Hip New App lets you know which friends of your are KKK DRUMPFLETS



They even tell you your specific voting record, so you can nudge your lazy democrat friends TO GET OUT AND VOTE.

They're likely botnet app is available here:

Actual Website:

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What part of the article supports this conclusion though?

please give me an excuse

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Knowing the existence of the batshit insane leftist who shot Steve Scalise.

The murders will not be done directly by the state, but using your voting record which is apparently PUBLIC RECORD, wild terrorist Antifas are going to find you and try to kill you if you do not own a gun.

Just vote republican and get a gun.

If you don't have a gun already, you aren't a Republican

I'm in a state with proper gun and self-defense laws. You can't know how much I want them to give me an excuse.

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I absolutely agree. I was just trying to grab as much attention as possible. I don't actually want to stop people from voting.

Nice try, FBI.

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don't forget that the Republican party has been backstabbing Trump every step of the way, and have done nothing for gun rights with 2 years of total government control, or immigration, or pretty much anything besides tax cuts. Just a few weeks ago Trump finally was able to get around to merely tweaking NAFTA for better margins and some anti-China stuff, and they bitched endlessly about that.

shoot yourself in the face

I won't instigate violence, but I will defend myself faggot

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Dirty tricks, MI6.

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When Antifa attack peaceful protests, its the protestors who go to jail. Not Antifa.

Who goes to jail when the Antifa who mail Ted Cruz ricin decide to firebomb your house? I'm not a legal expert.

sage negated, kike.

Yup. Wasn't really talking about the party friend, was talking about the roughly 400 million guns those who would vote Republican own. nice attempt at a blackpill though- will give ya that2/10talk to your supervisor about your raise

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Are you talking rationally or legally?
Rationally selfdefense is no incitement.

Legally? Well that really depends on what the cops decide.

Remember when the cops decided to not intervene when ICE agents were being attacked?

reddit spacing

All these broken shift keys lol.

While walking along in desert sand, you suddenly look down and see a tortoise crawling toward you. You reach down and flip it over onto its back. The tortoise lies there, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs, trying to turn itself over, but it cannot do so without your help. You are not helping. Why?

implying it's not true, which it is.
Sure, vote Republican, but don't believe them. The only reason to keep voting GOP now is to further incite the unhinged left to promote more violence so we can slide into full-scale civil war.
if you think this has a happy ending though, like voting it all away, you're a fool.



Who cares? All of that shit is public record. Go look up anyone you want.

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Filtered, you defenseless little faggot. We're protecting ourselves however we see fit and you're not going to do shit about it.

Beats being in Jew world.

Describe in single words only the good things that come to mind about your mother.

What a big boy, yes you are!


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beware, the shills here are real. /intl/ still lurks.

React to this: You become pregnant by a man who runs off with your best friend. You decide to get an abortion.

You didn't filter me hard enough :^)

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Checked, but definitely not kek'd. I don't get your whole broken shift key meme that you seem to go on about in seemingly every thread.

On a serious note, why even post here if you're not going to try and be constructive to the cause?

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React to this: You're watching a stage play. A banquet is in progress. The guests are enjoying an appetizer of raw oysters. The entree consists of boiled dog stuffed with rice. The raw oysters are less acceptable to you than a dish of boiled dog.

lol oh wow

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The test is over. How many answers do you think were given by machines?

wasted dubs
Is this gonna be on the test?

You remind me of the r9k nigger-trannies that post animemes and lure susceptible robots into following their degenerate lifestyle.
What is your purpose here, user?

Its a bot

You can do better than this.

Two people you abhor fight to the death in a sawdust pit. Are you sad one of them will win, or happy one of them will lose?

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If you're registered under a party that's public record.
What you checkmark in that private booth is anonymous.
You seem like a demoralization shill.

There are no kikes in Valhalla.

Is that from Blade Runner or am I at a Rothschild Moloch-tribute event?

I'll be smiling the greatest smile I've ever smiled while emptying magazines of.308 into my enemies. When i run out of .308 I'll pick up my 12 gauge. When i run out of that, I'll pick up my .410. When i run out of that I'll pick up my 45. When i run out of that I'll pick up my 22. When i run out of that I'll pick up my scimitar and wait to ambush.


I would gladly if there was an edit for old posts.

Shoo, shoo. You'll never get your ten bux back.


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Yeah good job, faggot. Nothing in your article supports this, and even if it did, it would give me 100x the incentive to vote. If I could report your clickbaiting ass I would.

Save your ammo.
Just cover me while I work.
I have LOTS of hours swinging machetes/axes/hammers/scythes

How do they know who you voted for?

I feel it's more reasonable to be happy that one of them loses. It's one less person you abhor, and most surely the winner must be exhausted.
I did mean it when I asked what your purpose here is though. I'm genuinely curious in regards to what your point of view is, and what you hope to accomplish.

I don't say this with the intention of attacking you, but that sounds like the wishful thinking of someone in denial. I think it's an immature train of thought to sum every user who's opinion you dislike up to either being a bot or a shill. I'm not being specific to you, user, per-say, but rather to the trend I've noticed on this site.

Nigger, have you heard of Antifa?
Nigger, do you trust the cops?

I'm not telling people not to vote. I am telling them that they now need to stay safe.

I asked on 4cuck and someone posted this:

I don't know the scope of it, tbh.

They don't.
Registration with a party for primary voting is public record, but no one knows how you vote.
Its why they have private booths and you don't put your name on the ballot

You're not just tough, you're TONKA TUFF

Well that sucks, I didn't mean it when I asked my question.

Equal parts hearsay and conjecture.

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Question? If I registered as Independent would I have been able to vote Trump in the primaries?

If it just incoherently retorts with buzzwords/calling you a kike for no reason/imitations of us with smug anime then its most likely a bot
Or just really bad shills

This is a fucking slide thread. Who gives a fuck if some limp wristed soy fuck knows what you're registered as?
How many of you would even have friends like that for it to matter?

I repeat: this is a slide thread clickbait tier nigger thread.

Trix are for kids, vote the motherfuckers out permanently then we'll unite and form an antiwar movement. We will not turn our back on the Palestinians any longer.

Remember our enemies biggest threat is peace.

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That's what I thought. Unless there's some shady unpublicized technology linked to the voting machines, relying on the complicity of election volunteers.

Sliding what?
Its dead tonight


wish there were more like you around here, user.

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Voight-Kampff Test

Time that those still adhering to the worst elements of this grow a pair, grow up and eschew their East Asian faggotry; in favor of genuine white values.

good thing they don't know i have any :^)

depends on if your state has open primaries or not

thought so

Besides if it was a Rothschild Moloch-tribute event, they would be eating children not dog.

Come on fellow 8ch.net users, let us show our disgust for this by taking out our assault style firearms and destructive devices and occupy some federal property!

Stupid question #2, how can I check that?

Don't hate the anime.
Just ignore the smug anime
For a time it was pretty hilarious how much the smug anime pissed off shills/int

I'd rather it be left to its own boards than here, on a supposed politics oriented Bhutanese linoleum etching barter community.

Its just pics. Its not threads discussing it.
Besides this Laos-pipe-threading-forum's origin lies in anime culture

wasted dubs
I hope you go back in time and stop 2ch from ever coming into existence to put this all to an end once and for all.

And how!

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I'll add it to my list of things to do in the past.

turkroach detected

Oh snap a list, what else is on your chrononaut to-do list?

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It's origin does but we once all shat in our diapers and were incapable of eating without getting food all over our face; wouldn't you prefer to mature?

I'd prefer if you just filtered anime posters and stopped derailing the thread, but you do you.

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I work, invest, and own rental properties.
I also like certain anime (Hajime no ippo, Overlord, Gurren Lagaan)

Maybe if we aren't mature enough for your standards you would like facebook more

Cunning but unsuspicious sporting bets.
Some personal rendezvous with individuals.
Obtaining some artifacts and attending historical events as an alternative to concerts.

Post a pic of the list.

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Its responding to everybody now regardless of context

I'm just answering the questions put to me. Besides they can't find out who you voted for, so what does it matter?

More than talking about survival and prosperity of our race, while simultaneously posting that stuff? Do as you please but don't be surprised when you're gassed at a later date.


oh please, start that civil war you bunch of leftist fuckwits…

Give us an excuse! Please, give us all an excuse to shoot you in self defense!

wasted dubs
You LARP well, do you cosplay?

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It doesn't understand how IDs work
YOU aint gassing shit

Did you just not assume my gender?

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We'll see about that.

What happens when Uncle Shem sends the faithful Zogbots door-to-door to confiscate guns?
ProTip: Don't answer this here; just think it through
ProTip #2: Firearms and the 2A are not the be all to end all of things that can hurt far more than sensitive fee-fees. The 2A is nothing more than a line which Uncle Shem is not supposed to cross; yet, he has through incrementalism and gradualism. But firearms themselves are not the ultimate in weaponry. The absence of electricity however, …. Imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power? No one will hear their screams. No one will hear their calls.

Reported for being the most annoying fagget on the face of the earth.

You are smug, aren't you…

Who cares? We're not voting republican.

Constitution Party FTW

No user. I used to collect different melee weapons in my adolescent years. The sharpest, highest quality and most robustly built weapon I still have is the Ottoman Scimitar. I have a war hammer and shitty knock off katanas, but the war hammer is unwieldy and the katanas are shit.

All this app shows what elections you voted in and your party preference, this was already public information.

Notice that there is no category for the #WalkAway people; no matter which end of the political spectrum they're on

Thank fuck I'm in a state that you don't have to affiliate in to vote in the primaries. You just have to make sure to only vote for one party or the other during primary time. Then again, I'm not on anyone's contact list.

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Wait..your ballot is not secret in the US of A???

What kind of crazy shit is that?