U.S., Hungary have already backed out
Austria says it won't sign UN global migration pact over sovereignty fears
Austria will follow the United States and Hungary in backing out of a UN migration pact over concerns it will blur the line between legal and illegal migration, the Austrian government said on Wednesday.

Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz took office last December in a coalition with the nationalist, anti-migration Freedom Party. Austria currently holds the European Union's rotating presidency, and Kurz has made curbing unregulated migration a priority.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which won't be legally binding, was finalized under UN auspices in July. It is due to be formally approved at a December meeting in Marrakech, Morocco.

Kurz and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said Austria won't sign the document or send an official representative to Marrakech. They cited, among other things, fears about a possible watering-down of the distinction between legal and illegal migration.

"There are some points that we view critically and where we fear a danger to our national sovereignty," Kurz said.

"Some of the contents go diametrically against our position," added Strache, the Freedom Party's leader.

"Migration is not and cannot become a human right. It cannot be that someone receives a right to migration because of the climate or poverty."

Pact 'inconsistent with U.S. policy'

Austria took in roughly one per cent of its population in asylum seekers in 2015 during a migration crisis in which more
than a million people travelled to Europe, many of them fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.

That experience dominated last year's parliamentary election and helped propel Kurz's conservatives to power. He has said he will prevent any repeat of that influx and has implemented policies that include restricting benefits for new immigrants.

In September 2016, all 193 UN member states, including the United States under former president Barack Obama, adopted a declaration saying no country can manage international migration on its own, and agreed to launch a process leading to the adoption of a global compact in 2018.

But last December, the U.S. said it was ending its participation in negotiations on the compact, stating that numerous provisions were "inconsistent with U.S. immigration and refugee policies" under President Donald Trump.

In July, Hungary said it would withdraw from the process.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said then that the pact was contrary to his country's interests because while it had some positive aims, like fighting human trafficking, overall it considered migration an unstoppable and positive phenomenon worthy of support.

Poland, which has also clashed with Brussels by resisting national quotas for asylum seekers, has said it is considering the same step.

The non-binding UN pact addresses issues such as how to protect people who migrate, how to integrate them into new countries and how to return them to their home countries. The United Nations has hailed it as a historic and comprehensive pact that could serve as a basis for future policies.

Austria's interior minister, Herbert Kickl, denounced what he called "an almost irresponsibly naive pro-migration tone."

Kickl contended that "it is simply not clear whether this pact, if we were to join it, would not at some point or somehow influence our body of law, even by the back door."

Austria's opposition criticized the decision.

In Brussels, Natasha Bertaud, a spokesperson for the EU's executive commission, said it regrets Austria's decision and is seeking more details from Vienna.

"We continue to believe that migration is a global challenge where only global solutions and global responsibility sharing will bring results," she said at a regular briefing.

EU heavyweight Germany reaffirmed its support for the pact, which foreign ministry spokesperson Rainer Breul said is "necessary and important."

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They'll be forced to sign because the EU tells them too.

Oy vey but unlimited 3rd world invasions into every European country is a human right!

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Global report

Where can you check who signed it so far?

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The EU is finished
Salvini and Orban have Trumps support
It's only a matter of time now. EU is in terminal decline

Also this

Good for Austria. They can stay happy for a few more years longer than white people in the major NATO countries.

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The more the US tells the EU to fuck off, the more other countries are starting to do the same. So go ahead and report me as much as you want, if you think I'm afraid of being banned for a few days, I'm not. So keep crying. That noose is getting all-the-more tighter around that crooked neck of yours!

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Austria’s decision is good. I hope that every country that’s likely to refuse it will.

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Hungary has been a piece of shit since they left the Austrian empire and Italy is on the brink of a financial collapse because they are fucking lazy.

They have nothing to say and can be happy to be part of the EU.

Trump is going to support everyone as long as they break up the EU as this would greatly weaken the European countries and strengthen the bargaining position of the USA. You can hate the EU, but you need to get this. If you don't get this you should be gassed.



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You don't understand anything.

If the EU passes a law it is a law for the member states.

They don't need to force anyone, they can tell then what to do.

Why do you comment on something you know so little about? Do you even feel ashamed?

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Or are you just automatically signed up?

so japan is signing this shit?

In Japan there is something called hone and tatanae. If they sign they have no intention of following trough

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Sad because NZ, i mean middle earth should know better

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Why would they follow a law that has NOT yet been passed? Do you know how laws work?

The EU actually wants to make this shit into a law. Do you get this? The UN has NOTHING to say and everyone goes crazy, while the EU wants to do the same while having the power to enact this horseshit. shouldn't that be a bigger concern?

I did not say that. It is good for POOR countries or why don't they just leave? If it is so bad they would leave, right?

No, they stay and collect financial aid from the rich countries. If they don't need those gibs they wouldn't be in the EU. The UK already voted to leave. So it shouldn't be a problem for others to leave too.

I did not say that. Do you think Italy has the power to tell the Jews to go fuck themselves? I would be surprised.

Yet multiple europeans countries have already accepting refugees before the law is even passed.
Italy is already planning to leave: telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/09/08/five-star-advisor-says-italy-could-yet-leave-eu-bloc-has-failed/

EUkikes want to poster their strength, but their power is waning and fast.

They accepted rapefugees because they themselves choose to and not due to some law that might be passed in the future. Even in the EU countries are allowed to make some decisions. Especially if it follows the agenda of the kikes.
You can make choices even if there is no law. Countries can do the same.

The EU tried to force them, but some countries refused.
Now the EU wants to make a law so countries cannot refuse anymore.

Talk is cheap. I will believe it once they started the process of leaving. The sooner the better.

No, because their government are cucked. Poland and Hungary are in sanctions right now by the EU for not importing rapefugees.

Which is why Germany is so pissed off because germans are actually anti-refugee like the rest of Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

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all european countries want to work as a united trading block, we want to work together, with othyer europeans, i just want less muslims, thats it. the eu will fall apart and then we'll organise something more suited to our needs