UK forcing abortion

This poor girl in Britain is being FORCED to have an abortion.

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What's the race?

gas em

Take a guess

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Im starting to look forward to the mass human death that ww3 will bring

Catholic in the UK, so I'm going to guess a white girl who fucked got raped by a nigger pre-marriage and thinks she is moral for trying to save 'it'.

Is the baby white?

Why the fuck else would (((they))) be trying to abort it?

Judging by syntax and overall grammar I would say white. If the baby is a mud though I prefer it to be liquidated.
If it is a white child then the mother has to run and find refuge somewhere. She's under the heel of Big Brother in a dystopian nightmare and the baby's father better man the fuck up and save her and his unborn child.
But only if they're all white.

They're trying to open the door to forcing women to have their babies killed for their "health". UK has gone full dystopia.

Do they need a passport to get into Northern Ireland? Whatever the case get to Ireland and bang on their largest cathedral's doors shouting "SANCTUARY"!

If there was a mud baby the eternal anglo would be more than pleased to have it live in the UK. That's the whole point. I want jews to be eradicated so much. When will the saxon begin to hate?

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What in the fuck? The anglo hit a new low.

I hope you reply with more baseless jargon and buzzwords.

I feel as if there's another side to this as there is to all anecdotal online posts, and I badly hope it to not be factual all together. Is there anyone here with the knowledge on which conditions would cause the NHS to make this decision on purely medical grounds (not political) and of which a c-section could not prevent the apparent harm which will be done to the childbearer.
Is there anything that could cause the mother to suffer fatally, of which there is no medical procedure in the modern world could prevent?

Maybe the mother is a non-white trying to breed early and often for extra bennies.
I don't know.

If you cannot interpret a text then you should go back to your TV and watch some more movies. Do you need explanations on the jew that is advocating race mixing and white genocide and how with the "when the anglo began to hate" I refer to him beginning to hate jews for destroying his country and it's people? Lurk more faggot. Don't tell me about buzzwords.

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pre eyclampsia to name one however, I would rather the state just left her alone to try and have it completely naturally and face the consequences. They shouldn't be allowed to force a termination.

This shit pisses me off and it should piss you off too. Don't bicker about what race the baby is just spread the story somewhere, anywhere (remember that apathy equates to death). I hope she finds a way to have her child, may they be blessed.

by Rudyard Kipling

Hope sharing wasn't a bad idea because of legalities. I really hope for the best, and will pray.

That's some nice prose and all but if dystopian government repression and 1,000,000- raped brit kids which is still going on won't "awaken" the saxon's wrath I have no idea what will

What an attractive and functional worldview you've got here, gents.

Not exactly user, at least not yet. The jews may use the mud baby to form a basis in the law for it to later be used against Whites.

well if the baby were non-white then it would be fine but it's 100% not, they're only doing this because it's a white baby

We clearly only get her side of the story. You're and idiot if you take what a woman tells you for granted.

I'd bet that the baby has some sort of expensive birth defect and the mother has pre-eclampsia, so the government doesn't want to pay for the care and feeding of a tard-baby.

it's forced abortion, what more to it could there be? obviously, she's underage, but that doesn't justify forced abortion.

I hope she physically resists to make it look extra bad on the UK government, literally putting an underage girl in handcuffs and murdering her baby by force, that's insane

she claims it's because of the retarded "mother's health" reason, not the baby having birth defects

Did you miss the part:

the whole "saxon began to hate" poem was originally "when they English began to hate" in the context of WWI and some internet LARPer changed "English" to "Saxon" and took it out of context

Is it a rape baby? How old is she? What was her doctors' diagnosis?

She is clearly omitting important information, which means she is most likely lying or otherwise making herself look like a victim.

muh body muh choice dont tred on REEEEEE

Yeah, we need more evidence. I'm not saying that a reddit post means nothing but with more evidence this could be a great way to deliver a blow to the (((NHS))). Fucking cucked UK won't allow the press to report it, preemptively shoa'd. That means spreading it is bad for (((them))).

No. You can't really blanket Zig Forums as a hivemind as some people who post here are transient, regular or irregular users with varying opinions, although majority opinions are clear.

But I can probably speak on behalf of the majority and say that we're for abortion when it comes to non-white babies, as there needs to be less non-whites in the world and more white births.
I am also for aborting any child that shows signs of a disability in the womb, even if white.

The morality of abortion is not so black and white and never will be no matter what laws are laid down.

Considering it's Reddit it might very well be an elaborate troll or, my guess, some mentally ill attention whore who made the whole thing up entirely.


All we have to go on is OPs fucking picture. WE HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE OF THIS BEING REAL IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.

she's probably some teenage slut that got knocked up by some chad chav and the government is trying to do forced abortion because of her age, definitely a good opportunity to rile up chr*stcucks against the UK government

so it's just been kept at a mild temperature for the last 50 years?

that makes way more sense.

Right, so you've granted ZOG sovereignty over your wife's womb. Fucking dystopic retards.

some reddit faggot should go to reddit and find the op in op's pic
more info is needed if any of our fake news jews are going to pick the story up

Can't find it yet, doesn't help that he censored the name.

It is also concerning that abortion is legalized wholly, simply because it fosters the ongoing demoralization of whites and especially of women who are in the grips of the feminist mind virus and do not want to have children but rather spend their time fueling their own vanity and shunning motherhood with vitriolic attitudes, thusly being wholly for abortion as you can see online and even see them protesting in public for more sexual freedom, less consquences. There is also an upside because the majority of children that are aborted are black, although minority births (in the US) still outnumber white births, I believe the numbers in 2010 were (1.8 white, 2.4 Hispanic (which somehow can count as white when it comes to criminal records but not medical studies) and 2.1 black (with Asian being the same as white births).

It's multifaceted and the racial side of abortion isn't discussed in open spaces, for obvious reasons, but should be discussed more anywhere we are willing to.

Welp, I can't find the post. OP is a faggot for not archiving, looks like we have nothing to go on unless someone else can find an archive. you guys need to get better at finding things on the Internets. (I just searched for the thread name, then put reddit after.)

Uk government don’t care how they look at this point. They don’t even keep the pedo shit hidden anymore.

Well yeah, if she told everyone that the baby was missing limbs or being born without a brain do you think anyone would be on her side? Hell no.

There's huge parts missing from this story, I'd take it with a grain of salt.

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Well done fam, I would have got it eventually. Not that we're that much further. Magapedes are on it seems like hxxps://

1. Whats the race?
2. Whats the age?

I don't see it in your archive. This user did archive it however.

Was this redditpost deleted or what?
I can find reference to it but I cant find the actual post.

ORIGINAL POST SHOAH'D BY REDDIT failed to capture the page
so here's a full screen grab of all the comments, the original post was not recoverable by ceddit apparantly, i don't know how it works.

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Looks like the poster was shoah'd too.

she made 2 other posts under this account
one was on

this looks legit

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Ah, okay, so her 'solicitor' (lawyer?) told her to.

someone get this to jonestein, this looks like something infowars would report on.
looks like it was reported first on the donald though so they probably already know.

That poem says nothing of the saxon. You're full of shit.

remember this is part of the reason we had a revolutionary war and left

Why not abort both?

I can't bring myself to give enough of a shit to do anything until I know the race.
If this is some chick with a mudbaby, or a mudthot herself, I really can't be assed to care.

This isn't anything new, btw - if you do a jewgle search, you can see there's several stories like this going back the last 5 years.


Yeah but Kipling was a masonigger so who gives a shit?

Seems like the UK will do that shit to 17 year olds bro.

Reddit is down the hall and to the left.


If its a "good" woman, perhaps we should give this the "jewish treatment".

Ok bear with me a second on this. So what if we make this out to be a new sort of "holocaust" scenario. We have local anons hide her from the police until the baby is born. We can easily spin this. "Government wanted to kill my baby, like how nazi germany wanted to round up and kill jews so I hid her in my house to protect a life". That way we fuck over british government entirely. This would make the entire british government look like a fascist regime and make even more lefties look evil. Imagine being able to say that liberals and leftists have gotten so bad that we have to now hide pregnant women or else they will be forced to get abortions if they dont meet certain standards. Its easily spinable.

What an amazing tag line that would make and what that would do to any sort of left leaning liberal ANYWHERE in the world. We can use that as unstoppable ammo. Its a perfect counter point. "Liberals wanted to force their views so much on people, women are being treated like jews in the holocaust. People had to hide them, protect them and help them deliver or else the government would track them down and kill their children" Its perfect. This is the thing we need to spin and fucking hard. We can kill off liberals.

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the_donald thread

got 6000 upvotes and 900 comments the media must be aware of it

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If you are 16 in the UK you can legally spawn a litter.
If the post is genuine, it's a child claiming it is mature by breaking a contempt of court, and the parents encouraging the child suggest they should have been aborted too.

the eternal bong everyone
this is why your country sucks

Kill yourself

That's BS. You don't need a passport, or even an ID card, to travel from the UK to Ireland.

So don't post a mangled version of his work, idiot.

maybe she doesn't want her child born in proximity to potatoniggers either

women nowadays are having babies in their fucking 30's, I think teen moms would be better than that

Jamal & Mohammed you may both think a 9 year old having your kid is OK, but when a doctor says it's not safe they're not telling you a joke. It is life threatening for the child.

… And?
I don't consider a 15 year old a child for the purposes of reproduction, do you? If so, you're a really faggot and you should kill yourself.

Why the fuck not, faggot?
Fuck Kipling. He was a masonigger and I'll post whatever version of his shit that I want.

i would rather trust a doctor in Iran
Here in what's left of freedom land the patient is supposed to have rights, even when children are concerned, the parent makes the decision. A doctor could not perform anything without the parents consent. The hospitals have tried to fight back against this by getting the court involved and the court declaring the parents unfit, which turns into a massive legal battle, but in theory this is not supposed to happen.

The medical industrial complex is just as bad as anything.

She should go to the U.S. Embassy and request immediate asylum.

If trump granted that it would cause immediate butt-hurt but it seems unlikely.

fuck the "mother's health" bullshit, the entire purpose of women is to make babies so if they die doing it then so be it. fucking faggot feminists and your gynocentric bullshit, women are just dumb sacks of meat for making more men

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No, giganigger, it is literally emperically black and white. If the baby is black you should absolutely be allowed and mandated tbh to abort it, if it's white the opposite applies. How hard is this?

Abortion helps us
Margaret Sanger was a fucking saint

Remember what they did to baby Alfie & his white parents to try to kill the poor child? They didn't give a damn about media attention while doing it.
This will be some Islamic migrant child bride trying to have a baby, which is why there is a cover up.

Already happened, publicly. Baby Alfie.

Subject vs. Citizen every fucking time.

Lets see I've seen exactly that phrasing in multiple threads this evening. Trying to impress your supervisor there newfriend?

Bittersweet news. I've been trying to tell people this is what "pro-"""""choice"""""" is leading up to for months. Now I can finally fucking prove it.

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Can't say I didn't see it coming.

that's a good point, but
the grammar in the post is too good to be a shitskin



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Exactly this.

Pic related for (You)

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dead judges can't make shit up on the spot and fuck you

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It is the UK. What do you plan on doing- spooning the judge to death?

The fact they are insisting on abortion suggests she is white.

She shows all the hallmarks of a good mother.
Do not give in to evil.

she should go to an american consulate or embassy and apply for asylum

I guess we should wait for more information, whilst I know underage pregnancy can lead to all sort of problems (like rupturing vagina wall).
If BB or Fox publish this story then chance it will wake up britsbongs more

you need a passport to travel from ireland to a country where she won't immediately be extradited to the UK as she's clearly been banned from leaving the country

No Shlomo.