Julian Assange Suspended, Cyber WW3 Imminent

the kikes finally did it. they suspended Julian Assange's twatter account. which is bizarre because Julian
has been Man-in-the-Iron-Mask'd for 7 months, cut off from access to the outside world, so he hasn't been able to tweet. Of course that is assuming the White Wizard is even still alive, and that he hasn't been secretly zip tied and tossed into a Gulf Stream jet with tailfin N379P for his rendition flight to Gitmo.

ironically, or rather tragically, living RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS who have pledged allegiance to AQ and to ISIS and who have sworn to bring Death to America and who were detained on the battlefield–these subhuman monsters are granted greater respect for their Human Rights and are given greater personal freedoms than Julian Assange have ever been granted as they rot away as "forever prisoners" inside CIA's Black Site secret-prison-within-a-secret-prison in Camp7 in Gitmo. These violent Jihadists enjoy opulent chow, free Playstation video game setups with hundreds of video games to choose to play, Harry Potter and any other popular books they desire, as well as arts and crafts recreation–all leisures provided you stupid Goy Tax Payer.

the time is now. no more QLARP bullshit, no more hope-porn. the 854GB contained within the Wikileaks Insurances must be decrypted. the handful of keymasters around the world must dump what they've got. Assange's Dead Man's Hand must be activated. the Stochastic Terminator must activate. all of the terrible secrets of the CIANSAFBI glowniggers must be flung open before the world to see. no redactions, no cat and mouse withholding select secrets to perpetuate the regime of Too Many Secrets.

decrypt *everything*

we already see that Trump is a coward and a traitor to his closest friends, since he has had 2 years to help Assange but he has not lifted a finger to tweet the most simple matter of fact like "what they're doing to Julian is wrong, it must stop, he must be freed."

Trump didn't win the election. Assange won it for him. it was the Podesta emails that poured kerosine on the the electorate in the home stretch. Crooked Hillary had the election so rigged, she didn't even bother giving any public appearances for 6 months and skipped visiting half a dozen swing states. but once Americans saw through Crooked Hillary's lies via Podesta's emails, where all her Vast Left Wing conspiracy was casually joked about in private conversations and where the Nasty Woman's Dark Heart was laid bare before the populace–she lost.

Trump is the type of prideful cuck who betrays the man who won him the election. Trump is going to ultimately pay a very heavy price for his abandoning Julian Assange.

You'll find out.

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OP is a known shill!

bumping just to spite you

D.A.K. redux

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the public shouldn't play along with the whole Assange bullshit

prove he is alive or just shut the fuck up, no more bullshit about Pamela Anderson, internet access or cats, just go fuck yourself, prove he's alive or everyone knows you're a traitorous piece of garbage sucking on deep state cock diddling kids and knowing you'll be the first lose end they'll tie up

The (((socials))) are purging everyone for midterms.
Nevermind that 2016 was likely the most transparent election in modern history; Everything from "pussy grabbing" to the DNC's primary fuckery was on display for the voters to make an informed vote. Assange played a huge part in making the political process an open one.

sage negated

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It’s scared

Why do you need proof Assange is alive? Twitter suspending his account is a powerful message whether he is alive or dead.

They just changed the account name.

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man what the hell is wrong with you, I hope your mumble burns to the ground. I bet you guys are fags

shut the fuck up shill

prove he is alive, your requests to constantly use some guy that's dead as some kind of faggot footballhoax story can FUCK OFF

bump, to spite your spacing

i don't care, bump what i'm saying all you like


Check my digits bitch.

He probably is dead. But the why delete the twatter? Why now?

if they won't prove he's alive any discussion is exactly what they want anyway. And the people involved in that would have to be lower than a fucking cockroach.

Stop bumping this thread it’s bullshit see

14th mountain memetic warfare brigade reporting for duty

I'll keep bumping it, just to spite the tasteless faggots who reek of desperation to prevent people from discussing Assange in seemingly any context.
Curiously, Google isn't linking to either account with a "Julian Assange twitter" query now.

if you're talking about anything other than why can't we get basic information on whether he's even alive or dead you're the tasteless cockroach.

maybe they switched the account over to full spook, breaking continuity to Assange's real shit

Bump4assange, we will have the keys one day. I hope you are still alive.

it would be genius if someone used twitters verification tools to flag his account as "dead" and with no response use twiiter unwittingly as a tool to broadcast his death to the world

honestly even if the embassy cut off his internet he still should of been able to post occcasional updates from a mobile phone hotspot smuggled in by pam. the whole things stinks to hell.

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They chopped him up and threw the pieces in the fire.

Except that "head of the beast" will have already been cut off, or so the unsuspecting will resolve, that a new representation may proceed; The narrative.
That file WILL be released and it will make headlines. And after we cut out that cancer, as the media has told us exists, the nu-media will pat us all on the back! We did a good job doing exactly what they told us, after all!



We don't solve this this quickly friend

He's dead. They aren't admitting it, but nobody is allowed to see him. Because he's quite obviously dead.

Even his LAWYERS can't SEE him.


Checked digits
Nah , assets don't die they just move on to other shit

Because your need for burden of proof will never be satisfied. Pics fucking related!


Forgive the iphone filenames, I just never bothered renaming them after taking them.

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t. CIA agent
< so baste
< so good to muh red hat kikes

I don't think he is dead for what it's worth. They don't kill anyone really, just force them to be their slaves. Maybe he wishes he was dead, maybe the number of bots in this thread tells us something, maybe they blew his brains out, I don't know but I will suppport him and his message as if he is alive until I know for sure.

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Same here
Fuck the shills death to ZOG
J man lives

It should be assumed that he's compromised. Though I won't doubt if he's been asylum, but it having been done so in secret to protect him. But no one should be trusting the twitter account at all.

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look at my ID and read my posts, then try and seriously make the argument that the public shouldn't be demanding proof of life at every opportunity and refusing to accept bullshit media reports about cats and internet bills.

Can confirm.
HOWEVER, onions are fine.
Learn how Tor works. Additionally, learn that the fact the government can track you as you utilize an exit node (to access clearnet) isn't unique to Tor. Tor provides an enormous amount of cloaking, particularly when it comes to anyone without NSA assistance.

He's dead, dum fuk. They cut him into 100's of pieces.

Also, important:
Zig Forums doesn't load images over the onion. So, unless I disable images (or block clearnet), the NSA knows I'm here.

But I'm less interested in the NSA, in terms of their legal power, and more interested in bypassing the kike scheme of total control over all minds. Therefore, the tool is incredibly useful. Onions are the new Internet. gab will be disappeared, Zig Forums will be disappeared, Assange is kill, Snowden is kill.

All that remains is this: Onions

Pics or it didn't happen.

It used to until something got fucked.

Everything is fucked and I am laughing

Most of the public doesn't even know of the White Wizard's existence, much less would care what happens to him.

Learn to read, retard. Both english, and IDs. Then kindly kill yourself and stream it on liveleak. You don't belong here.

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Pray with me, pray that Jerusalem gets glassed.

My suspicion was correct. This is a CIA agent:

That original post, though containing some truth, revealed nothing and larped. Typical CIA material. Pay no mind to the anime-loving glow niggers.

Can you imagine? Pretending to be in the know, then suggesting that liveleak is actually legit, not CIA. The actual fuck?!

You don't even understand how funny these last 10 years have truly been, the idea that they don't like smug anime pictures is less rational then the original assertion.

His early “heroics” back in 2011 were completely absent of any mention of Israel or Jewish power. His former associates claim he made a deal with the Jewish media. He doesn’t mention Israel or anything that can incriminate zio jew power, then the Kike media will publish his leaks and make him a hero. I mean, if that doesn’t paint him as a fucking ridiculous controlled opposition operative, I don’t know what will. Maybe he’s changed since then. Although even when he was shilling for Trump, he’s never named the J-team in any meaningful way. Other than maybe the “social climber” comment…but who knows.

From 2011


Okay shareblue. Or is CTR going for round two?

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I'm good with this
I am praying to God Creator of this universe and all timelines.
I don't pray to a semite god
All hail God of Nature and Natures' God

Heil trips
Kill anything that fucks animals

anime is a direct weaponized subversion by them to make people who inquire into truth about them degenerates and social outcasts

I agree, if onions became more mainstream even though a gov can spend millions to track users anyone with less than that can't track shit, or get it taken down. Even with the shortcomings of exits getting anons on tor would have more benefits than drawbacks. But le tor is compromised shill meme will never allow this. Not even for shitposting.

Fuck you for bringing up anime, only a shill would mention something that has been a thing here forever as being CIA. This has been really annoying lately.

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thats enough for me to hope Ecuador suspends their agreement.

what a jerk.

Am I the only one here that DOESN'T work for alphabet niggers? Seriously I'll fuck you all up

But he has communication right? It would be quite easy for someone who knew him well to know it was him.

Truly a sad poster there. I mean, I've never seen a sadder poster in my life!

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Checked dub dubs
So sad

Well I would hope they would have picked up on anime posting in the last 15 years it has been going on, they would be fucking retarded if they didn't try to use anime pics to try to blend in.

Come at me bro.

I'll appreciate his sacrifice and I might be the only person here to say it; but I hope in the end scheme of things it's worth it. Because he's definitely getting waterboarded and raped while listening to eminem in gitmo right now.

Checked and bumped this is a shill thread guys don't bump this - okay? This is just an example bump for those of you who don't know what a bump is.

I'll fuck you up ;)

You don't think it's a coincidence that anime has a subculture of pedophiles, trannies, and soyboys now? Look at how drastically anime changed from the 90's to now. It went from more or less decent entertainment cartoons to subversive quasi pedophilic cancer.

It's not a coincidence, like all other media the cia weaponized it.

All alphabetniggers will be hanged come dotr

The source is from wikileaks, this whole thread is about how wikileaks is legit you disgusting fucking kike loving cia nigger rat.


Getting nervous as midterms approach? I'm starting to get the feeling Assange may very well be safe, and in good hands finally.

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Yeah, it's funny they don't like them. But it's way more funny that they use them to make posts, and that they use dubs/trips/quads scripts. I will never stop laughing at the CIA for having "gets" scripts.

Stop boomerposting you Q larp. I didn't even say anything at all about the elections, just noted that anime is a cia subversion.

To be fair anime in the 90s was pretty fucked up too if you knew where to look for it but I reluctantly agree that anime is degenerate - however that's irrelevant in a society where we have to pick our battles wisely. And it does have undeniable memetic potential - you can say that it dog whistles us as being pathetic basement dwelling losers, yet at the same time it softened our edge in a necessary way to get more youth on board.


DBZ is where it's at tbh
Goku did nothing wrong

free julian, you dumb fuck bitches

He's cubed up like kebab meat. You can buy a stick.

also, there is no goyim, no reason to use the word kyke, and the whole pure racist thing Einstein warned about with with 30+ other including Hannah arendt

fuck your dubs get bumped faggot


No, they go for anything that is easy. Like soyboy youtubers, soyboy gamers, soyboy political commentary, soyboy IT workers, soyboy programmers, soyboy podcasts, anything that doesn't require getting out of a chair they will seek to prove they are unique.

I would like to purchase 1 stick of FUCKING PROOF.

Man , nah
He's good
He is fishing right now up in the mountains laughing his righteous white ass off like a proper white man
He's good

You just got 11 dubs, man. Kek just gave you proof. What you gonna do with this knowledge, man?

I figure Kashogi was eaten by the Saudis. That's their trick. Nobody examines their intestines. Same with Assange. The bones, ground up and put in soup.

Capture all cutlery and cookware, if you're /areguy/ against the derp state.

I didn't say they only use anime to subvert, but it's definitely made a lot of would be traditional types degenerates.

Please leave.

JA is in the USA under Q protection…use logic. SR gives JA dirt on HRC et al, in hiding under hussien, 41020 to clear JA after 11/11.
I got my popcorn holmes!

Take your qlarp faggotry and shove it up your uterus cunt

t. glow nigger



They want Wakanda anyway.

Counter sage mfr.

Assange has yet to use his GPG key since DAK

Do you want to get located IRL you shill nigger?

What's DAK?

Julian Is literally a modern day hero,that guy deserves all the praise he can get. If there's anybody protecting "liberty" it's hin.

He's a dead man. The lawyers haven't seen him in like forever. DEAD. Dead.


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Its a forced meme that sprung up several weeks before the day when Assange/Wikileaks went dark and everybody speculated that (((they))) raided the embassy