The final salvation

This is somewhat old news, but the Vatican held a council on Catholic-Jewish relations and decided not to pursue evangelizing Jews.
This is significant, and is part of the general undermining and weakening of Christianity in the west. If the Bible is the true word of God, all Jews should be proselytized, non-stop.
I believe and will pray that one of Zig Forums‘s next great psy-ops will be to find a non-threatening and effective way to spread the gospel to the Jewish people, as non-threatening as iotbw.
By the grace of G dash D

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More bullshit, the jew can convert then go back to being a jew with no problem.

After all, it's the same kike god.

My point is that it’s not about what they do, it’s about what we do. We just keep trying to win their hearts for Jesus.
I mean, I hear a lot of anti-boomer anti-establishment Christian church talk here and on podcasts. Wouldn’t (from that perspective) a strong solution be to get that generation to see the necessity of converting all Jews to Christianity?

Friend you are wasting time on nonsense.

Of all races, jews are the ones who will spit salvation on the face and use salvation to guilt others.

You want your kike god, fine, go teach the spics and niggers, but by god, spare me the shit about the kikes.

Fuck off

tbh if you look at the inquisition it did nothing but make them more powerful in the long term due to the necessity for them to build their secret societies. I don't think you will get the ones that see lucifer as their master to change, rather you invite them in only to cause chaos within your own world. The best policy is to shun and educate on their ways so that more may do the same. If God wants them, He will summon them and there is very little one can do about that.

I never said that “converted Jews are superior to goyim”
However, converted Jews are superior to Jews for the simple fact that they’ll be in Heaven with Jesus, god made man

Quite the contrary. The fall of the church neatly coincides with the rise of the (((enlightenment))), Reform Judaism, the general poz you see all around, not to mention what you see in actual churches. A lot of that has to do with attitudes about Jews. Long before you had the luxury to be an atheist shot poster, your leaders and rulers were Christians who were woke to the JQ. I’ve seen it said that 5 generations ago, more people knew about the JQ than today. The simple truth is that it was possible, it was within the Overton window because religious leaders maintained the position of “first to the Jew”.
It’s about maintaining that position.

Another myth, church didn't fall with the enlightenment.

Church falls when the Reformation happens, which is quite necessary because the church was using their religion into political power, and no nation is gonna stand that.

The Church has always been a corrupt and vile institution since its beginning anyway, it's in fact a den of the so-called converted jews you want.

They weren’t more powerful in Spain, though. You’re talking about Conversos. Some of those became slave traffickers, I believe.
I’m not after an inquisition. But Jews should be proselytized, non-stop. Even after conversion.

>>>Zig Forums
You sound like Mike Pence
Fuck off with your Zionist shilling
Mike Pence believes that converted Jews are truly God's chosen people
GTFO kike

I don’t care what Mike Pence believes. Chances are he doesn’t go far enough.

He will go and start WW3 after building the third temple
He is batshit crazy

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The Roman Catholic Church had to react to the reformation with the counter-reformation, yes. But the church as a whole began its decline with the enlightenment.
It’s pretty basic bitch level knowledge. The enlightenment permitted Reform Judaism, and atheism began to become an acceptable position in the west (see Marx)

Even if God was provable materially, Jews would still spit at salvation.

If you look at Spain now the power structure is exactly the same as everywhere else, it made no difference. My point is I don't believe you can be converted. The Spirit is the Spirit, it calls or it doesn't. No amount of telling someone the reality of it makes them believe in my albeit limited experience.

The Reformation has happened a bit before Enlightenment, and atheism happens a bit after Enlightenment.

People here trash a lot on the Enlightenment, yet they were many goods in it.

As I said, it has declined since the Reformation, and the Reformation IS necessary considering the Church is an evil institution.

Dubs of truth
I believe you’re right, but… you see, we have to keep at them, constantly, forever proselytizing them.
It’s no different that what happens for real Christians in a real church. You constantly seek out that inner Jew, and banish it. A lot of times, converted Jews act like they “Christians now” and can tell everyone else how Jesus was really after social justice.
But all that is secondary. Those people should be proselytizing FAITH first. Those are the most obvious plants in any church because they won’t proselytize Faith

To those sjw Christians, Christianity is about demographics. To them it feels like seeking a demographic advantage in the world. But that is completely off-base in terms of the Great Commission. It’s an excuse

At 10:38 in this video. Crypto-Jews is what the enlightenment ushered in.

Chrisitanity already brings in the crypto-jews, jews who say they convert but are still jews.

Nope, don't get it.
Got to agree with Israel on this one. I thought law was ethnic based? Is like a points system?


Yes, now you see. Why wouldn’t they allow messianic Jews in? Rejection of Christianity is wholly Jewish.
A thread like this is likely to draw out the shills in force. Just look at the slide attempts in this thread. If you’re natsoc you might just ignore this, but a Jew cannot. He must fight it

Never mind, just weird wording.

They only place converts to Roman Catholicism will be going smells like burning jews.

I take offense to that.

I will never accept any abrahamic cult, my only religion is the folk ones. Abrahamic cults are cancer to its core.

Trips! I hope they weren’t wasted
I’m not catholic. I’m looking for a simple and plain reading of the Bible on the matter of proselytizing Jews.

There’s very little about the customs of Christianity that is Jewish.
Cathedrals vs synagogues
Cathedrals are made to tower over cities and reach to heaven. Synagogues are low, flat buildings
A large part of the spread of atheism today is owed to Jews and their attempts to undermine Christianity in our society ever since Reform Judaism and the enlightenment. You can thank (((them))) for the choice you have in the matter

It worships the jewish god and it preaches masochism and vile secrecy of cabalistic elite.

None of that sits well with me.

As you please but be reminded that rejection of God and the Bible as literal is orthodox Judaism. Jews worship themselves and see themselves as the God race. The Talmud is satanic esotericism.

MAYBE op, you will just delete your shill thread and go back to

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I do not reject god in the sense that I do not accept him as a god.

He's a vile and murderous spirit in the desert, conjured by desert dwellers and nothing more.

The fire without smoke, a djin, unnatural to its core.

I meant to say that was a core component of Judaism. You can believe that without being Jewish, however.

Amen. But if a man constantly rejects you when you bring him the good news, it's best to move on and evangelise to other people instead of wasting your time.

Mathew 10:11-15
Whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy and stay at his house until you move on. As you enter the house, greet its occupants. If the home is worthy, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. And if anyone will not welcome you or heed your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

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You are welcome to profess your faith however you wish but I would offer this.
If you make someone believe by constant repetition it's brainwashing, not much better than the msm pushing homosexuality as a healthy normal lifestyle for instance. Brainwashing someone no matter your motive or belief it is for the greater good still makes you the master of puppets, it makes you become that which you should be the most guarded against.

Point taken.
Maybe some kind of citizenship or rights in society could be based on Christianity, so that you just don’t have to deal with those people. I don’t think torture is the way to go. Just divorce from them.

When we are at the stage where we stop because of their rejection, then we should figure out what to do, biblically. Until then, every argument that can be brought forth shall be.

Jews were the first to be told the gospel, and they rejected it. The tiny handful of people living in jerusalem who did believe it were murdered by the jews, but not before they told whites about Jesus. Whites, especially virtuous Greeks, immediately recognized the truth and started teaching it across the empire without any jewish input at all, which enraged the jews even more. After a few centuries of using the Roman Empire to try and eradicate christians and failing, eventually they decided to corrupt it instead.
You cannot convert jews, they will forever be the children of the devil and the synagogue of satan

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Well, I like your version of Christian history, but the gospel, the good news must be shared with them, constantly.

Zig Forums moreso resembles the Hollywood NAZI/skinhead stereotype than anything sensible. Bring real discussions to /christ/

Yes, real discussions. Like how to black your daughter.


this is the core of whats wrong with christianity.

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