Jewish literature

I was instructed to read this book in my English class, and although the authors name is Russian sounding, the translator is obviously jewish. What should I expect when I read this? How can I avoid getting manipulated or brainwashed?
After we finish it we are instructed to write a satire essay.
Just looking to see your guy's thoughts

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Why do Americans read non-English books in English class??? Truly a "race" of dumb subhuman mutts.

I you aren't looking to be brainwashed
pay attention enough to pass and that's about it.

Just pretend he's Hitler.

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You can have English classes in college you daft cunt.

If OP is old enough to go to college he should be smart enough to not make shit threads like this.

I'm a senior

Oh ok.
I just looked at the translators name, which ended with 'burg' and I went full pol

I'd gladly help the elderly.
Don't mention it.

You're overestimating the intelligence of college students.

Yeah sorry for making a shit first post. I kinda transitioned from cuckchan a month ago after realizing it was full of shills and retards and then realizing this place was a lot more Intellectual.(I never really posted at cuckchan I simply lurked and observed)

First posts are bound to be shit posts.

Your whole educational system is build on manipulation. If you're not in the top of all your classes you might as well ditch school altogether and learn a trade as soon as possible. You will only hurt yourself by trying to follow the pack. As for the book..use common sense and what you already know about the jews to navigate any form of media. It's about silently ignoring the drivel and finding the truth or lies behind the few remarkable statements. If you're smart try to put what he's writing about into modern day context, while pointing out the hypocrisy to your fellow students.

What is the basic jist of the novel.
I'm still going to read it but is it a good book? Or will I have to actively ward off bluepills.

You always have to ward off negative influences. Just read it and then compare the state he's talking about to what the jews did to this planet. It's a pretty good read.

Ah so it can be a redpilling experience on Communism,

I just saw.the translators name, researched her and found out she was jewish. That put me on my guard, as I was certain this was a part of the class where they will try to indoctrinate us Into Jew beliefs

My brother who's still in highschool told me about a jewish substitute for his English class
She did this presentation with slide images showing different images of women. She then asked kids who raised their hands to give a word or adjective about the pictures of women.
The last slide showed a drag queen, and the class burst out in laughter, annoying the kikess. My brother said aloud "that's not a women!". He told me the hitch yelled at him
"Did you raise your hand?!" and started shrieking at other kids who exclaimed that the tranny wasn't a women. She threw buzzwords like bigot and intolerant.
Glad to see my little bro is showing signs of going redpill

Jesus fucking Christ. Show yourself some self respect. Don't tell me that you are so empty headed, so easily lead that reading one jewish book will somehow make you unable to notice the fact that the jews occupy almost every important position of power in the media and financial institutions. Don't tell me that you are so credulous that you think that reading one book will suddenly make you unaware of the vast hordes of non-Whites who are flooding into our nations and (((who))) is responsible for making that happen.
You know, whenever I want to learn what the party line is, what the System is interested in talking about, I tune into (((CBS))) "news" and listen or read through some of their propaganda. Next I sample what the (((New York Times))) has to say.
I am not negatively affected by all that propaganda because I know (((who))) writes it and who it is intended to harm.
If anything, I come away from each CBS and NYT article even more anti-jew and pro-White than I was before!

Once you start noticing the jews, you can never go back to being ignorant. You can try, but you will fail. Once we understand the situation, the only choice you have is whether to accept jewish domination over our world or to actively resist them.
I know which choice I have taken, do you?

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Why didn't he use it?

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A few poor decisions and policies that snowballed and killed the dream.
No one's perfect. It sucks being the underdog.

You did not make this pun.

Because the entire "free world" powered by that very international money-lender cabal, fueled judeo bolshevism to the point they sacrificed untold millions just to defeat germany and take berlin and then turn around and sacrifice another 21 million russians after the war
What did the whites in the allied countries receive as a thank you from the jews 80 years after the war? A degenerated europe with a "common market" and a EU structure on top that dictates like jew commissars tot he member countries. Meanwhile whites in america, canada, australia and new zealand receive just as big a gift of diversity but also the responsibility of fighting and funding all of the jews wars for them, while maintaining the state of israel.

Don't fear communism, fear capitalism. That's how they get you. Once inside the illusion of comfort, nothing more than a little peer pressure propaganda, and you'll defend the communist doctrine without even realizing it.

Oh, come on. Until 1943 there wasn't much fueling (1941/42 is less than 15% of total lend lease Soviets would get), with most of the stuff arriving in 1944/45 (literally, up to September of 1945; Soviets were assembling lend-lease trucks well into 1947). And, once you account for the fact that Soviets got only ~20% of total lend-lease provided by US, you'll end up with measly ~3% of lend-lease during first two years - when Blitzkrieg was destroyed under Moscow, and southern forces were annihilated under Stalingrad.

Even then improvement didn't really hit off until after the last major battle, when Reich lost whatever else it managed to scrap together - the battle of Kursk (supply rate literally doubled in second half of 1943), . And I'm not even mentioning the fact that Soviets also were supplying Allies.

Am confused. What are you talking about?

If your mind is so feeble that you cannot critically dissect a piece of Jewish propaganda, you should not be in school.

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its the book that Huxley ripped off to write brave new world. stylistically at least.

I don't know, OP. Perhaps by not having a vagina.

What the fuck is this thread? You didn't even post anything interesting. Fuck off and make better posts.

Well it isn't as retarded as halfchan

Don't read it.


Good luck with civil war or nuclear exchange with China, whichever comes first.

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Good book.

I've read it. Good book. Dystopian vision of future without privacy. Ahead of its time.

lol China nukes cannot even reach the USA.

The USSR was 10x times stronger than China via nuke strength, and they were destroyed.

Even DPRK has such nukes. Which is why the whole "who's got the bigger button" nonsense swiftly transitioned into "let's re-unify South and North".

USSR was not destroyed through nuclear exchange.

Yeah they don't, DPRK missiles tests reach up to Japan, which is right next to them.
lol the notion was started by pigge KJU because he knows he has no shit to show to the West, so the only option left is to join capitalist pigs.
And? It's destroyed by economic stagnation and civil unrest, and the same will happen to China.

Use your brain, bastard.

Traitor generals that pussyfooted.