For all the 'progressive' signaling, SJW is just another religion

It has all the markers:

1. "Revealed Truth" (Listen and Believe)
2. A Catechism (The 'Narrative')
3. 'Sins'
4. 'Heretics' aren't just wrong, they're *evil*.

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Yeah, we know. This is something we’ve known since before Zig Forums even existed. You, being a newfag too stupid to even read our rules, have decided to treat this place like reddit. Fuck off.

It is called (((Judaism))).

Or at least what Judaism has become. Tika Olam, heal the world through leftist politics and especially social justice, no need for God, personal piety or Laws.

For non-Jews, it is a bastardized form of Christianity. There is no belief in God or Gods rules, rather every deviant form of behavior is justified and defended. Yet it has all the hallmarks of the witch burning fanatical Christianity of the middle ages, with it's extreme emphasis on group think, speech control, thought control and especially moral purity. Anyone who wanders out of bounds is a heretic and their life is destroyed. "Racist" is the new "Devil Worshipper" and Hitler is Satan himself.

The worst part is, these same mindless leftists love to demonize Evangelicals when their behavior is far worse.

SJWism is the religion not only of the left, but it is forced down America's throats by Hollywood day in an day out, in video games, the tech industry, and especially in the media. It is America's corporate culture, so most of the middle class lives under its oppressive restrictions day in and day out. This is most pronounced in Silicon Valley where it is being forced upon the internet.

Imagine if Christian Fundamentalists had the same power and influence. Where they controlled every aspect of American life and forced their beliefs on everyone, literally chanting SHAME SHAME at anyone who presents a challenge.

I wish more people saw that it was an aggressive religion obsessed with moral purity.

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We should coin the term "Leftist Fundamentalism" and spread it on social media.

Every single witch burning in the Americas was instigated by a ((lawyer)) or a ((politician)) so nothing has changed at all

Its an antiwhite cult.

More like a cult within a religion, the religion being much broader and could be called The Enlightenment, basically all the different modern philosophies, political ideologies, etc form a single broad religion in some sense similar to hinduism, in that a hindhu could be anything from an high class classical educated brahmin figure, to a sexcult cannibal who lives in graveyard.

We still haven't come to terms with the fact that Western society is no longer Christian, but Heathen and that religion has become Western Civilization.

It is a cult, a mass audience 12 step program

You need to listen to Robert Whitaker. He wrote a lot about this subject. It will expand your arguments on this subject to the point where you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that "liberalism" is not "like" a religion. It is a religion.

It isn't "another religion" it is the religion they have always had. When Christianity was the absolutely predominant cultural feature these were the faggots claiming that we hand a "christian duty" to help shitskins and filthy sinners despite that edict existing nowhere in the religion for centuries prior. In any tribe they were the fucking hall-monitors who pretended to care about culture and tradition but really just used it as a means to socially signal. I could be argued that in the environment where traditions and religion were enforcing adaptive behavior their shitty signalling wasn't a maladaptive trait as they merely enforced extant norms which aided survival. The modern leftist culture is however expressly maladaptive, indeed intentionally maladaptive.

But there wasn't significant witch, werewolf, or vampire hunting in the middle ages it was in the early modern ages that these panics happened. It is interesting that both pagan and christian killing of witches prior to the early modern period amounted to "we suspect you are a murderer but cannot prove it so die witch". But the more extensive witch trials, which were still tiny and not what the modern left ironically claims, were perpetrated in nations or populations which would become predominantly libtarded and atheist. England, the Netherlands, New England, ect. Note that unlike the previous societies they were not merely making excuses to purge undesirable elements they were putting on show trials. These faggots are addicted to social signaling.

We've seen bullshit like the libtards before this, the Cathars were accepting of homosexuality, vice of all sorts, and even murder. They encouraged people not to breed, and thought that because the world was filthy and fallen nobody should have children and that no authority should control them because it was temporal, except for the Cathar Elect of course. Sound familiar? How many times has a libtard bitched to you about overpopulation and how you are selfish for bringing children into a world were they suffer, you are selfish for not adopting a little nignog because muh overpopulation, you are selfish for doing anything biologically adaptive and placing your family before shitskins you've never met. And when you point out that we could just stop feeding the shitskins and billions would die off in the first ten years they have no material rebuttal they and only sputter and stammer "W-W-WACIST!"

This is the same sickness we as a race have always had. The Catholic Church organized the extermination of all adult Cathars under the request of France and the German states because these faggots were trying to destroy society. But they didn't purge enough it seems, the Cathars were never that big and the Inquisition was created to prevent another heresy of that sort. And it did, and it only cost 4,500 lives at most over an 800 year period to do it. The Inquisition essentially invented modern investigative law because they weren't a secular court looking for scapegoats to throw to the outraged mob. They were actually trying to stop heresy.

But it was a mistake and yes any NatSoc plan of forcing these fags to act like humans would also be a mistake. We should just let all those who don't have a predisposition to survive die off, ZA VINAL ZOLUTION IV YOU VILL!

I do wonder if the extreme leftism pervasive in many parts of America has to do with not only much of the population being jews and shitskins, but also much of the population descending from religious fanatics in Europe, mainly the Puritans from England who were the second and larger wave of colonizers in what is now the United States.

The Puritans were a small population. Most of the Americans who are right wing descend from the Cavaliers(the enemy of the Roundheads) and german mercenary groups which included their camp followers who were disbanded after the 30 years war ended. The libtard groups are the Puritians in New England, Scandies in the Upper Midwest, the Evangelicals in the midwest whom I consider libshits who still think Church is the place to socially signal, and the 1900 immigrants who didn't have to deal with the filter that was colonial life and concentrated in the coasts and a few major cities.

Isn't the Midwest generally the most conservative region of the country though? And weren't many of the post-19th century immigrants descended from Slavs and Meds, neither of whom are generally that liberal?

I can see where you're going with this. For example - the way original sin is described is the same way privilege is spoken of. But the word 'cult' might be a better way to describe it.

Wow, and the first post no less. That thread that details the recent low-energy bottom shelf shilling is spot on!


No shit.

Well no shit, Sherlock. How new are you?

It's not "shilling" to point out that OP's observation is nothing new to Zig Forums, and that newfags should not be making threads with their earth-shaking epiphanies that have already been had 1000 times over. The number of responses equivalent to "no shit" ought to give you that this is already well known.

The most conservative parts of the country are the German parts of the country. Note also that Texas is heavily Germanic, even though it is now overwhelmed by the Mexican hordes.

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Remember when the kooky town drunk at the end of the bar would be told "Shut up, Hank. You're not making sense. Go home!" and the moron would keep his crazy yap shut?

Proof that social media and anonymous discussion boards were a mistake (and I was on UseNet back when only DARPA / DoE sites had it…)


White Privilege and privilege in general is the modern original sin.

Globalism is a secularized version of Judaism and Christian prophecies; the same one that inspired colonialism, communism and all the missionary work. Same shit, different century. This world order is often referred to as Zion, the reign of the messiah or second coming.
A 'world government' is completely non-dialectical and would look like global anarchy in a state of arrest development with a paper work company that harasses old ladies. I guess this is why neo-marxists have turned to analytical methodologies if they wish to remain monotonic; since going all the way with nearly any type of dialectical logic points towards a self abolishing cynical system– but that undermines their monotonic historical determinism of oppression Olympics.

I wouldn’t say that it follows the traditional definition of a religion, but maybe the “group-think” colloquial definition we apply to any group that shares unwavering values.
Yet like most religions, the SJW perogarive relies heavily on emotion attachment and fails to provide evidence for any of their claims. They both use scare tactics and an “us vs them” mentality to entice and manipulate their easily swayed followers.

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you're right, it is a religion, it's a prerequisite substructure of noahidism.

There’s never been a real analysis though , we talk about it and acknowledge it , but I believe it requires it’s own dig thread or perhaps multiple threads to dissect, analyze and connect the dots of this Progressive Religion. How many times do we confront SJW’s with Irrefutable Smacking them in the face evidence their argument(s) are moot and it’s just pluh (at best) ? A thread like this deserves to be reintroduced until we figure out how to deprogram and redpill the SJW and form quality memes to show the “non-conformist” , blue haired , pierced , tattooed , 2edgy4you, bearded , mouth open , opinions my own, Libtards that manage to repeat the same mantra , swallow and repeat the same buzzwords, repeat the same slogans , participate in group rituals and serve to appease both a real and imagined hierarchy that they are in fact practicing a Religion whereas there are similar taboos, rituals, etc. as established ones and the kicker is they don’t even Fucking Realize It

Good Job OP , you’re still a faggot but this is something Zig Forums needs to work on and it would be a gem if we could produce something equivalent of the NPC Memes

There's only thing they worship and that is power. They are students of Alinksy after all. They have no principle, because they care only for the ability to turn your children into trannies.

How is the concept of "white privilege" not the exact same thing as "original sin"

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Zealotry has all the same hallmarks, no matter who the chosen deitie(s) is/are.

No, OP, it isn't. It's old Marxist nonsense. Americunts know NOTHING beyond their sport ball and celeb bullshit. Just basic world history of the past two hundred years would clear it all up for you. Seriously, read a fucking book.