mossad that has more or less outlived its usefulness. They were only created to wage a proxy war on Syria, and once Russia stepped in their mission became impossible to complete.


this. it sounds like some intelligence apparatus (which?) set this guy up in a dastardly way, but I agree he might be crazy enough to try to escape with his balls. I think someone liked the idea of him being cunning enough to spark off the war with Iran but now there's a new plan? or something.

Jesus christ you shills are pathetic.

Kushner arranged it, backstabbed the Prince on behalf of US. We are most likely in talks with Iran behind the scenes right now.
Probably not. Although Israel will be in a quagmire.
Kind of true, alliances are shifting right now, in prep for Rus/China joint power (eco and mil) eclipsing USA empire.
Its pol.

Next time just slam your badge into the keyboard.

Sweeeeeeet, didn't have to scroll too much to find the right answer. Thank you, lad.

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If it's true it's big.
Ahmad bin Abdulaziz is the actual heir to the kingdom per islamic law not MBS as he's son of Ibn Saud (there was no concept of "Crown Prince" in KSA before him, Islamic inheritance is through seniority. Which means after the first generation they have a civil war to decide who should be king. Yes, it's that stupid but it's Mohamed rules so…).

Oh, I certainly agree. However this is something that happens between 'golden ages' here. Literally on the way down to the lowest point and during the rise of it's higher community.

With the ongoing political climate in the Western World, especially the USA… Liberals are flocking here along with Gen Z kiddos who have yet to master the art of lurking without posting. I personally know several younger people (17-25) who only come on /pol to meme and see if they can "trigger nazis". I do however find solace in the fact that most of Generation Z is conservative due to having social media at their fingertips. Able to call bullshit on millennials/boomers who are blinded and pozzed by fluoridated government approved Obama Era, anti-neocon propaganda.

For the GenZ kiddos reading this. Lurking is the best way to gain experience.

IMHO, we're on the slight uptick of the community, which will see an increase as November goes into full swing with Voting/Caravan bullshit happening.

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I was just investigating this. Ya beat me to it! Don't get ready to drop its habbening posts yet.

my guess is that kikes want to seriously develop Saudi Arabia since Europe and America have fallen apart. To do that they will need to completely reform Saudi Arabia so that it can begin to focus on things like economy rather than Islam. Think of this like a company changing hands and the old management getting sent packing. I think that's also why there is so much talk of secularism in Saudi Arabia. It has to secularize if the country is to advance, since stuff like praying 5 times a day makes it impossible to get anything done.

I have no proof of this but it is my intuition.

I don't really see how Saudi Arabia collapsing would bring all of Arabia, East Asia, and west Africa I all out war. It's not like they are a major backbone with necessary resources for surrounding countries, they pretty much just look out for themselves. If anything other countries might benefit because their oil would be more valuable without Saudi Arabia to compete with.

It wouldn't - It's also not going to collapse. It would collapse as much as the Democrats said that the USA would when Trump was elected. If anything, the country would see an uptick in its tourism and influence by putting in a ruler who is more aligned with Western demands/needs.

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The jews want Yemen back, their new Himyarite Kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia is not critical to the stability of the Middle East, they are critical to the stability of the world economy, in particular the US economy. If the Saudis stopped trading oil under the dollar the US economy would likely completely collapse, which is why the US will do virtually anything to prevent Saudi Arabia from collapsing, as will their vassal states and their (((masters))).

However, Saudi Arabia is a damn powder keg and could easily still fall apart despite the attempts to keep it stable and cohesive, and if that happens all hell can, and will break loose. In a best case scenario we might even see entire countries breaking off the current global currency scheme altogether, something Russia and China have openly stated they would like to do.

The Jews plan on taking control of that system, too, but they are currently in the process of shifting their power bases out of Europe and the United States to what they are betting will be the new power structure of the future. For an example of this, they already awarded the Chinese control over their ports, which will transition out of the United States hands by 2021. If they lose control before their transition is complete, however, they would be in a terrible position as the United States would be struggling to restructure its own economy and could potentially go through civil war or simply collapse altogether during that period. Leaving Israel with no zogbots to do their bidding and no shields against the many enemies the Jews have, as always, built up through their arrogant and vicious actions.

This guy gets it.

There is that word again. Anything written by this journalist is worthless. Only niggers and sjw use toxic.



You're nuts, man. Saudi Arabia is only NINE percent of US oil imports. Canada is first, with 40 percent, over 4 times as much oil imported to the US. Saudi Arabia provides only 1 percent more to the US than Mexico.

Would we notice if Saudi Arabia completely stopped oil production? Certainly, the price would jump for a while, but to say we are dependant on their oil is ludicrous.
The oil the US exports alone would cover the deficit several times over. That's right, we export more oil than we import from Saudi Arabia.

IT is still acceptable in the application to describe chemical substances and the like, but in a more vernacular usage? No. Not anymore.

Interesting read, pretty much makes sense. I think that pic supports my thoughts, that it will be mostly self contained and not spread to neighboring countries much. I could see desperate Saudi princes taking their militaries and trying to conquer land for valuable resources, but they are just surrounded by sand and oil for hundreds of miles which isn't going to help them.

It's possible that it collapses into civil war, if it does it will only bring in the UN and possibly EU for humanitarian efforts to get those millions of starving people out. I don't see the US getting involved, maybe if the Dems manage to get some wacko as president somehow. Mostly unexciting prospects, except if you're involved in mercenary groups.

The Khaleejis sold out the rest of the Muslim world for their own prosperity. the Jew is simply repaying them with a knife in the back as is their tradition. the Oded Yinnon plan is almost done. Syria and Iraq are a flattened mess. all Israel has to do is simply move in under peacekeeping pretenses

Well using it as its original, intended meaning is fine. Using it as some blanket slang term is fucking shit.

I need Hitler on the other line.