ZOGnald, libertarian, neocon, etc. deprogramming thread

This is the thread you brainwashed NPCs die


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MAGAsubhumans support israel and JEWS

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I know, right? We totally shoulda voted Hillary; am I right fellow berniebros?

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stay mad, MAGAscum

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Actually yes, Hillary is pretty redpilled tbh

He has his dads nose

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supporting trump means supporting the MONGRELIZATION of america

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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OP you are probably a retarded "facist" larper. Do you not understand we live under left-wing fascism right now? Complete merger of the state and corporations in order to breed a mulatto under class the jews can lord over.
Libertarians don't need to be "de-programmed". They just need to understand their ideals only work in a white ethnostate. If everyone is white, there is no need for the majority of government programs and departments. The problem is they assume everyone is white like them.
Trump niggers on the other hand are probably a lost cause. All they care about is "triggering the libs" and "bringing in spics legally". As if them entering legally is really any different than illegally. They are just now "legally" sucking resources away from whites.

This is a terrible fucking thread and your OP suggests you have double digit IQ.

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blood ties are stronger than puppet strings

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hello, sargon

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did you just finnish watching a ben shapiro colab video with sargon?

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Good work user. You really showed me. Hail the ZOG GOD KING TRUMP!

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15k troops

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We're all fucked, aren't we.

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OP works for the DHS.

BUMP for justice

What Von Mises was a Jew? I like hyper inflation and socialism now.

I always find it funny how people don't see the fascism in the current system but if you think a white ethnostate is all you need you're as retarded as OP. The majority of leftists are white, so even in the ethnostate you'd need to have a system to rid your society of toxic ideologies.

dop btfo

haha what a fucking faggot hahaha

Can some oldfriend tell me what 8pol was like before the exodus of cuckchan and the Qlarp? Were there still shills this blatant?

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what a weird way to phrase something
almost jewish the way that is worded

There was a lot of good discussion and the realistic expectations that he was gonna be a stepping stone to unfucking the West, not full-1488 and well it worked and him being an example that's being followed everywhere, he's pissed off a lot of the establishment world order. Then after the 2016 election the vast amount of underage stormcucks and boomers went fucking retarded, didn't even understand Realpolitik, and went full-shill retard where every discussion went to "Don't vote" and spamming these same images. This board never recovered, can't even do shit for the lulz when you have genuine spergs who can't handle the bantz.

Christ above, is it truly inoperable or would you say that there is hope that the board will return to its former state? I want somewhere kike free damnit

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This, somewhat. Kampfy & co were cunts even early on, they just weren't all power-tripping retards until about middle of 2017. The idea that trump was going to be full 1488 right out of the box was mainly pushed by radical-pushers to defame him for daring to be different than their choice.

Yet we couldn't handle the repeated bantz of the british posters and chased them out of the board by bitching constantly with our own falseflags with assistance from mods. Kek

Yes clearly sucking kike dick while never accomplishing anything makes everyone else look like the bad guy and not sellouts like you, lol

Good goy r_td kikebots

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I'm not even that angry anymore at trumpniggers. I'm just sad at their completely brainwashed behavior. Like when magaspastics endorsed Kanye West just because he started wearing a maga hat and those retards went full cuck dreaming about reaching to those based negroes. Full and complete DR3. A nigger whose music is full of hatered for Whites, who's married to a slut who only rose to fame by being a coal-burning whore, who was photographed with Greg Lansky and who was praud about watching interracial pornography and even boasted about it on prime time national TV. Lansky even send him a fucking letter congratulating West on a fine choice for porno. Trump invited a nigger who fell in love with blacked and his whore of a wife to the White House to talk about how important is black unemployment to him and to America when he never even tried to address the destruction of White middle and lower class which is happening right now and has been happening since at least the 70s, probably more than that. What a disgrace.


Anyone who has ANY familial ties with fucking kikes is an obvious enemy, its just that these subhumans are so brainwashed into caring so much about their precious constitution and dildocracy that they feel obliged to vote for the same kikelover democrats and republicans every 4 yrs

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like hillary is any better. at least Trump will slow down the annihilation of US a little bit.

A fast death is better than slow suffering.

If Americans think their system of government and support for their muttified culture, wanking over muh democracy and fredoom help, in any way, the struggle for freedom of not just the Aryans but of all the world, they are grossly mistaken

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This thread squeaks and almost every response squeaks and if you don't agree, go squeak somewhere else.

And if it squeaks, it probably echoes

Again, if the 'real America' is in the hands of cuckservatives and 'based black guy MAGApedes' then it's already dead.



Hello fellow MAGApede/cuckservative

BASED amirite?


Nice try shlomo

There's only one squeaker i know :)

How's the coffee Baruch?

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Thread infiltrated. Kikes abound.

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It's almost like some people in America still have principles and aren't sell-outs


Glow nigger thread detected

everyone migrate here

Does it hurt to be retarded, MAGAtrash?

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You can't even cross link, holy shit. Go back to where you came from.

the kike adopts the language of the truth tellers, and poisons it.

hey kike, did you think was clever?

Do you think I don't know what goes on in your mind when you're confronted with what you malign as " "truth" "? how you hoodwink yourself into thinking it's all an opinion, or a "truth only for now"?

you will never not be a jew

If I say to a nigger that I hope he has a good day, do I mean that I wish his comfort, or pleasure? No, me wishing a good day is wishing a good day to all: that all experience the just desserts of their actions. If a man going through displeasure means an abandonment of bad behavior, then wishing displeasure is not a 'bad' thing. This is, at least, how a person justifies to themselves your possible misunderstanding of their statements. In their view, anything they consider good is what they wish. If not, then they wish for some other 'good' like God's in Abrahamism. You'll find examples of those praying for the displeasure of others, for their sake, in the bible.

It is only those who countenance the good of another that will care how you might misinterpret their intentions. When they say "have a good day", if they care you will interpret it in a way that says to you they are supportive of your deeds, and they mean something else, then they will correct you and tell you that "Really, I mean I hope you're shot for what you've done; that is a good day for you - you receiving just desserts for your actions". When a race of people interact with all non-allies; or non-(in their view)persons, and they commonly have this disregard about any interpretive differences, they are indicating at the very least an indifference if not a hostility. Jews do this commonly. They wish a "good day" to someone and mean they wish them hell, profess understanding and don't care to sympathize whatsoever, or even violently choke a man and then say what is occurring is really a 'good' thing. So inhumane most see this practice of language, that some would accuse them of being devils. And, when they selectively choose what sort of narrative/frame they'll speak in, there is nothing abnormal to them. This 'easy meanness' (as Samuel Roth so-called it) is a second nature to them.

Any sort of approach/behavior which approaches a non-preferred future by "the chosen" is disregarded as fairy tale and inherently wrong. So, in their minds, they imagine a preferred future, and will declare that anything contradicting it is 'untrue'; no matter its appearance objectively or its proof mathematically. Such is why J-Left says 'rationality' is white supremacist, or at the very least, anti-Semitic. A Jew may fight some reality which is unpreferrable, but never does it believe it is lying - it is actually, in its own mind, believing it does a "kindness" through correcting the behavior (or even world) generally. In that demented way, anything which contradicts their prophets is 'wrong'/'false', as in, it will be false in the future (they reckon). Another dialectical trick, compartmentalizing their words as is convenient or beneficial. If a gentile countenances something which isn't preferable for Jews to countenance, they deny its reality and declare them wrong/incorrect. If the Jew is told about the inevitability of a bad outcome, it says it is not inevitable because it will resist to its last breath in persisting and - if even that is not enough - they have fully absorbed the teachings of their prophets as inevitable and so, any means necessary to ceasing the occurrence of any perceived-as-bad consequences to them, in their imagined coming-but-already-here-because-it-is-written Jew-owned world, becomes tolerable.

Thanks OP you Faggot , but I’ll be going out and Voting Republicunt next Tuesday to avoid gridlock, to advance the MAGA Agenda and to support the one man Lulz machine that has single handily provided the most Salt Threads that have ever been on Zig Forums
The one man Raid himself
President Donald Trump

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Another brainwashed kikelover that cannot part with democracy
Faggot MAGAscum, trump supporters deserve a deportation to israel and subsequent nuking along with their kike brothers

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Jews think they're funny.

Lazy nigger. Should have voted already.

Thanks Shill , you’ve been in every thread the past 3 months. There won’t be any bonus from your faggot boss at Shareblue come Nov. 7th and we won’t be seeing you in the post midterm Salt thread

Take a chil pill, Chaim

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No, you take a chill pill, Midterms are coming, your time is up.

No, your time is up, jewish shill

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stopped reading right there.
read a fucking single book about fascism you retarded faggot.

lol faggot, the jew cries as he strikes you.

Are you a friend of Zion too?

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I'm a friend of the Alps, not of any desert mountain.

First image's book excerpt was written by Guy Oseary or Donald Trump?

We won’t see them hardly anymore after Nov. 7th except for in (((their))) Trump is kike containment threads

reminder that libertarianism is leftwing and marxist-friendly

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reminder that libertarianism is leftwing and marxist-friendly

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I found the best way to deprogramm oneself is to throw away your TelAvivsion and to read on 8ch.net, while watching at memes of truth here:


You mean liberalism.

If you're going to play the jewish puppet angle, at least know what the fuck you're talking about. Kikes are matriarchal by both nature and religion. So Ivanka converting means fuck-all since she was never a kikess by blood in the first place.

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Yup. That's a boomer.

reminder that these civnat cuckservatives blatantly ignore every proven link of trump with kikes and would have nothing against their own daughter marrying a kike

You should read the post you quote more carefully because it's right.

I see r_td kikes are flooding

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I see retards are posting.

Fuck off (((Stefan))). The "matriarchal jew" is just more typical tricks. Of course they would consider Kushner's kids jewish.

Who's they and proof?

You have to hire still more pajeet buttslaves with that kushnerbux for your old tricks to work shitskin.

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This kike's face when Trump sweeps the midterms, and destroying all expectations.

(((They))) is other jews. The proof is called think about it for a fucking minute. The kikes profit from having more kikes and at the same time telling people they are a tiny minority. They are playing both sides, like they always do.

how's the coffee in tel aviv?

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So again, there will be disagreement among themselves over this, because the orthodox will not accept it.

What you have is mischling, Kushner is not a pure jew either so their blood is run thinner and thinner.

I dunno, you tell me?