Anyone else feeling more and more disconnected from others around them?

Anyone else feeling more and more disconnected from others around them?

Used to be I could at least have a moderate conversation with others if we avoided politics, but it's saturated everything we do at this point, and the two sides are reaching a point of segregation, with conservatives being forced into hiding, at least where I aim.

I've been banned from nearly a dozen online communities simply for stating I support Trump. I get looked at with hatred from non-whites simply because of the fact that I am white, try to take care of myself, and act like men are supposed to act like. We've been cattled like sheep into the corners, using videogames and websites like here for escapism. The worst is when you become redpilled. You know you are being destroyed, and you know you can't stop it. You can fight it, but the machine is far bigger than yourself. Deliberate propaganda from every source, all engineered with the purpose of destroying your and my heritage. We the ones who dare to stand up for it, and take pride in the race that created civilization, we are demonized. Portrayed as the bad guys, by people around us who we want to save, who don't know or care what peril we are in.

That liberal wife who hates me because she deems me racist, doesn't know that I'd give my life for her, or any of my kin. And that why I fight is so she has the right to have the freedom to say that. We march into the sullen cold of night, knowing where it heads, and we are the bad ones, because we seek to restore the sun.

What escape is there for us? What solace do we have?

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None user
This is a one way ticket to the deepest corner of Inferno

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99% of the world is your enemy, they're literally brainwashed NPCs. as for
lmao he fell for the woman meme. If you can't control her she's pretty much guaranteed to cheat on you, if she's not cheating already, with blacks just to spite you.

of course you are the bad guy, you are their enemy, the reverse applies, they are the bad guys because they are your enemy.
these are dark suspicious times, where foe far outweighs friend, and friend is few and far between.
your disconnection is a normal response to the despondence, but do not wallow in it or it will swallow you. you must keep moving.
just as the fuhrer said, we will never weaken, nor slacken, nor tire, nor despair.
and remember, most important of all

White people and "freedom" doesn't work well together though its something Whites think they desire, in actuality its the oath, which we must make, so to stand upon it. Tacitus explains this well in Germania. While lots of anons on this board point to our strengths shown in that book, Tacitus also states some important weaknesses that I think are also important to know.

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Look at that first image you posted, user. Look deeply, and feel the pain. Cry when you must, but do your best to never turn away. You and I chose the Path of Light; to see the world in all it's horror. In all this darkness, in all this pain; you chose to feel it all. And yet, you and I endure. You and I live to see the sparks of hope, and dream of the world to come. However to dream is not enough, you must apply. When you see your kindred smile, grimace in anger at how weak you truly are, too weak to protect them. Become stronger. When you are struck by the beauty of your world, feel shame for how cruelly it's treated and how you contribute to it's wounding. Rise beyond. Tend the flames of your spirit, and let it shine so that others may find their way. When evil seeks to extinguish you, your discipline and conviction will determine if you survive.

There is only one escape for you and I, user: victory. Only one solace: faith.

Spend more time with birds and trees

Ignorance Is Bliss, and bliss is gay.
Let them have their bliss.

Demoralization is part of the enemy strategy. You WILL be depressed; that's the point of demoralization propaganda.

But remember, psychological war involves labor just like any other war effort. Your perseverance quite literally is an expense to the enemy. So your suffering is not meaningless.

I hope you cast out whatever suicidal thoughts you have in your mind. You're not alone, we need you.

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I am pretty blackpilled about whites in general when I see those retards in antifa lines. Not saying whites won't survive, but ceasing to care about "saving" anyone. I will continue to defend white children, but demoralized self-haters; my sympathy extends only so far as you are misled by an education system or familial subversion. All of these get worse, but if you are over 26 and leftist, then probably you and your parents genetics are doing most the work.

Is violence stupid? No. Smart? No. Is violence a long term solution, for me? No, not yet. Is violence a long term solution ideologically? Yes. This world is violence. Any naturalist will affirm its violent pattern.

Will you, or I, survive the repression? That is about as much in anyone's control as it is their control that you'll eat tomorrow. Or the next. Will X happen? The same.

We say "niggers" here, user.
The word is NIGGERS.

Redpill your wife. It's really not that hard. Just be more gentle with women. They don't like intense military imagery that are shown here. Show her the beautiful sides, such as white kinship, community, connecting back with nature.

Also, I feel you. It'll get better. The (((system))) is by design, there to isolate you and make you feel alone. You're important.

Of course, user. Many of us do. Personally, even though I don't have SJWs around me it still doesn't help because of the risk involved in laying out everything. I've told my father about the lolohoax and he listened carefully, but it seems like nobody cares. Nobody gives a single damn about implications. Everyone is afraid to conclude things that are not allowed even though their cognitive dissonance makes it obvious. Even my brother who hates minorities and laughs about jews and whatnot cant believe what I tell him. Its such a huge step. Once I was a teenager and found out about the real history of Europe and its fate I broke out in tears and had depression for weeks. I've quit University which I always wanted but hate now and I cried more. I've distanced myself from all my friends. All I have is plans and dreams. I am afraid to risk everything but I want to succeed in my duty. With all my soul I will try to help NS rise back, no matter what backlash it will get. Some day when its right time I want to go public and I am fucking terrified of failure. I will not compromise.

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I mean billions of people have to reevaluate their entire lives.

If a man who fought in the world's most cataclysmic war tells you not to despair, you should not.

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On a personal level, as recommended many times in the past - take a break from Zig Forums.
If it is negatively affecting your personal life, then step away from politics for a while and work on your life and enjoy it.
You are no good to anyone if you are a broken man.
Just stop coming here or other similar sites for a couple of months. Nothing is going to change within that time, apart from you will gain some perspective on your priorities.
Don't mention it in conversation; if someone else brings it up, just change the subject or say "let's not talk about politics".
When you come back, then return less frequently, once a week.
Having a solid family, living a good life is doing more than just posting here and risking losing it all.

Jesus stop being such an emo homo.
Just kill yourself

Why'd you do that? What did you expect would come of it?

Sure more people hate me now because of their opinions, but I don't associate with them so who cares. I don't feel like you at all, I've got plenty of friends and family that either don't care about politics or have similar views as me.

All these anons talking about demoralization and blackpilling are wrong, I feel great to stand up for what I believe in. It gives me purpose and pride. I don't believe what I believe out of hatred of Kikes, but love of my people.

Take a deep breath, take a walk outside and enjoy the beautiful fall day.

Sage cause op hasn't replied once and this is probably a slide thread, but my message is still good.

Honestly the best post here.
Being in nature will grant you perspective and clear your head.
Scientifically proven to reduce stress too. 15+ minutes a day.

I feel like a character in an open world game. There are people everywhere but there's just a complete lack of connection with them. I can interact with them, bargain with them, do business with them, fight them – but it doesn't go any deeper than that. Most people really are virtual NPCs. But there's more to it than that. I think that after you internalise the red pills, fully, you become so different to everyone else that you see things from such a different perspective that you can't communicate with them properly anymore, unless you run an NPC script about burgers, sportsball, women. We've fully unplugged from the Matrix.

Reduces stress so much it raises IQ. Not surprised. Studies have found that even stoned people perform better than people distracted by phones. Moving to a rural area is probably the best way to improve your life. We weren't made to live in cities.

Natural order.
Despite your mind and your body wanting to quit you must make time to be in the wilderness, go camping and while camping go hiking, make a fire and cook on it. If there is a river, try catch a fish. Find a group or community that is like minded that you can be apart of, if circumstances require you to be secretive with regards to this then you must be secretive. We all fight demoralization and despair with you user, although we have no faces we are right there with you.

Its a natural consequence of this cancerous society, btw the people who go out and do things tend to be recluses so maybe we will see you in the papers one day.

Yes. Once your eyes have been opened to the fact that every group organization has been pozzed by kikes for their degenerate ends, you pull back more and more. Searching for an inner sanctum of like-minded people. Until one day you realize that all you need is your own resolve. You never had a chance of changing the world, but you were always able to change yourself. Start there. Become fit. Become self-confident. Take your own counsel and seek less from people you know are not as aware of the world as you are. You must become as independent as you can manage.

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You need to focus on faith. It has helped me to get past this.

Of course.
You mean make meaningless small talk based on the lie that you are interested in each other's inane chatter and not just putting up with it so you don't feel lonely?
The truth is, 99% of real world conversation is worthless and a waste of time and only done to maintain a appearance of caring for each other.
As I have gone further toward the truth, I have moved further away from other people, because most are still in the lie and have no intention of ever leaving.
I am totally OK with this, I am done with being phoney and faking interest to spare the feelings of others or avoid being ostracized.
If you are happy and content in monk mode, other people are no longer a concern and it is incredibly liberating.
The only things I really care about are Truth, authenticity and the survival of the white race (no matter how inane their conversations may be)

I think why so many people fail at this is because they don't realize it's a process that takes time. Did you get redpilled all at once? Of course not, so why would it work that way on others? What you need to do is keep feeding them small redpills and never push it too far, lot of people will stop listening to you permanently once you mention the JQ so always save that for last. Some people can't be turned to support Trump in my experience, but you certainly can get them to a point to at least stop supporting the left

Welcome to depression user. You will feel extremely bad for a long time, get disconnected, start studying and understanding, and then you will recover stronger than ever, immune to all those bad feelings.

It has happened to most of us, it has happened to Goebbels even. It's what is needed to make you stronger.

You need to fight in your everyday life. To defeat the Jew in the society, you have to defeat the Jew within you. Become the best you can be, and when the time comes, you will have the biggest chance of survival and winning.

Just don't lose hope. There is an end to this tunnel.

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I'm gonna have to disagree with that. It starts with changing yourself, but once you do that successfully you start to radiate that into the world and while you might never become a game changer, one should never underestimate what one person can do.

This. Remember: what you do when you're alone is who you are. If you spend all your time in Zig Forumsand that's all you're gonna be able to express around others, and you're not gonna connect well with them. Gotta maintain some common ground with people. Spend time learning an instrument, or doing some hobby that others enjoy as well, so you can interact in a sphere they already exist in rather than trying to pull them into the realm of your political thought.

Yes dude. Modern society is against the human spirit and soul. Everyday it is more clear to me that the system will only tolerate trained debt serfs. I am probably going to make over 6 figures next year and I don’t even care. I don’t want to be part of this soulless
society. Finding an American woman who isn’t trash is really doubtful. Even then I don’t really want to raise a family here.

I am becoming so fucking black pilled. I honestly think the country is lost and we are probably going to have to organize on a international level.

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One particularly telling representation of the fundamental relation between man and freedom is offered in the biblical myth of man's expulsion from paradise. The myth identifies the beginning of human history with an act of choice, but it puts all emphasis on the sinfulness of this first act of freedom and the suffering resulting from it. Man and woman live in the Garden of Eden in complete harmony with each other and with nature. There is peace and no necessity to work; there is no choice, no freedom, no thinking either, Man is forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He acts against God's command, he breaks through the state of harmony with nature of which he is a part without transcending it.

From the standpoint of the Church which represented authority, this is essentially sin. From the standpoint of man, however, this is the beginning of human freedom. Acting against God's orders means freeing himself from coercion, emerging from the unconscious existence of prehuman life to the level of man. Acting against the command of authority, committing a sin, is in its positive human aspect the first act of freedom, that is, the first human act. In the myth the sin in its formal aspect is the acting against God's command; in its material aspect it is the eating of the tree of knowledge. The act of disobedience as an act of freedom is the beginning of reason.

The myth speaks of other consequences of the first act of freedom. The original harmony between man and nature is broken. God proclaims war between man and woman, and war between nature and man, Man has become separate from nature, he has taken the first step towards becoming human by becoming an "individual". He has committed the first act of freedom. The myth emphasizes the suffering resulting from this act. To transcend nature, to be alienated from nature and from another human being, finds man naked, ashamed. He is alone and free, yet powerless and afraid. The newly won freedom appears as a curse; he is free from the sweet bondage of paradise, but he is not free to govern himself, to realize his individuality.

You are at this point. Your enemy has made himself a false idol and an affront to God. He's given the masses a new Eden, filled with untold pleasures, vice, debauchery and has corrupted the tree of knowledge. Your newly won freedom from the corrupt Eden must appear a curse to you, much the same way when we originally left the garden. You are alone, but free. You are free from the mindless bondage of "paradise", but are not free to govern yourself or realize your individuality.

What you do from here is up to you. God gave man the freedom of choice. We chose knowledge. Not wanting man to suffer in bondage of paradise, we were given the world. When the majority turned their eyes away from God, prayed to new false idols of celebrities and whomever else the prophets in the media told them to praise, they gave up the world. Their children grew up never tasting knowledge and truly believe they are in a paradise. They have all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips, yet lack the wisdom to discern fact from fiction.

In you has been planted a new seed of knowledge that must grow, spread roots throughout the world and bear fruit or wither and die. You are naked and afraid. But you have knowledge and, with it, the freedom of choice. All you have to do is make one.

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True, it is a process, but that is not the only reason it fails, many do not want to leave what they see as the safety of the herd.
And I guess many here weren't redpilled by people we know, we had an itch that needed scratching, we knew something was wrong and step by step we started uncovering truth ourselves, we were in the driving seat.
If someone does not have that internal drive to find out what the fuck is really going on you can't give it to them, and you cannot afford to spend too long on people who are often lost causes.
So I guess I am saying save your energy for those that seem like they will dig on their own once you have shown them what to look for.

Never fall into depression, that's how you lose.

Find solace in nature, in the great sun, even in entertainment like vidya, or talk to people on Zig Forums.

Never lose hopes.

The archetype of success is the Storm God, the joviant, the rascal, the lecherous, but also the strong, the truth-teller and the optimist.

Hitler and Goebbels lost because they were not this archetype, he could not bring and inspire hopes to the people, and in turn, they too fell into depression and then they lost.

Be jovial, be optimist and you will win.

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It's a part of it, yes.

Hitler immediately fell into sickness and depression when Barbarossa happens.

And it gets worse from there.

The health of the monarch is the health of the nation, once it's gone, it's gone.

Hitler's diet was also really bad then. An overabundance of pastries and fruit. No meat. You guys gotta eat your meat, especially fatty meat.

Hitler was a darn vegan.

Either ways, it doesn't matter you eat, it matters what you think. Hitler and even Trump tried to channel this image of the Storm God, they caught some which resulted in their charisma (their thunderous speech, their appeal to the common folk), but they ultimately weren't this Storm God.

Hit him where it hurts, the wallet. Prove to him his ability to go into retirement quietly and with savings is not possible at this rate.
Worked on my Dad. Highlighted that I followed his advice and its lead to this point.
Start proving you have the knowledge and capacity to navigate these waters.
They will come round, this system works against everything they are trying to promote. What you perceive to be their strengths are actually their weaknessess.

Not vegan. Vegetarian. Eggs made it to his table, and occasional cuts of meat.
Those are not separate. A malnourished body is a depressed body, and your brain is not separate from your body. You have to properly fuel yourself.

Truthfully that is enough for a good diet, some meat, some potatoes, some fish, and some eggs.

Hmm, either ways, I suppose you are right.

I'm just trying to say the success is being positive. Not overly positive to the point of madness, but positive to the point where you don't fall into depression no matter how bad shit gets.

So you are cuckservative cuck, coming here to complain about being a cuck
nice blogpost

You need to control your wife. This is the natural order of things. Read the bible.

Hitler was eating primarily manmade freakfood like modern fruit & veg, and sugary bread during the war. I think he was addicted to it like many are today. Morell was also a bad influence on his health, basically supplanting Hitler's immune system with various cocktails, and elixirs. In regards to his own body, Hitler got very far away from what is natural, and thus quite far from the philosophy of National Socialism.

Plants were a last resort to keep oneself alive for however millions of years humans have existed, and then agriculture popped up 10 thousand or so years ago, which is not long enough to have changed human physiology to process plant matter, hence all the prep required to make it palatable and bio-available (not to mention all the extra shitting one does on a plant-based diet). People, certainly white people, need to eat meat to be mentally sound, and emotionally stable. It's integral to a positive outlook.

No man can survive with that diet.

No wonder the Reich falls when the Fuhrer himself is sickened, poisoned.

When the world is all that you have, then you can't escape from it. What attempt can man ever make to stop what's coming? You're hopeless because you have nothing but the world. You need to have faith and hope in Jesus Christ. You need to look towards heaven and not towards here. Accept Christ's sacrifice for your sins on the cross, only then will find that your weights/burdens will be lifted from your shoulders and that this isn't the end.

The difference between Christians and pagans is that Christians understand that their citizenship is with God. We preach the good news for everyone who is fallen in the world in so that as many people can be saved as possible.

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Why are there so many people assuming because I said wife she was MY wife?

i was where you are for a while.
now i just dont care and am just careful about what i say.

here's a tip: dont talk about the conspiracy side unless someone is interested. and preface stuff like that with "its a conspiracy so i dont really know, but…" the only time i present something as fact is if i can confirm it using (((verified))) sources. if you want to use unverified sources you can preface those with "some people think…" or "i've read that…"

you'd be surprised how many people arent closed to the ideas. id say the people i talk to fall into 3 different categories… people that very obviously cant handle the info, or should only be given info when it works with their agenda. people that will listen, then forget or never understand what you said. and people that listen and get paranoid that others will hear, but agree and might even have some info on their own.

i find the 3rd way often, and i live in jew york.

Why would you care what someone else's wife thinks?

Another divine promise that will never be fulfilled.

Trust not in any jews or their promises, trust in yourself to make it a reality.

Never despair.

Let me level with you. I'm in a unique situation. Very unique. I work in Hollywood, as a low level nobody screenwriter for a certain TV show.

I've been working on a screenplay for quite a while now, and I feel it is looking terrific, enough to be a great movie. The problem is, in this business you can't just submit a screenplay and expect it to get sold. You need connections. Connections with people who are either cucks, italians, or jews. Jews being the most preferable.

Aside from the fact that I'm a 100% gentile (German to boot), I don't want to sell out my beliefs to get these connections, or have my foot in the door.

I can't really accept just not living up to what I think my potential is, but I can't sell out my beliefs by pandering to their very real agenda. I don't know what to fucking do. It's all so fucked.

Post your screenplay so people here can read it?

I'd rather burn my self alive than have any chan critique my work or be aware of who I am. The last thing I need is a DOX and unfair critique that destroys my already terrible confidence.

Well that's a whole other situation, right in the den of vipers. You said it yourself though, don't sell out your beliefs. You don't have to work in Hollywood

Well, OK, keep it to yourself then.

Yeah, exactly why you've been dubbed "Christcucks". Your loyalty is to your god, and you give not a hoot about your own tribe.

Try writing a book instead of a screenplay. At least then you don't need a lot of money to get it across to media.

learning to play an instrument just for your own self and no one else are a good escape to get into and is the most autistic hobby you could get into . Once you learn a simple song you like it just puts you in a meditative and calming state at times when you feel depressed or anxious and motivated to learn more harder stuff if you use it as a warmup. You don't even need to get a teacher, could just learn to do yourself their are plenty of books you could read and videos to learn

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The problem is I have multiple injuries and am basically confine to a chair. I don't have any other skills than writing and changing paths, like writing a book is a hell of a lot more work for a lot less pay.

But there's so many fucking factors. I've seen and heard some really REALLY fucked up shit. I'm afraid one day I'll walk on set and found out the rumors about the children are true. Never actually seen it myself. I serve two masters, and it tears me up inside. I just don't think I can really make it in any other career, so it's this or homelessness.

I tried playing piano and reading about how to do it but it just made me feel stupid so I quit

you mean (((italians))) and i say that as someone thats 100% italian. there are alot of kikes who pretend to be italian in the same way alot of kikes pretended to be german by giving themselves joke german names like goldstein.
you can tell who is italian visually, usually. but many dont even know. they were mutts with jewish fathers that long forgot their ancestry.
keep that in mind.

now, i would go with the italians. alot of italians are very pissed about whats happening to their country and germans/italians have historically got along very well (not just in war, but long before)

now, i cant help you get connections. that happens socially, but i would advice you stop wasting your time there and go somewhere else before that place swallows you.

and ensure it never becomes anything more than a screenplay…

Listen, user: Our duty is to live on, because our existance is a giant "Fuck you" sign to the jews.

Redpill as many white people as you can. Do everything you can to stop the jews (you know, think global, act local):

By the way, Hitler was only an artist, without connections. Than he decided to act, and nearly stopped the jews forever. He gave hope for us! Listen to Adols speeches and spit out the blackpill!

If we must die, die fighting!

I've been reading about German and Swedish studios that aren't 100% Jewified yet, they're fairly small-time so I heard they're a lot more likely to read unsolicited scripts. Not sure how they'd get it distributed to English speaking audiences. Don't really know much about the publishing shit.

practice learning the scales on your piano, once you learn scales it becomes easier to change chords since chord progressions are based on scales.

dont worry about languages. if it gets made in a different language it's still good and can always be translated later on for english speaking audiences.

Useless copypasta with so many replies. Get out of here with this blackpill shit. You'll see this post again in 2 months.

Also in war, and also long before.
The elite cavalry of Caesar that helped him in the crucial battle of Alesia was Germanic.
Of course German =/= Germanic, but close enough.

Just doxx yourself and give up your intellectual property, goy!

Zig Forums is against intellectual property, that's literally kike laws.

Sage for pukepasta. I've seen this exact post before and I'll reply for the sake of some anons that might identify with what was said.

Your problem is you being dependent on the outside world to give you purpose. You're not acting out of your own volition but because you believed what you were told. To struggle for your race. But why do you do it? Why does your race *need* to survive? Why do you need to be a part of the struggle? Do you have your own reason or are you acting on superstition? You don't have a reason. You don't have a personal reason, that is why you are held down by the state of affairs.
You want to save the people around you? Why? Why do they matter to you so much? Do you have a reason to save them?

user, you are not being an individual in a world that wants just that. To really pose tall and resist the machine you have not be a part of it. Stand outside of it and wave to the people inside through the window. Homestead and show them why it's good to the point where they want to do it themselves - to the point where they start *doing* it themselves. Those that are swayed with words but into no action are worthless and you having autumn depression hold no more value than them.

Gather your ideals and shove them into your head, not your ass.

It's not. There's a certain tool that helps you search it on google if you're not so sure. Now please, save the vitrolic insults for later. You're doing nobody good by it.

I remember a post with this exact intro and the same picture of jesus.

Do elaborate. How did I insult OP?

I try to make things well with my parents but it is worthless. My father chooses alcohol over family every time, and my mother is so broken by him she takes it out as anger and criticism on us. I am trying to rehab from an injury so i can work and save money for my own quiet living space but sometimes when my dad is on one and fighting with my mom it takes all i have to suppress the voice in my head telling me to kill myself. All my failures. All my emptiness. All my aloneness.

The boomers will not be saved, anons. They are a lost cause. Millions, billions probably, stand in the way of anmore just, better, natural world.

Yesterday i drove out of town for solace, as i came back in i saw the smokestacks ans highway traffic and uglyness of everything that is society. I laid on the park grass and remembered the herbicides they sprayed on it the day before. I ate the food and drank the water and recalled that microplastics are now circulating in my bloodstream.

My peers seem lost, too. It is a daily struggle to keep your self esteem up to work and hope forma better future. Even the legal system, the cops, are clearly not on our side, they work against us every step of the way. This is the same for every institution. Stupidity will prevail unless people like us keep our heads up.

Oh, look, a completely worthless blogpost full of demoralization coding. Wonderful.
Thanks for stopping by - and thanks to the mods for not curating this fucking site for shit.
Legitimately getting to the point that I can't tell based on content whether I'm on cuckchan or cripplechan - the only difference is one is much much slower and has shittier memes. Guess which one that is.

Such is fundamentally the nature of truth.
The majority of people could not handle our truth.
Fail to make preparations, on your own peril.

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try not to forget that there are zoomers here who have no family, no life, etc for some of us this is the ONLY outlet we have. "living a good life" is a bit difficult when so far its been nothing but pain and discontent

as generic a response as that is, that is beyond our capability, mostly due to a combination of apathy, lack of money, and lack of social stimulation of any kind

stopped reading there

Reminder that you will never physically rise up to take your nations back. Reminder that you will never do anything of any import, never kill jews and other nonwhites, never kill traitors, never reclaim your homelands, and never get rid of ZOG laws. Anyone who says to organize is ignored and called FBI. Anyone who says to fight back is ignored. Anyone who says to do anything other than keep talking online is ignored.

Nope. I'm finally coming into my own as more and more white men around me are waking up. It's a great time to be alive honestly. I've waited decades for this. consider suicide.

Then you didn't understand the message - you didn't understand it because you read what you wanted to read - not what was written.

I put to difference a vigorous personal inducement against shallow superstition. Words on an imageboard or a mood swing don't make you live up to your ideals. Determination, personal persuasion and self-initiation does. How can you take care of your loved ones when you're merely parroting shit you saw on the internet?

So user, why do (You) struggle for your race?

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Why are you even here?

This is a jew

Your fellow man cries out for help and support and you tell him, "well im doing fine, so just kill yourself"

YOU are part of the demoralization problem. If you wont lend a helping hand to your brother, where do you think that will leave you in the end?

Fuck you niggerjew, white men are waking up and you can't stop it.

Notice the kike kvetches about a "brother" not helping when he calls his own blood worthless.

Every week. Get ready for the shabbat ramp-up.

And I wish we would ban you faggots here too.


I like this.

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Look at the NiggerPill Autism thread. You obviously live in fucking spergVille. Why are you still there? What fucking Shallow Cuckworth online communities are you trying to be apart of? My immediate friend group is woke. And the average person I walk past will probably smile if i tell them Im not a Leftist HAG. Dudes with trucks driving down roads with giant American flags pretty often. And I live in fucking Denver? You're a complete Depression shill.

You act like you live in fucking LA or something. if you actually have the idiocy to Stew in a communist dimension and reserve the nerve to complain, without making any pragmatic alteration, you have no better action to take than dissolve your pathetic Existence.

because even if you are so "woke" as you try to say, your Low Energy Kike Mound will have no Serve for the Greater Men of the Future.

End your Faggotry before you breathe more of my Air.

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Your time on the planet is done shitskin. Enjoy the free air while you can.

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The people you refer to (lifted truck bros) and the pics of ppl you post (trump jew lover, mouth breathing MAGA followers) would just turn this world into another level of hellfire dystopia given the chance

Trumps mouth piece sara huckabee sanders literally cried (for the first time ever on air) while talking about the 11 jews killes in pittsburgh

How you can call anyone else a kike is beyond me

Does success really spite those who betrayed you in life though? Or does it just make you a target for those people to attack you even more?

It is cowardly and bitter to desire anything to spite someone else.

I have always felt this way user. Nothing has ever changed that.

You get one (you) and a filter. If I have to spend more I'm throwing change into traffic instead.

In case you're not a shill that's trying to sow defeatism, first you have to accept that there is no escape. You're in a car that keeps accelerating and it has no breaks. Now either you can wail over that fact and wait until you crash into some random wall without having done anything significant, or you hit the gas and use the power of your 2 tons 180hp machine to mow over your enemies.