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These faggots need to get spooked. Let's have a thread showing the worst of the worst of Canadian media. Taking back our country begins with knowing our enemy better

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Okay this is epic

John Bentley Mays was the "visual art critic" for the Globe & Mail, and thus one of the most influential opinion makers in Canadian arts.

Here's a typical article by him, sort of cast in the form of a pseudo scholarly article that puts forth the thesis that when faggots find some spot in a city, like a corner of a park or an abandoned warehouse area, where they can cruise and make out with other men, this almost unconscious act redefines the architectural space, in much the same way as say Michaelangelo's design for the Capitoline Hill in Rome, creating "Queer Space".

It's sort of remarkable now since this predated "Safe Space" by a couple decades….

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Emma Teitel sounds like a Literally Who, why would is it epic for some Jewess to blame the alleged death of 11 Jews on his campaign?

Do we even have evidence they died? What if they are just vacationing in Israel until 2024?

The one good thing about that whole "All jews are welcome in Israel" is that theyre all in one spot.

1. Disparaging and Offensive.
+ (in historical contexts) a person who is not a Christian, jew, or Muslim; a heathen.
+ an irreligious or hedonistic person.
+ an uncivilized or unenlightened person.


These neopagans don't follow a single real rite or tradition that actual pagans did. It's fucking weird, all they do is follow what the anti-Pagan Christians said they were. It's no more religion than atheism. just like any of the pagans on this board tbh.

When was the most recent crusade, again?

1. of Shem, a son of Noah; a shemite.

Not all jews are Semites and not all Semites are jews. "Anti-semitism" needs to be clarified as "Anti-jewry", since that is what they mean. Those who love the Palestinian people and hate jews are also called anti-semites though it is clear that they are pro-semites, being the sons and daughters of Shem and all some arab who never fucking existed.

Confirmed jew tbh.

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i base my beliefs off texts and archeological finds from ancient europe. these neopagans base their beliefs off nonsense and self-written grimoires.

im guessing that youre either christian, and think you will be saved because you get communion every now and then, or a godless atheist. either way youre weak, mentally and spiritually, and i have nothing to say to you other than to prepare for judgement.

Even the bible as the talmud also states that as a curse upon edom edom (the white man) their women will be ripped open . Now have a look at abortion clinics and feminists who support this anti human atrocity . The jewish way is to play all sides against each other meaning for us to get into a debate about rape etc . The same with this issue as they have us by the balls . We endlessly debate our "rights" and what is wrong or not and there is no action. They are masters for centuries as confusion and deception . While we debate (sleep) they live (and prepare a great white sacrifice for the bronze age god YHVH )

For the twentieth time, this irresolvable problem troubled him. He would have desired an end to this irresolute state in which he floundered. Now that he was pursuing a changed life, he would have liked to possess faith, to incrust it as soon as seized, to screw it into his soul, to shield it finally from all those reflections which uprooted and agitated it. But the more he desired it and the less his emptiness of spirit was evident, the more Christ's visitation receded. As his religious hunger augmented and he gazed eagerly at this faith visible but so far off that the distance terrified him, ideas pressed upon his active mind, driving back his will, rejecting, by common sense and mathematical proofs, the mysteries and dogmas. He sadly told himself that he would have to find a way to abstain from self-discussion. He would have to learn how to close his eyes and let himself be swept along by the current, forgetting those accursed discoveries which have destroyed the religious edifice, from top to bottom, since the last two centuries.

He sighed. It is neither the physiologists nor the infidels that demolish Catholicism, but the priests, whose stupid works could extirpate convictions the most steadfast.

A Dominican friar, Rouard de Card, had proved in a brochure entitled "On the Adulteration of Sacramental Substances" that most masses were not valid, because the elements used for worship had been adulterated by the manufacturers.

For years, the holy oils had been adulterated with chicken fat; wax, with burned bones; incense, with cheap resin and benzoin. But the thing that was worse was that the substances, indispensable to the holy sacrifice, the two substances without which no oblation is possible, had also been debased: the wine, by numerous dilutions and by illicit introductions of Pernambuco wood, danewort berries, alcohol and alum; the bread of the Eucharist that must be kneaded with the fine flour of wheat, by kidney beans, potash and pipe clay.

But they had gone even farther. They had dared suppress the wheat and shameless dealers were making almost all the Host with the fecula of potatoes.

Now, God refused to descend into the fecula. It was an undeniable fact and a certain one. In the second volume of his treatise on moral theology, Cardinal Gousset had dwelt at length on this question of the fraud practiced from the divine point of view. And, according to the incontestable authority of this master, one could not consecrate bread made of flour of oats, buckwheat or barley, and if the matter of using rye be less doubtful, no argument was possible in regard to the fecula which, according to the ecclesiastic expression, was in no way fit for sacramental purposes.

By means of the rapid manipulation of the fecula and the beautiful appearance presented by the unleavened breads created with this element, the shameless imposture had been so propagated that now the mystery of the transubstantiation hardly existed any longer and the priests and faithful were holding communion, without being aware of it, with neutral elements.

Ah! far off was the time when Radegonda, Queen of France, had with her own hands prepared the bread destined for the alters, or the time when, after the customs of Cluny, three priests or deacons, fasting and garbed in alb and amice, washed their faces and hands and then picked out the wheat, grain by grain, grinding it under millstone, kneading the paste in a cold and pure water and themselves baking it under a clear fire, while chanting psalms.

"All this matter of eternal dupery," Des Esseintes reflected, "is not conducive to the steadying of my already weakened faith. And how admit that omnipotence which stops at such a trifle as a pinch of fecula or a soupcon of alcohol?"

These reflections all the more threw a gloom over the view of his future life and rendered his horizon more menacing and dark.

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youre only scratching the surface on whats wrong with christianity, the fact your own priests have stripped it everything sacred and separate from the profane is only a consequence of more serious issues.

And I laugh when I meet tattooed dope smoking "NAZIs".

"Taking dope is negroidal behavior"

Dr. Goebbels.

That's a quote from a very funny and totally serious book. I posted the link. I strongly recommend it. That was a very funny passage I quoted.

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It's shit like this why the Star had to sell off the literal printing presses their rag comes out of. So what did they do? Continue to write the same garbage. Why anyone is paying attention to these cunts, I don't know. But it's time you could be using to get fit and read worthwhile material and met people.

Leaf (((media))) is for shitskins and cat-lady SJWs surfing at work. Media is even more heavily jewish than in the US. Honestly I don't pay attention to it other than maybe once a week and even then I mostly read crime or weather. Narrative stories like the second one are what you'll mostly find on the CBC website. CTV and National Post are the least pozzed but like Trump they're kosher too.

Paper consumption is down, online is way, way up. Clickbait is a thing.

Leaf media is the same as any controlled media. Just like 8/pol/ is controlled opposition.

I can confirm that there isn't a single day when CBC/Radio-canada doesn't say the word "feminism" without forgetting the usual praise.

If DOTR in the US will be a bulletstorm, DOTR in canada would be wrath-fuel bloodshed. The longer you let it heat on the stove the more violent the explosion will be.

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