Gab gets the gas


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I blame Dorsey.

We are with yiu torba!

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what if his parents just forgot to turn it off tho

what if i fucked your mother and took a shit in her purse afterwards

i would be confused, upset, and surprised
but i wouldn't be surprised if old people forgot to turn off their gas grill and left it on before leaving the house



Oy gevalt, almost gassed by his own grill. Hitler's pranks have gone too far this time.

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I honestly hate people who say this.
I doubt the prayer will turn off the grill or stop your opposition from tormenting you–assuming this actually happened, of course.

Gab isn't jewish you subversive rat! Gab means to speak quickly. Torba isn't even a kike name. You've already been btfo in other threads, and I will do it again in this one too.

Get /fit. Get Zig Forums. Get Angry.

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Gab is deleting many wrong think accounts retard.

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He deleted my account @Godblessadolfhitler and I had over 1,000 followers. I did nothing but spread national socialism

Any screencaps?


You're right, it's not, but "gabai" is.
You don't need a "kike name" to literally be a jew
You havent btfo anyone in any thread.

I know Zig Forums is filled with NPCs now, but post proofs.

>I know Zig Forums is filled with shills hopefully until the mid-terms now, but post proofs.

this is counter false flags … fuck this dude.
we are not your army faggot.

suck your 10 viewers cocks (if there was really 1m he woundt need pol)

you are acting like a liberal crybaby

Sounds like he is melting down and wont be able to get his site back online. The ferry tails of gassings will be his excuse.

damn you want to suck the gab cock so bad … go back to reddit.

no one cares about convincing you

So because someone left the BBQ his family is being attacked by terrorists.

fairy tales … its not the ends of a boat … but i guess thats cool for halloween

(btw wheres the spoopy???)


at your shit music fucking losers

no really and if your parents die it will be them not us … but hey enjoy trying to take on the powers that be with a computer

fucking retards … they have computers , they have guns they have money. Learn to fight smart

How is that sucking cock? You dumb nigger, prove your account existed and you aren't bullshitting. Every claim by every person needs to be substantiated, or it's moot. LARPing on an anonymous imageboard does not make you cool or edgy, provide some proofs.

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That isn't valid evidence for the claim being made. You said you had a popular account of a specific name that got banned specifically for being NatSoc. Enough people lie about how the border is totally getting closed this time goys(!) that that doesn't satisfy me.

wasted dubs
Shit dude, how many tabs do you have open

wasted dubs

What buzzwords? How is asking him to back up his claims "topic dilution", when I'm directly asking for the topic of the conversation to be justified? And yet you call me a shill. Meanwhile, your post contributes nothing of substance to the thread and was obviously made to distract and stir shit. Really makes me think. How much do they pay you?

don't trust this piece of shit, this shit is just an excuse for the fact he's spending time selling your data to the feds.



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the style has developed with time, and by next year will be /v/ery popular by 2077% more.

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You're watching television. Suddenly you spot a wasp crawling on your arm. How do you react?

These people will pay.

You have to go back.

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Even dumber and more cringeworthy by the day.

Terror inspired by watching too many hollyjew movies.
So the only real chance to ignite the propane is right at the source where it is leaking out of the cylinder.
t. worked in refineries and watched welders working within 20 feet of leaking dripping gas valves no booms ever

Wouldn't put it past the loony left to do this, but it could be a case of anything you can jew, I can jew better.

The only scenario in which both the gas tap and the burner would be left on is the scenario in which they left the barbecue with burner running. This is unlikely in and of itself. Even more unlikely is that they left the burner running and the burner went out of its own accord, leaking gas everywhere. Given the timing of this "accident," what with the media hysteria over Gab, it is far more probable that it was a deliberate attack.

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They made the mistake of putting wooden doors on again, didn't they? In an attempt to pacify the local timber jew.

How can anyone look at Torba and not see he's obviously a fat-lipped kike?

If she's sexy, marry her.

it already peaked at 2017. the only people who think fashwave is le based and redpilled anymore are bullied skyrim loving teenbros and 300 pound aryan nordic princesses

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This is the kind of trash this board hosts now?

Come to telegram, promised land of free speech

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who fucking cares about some faggot and his faggot family