According to Henry Ford: "Jews are behind degenerate pop music"

The precise quote according to pic related : "The mezmia of so-called popular music, which combines weak mindedness, with every suggestion of lewdness, Jews (are behind it)."
I never see Zig Forums talking about music ever, while it has a very serious impact in our lives and that it's safe that the kikes control all the popular music of today, just like how the control Hollywood or the Porn industry. So maybe you might share some insight on that and two or three pic ? Since it's a topic that is never talked about, I think that it deserves it's own thread.
So, Should we start to listen to epic non-jewed music to have the envy and energy to drain the swamp?

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Check out the Vigilant One, he may be a muzzie and he tries to jam his beliefs down your throat here and there, but he's got his eyes on the Music Industry and everything that goes on there, from the satanic influence to the monarch program. As well as a the typical scathing review of the Jew's that run it in typical Muslim fashion.

wait, nvm, he's privatised all the Music Industry videos, gonna have to find someone else…

Those are worthy dubs, friend, but anyone who's lurked even a week is completely aware of this. Fuck, even niggers call it out on a regular basis and they're not exactly capable of abstract thought.

My grandfather was right, Jazz Music is for degenerates!

Lies, he was jewish by the way. Just look at his sleepy eyes, 'nouf said.
Protocols of Zion? Written by a russian jew. We jews perfected the art of jewing other jews.

opinion discarded

I'd say the popular song "Only the Good Die Young" written by (((Billy Joel))) is a perfectly example of it.

These folks are outright satanists whom come from the bottomost pit of hell, they brag about their destination in the filth they promote in their music, their mission is nothing short of utter world destruction.

Perhaps that's because you're obviously an outsider who should lurk 2 more years?

“Marilyn Manson reveals in Rolling Stone’s new book ‘Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art” that Madonna’s manager, who was thinking of signing Manson, called Manson’s manager to inquire about whether the rocker had a swastika among his many tattoos. ‘Of course not,’ said Manson’s manager. ‘One of the guys in the band is Jewish.’ ‘Oh, OK,’ said Madonna’s manager. ‘We don’t have a problem with the Satanism, but we can’t deal with any kind of Nazism.'” [GARCHIK, L., 11-7-02, p. D14]
This the same guy?

Manson wears SS uniforms all the time for his concerts but tattoos no one can see arnt allowed?

Yeah sounds like a crock of shit, "of course not he's jewish, hence the satanism" would have been the managers unnecessary reply.
Which is why he can wear an ss uniform, and have zero Sorosastrians protesting him.

Indie rock is the logical means of expression for any self-respecting white musician in his late teens or twenties. While it is true that it has always been a movement grounded in urban self-hatred, cynicism, and degeneracy, that has mostly been a result of the toxic nature of just about every local scene. In reality, its creative possibilities allow for all sorts of ideas to flow. Especially given how streaming has changed the game, nobody really needs a label to operate or put out music anymore; all it takes is a well-paying job on your end, a commitment to improving not just musically but also individually, and as many friends as you deem necessary.

You take back indie rock, then you take back alternative culture, then you take back culture as a whole. Learn up to advanced music theory; hell, go for Schenkerian analysis if that's your thing. Listen to hundreds, even thousands of albums and let nothing stop you from gaining even a modicum from every single one of them. Read poetry and classics to develop a good understanding of how lyrics need to be structured. Finally, understand EXACTLY what your purpose is: to spit and laugh in the face of this crumbling modern society and rise above the emasculated twinks and Urban Outfitters lesbians ripping off every style from the 60s onwards with your own original brand of refined, innovative rock.

Fight post-modernism by co-opting it, showing it to be the degrading farce it has always been, and putting your own twist on it.

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I don't listen to nigger music, but they have some shit to say about the industry and the jew faggotry that exists at the top of the pyramid. Fat Joe has some shit to say about it. DMX also went off the rails.

Regarding the music Zig Forums should listen to, keep it classical. Listen to Ravel's la valse and piano works, Debussy's deux arabesques and images, Beethoven's symphonies and piano sonatas, Delius's Florida Suite, Wagner.

La Valse is arguable the most colorful, beautiful, detailed, and studied piece of Post-Romantic art music that has ever been conceived. Maurice Ravel's story is a tragic one; his abilities taken from him as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury. His work lives on. I hope you take the time to listen.

We need aristocrats, patrons, a folk culture and to destroy state sponsored media in order to reclaim the market share.
Usually the industry is 90℅ Jew money and 10% state sponsored Jew propaganda.
Independent producers are fags that will pay for a small studio but refuse to drop money on hiring other musicians.
Starting a band is impossible if you're trying to get people to volunteer their time to show up every week.
Really it comes down to the goyims ability to fund art, and the wealthy see it as an personal investment.
Why drop 100k on a new composer when Tyrone's $10 garage band beats will make more money.
So folk music from the poor with patronage from aristocrats.

Watch this post get deleted

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They already own everything, they already have infinite money. You are like those retards saying jews only want money and destroy us is secundary. See the post above

Today I will remind them
"Progressive Rock", as the movement was retroactively called years after it had passed its heyday, was a musical genre formulated in the late 1960s that garnered popular attention through the mid 70s, before dying off from the advent of punk and new wave at the end of the decade. Characterized by long winded and highly composed suites, Progressive rock music had its roots deep within western classical and English folk music, as well as derivative forms of psychedelia.
The music was also lauded by (((critics))) at the time, and even today, who criticized the music for being too involved in fantasy and for having songs that were "too long" and "too complicated".

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cold wave is the whitest music ever prove me wrong

but also this

Seriously need advice:

I want to subvert the kiked music industry but they've made music such a social institution that trying to make any song that speaks the truth comes across as corny and cringey, like some holier than thou colorado guru.

How do we write a song about the evils of jews and the retardedness of pop music while still writing a catchy and enjoyable song?

Their black magic is strong. The artists all know it's a show but the fans think drake, 69, or kief really out here killing people.

The artists almost justify their degeneracy as satire. Obviously lil pump isn't popping 14 xans before the party. But combine all these ideas with the concept that based and aryan artists are severely underrepresented. Of course pump and yachty blew up. They both got in trouble with the feds early on in their music careers and likely were recruited.

Lil yachty's genre might as well be selling out. You don't get a target commercial without kike-nections. Lil pump went from being a meme to being as big as drake almost over night. Its nonsense.

They really are milking him for all he's worth. If too much of his music drops people will realize his gimmick and toss him aside. His entire schtick is autistic drug addict. All of his songs are about doing opiods like its fun.

Now why is Martin Skrelly so interested in the hip hop scene? So much so that he has several one of a kind never dropped albums from huge mainstream hip hop artists. Now why would a shady pharmaceutical investor be so closely linked in to the music scene?

The same music scene that constantly glorifies the use of pharmaceuticals. Around 2015 they started making youtube backgrounds for singles and albums using cartoon imagery and prominent placement of opioids.

They openly are advertising to children. They admit this is where the new fans come from. Go watch any of these people perform a daytime show. Look at the audience, its filled with underagee children. Famous Dex is literally stripping off his clothes and throwing it into the audience before kneeling in his undies to "sing" straight at the underaged girls. (This is on his official instagram)

Dex already has like 4+ kids through multiple girls. These people are horrific role models that honestly have the lowest possible level of talent. Without their producers or marketing men, most of these artists would still be obscure like tracy or wulf.

I agree that it's stupid to ask a celebrity what they think about politics or society but i think the problem is with our celebrities. They are artificially famous. We need real role models, ubermensch to look up to an aspire to be like, not just have what they have.

So anons help me. How do we write non cringey based music?

That's why their trying to drown it out with nigger rap.

It starts out as ironically listening to artists you call satire like pump. But then you start to be conditioned to like it and you start defending it.


To beat the system, you must become the system. You cannot expect a sudden return to form in an age where pretty much not a single young person willingly listens to classical music. I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

The best goyim in town!

Subversion from within is the most effective form of destruction. In art, though, you become the decomposer that kills the invasive tree and puts a flower bed in its place.
I should probably stop posting before my chances at a career are potentially sabotaged, isn't that correct, Mr. FBI?

user, the Founding Fathers would have called you a faggot.

I listen to soundtrack music.

Name one Founding Father who had to deal with the collective moral and mental degeneration of his people instead of the tyranny of the mother culture. Name one Founding Father who had to face all standards of art being dismantled to the point that there are no nuances left instead of living in, I don't know, the goddamn Enlightenment era. This time is very different from the times of the Founding Fathers in terms of culture, and if you had any understanding of history besides knowing what term we use to refer to the men who signed our Declaration, you would understand where I'm coming from.

The Founding Fathers would have probably used all the resources they can today and would have laughed at you for being a defeatist, spineless buffoon.

Real Americans don't know when to quit, you're just leftover fecal matter.
This is coming from the person trying to demoralize people into accepting the system.

None of what you just said responded to anything I stated earlier. If I'm leftover fecal matter, you are the dregs in the sewers of New York City.

YOU, for that matter, are the person attempting to demoralize others from getting to change the system by working their way into it and using it to their advantage. Either you have a brain the size of a peanut or you are a shill, and I, frankly, don't want to deal with either.

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"Uptown Girl" is also obviously about a Jew defiling a gentile woman (made clearer in the video by him being surrounded by negroids and the woman in question, his wife Christie Brinkley), with reference to her "white bread world."

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All of it was a response to what you said.
Because that's the same thing as moralizing people to not be PR cucks like you. You are the definition of a demoralization shill.

For one thing, don't purchase music that has money going to them. Let people know that their influence on the masses doesn't influence you. You could be alone on that aspect, prepare for lack of acceptance.
If you are attempting to become part of the music industry, unless you can produce on your own, expect (((someone))) to want to get in on the cut. Don't let them. But this could be difficult as one thing many bands will say the first thing to do is hire a lawyer. Expect more of (((them))) in that regard as well.
To get away from it all, produce your own music, and distribute it yourself. Even most websites that (((they))) own could cut you off. How my old-ass band is still on one of them is beyond me, as I even used Mengele in a song, and even have it in it's title, and it's still up.
Miracles can happen.

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checks out

She stole muh genes

I see a leddit

wtf are you on? Listen to whatever you want, idiot, just know that your opinions will be instantly discarded by any white person with an above 140 iq, i.e., you are a prole; so fucking kill yourself if you get the chance

The both of you are so ridiculous it's almost numbing. The first one spends four posts throwing around Bezmenov terminology without actually understanding what any of it means, and the second one, pretty hilariously, calls me a prole when he's the only one of us three forming words and sentences like one. Again, you take control of any movement by blending into it, then using its platform to bring out ideas of your own. This process, which has been used countless times even before the Declaration was ever drafted, is the only thing I ever outlined and tried to outline to your feeble brains in any of my posts.

I'm not saying that everyone should "accept indie-rock into [their] hearts." What I am implying is merely that the genre is a fantastic opportunity for any white musician to be as creative and experimental as possible while promoting messages that subtly reject postmodernism, which is an art movement rooted in nothing but the degeneration and destruction of Western culture. As a matter of fact, I only suggested this idea in this thread because, having been on here for almost five years, I know that there are plenty of musically-inclined and musically literate anons who could at least consider my advice. Both of you appear to be newfags who have not a clue of neither music nor 8/pol/, so get the fuck out.

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the founding fathers would have marched on washington a long time ago with their muskets, because people weren't pacified little cucks back then

Perhaps the fact that we are all socially engineered to be closeted, incel racists who are addicted to trap porn has no effect to you?

just you, /ledditpol/.

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Laud means praise friend.

One of the things about human speech is that whatever is in the speakers mind as they say the words forwards is encoded into the speech backwards, and if you play speech in reverse, it reveals what was being thought while saying the words, or in the case of a song, what the writer secretly thought. It led me to believe that evil was in hollywood decades before ever ending up here.
Now, the guy making these is a christcuck wingnut, but he gets really close to the truth, even if he won't lets himself embrace the jew realization, but he really knows what going on in H wood

na he's on YouTube, doesn't have a website

Regarding the first half of your post, see 12347162

Morrisey doesn't want shitskins in his country but he can't go days without them in bed. What a conflicted life he lives in the closet


Regarding the first half of your post, see
Polite sage for double posting.

My mistake, I didnt even catch that before I sent that. I meant to say "lambasted". My bad.

OK you queers; go listen to Something Wicked this Way Comes by Iced Earth. Or just keep sucking dicks. Your choice.

Yep, music industry is fucked, film industry also. Iv seen jewish producer and casting director reject a white actress because she was white, a-political and was much better than the slut jewish lead, cant remember the name of the tv series it was. Probably didnt get a second season. Jews peddle nd artificially increase the value of bad art so they cna destroy he culture. Watch mona lisa smile documentary. Explains how jews destroy art.


Enjoy one of the greatest collections of aryan music.

Its pretty shitty when everywhere you go they blast that beaner wetback music.
And it seems that everyone doesn't have any problem with it. I used to fight it hearing more well developed music and now I always carry earplugs and noise cancelling headphones but now that I don't listen to anything most of the time it gets in the brain. I'm brainwashed and the noises are still in there, I may eventually become a beaner.

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It's the John Oliver of musical styles… popularizing Bach would almost be less hopeless

surely you mean white bred?


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Oh its just gaymen music


Like wise.
"despacito" causes me mental pain now. Another shitty piece shit that tells young people to be niggers, wasting money on bling, baggy clothes and retarded shit when they are still living in a ghetto.

Never bothered to look up the lyrics but it is worse than I thought.
The music video was glorofying nigger "culture".
The lyrics is about muh dik muh dik muh dik
Fucking spics.

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Don't let it get to you, man.

USA is a Groid. 🤣😋😙🤔


Goddamn, you stupid fucking commies can't stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Do you even have a foot left to shoot, or is there a prosthesis there?

Known fact that C_A funded modern art. This has many effects.

1) Drown out real art - old fashioned KGB-style demoralization - make people hate their own culture - they feel like their culture is not worth fighting for
2) Nice front for money laundering. Can transfer large sums plausibly
3) Control all the interfaces of the art - the galleries etc., to further support (1)
4) Reduces artistic ability of local population - who are unable to absorb good art, unable to grow artistically, unable to get art funded, becoming a stunted backward nation. This leads to further demoralization, and further allows the cancer to grow

Consider the same process is going on in music.

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explicitly fascist and national socialist rock and metal bands have existed in large numbers since the 90's; honestly, you're the one who seems misinformed, not me or the shill. Have you never heard of black metal? Filosofem is basically shoegaze indie-rock with pagan lyrics, exactly what you seem to suggest. Graveland, Nokturnal Mortem, Necropole, Infester, Burzum, etc. etc.
not personally as well versed on the more tame versions of these trends in indie-rock and ambient but I know they exist
**I'm not stopping your from listening to or co-opting genres, faggot. It's not my fault you got addicted to one of the many flavors of modern degeneracy known as indie-rock and are now here trying to wrap it as some sort of subversive political strategy. My prescription for your type of mentality is to 1) get punched in the face 2) spend 2-24 months alone in a natural setting 3) detox by listening to only classical music for the duration, and Mahler doesn't count.
lmao at your pathetic pseudo-intellectual posturing. Had a few semesters of theory and know everything now huh?
really I'm just playing bro, Schenker's dope, glad you're here, hope you make some music and I hear it somehow.