We Can Replace Them

Michelle Goldberg writes a NYT about the need to replace "white nationalists" with mass immigration.

"Right now America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority. The divide feels especially stark in Georgia, where the midterm election is a battle between Trumpist reaction and the multicultural America whose emergence the right is trying, at all costs, to forestall."

" In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced."

She makes no mention of it, but her title is an obvious reference to the chant "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville. As a Jew, she clearly understood what that chant meant, even though her fellow Jews feigned ignorance. Some Jews even pretended to think it meant the "redneck idiots" thought Jews were taking their jobs. Goldberg understands, and with a wink to her fellow Jews, she directly tells whites Jews are going to replace you.


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And someday the brown horde will "replace" the jewz and the cycle of life will continue onward

These people have become a parody of themselves. They are quite literally your average Wyatt Mann caricature but in real life at this point. Everything fits, the way they talk, the way they look…

There must be a way to point out every single last one of these are juden.
That is all that needs to be done.
"You're a jew, aren't you?"
And suddenly, all their power and sway is gone, the illusion broken. The juden defenseless.

We have to repeat the following two points to the public as much as humanly possible:

1: Jews hate white people
2: Jews are responsible for mass immigration

If whites start to wake up to the fact that Jews hate them, they will start to recognize Jews on the their own.

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Eh, no. Can't replace the Aryan. You can kill it and along with it all its potential. But, replace? No. Chinese designer super babies will still be Mongol. Semites will still think the problem isn't themselves and piss off the whole Earth.

Bump to counter the unnecessary sage.

Organized Jewish activism pushing for refugees is just a conspiracy, goy!

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This is shit Jews do all the time. Being surprised only validates incredulity.

Bowers gave us such a gift; angry kikes and muds are putting their anti-White agenda out into the open.

These kikes need to be gassed. Why did God allow Hitler to lose?

Hitler wasn't the guy. Too many mistakes and he lost his spirit.

Don't worry though, there's always the second try.

Bump because it worries you.

I pray to the eternal god of our aryan race, that he gives us the power to replace the jews with something better!


Just don't send them to Israel!

Reality came before the caricature user. They've always been this way.
Thank Mr. Bowers for making them do it even more openly now.

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stop posting this. I know youre the same nigger that posted the same shit a while age. Thats fucking retarded.

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He is a fucking hero! Expelling just do not work. (((They))) keep coming back to rape your daughters and enslave your sons.

How is it retarded? It's true.

Hitler was barely alive past 1941.

the social media posts of the man arrested in the shootings echoed a lie being peddled by donald trump

that's strange, I don't recall trump saying anything about jews that wasn't muffled gagging noises as he busily sucked them off. This is one of those moments where trumps love of kikes is working out good. It makes these people look like nutcases to the average normalfag since even the most disinterested NPC realizes that orange man like big nose people.

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So, the jews want to trade their riches for the minimumwage jobs? Exellent idea.

Using jewish tradition/beliefs is easily the best way to turn the normalfaggots to our side. Here's a good fracture point I've used on Christians (sorry for kikepedia but its a good source for the faceberg crowd): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plus_and_minus_signs#Alternative_plus_sign

The kikes hate christ so much that they wont even use the + sign in math. Explain that one to a nice elderly christian lady and let it sink in.

Neveer knew that. It amuses me greatly.
In my ideal world all abrahamics just kill themselves.

Quality NYT comments.

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Yeah that one really woke me up to it. Kikepedia is a good source for the normalfags because they accept it as a 'settled source,' even though the literal premise of the shit is public editing. Here's a good one I use as an intermediate pill to illustrate how christianity has been subverted by kikes to foster their role as a parasite class: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court_Jew
Christianity banned usury, but europe was agricultural/feudal at the time and had issues staying solvent between harvests (like all farmers). Thank our lucky stars the filthy kikes showed up to give us usurious loans!

I wonder if they're afraid of the letter X too.

Or the letter T

They are kikes. They are afraid of everything

The faggot in the first pic is right. USA could be a god tier country, much like everywhere else. If only, tho, if only there wasn't an invisible hand inside everybodys asshole.
Niggering for double posting.

Kikel is yid word for "circle", kike as an insult came from American immigration authorities who noticed that the illiterate jew parasite weren't capable of writing an "X" in proper box in immigration papers, so they allowed them to write circles instead.

He is a hero (assuming the whole thing wasn't a hoax). Behead anyone who claims otherwise or denounces his efforts.

No. The guy sounds like a faggot.
Stupid statement asserts that you owe somebody something for your hard work and ingenuity.

Not really, they'll just fuck off to Israel, that's why they need to be gassed immediately.

And about 100 million third worlders.

Isreal is getting browned as well. Other than the orthodoxies, Israeli jews are not breeding.

Not for want of trying to prevent it. There's even an African tribe that has been genetically proven to be Jewish (and from their old priest caste at that!) that they're trying to chemically sterilize if they come to Israel.

oh well that's cool then we just need to wait until our countries are fucking ruined and Israel gets blacked by Arabs before we do anything then


Nice try (((Goldberg))), we're not (((conservative))).

Such a beautiful jew. Would bang.


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Hi /agatha2/ and /jewess/!

This is a modern day fabrication to keep you going to (((church))) and cucking yourself for rabbi yeshua

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That can now be refuted in the article with a legitimate citation.
But I'm sure anyone who tries will be permabanned.

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Cause and effect doesn't work in reverse yids. It was your mass immigration that forced the rise of nationalism.

How fucking stupid are they?

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It all makes sense now. They want immigrants to live in places where it is more difficult to get around and collect their welfare but they keep moving straight to the big cities and shitting all over their streets. At last I see the light.

Perhaps some vocal and public complaints to the ADL and SPLC regarding this hate speech spouting jew is in order.

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There's only 20 million jews in the world.
Jews via their Communist governments have killed over 100 million. Then there's all the wars they started.
if the moral thing to do is to minimize deaths and suffering, then the choice is clear.
And we don't even need to "replace" them.

William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol, right hand man to Trotsky in exile.


Trump and Mattis are putting an end to the war in Yemen, to the dismay of Israel.

Trump is reversing the Cebrowski plan.

This is huge, but the jew shills here telling you it's a waste of time to vote for Trump don't want you to know that.

Nah that ship sailed. You'd rather raise a cat than a kid.

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Gotta make it more aesthetic so people actually want to post it

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Lol, I live in California. There is trash everywhere, homeless people everywhere, bumper to bumper traffic everywhere. It's a complete shithole.

Thats very antisemetic.

They do realize that if america become majority brown that all its weapons will be pointed at each ivory tower of the kikes, yes?

oy, 20 million is the shoah three times over!

Fuck off kid.

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Lay off the soy.

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Someone find some more evidence of kikes and international organizations telling white people they're going to be replaced

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How is this not an open call to war? One day they're just going to pull of some Hotel Rwanda shit and we'll be in the fight of our lives.

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checked for nyt's portentous and unintentional hilarity. tl;dr, yawn-worthy leftist false hope and delusions of grandeur. My reactions
*ahem* Well, the truth is: the progressivist nightmare in America dates at least since fdr's (press S to spit on grave) presidency, and they have been consolidating their near total grip on power since the second world war. really the problem goes much farther back we all know but the fact that these leftist journalists persist in the delusion that they hold no power, and are indeed forever within the eternal struggle to GAIN power, when in reality they've held TOTAL power for almost 100 years…my god, can you imagine how shattered these peoples' realities are going to be when Soros and Koch brothers no longer have the extra cash to throw at these smokescreen "progressive" policies? When the jew can no longer fund the shadows on the cave wall, what do liberals like this do with their chains? THIS BITCH IS WRITING THIS ARTICLE IN THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES AND HAS THE AUDACITY TO CLAIM SHE IS LOCKED IN SOME UNDERGROUND STRUGGLE FOR LITTLE-GUY JUSTICE. Take a minute to appreciate, how fucked up this is, it really does the soul good to reaffirm for ourselves how irredeemably fucked these people are. Which brings me to another point, the corruption of language, the clear and obvious and CONSTANT brow-beating with Mao-ish (((Magical Words))) like (((PROGRESSIVE))) and ((((FORWARD))). How fucking sick do you have to be to leverage the default metaphysical presuppositions associated with the human organism (forward=the most comfortable direction to walk, I can see everything in front of me, forward inherently always carries a positive connotation for unthinking normies)? Capitalist advertising works the same way and it is fucking SICK. A few choice nuggets from this article:
VOMIT. Also, as Evola has correctly analyzed, the view of time as linear AT ALL is native to the left, and therefore their ENTIRE view of the right is distorted, because they cannot understand that conservatives, reactionaries, etc. do not view the past with rose colored glasses, but rather it's that they don't see the past as PAST, or, relatedly, they see all history as cyclical, and therefore we believe certain things are ETERNAL, and transcend time as such, NOT that the OLDER things were better, but that yearning for what is eternal may make it seem that way to the misguided leftist, who has no eyes to see the eternal.
This next one really took a toll on my sides; the idea of the nyt running articles on replacement strategies explicity for white nationalists seemed interesting to me, as if they'd have to step over a line to do so and it might change the nature of the media landscape; but nope, THIS is what they meant, this is what was promised by the click-baity headline:
Well-hell, stop the fucking presses, Rebecca, we've hit on a NEW strategy. We will maintain a precarious alliance of ALL the peoples we are trying to exterminate, and they'll never fucking notice how their interests don't align and get sick of it and eject for movements like soft-white identitarianism. good luck with that
more magic words; their power is weak. Countering this ugliness with some light; enjoy Clauswitz, faggots.

Ga user willing to gas kikes reporting in to say both sides are nigger loving cucklords and don't tread on me flags signal that if you tread on based niggers you will be reported to the authorities. Also the spic menace is getting real here too. It's a lost cause lads lets burn it all. :)

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(((Michelle Goldberg)))
Every. Fuckin. Time

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Come find me cianigger I'll be out tonight

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They didn't want to write an 'X' because it looked like the Christian Cross. They despise Christians so much, all of their energies are spent dismantling societies built upon Christian ideals.

Too many niggers for us to ever have anything other than a shit-tier education system by first-world standards.

Saved mainly for the excellent reminder of that linear vs cyclical history distinction. Absolutely cannot be brought up enough when challenged with the rhetoric of "progress".

I saw this article mentioned on Tucker's show yesterday. You are absolutely correct in that analysis; the connection struck me the moment I heard "Goldberg" and the article title.

Eleven wasn't enough. The media jew and it's owners must be slain.

Daily reminder what can't float in the US, they will float in canada.

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You're literally an Autistic Kike Retard. Not a single Remote SPEC of accuracy in this entire post whatsoever. You made an entire Mongering Trash Post for the sake of sounding like a Contrarist Shill Freak. The MAJORITY are the Woke Ignition Preparing to take back Land from The Fake Reality Agenda.

The MINORITY are Vegan Paste Synthesizing Magnifying Glass wearing Gold Fish with an attention span as stunted as your Intellectual Integrity. That's the SoyKucke Opposition you're trying to Monger spew?

Try the Fuck again you LOST Dopamine Deprived VIRGIN

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Weirdest jumble of words I’ve seen lately. Sure you’re not schizophrenic?

There needs to be an extension compatible with the major browsers which will reveal how kosher an organization is, in an easy to understand graphic or simple numerical percentage.

Eye for an eye.

Sounds pretty national socialist to me

I'm real fucking sick of this shit. Anyone have white co workers or family mention their sick of this? You fucking jews will NEVER win, quit poking at the lion

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That's shopped right?

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the + symbol is the Aryan symbol
it is positive, adding to creation, not taking away
it represents nature (the cyclical 4 seasons among other things)
it is found worldwide in ancient sites connected to high civilization
it is the heart of the swastika

The jews hate and suppress this symbol for memetic and magical reasons, they know symbols contain power and they want their enemies to have less power

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Christians really… *munches on triple cheeseburger*.. ought to learn .. *downs thirty gallons of soda* .. from us chosen .. *gorges self on onion rings* .. about the teachings of .. *says Jesus is boiling in feces in hell* .. their God.


This was the kike cunt that was on CNN a few months ago who stated that Trump wasn't the leader of the free world, then proceeded to chimp-out about it.

These people are so pathetic and delusional. Just because they fantasize about the US being a shitskin filled third world sewer, doesn't make it so. White are still very much the majority, and mostly conservative.

It's chutzpah. They're counting on you taking their words at face-value and becoming demoralized. Kikes only ever deal with each other and White liberals who live in big cities. As such they're clueless to the fact that they are the minority and it is their ideals that are unpopular.


Give this to normies, so that they wake up and we stop replacement!

They already admit thats the plan.

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