Brit/pol/ #2919: Fuck Puglad Edition

DFLA vs FLAF: The Football Lads Tackling Extremism

They used to be football hooligans, fighting each other on the terraces and in the streets. Now, two groups of "football lads" have got together to combat extremism – but in very different ways.

Brexit salvation: Project Fear defeated as groundbreaking data shows UK's bright future

EXPORTS in the UK reached their highest ever level in May, as Britain goods sold to non-EU countries rose by more than £2billion

Tory councillor arrested on suspicion of 'upskirting' in branch of TK Maxx

Gloucester councillor Lee Hawthorne, 39, was arrested on Wednesday after police released CCTV images of a man suspected of committing the offence

Hundreds attempt to disrupt first-ever LGBT pride parade in Poland

First LGBT Pride in Poland's Bialystok met with massive counter-protest lgbt&src=typd

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fuck madlad too my rthread is obviously better


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yup its janny time

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No one is stopping you from fucking back off to Somalia
One days pay from the EU is enough to buy you a ticket you cunt

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Is it me of does Greta Spergberg look like Putin with long hair. She has the same facial features.

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Do they realise that this "luck" thing they spout makes them sound religious, something that they will say they are not. It implies we have souls

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Who are you?

Ronnie Pickering


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Here’s a good one for you lads
Examine the next two videos



knives coming out for puglad

22st should be banned smh

Fun Fact: When Steve Jobs was buried and the coffin hit the bottom of the grave, a crack appeared on the lid.

Proper boomer joke

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been watching a lot of cbbs recently. preschool tv seems to have absolutely minimal educative content these days. almost totally animated nonsense from start to finish. they might as well just show slowly rotating abstract shapes.

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Flash animation is vile. Simple as.

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state of whoopi goldberg

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Goldberg? is she Jewish?

They're as British as you or me.


behead those who insult flash

kek i get what you mean though

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no she just took a kike stage name to get work


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Trump: I could win Afghan war in a week
big flex

im not ready lads

Think i have dry socket cunt wisdom tooth fuck off

Bit disengeuous of them to show Spain as dark red, that's normal temperatures for them.

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Big donnie smh

I could win a war against Israel in one hour if I was President of the USA thereby bringing the world peace

Big dick Donnie

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This all smells like zog stitch up for the Yanks and Yids to start processions for their final messianic war tbh

it's not hot till your tyres leave prints in the tarmac tbh.

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she was certainly 'green' about the nature of savages tbh

Some say that 'aspiring pilot' entered "The Danger Zone".

Of course it is
US baited Britain into seizing an Iranian ship under false pretences and stupid Theresa fell hook line and sinker
BoJo will be Trump’s Tony Blair
There’s many angles to the reasons they want to smash Iran one is Iranian competition in Africa which the Saudis hate

He failed the Top Gun academy


we fell into the trap

the creature disturbs me, it looks like an uncanny valley deepfake hologram or something not quite human

His instructor wasn't impressed when Abdul fired a Sidewinder missile when the simulator was tilted at 90 degrees.

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third is there to keep an eye on the two
Five weeks in jail for criticising Islam

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they're changing the climate to acclimatise the wogs tbh

Big mistake, don't take the door off of it's latch if you have one, otherwise speak to them from the upstairs windows.

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Source? proof?

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state of slags

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wew isn't that like nonce hunter hq proper norf county

Miss slagposting I do

Easily would if I were drunk tbh smh

slagposting was mostly harmless as far as women posting goes

Slagposting was kino tbh

I need a haircut tbh

Wish I lived in a horror movie scenario

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From the graun

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Can't let us forget can they, the utter cunts.

Props to them tbh, must be hard to search through the archives to find the one picture that proves their beliefs

man faced e thots can fucking die tbf

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Could do with that slag photographer lad in the thread right now

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Fucking state of these cunts

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He is a good lad tbf

keek wtf

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Dear lord.

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The march like they all shit themselves.

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