He needs a refresher on 1A

hey user, would you help him understand how 1A works?


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Not your personal army. Go to half-chan. Those faggots still use twatter.



jews sucking dicks begets faggotry.

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It's bigger than OP. This is the kike in charge of persecuting Robert Bowers, whose only punishment should be to pay the dead kike cleanup fees.


This is a powerful kike elected official in charge of law enforcement openly stating that he will go after anybody who insults kikes. "Hate speech" has clearly been upheld by SCOTUS in the Slants case. The First Amendment has at no point every distinguished between "hate speech" and protected speech.

This is a very powerful kike openly stating he intends to abuse his power to attack anyone who insults kikes.

How the fuck is this a slide thread? This is a powerful kike official openly stating he abuses his immense power to attack those who insult kikes. This is pretty fucking far from a slide thread, you filthy shill.

Okay. You won’t do anything about it. You won’t kill him. You won’t hurt him. You won’t get him arrested. You won’t get him fired. You will do nothing. What do we care, then?

Why? You think this jew doesnt know what hes doing or care about the consequences?

Is bowers even real?

wasted dubs

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I had the perfect jpeg for this fuck my life
OP is a faggot

NO THEY FUCKING DON'T!!! Words don't matter snowflake words are just words "sticks and stones".

Those who do not stand up for their rights will lose them!

A lot of White men are dead specifically to protect (((Mr. Shapiro'))) right to tweet his narrow-minded subversive commentary in a nation built by White men.
This … after we've given them a safe space in the most magical, most holiest of holy GPS locations in the galaxy; yet, they remain unwanted pests that overstayed their welcome long ago

The AG is compelled by Talmudic laws. He wields godlike powers and is a slave to his self-important godlike status as overseer of the goyim
We're not going to make the mistakes of the past. Using the very subversive tactics they've taught us, we will eliminate the virus one pestilence at a time so as not to raise too much attention. Say 'No' to bad optics.

How is my point that this is NOT a slide thread–it is an important topic–in any way related to your ridiculous provocation?

This is a KIKE official using his very, very powerful position to say he will go after SPEECH when the supreme court has made it very clear that the First Amendment does NOT allow ANY hate speech law of any type. None.

This kike is abusing his power to attack the goyem. Not a slide thread topic. Take your provocation bullshit and shove it up your ass.

Now I know why we call it Jewdiciary

I love how you totally ignored my earlier post.

Shill replying to a shill

Shill bumping a slide thread. Adorable.

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We're going to take you out one-at-a-time; slowly, methodically, as you do us a favor and paint bright targets on your own backs. Pray for divine intervention, and hope he's not a no-show like in WWII

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Bowers should pay a fine for disturbing the peace, maaaaybe a night in jail. That's it.

Is GOD real?

this is not a smart thing to be saying

and the shill here chimping out in this thread knows it

There is no such thing as hate speech, so hopefully this filthy foreign subversive kike bastard gets killed in the most painful manner possible.

Are we absolutely positive that there is less than 2% of these things? They seem to be everywhere, like niggers, spics and cock roaches

Sage negato

From February 2018: example of kike on kike infighting

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Don't mind me as good of a thread as any