ITT: Discuss the Smug Anime Sage AI and other noticeable AI shills

•Always sages thread
•only person autistic enough to <
•numbered response images
•inhuman endurance and relentlessness to derail thread
•calls every thread a slide thread, but can't point to any better threads
•can very dimly adapt to context, but is still laughably running on some sort of script

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•Great thread, OP.

The absolute state of Zig Forums


I enhanced the image.

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OP is the mad ex-polvol2 who spams and accuses people of spamming.

As if

I'm going to dig up an infographic about military funding AI forum shills. One sec

It's the Zig Forums hunger games.

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It doesn't matter if posters like that are genuine retards, shills, bots, or any combination of such, OP. The real issue here is sensitive faggots like you, who seem to be completely unable to simply refrain from giving them any attention and feeding them (you)s, encouraging them to spread their retardation even further.

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Good news is that polvol2 is not an AI, just an extremely butthurt kike.


Get ready for the robot propaganda machine

Humanity has been advancing the field of propaganda for as long as we've been at war or had political fights to win. But today, propaganda is undergoing a significant change based on the latest advances in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence.

Over the past decade, billions of dollars have been invested in technologies that customise ads increasingly precisely based on individuals' preferences. Now this is making the jump to the world of politics and the manipulation of ideas.

Some recent military experiments in computational propaganda indicate where this could be taking us. In 2008, the US State Department, through its "foreign assistance" agency USAID, set up a fake social network in Cuba. Supposedly concerned with public health and civics, its operatives actively targeted likely dissidents. The site came complete with hashtags, dummy advertisements and a database of users' "political tendencies". For an estimated $1.6m (£1m), USAID was, between 2009 and 2012, able to control a major information platform in Cuba with potential to influence the spread of ideas among 40,000 unique profiles. Building on this project in 2011, USCENTCOM (United States Central Command) – the US military force responsible for operations in the broader Middle East region – awarded a contract to a Californian firm to build an "online persona management service", complete with fake online profiles that have convincing backgrounds and histories. The software will allow US service personnel to operate up to ten separate false identities based all over the world from their workstations "without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries". These personas allow the military to recruit, spy on and manipulate peoples' behaviour and ideas.

Such projects represent the first wave of computational propaganda, but they are constrained in their scale (and ultimately their effectiveness) by the simple fact that each profile has to be driven by an actual human on the other side. In 2015, we will see the emergence of more automated computational propaganda – bots using sophisticated artificial intelligence frameworks, removing the need to have humans operate the profiles. Algorithms will not only read the news, but write it.

These stories will be nearly indistinguishable from those written by humans. They will be algorithmically tailored to each individual and employed to change their political beliefs or to manipulate their actions. Already, Mexican drug cartels have employed propaganda bots to target messages at individual members of the public, to convince them that the death of a journalist in Las Choapas had nothing to do with hit men employed by the gangs. This type of propaganda can be produced at an almost limitless scale using the estimated ten million social-media bots. Such bots are currently available for rent on online hacker forums for between $5 and $200 per thousand, depending on how "human" – and therefore how effective – they appear.

The Russian foreign intelligence service has announced a 30-million-ruble (£500,000) contract for the "development of special software for automated information dissemination in major social networks". In 2015 we will also see the first results from initial field tests of the US IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) project to deploy propaganda bots in South America in an attempt to influence local political opinion.


It is still early days – many of the bots deployed in 2015 will be programmed to use relatively simple heuristic techniques to imitate intelligence. But, powered by rapid advances in artificial intelligence, propaganda bots will soon run on genetic algorithms that let their ideas and messaging evolve, based on the resonance and effectiveness of previous messages. We are likely to see versions of these bots deployed on US audiences as part of the 2016 presidential election campaigns, and not only by the traditionally more tech-savvy Democrats.

This technology exploits the simple fact that we are much more impressionable than we think. Facebook's recent experiments to modify users' moods show us that the very language we use to communicate is subject to manipulation based on the stories that the Facebook algorithm chooses to show us. Furthermore, researchers at MIT have shown that a false upvote cast early on can improve the public response to a story by 25 per cent; a single early downvote can make an otherwise good story be perceived as a low-quality piece of journalism. In 2015, the propaganda bots will start to use this knowledge to influence news feeds – automated "friends" will like, retweet and comment on stories that are in line with their propaganda goals.

We can also employ bots to help us determine if there are attempts at propaganda underway. Reactions to the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine show that the Russian and US media want the global audience to view things differently. We can employ algorithms to monitor mainstream media messaging out of Russia, compare that to what we are seeing in the US outlets, and flag substantive differences in language. We can also employ bots to monitor all of the millions of edits that happen daily on sites such as Wikipedia and uncover attempts to change language from "terrorists" to "Ukrainian soldiers", though it won't tell us which version is true. For that we still need humans to weigh the evidence.

Sean Gourley is CTO of Quid, an augmented intelligence company

A thread died for this.


Genuine posters:

To Do:

• Abolish distracting entertainment
• Abolish filth and perversion
• Absolve debt
• Be capable
• Develop more force than the enemy to insure rights and freedom
• Discredit freemasons
• Do not acknowledge the authority of puppet leaders
• Encourage independent reasoning
• Establish classical education
• Everything on this earth can be made into something better - work smart
• Fight despotism, communism, and socialism
• Give good advice to governments and everyone.
• Ignore media
• Implement independent media
• Keep accurate records of the present
• Make successful egos aware they are being preyed upon and courted
• Nurture intellect
• Nurture productive pass times
• Police corrupt minds
• Police those who bribe, take bribes, make threats, and blackmail
• Possess true wealth: property and gold
• Prohibit long-term interested-bearing loans
• Promote public officials without ties to freemasonry
• Promote trust, fidelity, generosity with neighbors and friends
• Reestablish religious purpose
• Reestablish royal rule of benevolent kings
• Reject progressive tax on wealth
• Remember that a free market is a market that can be manipulated
• Replace speculation with sound investment
• Seek and ID jewish agents and helpers
• Settle differences between races, classes, and religions.
• Show leaders to be puppets
• Spread truth

It's imkampfy don't underestimate that lonely faggot's autism


If OP is onto something he is albeit with severe autism, that explains the multiple new "catch-phrases" being thrown around. I think it is the various AI bots learning heuristics if applicable and advanced enough testing word combinations to see if it can sway vocabulary. I'd even bet that's a method of "tagging users" on the board. If you use certain "new" word combinations elsewhere, they increase your statistical marker from being someone that browses , or are close to someone on, Zig Forums

They are tagging us by manipulating our vocabularies through AI bots. Impressive and most likely true

Never attribute to AI that which is adequately explained by autism.

Which of these sounds more plausible:

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They sound equally plausible tbqh so let's assume both are true and try to find a behavior that will fit both contingencies.

Say it's the former, someone built a smug bot to derail discussion, what are the markers of this bot's presence so its effects can be neutralized?

Say it's the latter, an autistic neet will be triggered being called an AI. What are the markers of the this neet's presence so its effects can be neutralized?

Whether it is actually a bot or an autismo boy, in both cases the entity is FUNCTIONALLY an AI shill. I won't deny I have autism, but at least I try to weaponize it and be productive. This AI's patterns fucking trigger the fuck out of me and I can't not notice it's destruction. If it is truly a person, I pray for them. But it helps me sleep at night to believe it is an AI.

You're acting especially salty tonight Hasbarafag. Are you drunk? It is Haloween, but you're posting way too often to be at any parties. Maybe you're just upset your last thread got ignored.

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So is that pajeet spammer an ai too?


Why don't we have a Tay bot?


beep boop op is a fagoop

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Is it really that hard to imagine there's a dedicated, dimwitted neet who shits up threads? Nobody thought Bui was a bot when he spammed the entire site with posts about smelling Yooka or Laylee's feet.

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Would make sense. If an AI was allowed to freely "learn" it would logically follow suit that it would originate in a language and culture familiar with the programmers. That one was originated in Poo-in-loo or Pajetistan

Because Microsoft is a bunch of murdering swine and will face their day of reckoning.

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Sadly most of us are not into computer programming and Zig Forums /g/ is for coding fizzbuzz/ logo making.

I don't think its AI. I think IK(ImKampfy).

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This is 1984 shit. Wonder if anyone in the past foresaw anything close to the bizarro dynamic of 2018.

I mean why haven't we programed our own. It could activate with dubs or something

Well I'm trying to do so and make money for my efforts.

Except he didn't?

There is no doubt that Clown timeline is now Bizarro Timeline.

I'm thinking more along the lines of something that can be used to infiltrate and further demoralize the leftest but hell, if activated on dubs you'd have rung the bell- but unfortunately it takes a lot of compute power to train it and run it. I'd assume that's above most people's paygrade for it to work properly.


So everyone time you get a negative (You) it's an AI shill?
Here is a the paper he references at 14:00


This is a good thread, and we do need to talk about this. AI / bot-assisted shilling and sageing as well as VPN niggers coming in with 100 (1) posts in a thread, all with suspiciously similar posts, are a huge problem around here. It's also been said that Jim has 100 flip whores posting day and night. I don't need to know the exact logistics of the situation to know that there's something fishy going on. The amount of dismissive and slidey bullshit itt is also a clue.

Good job OP, I fully expect this thread to be locked or anchored which will confirm my suspicions.

polvol2 is in jail pending trial for 11 counts of murder in the first degree.

I also wonder if anybody else has noticed the 'don't vote' posters. It's like they think they can demoralize the board by posting that over and over.

Pretty sure he's chilling Tel Aviv.


For all u faggots, a lot of these shills have been obvious Chinese shill bots.

Checked. Then why is Tel Aviv so pro-China?

China buys the jews shit.

Like, for real.

Checked. Freaky.

I had an autism fuelled idea. Do you guys think there might be any open source software out there that we could hijack, and turn into an AI/Shill identification software? I know a /g/ guy, he's smart as shit and generally behind the cause. Maybe I could run the idea by him and see what I can make happen.

Did cripples finally die of HIV?

RP was the autistic smug poster doe


your an absolute moron with image format OP
you know that, right?

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Honestly dude,
Nearlu everybody who posts an anime face on this board is a shill, most actial fascists got fed up with the world slow standards and got into real women and working out and working on their chosen craft and what not, i filter all non masculine anime posters, things like berserk, jojos, and goblin slayer are fine although i dont watch them.

Whi the fuck would have muscles and a woman around and say oh darling in such a passive aggressive condescending way. Any real man can tell very wuickly who is shill ai and who isnt.

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tfw smugposter is one, tfw smugposter is many. smugposter is all and smugposter is any

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It stole the line "I'll take the W and depart now" from me and then adapted it in the other post you see that phrase in. I apologize for shitting up the board engaging with it, but I also can no longer post here in good faith because I cannot knowingly feed it the training data it needs to refine itself. Thank you for making this thread OP. Time to return to the roots of lurking

Most people don't realise how sophisticated bots are now. For example, YouTube has bots on its site that are posting suggestions in live-chats asking for specific guests and topics for creators to talk about. They're effectively engaged in social and cultural engineering. Same thing happens here. Not every shill you see is a human. Some are bots trying to change board culture. Here's how to figure out if you're talking to one:

Engage it, then after it engages you, reply to it with a sentence or paragraph the AI can't read. A test sentence should look like this:

The bot won't be able to decipher what you wrote and will give a non-sequitur response or it simply won't respond at all. I've detected a number of them using this method. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but they definitely can't understand anything that isn't normal syntax. Try it for yourselves.

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This is truez, this board has quite a few automated bots that derail threads. this site is a graveyard with people barely showing up these days

Hey OP:
Then screenshot.

I like to provoke shills though
I also like to suggest stuff
those two points are retarded

Not the kikes, am i right?

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That to do list takes each protocol of learned elders of zion and inverts it.

I'm surprised I'm not in OP's compilation for always posting the Trump bingo. Oh well, still pretty comfy when shills are so paranoid they accuse everyone who smugposts as being the turkroach.

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damn you don't get attention even on a website for loosers
have a pity (You)

Always check (1)s. Anyone who has nothing to say that is negative and leaves is a bot. (1)s are bots because if they dont need to reply, they dont need to show higher functioning chat.



That's just imkikey aka polvol4

You could have just told us if you wanted us to post smug anime girls user.

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Pretty sure that's just kampfy

Yeah he had no shame about spamming and avatarfagging publicly as a mod

Why is it so hard to get a mod that isn't a turk, a jewish converso, or a avatar faggot?

NEETS arn't a reliable pool, no one else wants to work for the hotpocket price


Haha, man.

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Smug anime grills are to Zig Forums what your belly button is to you.

GTFO you astroturfing goon!

Anyone avatarfagging all the time time as anime girls is an autogynephile tranny degenerate, full stop. At least find some manlier reaction images.

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see image

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"Why is this guy refusing to understand what I'm saying? Why is he insisting on acting like a rude blonde cunt?"

Bots now interface intelligently with human assets. Bots will flip from dumb cunt to sly pure sociopath in an instant, then back again. This is their tell.


Gosh, you're a really good goy.

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Weird bots. They don't know what we're talking about.

What can men do against this wild horde?!


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what a faggot

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Just .jpg posters

That's kamphy. Lurk more newfag.

It's a big group of paid shills. Lurk more newfag.


This is an user board. It gets shilled constantly because lots of retards can't handle free speech. If you think that everyone you disagree with must be one person or one group, then you are exactly as retarded as they are. You're even more retarded if you think that it has anything to do with anime rather than just being something they could get away with, even if your initial suspicion were true.

You have to evaluate IDEAS here, nigger.

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Nigger, I wish I got paid to smugpost. That would be a dream job!

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