Is Zig Forums driven by incestous desire?

Think about it. All this obsession about unity with people that look like yourselves. People who are more closely related to you. Being repulsed by people that are the furthest related to you (blacks).

Admit it.

Same race relationships are subconsciously driven by incest.

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Fuck off shillaber

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Is this one person?
I'll hand it to you, this is "I was only pretending to be retarded" taken to an amazing extreme. It's like art at this point.

if someone is gfoing to be fucking my sister its gonna be me.

Here's what happens when you dont even have any understanding of kinship.
Let this thread stay there as an example of why culture and tradition is important. And it is itself an explanation of they way of our ancestors, their culture and traditions and of course their understanding of kinship was/is/will always be superior to these subhumans.

What? No longer doing the npc hipster responses?

If I had to bet on OP's race, I'd say hapa. Niggers don't demand approval.

I'm afghan.

Shocking, Islam was good for you people.

You mean sandnigger. topkek. The goy from a country with highest rate of incest and inbreeding acusses pol for the same.

Poo in loo!

It wasn't an accusation. Just something I think is true. I don't think there's anything wrong with having this desire. It happens to too many women and men.

Hey, what is up my fella' Afghan?

I'm into incest as well, I'm glad our people are so great and amazing and don't need the approval of other filthy races.

After all, who needs them strangers diddies when you have your sistah's titties?

What, incest?
You aren't doing yourself any favours. This is the reason the UK is dealing with a public health mess.

As you say it, its only your thinking.
We dont think but know that its wrong. And surely any one that desires such things is not one of us.
Just because you dont have kinship rules in your family that doesnt mean no one have it all around the world.
And a suggestion, dont try to normalize such idiotic ideas here because it wont work.

no OP, we're not like jews and sandnigger.

Reminder that CHODEKIKEY is the reason why these SELF-ADMITTED SHITSKINS are allowed to post on Zig Forums.
Reminder that 8/pol/ is DEAD because of CHODEKIKEY and his malicious administration.
Reminder that Nanochan is the future of Zig Forums.

Stop thinking with your dick OP

But can't you see the political side of this. It would be more common to see it in people who are more comfortable with their own race, their own people, their own family. Only lefties benefit from demonizing incest to such an insane degree that mixed couples are promoted because it isn't "inbreeding".

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I had started typing this exact shit before noticing you beat me to it.

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ITT: sandnigger tries to justify incest.
colour me surprised

Human attraction is more complicated than your shitskin micro-brain could possibly comprehend.
Whites also happen to be the most diverse race, while still sharing recognizable common traits.

Make a thread on 4/pol/ with an image of a dog and a woman and it turns into a bestiality thread. There is literally one up right now. Fucking white trash.

It's too late, Ahmed. You have already forfeited the moral high ground.

The very first thing is that is not a stduy. The guy named Josh only comes up with a conclusion just by staring at statistics.
There are endless miles of difference between same race marriage and family intermarriage.
If wishing your future partner to be white just like you is the fish in the water, desire for your sister as a partner is bird in the sky.

You know what pal, I'll be honest. You cant be saved. Because when your ancestors practice such fucked up things for thousands of years, there's no going back. Its in your genes.

Do us and yourself a favor, leave this place.

go shit in street

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People make jokes about things they are repulsed by, you dumb nigger.
Only shitskins like you, take it seriously. Someone archive this thread.

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Dont even try, I'm sure he only thinks the skin color is what makes diversity

Yeah nice excuse dipshit why don't you go joke with your mom about black cocks up her ass.

Poe's law. Stare deep into the abyss, fighting monsters etc etc.

aukum razor trumps Poe's law. Your aukum razor happened to be bestiality and incest. lol.


What on Earth are you blabbering on about bitchboi? Stop speaking in riddles.


Your thinking is coloured by your genetic background and culture.


You are a prehistoric neanderthal in a flat earth thread.


4chan is your contamination site.

can you insufferable faggot stop motivating the shill to bump the thread ?

The thread should be deleted, dumbass, not my job to do anything.

That said, Zig Forums is clearly driven by anti-semitism. You'd have to be blind to not recognize this.

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Very good example there.

Jewish projection.

Thanks (((OP))) for your projection revealing your true nature and intentions.

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Nanochan sounds like more Nipponiphile autistic scribble posting.

Wouldn't that comparison only work if there was a conscious effort by humans to separate?
Then you'd have to ask why?
Also, the differences in dogs are less pronounced as pups. I can't think of many animals with that wide a difference that aren't subspecies.

It's almost impossible to tell difference between most dog breeds and a wolf skull of the same size.
Is the same true of Humans?

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Grats OP you managed to be a nigger AND a Jew simultaneously - I could have guessed that you were an Arab.

You have become lazy kikes.

Nice oversimplification too. Libshits really can’t into science for shit, can you? I’d go on to explain genetic markers and alleles to you but I don’t think you could wrap your pathetic cuckish lefty brain around it so I won’t bother.

Make me lol, I'll give you that.

Are slide threads driven by shills?

white people are the most diverse in terms of looks

you cucks can't even troll right..