Veritas just uploaded a great video where Gillum's own people call him among the "crazy crazy crazies" of the Left.

Nigger specifically calls for appealing to White Guilt and says 'modern fairy tales begin with "once I am elected." '

We know the "blue wave" is a delusion of hope, but we should never tire, and never slacken. Post your voting guides, breakdowns of the individual issues, IOTBW or similar op progress, districting and voter fraud shenanigan proofs, literally anything on Broward county, and whatever else you've got going on that other Anons may find useful or encouraging.

Put Points to Remain Alert On in Redtext
For example, be aware that ballot item #3 is being funded by Disney and the Seminole tribe as it would provide them with an unconditional monopoly on "gambling" defined so loosely that Micky Mouse will show up to your house and rape your dog if you try to hold a neighborhood raffle or Bingo game with host-provided prizes. Vote NO.

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OP is a known shill!

Thanks for the bump, Chaim!

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@ 7:00 we hear nigger Omar saying Florida is a "Cracker State"

What's a good user/throwaway email so I can send this video/link to the entire state of Florida email directory?


Good luck Florida.

We're going to need this. Thank God for Veritas. Fuck the 2party system, but i refuse to be governed by a lying out of control gibbon.



10 Minute Mail , guerrilla mail

thought guerilla got shut down

Is hide my ass not good enough for this? What are you even trying to hide? The fact that you're calling him out for lying to his would be constituents?

Because I need to do this from an anonymous email

downloaded….just in case.

unless you can encode / split the file it will never fit as email attachment
I think its a 5MB limit size to attachments

please confirm specifications:

mp4 allowed?

must the file be zipped?

is the hard limit 5Mb?

Nevermind. No limitations that should affect me.

Did his campaign call White people crackers in the video? So his team is openly racist. Enough of this anti-White racist bullshit


Spread this everywhere. This should be enough to get DeSantis elected. Even White liberals will protect their self interest when they see this.

some at least


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FL has had early voting for a while, but it's a tight race, this could be enough to push DeSantis over the top.

I was able to drop the video from 54mb to 12mb, but this happens when I try to upload it. What do I do now?

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IOW: "WE" know that it's a big planet and 'Hey', we even got our own chocolate continent; hell, we killin whyte folk like dey da plague or summit in South Africa. But we gonna change 'YOUR' lands to reflect what our j00-ish overlords want, because WE IZZ NIGGAZ. We NPC's for da big j00z

Never mind Gillum, or Omar Smith. This is Debbie Wasserman Schultz territory. This is a district overflowing with Mossad, ex-IDF, and Sayanim with help from the Jesuit order within the FOP, and the Masons.

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Already voted against that leftist POS. I did my part.

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Good; this may be the most important election in US history. If Trump loses we get a massive war in Syria and then Iran which will be a catastrophe for the entire world.

I'm slightly concerned this time around. Remember when Hurricane Maria hit the shithole Puerto Rico? Well that shithole overflowed into Florida. Worst case estimate is that it added 50k spic niggers. It might be enough to swing if it's close. And we're constantly getting all the yanks moving here to Florida because they've already turned their states into shitholes.

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This is probably the best veritas video yet. Some choice quotes in the first minute and a good length overall to spread to normalfags.
Usually they are way too long and the build up doesn't match the crime. This nigger however really spills the beans and not just him, multiple other people on the campaign come out and casually say some pretty damming stuff. The entire video is worth watching.. Florida is an early voting state though. Why doesn't veritas release this shit sooner?

They are running for governor not congressman.

who knew we needed the kike free first posts?

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So which amendments should i vote for and which should i oppose. I tried reading them but i could barely understand them

Just vote against gibs and you'll be fine

Sorry to derail so sage for that, but has anyone not received their absentee ballots? I know a couple people all republicans or independents who haven't gotten them. Conspiracy sense tingling.

Reminder that some white south africans got programmed so well they actively took part in dismantling apartheid believing that "two wrongs don't make a right, sharing is caring, faced with the obvious fact that all are created equal everything will just work out, they just want a fair share not revenge"


get this to EVERYONE in FLORIDA

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I don't want felons to vote and raise retirement age for judges from 70 to 75 help

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I guess it's up to us to fire up our "Russian bot" social media accounts to influence alt light faggots like Cernovich to start tweeting about this so that the main stream media is forced to attempt to frame the story to fit the Kike narrative.

How's things on the ground? are the Libshits mobilizing in vast numbers?

I love what they do, but they ARE attention whores.

Omar gets confronted in
Part 2
I've burnt my comp enough doing re-encodings for webm so I'll let another user take the pleasure

Florida user here. The only revisions I'm voting yes on are, #11, #12, & #13. Any revision that is two fold is bullshit and by default should be a NO vote. #6 Is a good example, it appeals to niggers mostly because they're mostly felons or have a kid in prison, so assuming they can even read, they'll get through the first sentence and be like "yo nigga, dasme rite dur!" if we can slowly but consistently remove the nigger and the jew from Florida, we'll be alright.

Vote to stop greyhound racing. Vote against Amendment 6 (kike Marsey's Law that chips away at due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty, destabilizes checks and balances between judiciary and legislature). Vote for the mandatory supermajority (2/3) in state legislature to raise taxes as opposed to a simple majority. Vote for the republican representative in your district, Kike Scott for Senate, and vote for DeSantis as Governor.

We can't let FL take a step towards the economic situation of NY, and we have to swallow the spoon of bullshit for now. We'll plan to take on the jewish problem after we take care of the midterms.

Meant to say #4, not #6. Even though #6 is a bifold bullshit revision as well.

Not all of us are boomers.

No. You must be new. They'll just cower down, agree, ask forgiveness for being white, and gladly die to let the brown hordes have a change.

Florida user here. If you have early voting, do it. Don’t wait until the day of.

A lot of the "Yankees" moving south are really (((Yankees))), just like during reconstruction.

Why american stupid and let nigger get power?

This stupid why the American do this? Nigger no smart and stupid

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If you work at Starbucks you shouldn’t be rude to people that bring customers in, or rude at all. Moral judgements aren’t your forte. Coffee is.

I'll do it. But, how did you make it not re-encode in a way that Zig Forums refuses to accept? Are you using ffmpeg?

Can you guys elaborate on these? I don't understand the issues very well beyond the talking head points.


Bumping for urgency.

For every kike shill post you see you must do 12 push-ups for he man or he'll give you the bitch slap.
Go do it now!!

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What urgency, fuckface? How stupid do you have to be to think anyone is going to be punished?

>Thinks (((liberal blacks))) actually want these policies and aren't pawns

And you wonder why Zig Forums has achieved nothing. You can't fight an enemy you know next to nothing about.
polite sage

Good man.

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Fuck, He-Man. I've already got DOMS.


Voting for jewish puppets is bad.

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Last day for early voting. Get the fuck out there.

I'm looking over my sample ballot one last time before going out. I'm still uncertain about #s 7 and 13. 7 does a lot of shit that I almost agree with, ensuring payouts to first-responders' spouses in the case of death and requires supermajority vote among university trustees and the board of governors to raise school fees, but then it also tacks on that it makes the existing state college system a constitutional entity. Which sounds an awful lot like nationalizing the schools.

I don't think I can come to a reasonable conclusion on the dog racing one without knowing how the dogs are treated. I'm sure they're pushed to excel, but they also are probably ridiculously pampered and living better lives than most other dogs. On the other hand, I'm against gambling on principle. So maybe I'll vote against it either way.

Someone please do something about these anti-voter shills

lol, As a NJ user I really have to apologize to you FL anons. retards from my state move there all the time and have really shitted up FL and GA

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dogs are treated fine for the most part, except they race for only 3 years then are given away/put down.
there's also corruption where they feed/treat dogs differently to get certain results in the race

Just got back and ended up voting against it on the basis of it not being a constitutional issue. I'd be in favor of banning it on a legislative level.

Already voted. No on all amendments except for the supermajority one

I haven't seen one MSM Jewish news outlet report that Gillum's campain staffer said crackers. Not one

Jersey guy. Dude it mostly Jews who move from NJ to Florida. The Jews retire down in Boca

I'm not gonna go into details, but I've been around niggers more than some other niggers.
And niggers are fucking worthless
unless you need to bring down property values, low level drug mules, paid for voting loyalty, manufactured outrage, etc etc etc…

Is mid jersey good or bad…?

Bump for salty niggers and slide shills