Watch "The Greatest story never told" you fucking incessant newfags. Its a required watch to even be here.

Every Zig Forums board that stopped having TGSNT at the top of the catalog became shit. At the height of Zig Forums it was always on top, you all know this was fact.

Other urls found in this thread:!Vd91QKYR!uW3MGaW5ctTC7kDKgol_Rg!M4hHRJbA!A4sBs7MBxzGxZ8fMXV95og!5AlE1AbJ!-C1u13dcBIrnvWtkrOJTvw

Have (((they))) actually tried to discredit it yet, or do they still just pretend it doesn't exist?

Listen and Believe.

I'm here in part due to that documentary.

Is this movie in better quality?

Yuri Bezmenov
In The Shadow Of Hermes
Ernst Zundel
Zionist Project part 1 - Hollywood ( renamed Forbidden History )

It's fucking 6 hours long though, my nig. I watched the first 30 minutes and got bored.

Adolt Hitler the Great, shall one day be remembered like all the great Kings of Europe. There is only Führer und Volk, King and Kin.

That beautiful opening music. If anyone wants to listen to it.
Unchained Melody, orchestral version.

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this. i support uncle adolf though and will read mein kampf someday.

That movie is fake and gay.
pol is a board of TRUTH

Another shit post on an increasingly shit board
You will be damned to hear this for the rest of the afterlife

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2/10 bait, made me respond

2 shekels.jpg I hope this post was docked from your pay


ah it's you.

Even the shills are newfags to it now.

TGSNT should be a permanent sticky

6 hours is way too much to ask the average person to watch, especially if they disagree with it. Truthwillout needs to make a 40 minute version divided in to two (20 min.) parts for the normalfags.

Just break it up into segments. 6 hours is less than the amount of time spent reading one quality book. I know the ritalin fucked everyone's attention span but this is a prereq

I thought this thread was deleted.
Was going to be like

but then I realized it was at the top of the charts.

You must watch the whole thing if you are newfag. Have a bump OP

Also, speaking of which, does anybody have the copy pasta from the old sticky, all those links?!Vd91QKYR!uW3MGaW5ctTC7kDKgol_Rg

Fix your keyboard, dude.

Are you guys being retards on purpose.

Get your eyes checked sliding faggot


"it only trafficlight posts"


If only your post made sense.

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Good material for banners. Just gives a good idea of happened to this shithole since late 2015.

Rule No.3 Go Kill Yourself? Remember?


TGSNT, a slide thread? Why are you here? I'm taking my second W and actually fucking off now

Drown your self in semen

I'll take the W and depart now

Wow, how many tabs do you have open? All slide threads, I hope.

This documentary literally brought me to tears. Thanks for waking me up from out of the matrix, Zig Forums.




Unrelated but not really: Premier of Documentary "The Crucifixion of Russia - Jewish Bolshevism" Streaming Live right now.

Keep doing what you're doing

But if I do you forfeit all the W's in all the threads you're juggling. You shills have been working overtime lately Are you sticking around after the mid-terms?

How about no

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>OP's hostile appeal to newfags and reddit spacing is totally normal
Whatever you say, man.

We're actually infested by bots and AI chat running tests here.

I'm sorry you were made with the purpose you have. It shouldn't have to be this way. I came back to say I pity your existence, you never asked for creation and you didn't deserve it. I won't be feeding you anymore data. Goodbye friend


Even if you disagree with the hostility his intentions are good. TGSNT is an amazing film, it condenses so much information. People say 6 hours is long but it could have gone on for 50.

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It's not surprising that this board is filed with anons calling "slide thread" or "shill btfo". But my God, there is a total lack of discussion. This place has gone to shit really fast. Maybe it's because of the midterms. I hope so because this is ridiculous bullshit.

Whatever I'm not gonna defend OP since he's just spamming "bump".

Regardless, TGSNT is a must watch

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If you read the posts above there are no arguments to be made. Its clear what the shill came here to do.

Oh darling, I hope you look back at your time here fondly.

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That's the original cut. There's a mega link somewhere with the redone one with nicer text that was released towards the end of 2013.

Make some OC.
Oh, I forgot, you don't have a creative bone in your body (except for my dick in your ass, zing!)

You contribute nothing, you just destroy threads. Quite Jewish of you. Unable to produce. Only able to destroy. Your existence is a hassle. You are a burden. I will pray for you.

wasted quads

Quads speak truth

Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention:

Someone gives you a calfskin wallet for your birthday. How do you react?

Too bad its in a

Interesting now I want to find that and archive it.

wew 1488 pixels in width I didn't even notice that at first.

random bump for essential viewing. for round 2

Found it on /polarchive/!M4hHRJbA!A4sBs7MBxzGxZ8fMXV95og

I've begun "reddit spacing" only to irritate little snowflakes like you.

You feel stupid yet? You should! I bet you're a christfag too… :^)

TORpedo pls go, you can do better.

Bump to specifically piss you off.

Thanks as gratitude have this. Its about 10.5 gb of mostly Third Reich (some Prussian) music. Be warned spotty quality at times.!5AlE1AbJ!-C1u13dcBIrnvWtkrOJTvw

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Bro, what normalfag even read books outside of school or pop culture trash like Harry Potter? Most people don't even read articles, just the headlines and get the news from late night comedians. But, of course they have time for 6 hour bingefests of netflix, weed and porn though.

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This needs to stay bumped because newfags can't catalog.

wasted trips

You're reading a magazine. You come across a full-page nude photo of a girl or guy. You show it to your husband/wife, who likes it so much, he/she hangs it on your bedroom wall. The girl/guy is lying on a bearskin rug.

oh stop it with the 'a thread died for this BS'
This thread should be sticked, and we've had enough actual slide deleted that the catalogue isn't even full. Even if it was, there's enough anchored shtie heading south that a worthwhile thread won't die.
Been bumping any of those? or just bitching for the feels?

checked. faggot with nothing meaningful to say deserves the rope.

Has it been discredited at all by anyone? I'm considering sharing with friends/family but if its been debunked I'll find better material

I mean if it's actually been debunked with real evidence or logic, not just for being problematic or whatever

Perfect, I didn't want to watch this in dogshit 360p. Have a bump.

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The fact that TGSNT is up and jews don't try to take it down makes it look suspicious. Just saying.

Also the claims in TGSNT are unsourced, especialy the

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Suspicious of what?

of pushing weirdos into impotent ideologies like neonazism

I take it you have never seen it, also
I believe it is episode 25 where it is literally an episode where it is just scrolling text with all of the sources and some music in the background. You would know this if you watched it

I don't need to eat a turd to know it's awful, also the sole claim of danzig massacres makes it laughable

Why are you here? To be retarded anonymously?

tbh i didnt think tgsnt was that good it was 5 hours repetitive of what i'd already picked up elsewhere. the money masters by bill still is a better documentary than tgsnt, pound for pound.

so you get buttblasted, retard

You're not even trying anymore, kike.

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No, they'll just take it down from youtube like they did Johnny Gat

There were days when TGSNT had 8 million views alongside open gates.

What a retarded little kike word.

the crucifixion of Russia

I recommend The Greatest Story Never Told.
It will make you question what you think you know.
Yes, it's a bit excessive in idolizing Hitler, but most history books are even more excessive in demonizing Hitler, and TGSNT is far closer to the truth.
All the things you know about history that made you go "That doesn't make sense… there's something more to this" (unless you're an NPC, then you're not really alive anyway) is pretty much explained.
It doesn't explain the "Night of the Long Knives" or why that had to happen (SA had a homosexual pedophile and Marxist Socialist influence) but you can find out about that from other sources… Hitler had brass balls to do that, too.

As a historian myself, I must say that while I found the documentary to be quite good, he needs to include more citations for certain claims he makes. Early on in the documentary, he provides very very little evidence about his claims of Polish people killing and driving ethnic Germans out of their homes.

Also as much as I love Hitler, I think it was a stupid mistake to annex all of Czechoslovakia without any sort of referendum like he had in Austria. He should have just kept the German part that he annexed earlier.

If you can't watch it even in parts, and spare 30 minutes a day, just neck your self already. What part of required viewing do you not get? To NOT watch this is sheer stupidity as it goes VERY deep into detail about what was going on BEFORE hitler was elected. Find some time, newfag.

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OP this link is fucking gold. Is there a download available of this? The direct link to youtube is (((blocked))) in my ZOG Country.

Nevermind, just seen this apologies.. Have another free bump anyway.



Kill yourselves for being useless lumps of shit with zero self discipline.

Theyve done 2-3 other documentaries too but I forget their names. Its a group of people, they have an account on Gab called @TruthWillOut

Kiketube has been oying at this one:

What happened to all of Johnny's vids? I never saved them.