The absolute madman

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Is this gonna be the next Zimmerman trial?

by god, let it be so.

The plot thickens.

I think he might just be trying to pro-long the trial to do the most damage to the system possible.

After 9/11 and all the other Jewish false flags I still have a hard time believing this even happened

Suicide by multiple stabwounds in the back when?

All he has to do is claim self-defense. He could also argue that he was attempting to save the life of the child who was about to get his penis mutilated and fellated by the diseased mouth of a vampiric octogenarian remphan idolator. I would mount a cavalier defense for Bowers.

Screw your optics, I'm going in.

If he does get the death penalty he’ll be the first guy to truly die for his country in a very long time

Do they have any proof that it was actually him fiering the shots? I wonder.

The jews will not let it out to the public. They keep their ickbiting tradition under the radar since no other culture does this thing(african savages exclused). It's a bit more gory and wierd then orthodox christian attempts by a grown man(priest) to drown a baby but whatever.

Nope. The sad truth is that killing jews with the faith they have now is beneficial to everybody, even the jews. Modern YHW is far more heavy on sadomasohism.

Until I see photos of the massacre and proof linking him I will assume it's fake.

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There's no evidence, absolutely nothing.

Should be a fast trial since nobody was actually killed.


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My thoughts as well.

I really wished the rules of federal court didn't bar video recording of the proceedings, because this is one case that I would really love to study.

Or they may be prolonging the effects of a completely manufactured event.
He could easily stand up in court and spew about his radicalization on gab and the chans. And I bet he does.
It's feeling very similar to the Finsbury Park Mosque attack in the UK which was also completely staged, but they have the full works, wife claiming he was radicalized online in weeks, a trial, everything, all fucking staged for the pursuit of their agenda.

How much are you betting?

Can someone post a Pepe version of Sir Robert Bowers the Jew Slayer?



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If he was smart, he would make his plea contingent on the holocaust.
If the holocaust happened, he's clearly guilty, as he killed innocent people. If the holocaust didn't happen, he killed a foreign occupation force and is an American hero.

All he has to do is demand that the holocaust be forensically proven or disproven in court.

I'd stick 10 bucks on at 10-1.
Whole thing stinks. Very Fishy.

His defense should just drop redpills on the jews throughout the entire opening statement to the jury. This would adequately establish the targeted population as a credible enemy that posed a credible threat which the country needed to be defended/protected from.


He wants a public trial so he can make political statements obviously.

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Fuck you, don't you dare insult us Orthodox Christians or the spirit of Codreanu will bite you in the ass, you fucking odinist scumbag

inb4 he is detained in the Whitey Bulger "protective custody" unit.

Did the baby survived the onslaught?

Probably, why would he off the kid?

What is this?

Sieg fucking Heil
nailed it thanks Kek


Whitey was ( ( ( murdered) ) ) while in protective custody

He got shanked last night in "protective custody".

I was thinking about something along the lines of collateral damage. You know, a bullet hit the rabbi when he was in mid suck and the baby got castrated on the spot.

Yeah, but what did he do to get (((murdered)))?

That's a good way to get nailed with contempt of court too you nog. Are you really delusional enough to think that any court, much less one in the UK, would accept this?


No idea how that turned into UK

FBI informant,use your logic on why he was offed

user, I want you to go outside right now, find the nearest tree, and apologize to it for wasting the oxygen it worked so hard to make. After that, kill yourself.

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Fair point. Nothing he says or does at this point matters.

A better argument in the same vein would be that he was killing traitors. They were literally giving aid to our nation's enemies.



I wonder if they are giving him the earl turner treatment. (ie bringing in a Israeli torture specialist)

anyone remember when weev was calling the synagouges on christmas wishing them a MERRY CHRISTMAS? lol

That's generally what the MK Ultra program produces, ZOG is going to drag this one out for a long time to make sure all the normies get a good long look at "what type of person" attacks the chosenite tribe.

I hate that kike weev
I wish he had been shot

Might be, but he did what he did so he had to know this was a possibility.

This is why you never surrender to ZOG.

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What should he be guilty of? Animal cruelty?

he dindu nuttin

The opposite is true. If this was MK Ultra, they'd want to get him out of the public eye as quickly as possible, like James Holmes.

Comparing jews to animals is an insult to animals.

Pajeet here. Can Zig Forums tell me if white girl's bottom make good pillow? I have Insomnia. Please please. Never slept for months.

You betcha

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My fellow white people has the power to shoot up schools and Jews, but they don't have the power to let me do sex with farm animals. I'm doing all the work anyways this should be easier for them than walking to the synogouge.

we don't even know that much


Oh boy oh boy oh boy, are we gonna get some /comfy/ trial threads?

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No. Smelly.

I don't think the trial will get a lot of TV attention since Robert is probably going to use his time to mass redpill.

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Reporters aren't allowed in trials anyway.

Go back to cuckchan you god damn nigger.

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Funny, I remember watching live as that fat cow in the Trayvon trial blubbered and struggled to speak English.

Robert Bowers is a sperg who completely set the movement back by a lot. He was probably a plant or some type of CIA brainwashed stooge who went off the reservation, but the fact remains that this sperg fucked Gab over. People like Christopher Cantwell, Patrick Little, Hunter Wallace, Eric Striker, Johnny Benitez, etc. will now have a harder time doing what they do full-time because Gab was to them like it was to many people: the last bastion of free speech. Wrongthink also got canned recently. When will Zig Forums and the greater movement at large discuss the sperg question and do what they can to ostracize and distance themselves from these types of people?

It wasn't a bastion of free speech though, Gabbainigger.

That's strange. Typically cameras aren't allowed in
It must have been outside of court.

Nope, was live as she gave her testimony bro.

When I first read the list of supposed (((victims))) with their ages listed after their names, none of them under fifty, my first thought was that either they were already dead/died earlier that week and were being used as window dressing, while their kin gets a hefty sum from the insurance company as some life insurance pays double for death caused by criminal shooting, or they aren't dead at all but wanted to retire somewhere warmer, so they volunteer to have their names listed, move to a different city under a new name and get all the dough that virtue signaling goys give to their gofundme pages.

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Where, oh where, could a bunch of aged jews just 'disappear' to, I wonder…

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What movement? There is no movement.

If this is real, he did what all white men are capable of. Deciding for themselves who their target is, and what needs to be done about it. He made a choice and stormed the gates of hell. He demonstrated what it truly means to be free.

Dubs confirm infirm fled to pissrael.

Except it absolutely was. Other than a few people getting banned for being absolute speds, you were free to do what you wanted on Gab.
>lé (((Gabbai))) maymay
Why is it that fascist/3PT spergs on here are no different than the Cathcuck “deus vult” or edgy Orthodox convert types? It’s like there’s a lot of overlap between the 3. You niggers do nothing but larp as whatever is considered the hip and trendy thing on (((Twitter))) or Zig Forums (which needs to become a global board).

(((Capitalizes) )) jargon
Nice fuckass

he isn't guilty. it was an obvious false flag. DHS had a live fire drill 0.6 miles away and they admitted to doing drills in that gog before. not to mention the obvious timing happening the day after the failed MAGAbomber hoax.

Bowers should’ve demonstrated suicide, as should you.

no, even though he is a patsy they are going to give him the death penalty to scare White Nationalists into non-action. just like they are about to do with James Fields.

and it will work because most White Nationalists are not warriors or revolutionaries but mere shitposting faggots online.

Wow, look, a bitch crying because his faux-nationalist movement got called out.
Feel free to follow your own advice moishe, you won't be missed.



There can be no setbacks when there is no movement. Any good things you have over there either become inflitrated or infights itself into obscurity.

You're activating my hardmode with that image user-kun!

I like it!

Relevant across so many contexts at this point.

A shame both of those bitches are likely to have enough herpes to give Nurgle the shivers. You don't post an image of your face on your besties yoga-pants'd ass on the internet unless you're the sort of chick who has a tumblr devoted to the joys of eating ass.

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Now how exactly are they going to find a jury of his PEERS?

Kill yourself jew.

>>>Zig Forums

Why does this term comes across as so… "shilly"? Must be the old GG reflexes kicking in.

It is normal in capital cases to be directed to plead not guilty.

Kek. I pity you people.
Then again, I have always suspected that you were simply trolls or shills trying to derail threads.

A trial only hurts the yids. If he's going up for death and he knows it he has nothing to lose and will do what he can to do the most damage. Just that simple. See, you jew fucks always fuck up there. You take away white man's last option and we are left with just one. REMOVE JEW.
Nothing he says changes the optics if he continues to toe the Zig Forums line. Red pills will continue to be handed out like candy. On RECORD.
If he caves and gives into the yids or apologizes or tries to weasel his way out of it then we know it was a set-up. Then we have another brand of redpill to hand out.
Win win.

is this true?

Only the old fuckers were there so there wasn't technically a baby dick in his mouth at the time. Unless he had a piece of foreskin jerky to nibble on while they were waiting for the gay family.

He was in the next room, and he didn't die.

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You always enter a not guilty plea. That gets the process rolling with the clerks etc. to get the case load/scheduling set up. It's crazy how much shit goes on behind the scenes of even low level cases. A not guilty can always be changed, if you make a guilty plea they tend to accept it right then and there and fuck you and they will just have you come back for sentencing.

You’re all spergs. I hope Zig Forums is next on the chopping block for DA JOOOOOOOOS. Where will you people go? Likely back to your normie Facebook accounts to share doge memes.

Kinda amazing how a 97 year old holocaust survivor supposely ended up in a synagogue with a gay couple's adopted baby for the genital mutilation day only to die there by the hands of an angry goyim.

Kek knows your words are worthless, kike worshipper. You will be put to death for your treason.

How new are you?

Zig Forums will never be on the chopping block exactly because of the question that followed:
Stay assmad you sad little (((aut-right))) cuckstain.

Because the jew doesn't belong. I'm sure moldyjew is having a field day trying to play his game with the baste niggers, baste jews, baste faggots, etc. Zig Forums isn't a movement.

Perhaps into your synagogues moshe.

There isn't a movement period, even beyond Zig Forums.
Its nothing but a hollow facade that a few morons have bought into hook, line and sinker, and they just can't bring themselves to acknowledge and engage with reality, which is only exacerbated by the admin shills LARPing as them in order to grant them some semblance of continued belief in the lie.

Its all a circus for the plebs to keep them relaxed and distracted so they don't notice they're still being demographically replaced at a terrifyingly rapid pace. By the time Trump's 2nd term is done, the US will be sub-50% White - if it isn't already, masked by cooked statistics - and then the demographic pie is baked and there's no going back in to try to fix it, certainly not via democratic/political means.

Cameras are allowed in court rooms on a state-by-state basis. But exceptions can also be made to make sure they’re not filmed.

Honestly though it seems more like the judge makes that decision (if their state happens to allow filming normally) otherwise no filming.

Confusing shit on how that all works. We have hours of the OJ trial but no footage of Manson’s which would have made a hell of a better watch