Con Nogs

Conservative blacks rebuke Don Lemon with FBI stats. kek.
Are conservative niggers our allies?

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Please kill yourself

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>Are conservative niggers our allies?
they could be

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They are. Until they are not.

Mad kike.


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at the moment, theyre better for us than other blacks, but ultimately must leave our civilization and use that energy to help their own. far away from us.

if niggers started going after jews, id support them in their endeavors. would you not?

If by some magic power you could take back all the bullshit that ((they)) have brought into the US mainstream media, you'd have a nation with a very strong Black culture, White culture, Asian culture, and everyone would fucking get along. They just are too weak to take on any singular strong group. This is why their whole degenerate and divide schemes are going full blast right now. Weakening everyone's culture to a level where they can really be 100% in fuck you control mode.

They need to go back to their original homeland and make as place for themselves. Let me guess that's what kikes want right? The problem is that this shit is just used for muh dems are the real raycis by magapedes and how they are so based, when they rape and murder whites by the thousands. Fuck off for defending them, kike nigger lover.

conservative niggers are mulattos smart enough to know they can make bank on conservative inc.

Did he just bust out Mordechai?
Is he that RP'd?
Does he know the difference between 'Johnboi' and 'Mordechai' the newborn baby cawk sucking rabbi that's totally not a pedophile faggit?
Does he understand that 'Johnboi' is demonized as a sisterfukker, butt he really isn't because he dates that Amish chick from the other side of Pennsylvania that is of a totally different phenotype?
Does he actually realize that the j00 is so inbred that he is jealous of anyone with Aryan genetics?
Do the Hodge twins celebrate Aryan genetics or j00-ish genetics?
Seriously! wtf?

Does anyone have that video of Don Lemon talking about his rabbi? I found it on 8 Zig Forums but dropped my phone down the lav and lost a lot of good memes.

Indeed. Though mass immigration is part of the divide and conquer part.

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I think of it in more of the terms isolate and exterminate which is the ultimate goal. The niggers get a pass because they are keeping the population controlled through abortion. The white have to be bred out of existence and who else better but the same mongrels that got their dose of Spanish dick in the 1500's.

What's funny is the spaniards actually made them uglier.

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These guys have blue eyes, theyre like 20 percent black at most

This thread gonna be epic

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Mad kike.

fuckin love hodgetwins, this clip is clean man thanks OP

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Fuck off, kike.

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Kike so mad that niggers are getting wise up.

Wise to what exactly? How great a deal Jews have got them?

kikes don't give anyone a great deal.

No, about how jews mistreat them.

Don Lemon is a literal nigger kike.

This is like orks teaming up with humans in Warhammer to beat Chaos. Back to back.

too many kikes in this thread, we are supposed to be discussing whether blue eyes qualify these fine white men for the ethnostate.

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Go back to Africa

They can after they have helped us remove kikes.

In the American white ethno state, yes. Where American "whites" have to stay.

Reminder that kikes push LE BASTE NIGGER memes to D&C actual race warriors.


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But mordechai, Africa is for Africans, Europa is for Europeans and whatever continents we colonise and last but not least jews are for the ovens..

He's not wrong though.

Dab on it, amirite fellow white nogs? Zog me up the hammy sammies and we gone diversify the shoopty whoops, nog Maggy?

go back to hell, kike

Every chance you get, find a way to lead niggers to Dr. Tony Martin. Eventually Jews will lose their nigger voting block.

america is fucked enough where I can stand based anything if its not kikes.

Nigger, punctuate.

Kikes work through proxies and abstractions. You can either figure this out our you are just a useful idiot.

holy kek just noticed this

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Funny how everyone is catching on to the kike question.

They can be neutral at best. When non-whites does something to the benefit of whites, let it happen, but don't raise your ass in supplication over it.

No, Niggers are just their own worst enemies and this kinda suits us sometimes.

ah shit I actually liked maurice a bit, I had no idea he was such a pozzed tool

thanks twitter

Underrated post. If only blacks would wake up to the Jews. Not gonna happen, but we can wish.

you have to understand that blacks are being manipulated just as much as the whites. the Jews are playing everyone against each other to cause global suffering. then they can swoop in and act like saviours to end the suffering that they singel-handedly created.

Of course. After all, race is a social construct. That's what Zig Forums is certain of.

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Blacks are arguably more manipulated by Kikes. They don't attack blacks because they have completed and total control over them, they don't bother with any other races besides us because we are the only ones who are a threat to them (besides maybe the Chinese or Japs).

Jews lead civil rights movents and lead to the complete and total breakdown of black families, which lead to them being even more likely to end up in jail, dead, or druggies. Before that they still had shit families, but at least over 50 percent of them had a dad.

Unfortunately they'll never realize Jews are the main perpetrator behind their issues, second to maybe themselves.

Baste jokes aside all rational people are on "our side".

Jump in front of a bus kike.

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Blue eyes aren't particularly recessive. All you need is blue-eyed ancestors in both your parents lineage.

This thread has been up for 6 hours but white genocide related threads get nuked in 5 seconds with a 4x max length ban. Its obvious the mods are lefty/pol/ molemods and chodenigger is running this board into the ground.

maybe you surf Zig Forums too much and need a break, big guy?

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kill yourself

You dumb, nigger?

You got proof or a copy of the original thread? Not calling you a liar, I'd like to see it.

it's probably the dash of white genes in them

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Fuck off moldy.

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