Should We Take Global Governance Seriously? By John R. Bolton

lmao this sounds exactly like Trump but 20 years ago

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Bolton is a kike shill. Fuck off OP.

When did Zig Forums figure out how to use this against us? Is there anyone who isn't a kike shill except tommy robinson? I bet he has been called a kike shill too though.

Nice assumption, faggot. However, to deny that Bolton suck's Israel's cock is to admit that you suffer from severe mental retardation.

for being a faggot.

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Golden Dawn aren't kike shills… Patrick Little either… can't think of many more right now.

Yes he is a zionist. Nice try though now go back to the_donald.

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Isn't this guy a mischling?

Patrick Little is controlled opposition. He's literally an actor.

I know he's a degenerate but is he really controlled?

I think he is cringy, but you need some proof.

Instead of having anything resembling a normal conversation about the decline of globalism everyone is arguing over whether or not Bolton is a Jew.

Anyway, not one of you figured out where I sourced this from. No I'm not talking about it's official archive but a certain website that mentioned this paper two days ago. This is relevant because the (((people))) discussing it are worried that globalism might end sooner rather than later in a way that is completely irreversible.

Zig Forums is mostly shills since Kampfy was ousted. What did you expect?


Pfffthahahahahaha oh man you guys suck at this.


If shill = whites who want to fight back (kill all anti-whites and non-whites and anglos)
Them yes, shitons of shills here lately and i'm one of them.

really nigger?

In contrast to the scholar/warrior, Lt Gen. McMaster, John Bolton is our in-house cowardly neocon. Bolton went to Yale to receive his BA and J.D. Next he spent most of his professional adult life making certain he was never in any war zone. Bolton digs an office job with benefits.

Bolton was a contemporary of Bill and Hillary Clinton at Yale School. He wrote the following in his Yale 25th reunion book [Wikipedia]:

“I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.”

I have known John professionally for several decades. Overall, I found him to be quite likeable, if not basically a “moral coward’ and “intellectual bully”. His intellectual firepower was close to nil. He reflexively took a tough stance with his perceived adversaries [North Korea, Russia,] The problem with Bolton was/ is the simple fact that he spent most of his professional life pandering for favors and money from his Republican patrons [Adelson, Mercer]. Like the other chicken hawks, he was also involved in the illegal “Iran Contra Affair” during the Reagan administration.

As with most of the other NeoCons who were afraid to die in battle, Bolton had no problem recommending that ordinary American citizens offer themselves as cannon fodder in the Iraq War.
What was a couple of thousand more dead American soldiers to a man who openly feared kinetic action for himself?

Bolton “attempted to have the chief bioweapons analyst in the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research [INR] and the CIA’s national intelligence officer for Latin American affairs reassigned.” [Wikipedia]. Bolton “forged the documents about yellowcake uranium from Niger” [Wikipedia] that allowed Bush Jr to rationalize the nonsensical Iraq war. Accordingly, Bolton would stop any intelligence or professional who might contradict his own inherently misguided views about war and nation building. He withheld evidence which ran counter to his own goals when he had served both Sec States Condi Rice and Colin Power.

Bolton has never had any problem lying under oath during his different confirmation hearings throughout his different careers at the State Dept. Nevertheless, he has received the whole-hearted endorsement of the Jewish casino mobster, Sheldon Adelson. That’s a red flag!

Bolton should not ever be brought back into any present or future administration. Unlike Lt Gen. H. R. McMaster, Bolton is the “civilian rat” who got away with murder, again and again. Like POTUS Obama who had received a Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing [even before his eight year tenure], Bolton also had the incredible audacity to have himself nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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this Bolton is for the jew? No the jew global? Bolton man who like jew.

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And this is why the Nuremberg laws were cuck shit.
See also- Tim Wise.

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Our Global Neighborhood is the report of the Commission on Global Governance,[1] issued in 1995, advancing the view that nations are interdependent and calling for a strengthened United Nations. It was vigorously criticized by The New American magazine, John Birch Society, and other advocates of national sovereignty. In Toward Genuine Global Governance: Critical Reactions to "Our Global Neighborhood", Harris, Errol E. and Yunker, James A. assembled a set of nine essays by world federalists expressing their disappointment in the report.


"Americanist" is literally globalism. They are the same exact thing, with the only difference being which vehicle they want use to bring in the global government, the USA or the UN.

One of the most disgusting swamp creatures that ever existed.
Why on earth would Trump put this in his administration?

I think I'll pass.

The problem with Globalism is that it is being jammed down the throats of every college student enrolled in universities throughout the entire country. An assembly line creating radicals incessantly grinds on, and their understanding of the world is one that must be unified as a collective of globalized humanity.

Education authoritatively tells them what civilization and human interaction should be like, and they apply no critical thought because they are all niggers and retarded spics. Hollywood reinforces these messages subliminally (increasingly more blatantly). MSM confirms their indoctrination with propaganda that they are too retarded to see through. Giving retards "higher education" that they cannot complete, because they are retarded, leaves them with debt, a twisted perspective on the world and human interaction, and severe anger at the futility of their situations.

It's a giant feedback loop that needs to be crushed. Bring on the DOTR.


sounds like soros open society

Apparently, OP thought posting such an article about Bolton (without contributing anything himself) would start a quality discussion. I know it's 2018, but it's still not how it works OP.

Replace Americanist with zionist to get the actual picture. He did such a great job in the W. Bush administration that still to this day, he is calling it a total success. His only regret is not overthrowing Assad right after Saddam Hussein. Nowadays, he wants to "celebrate in Tehran, Iran".

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I think you're one of the retards
Wew couldn't have revealed yourself any faster

This book is the basis for the UN strategy of globalisation, look at the members and the chairmen.

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I support globalism, there should be no borders, one race the human race. But first we should exterminate all blacks and browns and reduce asians to a global minority.

This. We need global white supremacy.

John Bolton makes me fucking puke. he is on the short list of (((Neocon))) traitors to America who deserves the gas first. my mouth is just agape at the shameless audacity of Bolton to seriously argue that the answer to (((Globalists))) is to replace them with CivNat ra-ra-ra American Empirism, which is really just another way of saying "Dick Washers for Zion."

Bolton is straight out of the Karl Robe and Saul Alinsky playbook: accuse your enemy of doing exactly what you are doing–accuse the Shitlibs of being Globalists who love endless trillions in more (((debt))), endless waves in invaders from 3rd world shitholes, endless wars fighting and dying to serve the purpose of Greater Israel, and generally betraying your own American people and selling us all into indentured slavery to China and Mexico.

but there is something more interesting than a Yosemite Sam looking shit bag (((Neocon))) kike lover with a ridiculous pussy on his lips. why would Bolton be such a transparently hypocrite traitor? why would Bolton say he's against the Globalists while being the biggest fucking Globalist shill himself?

i think i may know why, and all you Pizzagaters will love this shit because it is just one more piece of evidence that the world is being run by some Eyes Wide Shut pedo-rape-cannibal Satanic cult who entrap elites into compromising situations, such as fucking kidnapped child prostitutes or raping their wives or participating in bizarre and disgusting sexual fetishes like forced racialized gang bangs on their blacked out wives or being the gimp at a glory hole sucking off an entire boy's high school wrestling team or being invited to fly the Lolita Express to enjoy a weekend at Epstein's Pedo Island. all of it is filmed and those films are held tightly by FBI and CIA glow niggers and then when you are promoted to a position of power and influence, the spooks call in a favor. or hundreds of favors. basically you become a full-time slave to ZOG doing their bidding or else… let's just not think about what would happen if those tapes of you got leaked to TMZ.

according to dirt Larry Flyntt dug up in 2005, back in 1983 John Bolton got divorced from his wife because she said he forced her into freaky group sex gang bangs being fucked by a pack of niggers. that's Bolton's "thing." The swingers club where this happened was named Plato's Retreat. there's just one catch. Plato's Retreat was revealed in 1988 as being a KGB front for the past 20 years, with multiple KGB decoys acting as members of this sex club, who entrapped many, many CIA officers and other glowniggers with TOP SECRET clearances. the CIA double agent named Karl Koecher was one Plato's Retreat swinger who swapped his wife around to entrap and recruit CIA officers. Koecher's real job was KGB.

here's the screen shot from BezPo in 1988 talking about Plato's Retreat and how one of the worst moles in CIA history was a husband a wife KGB team who recruited nasty McMuffins into gang bangs to recruit them to spill Langley's top secrets. so this shit isn't some hypothetical. Plato's Retreat KGB spy ring really happened, and KGB really did own the owners of the club and KGB really did wire the joint up and record everyone in order to blackmail and recruit them.

what are the odds that John Bolton's freaky sex tapes of him jacking off his limp noodle while a pack of niggers ran the train of his ex-wife in Plato's Retreat? i'd say those odds are pretty damn near 100%. which means Bolton has been a puppet of ZOG for over 30 years. Bolton does whatever his masters in Tel Aviv order him to, or else his rape tapes will be leaked and his career will be over and his reputation destroyed and his historical legacy shattered.

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So now he is sad he helped usher some of this shit while he worked for a stooge president?

Actually I meant it in regards to this:

tldr two (((people))) comment on the INFT ending and Bolton killing New Start to "piss off the normies" [sic] both of which are actions that cannot be easily reversed, and send the world much closer to nuclear war (even if it's just an extremely "limited" engagement say in Cuba or Afghanistan using low yield or neutron bombs). Whether or not this is Zionist is irrelevant, as it shows the decline of global cooperatopn and diplomacy.

Anyway, this is different from the post Cold War consensus and makes the likelihood of Israel doing something really stupid (airstrike on Iran's NPP which would trigger a Chernobyl-level catastrophe; consider that Israel's strikes on Syria's half-built reactor was also a Bolton plan) that is also irreversible (shittons of fallout contaminating the middle east forcing a huge migrant wave west).

Yo refer to this post for actual information instead of little girls gossip

This is from the book
That's a supreme Court required reading for judges

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i was about to be pissed

oops meant to link to this one

Ignore anything Bolton has to say. He puts the zio in ziocuck.

The cool thing about those who strive to centralize power in a few people is that they are just a few people and thus it doesn't take too many people killed to solve the issue.

Quality post. No one should fall for Bolton, of all people, being against globalism.

How is he a degenerate? Guy literally names the jew in public and somehow he's a shill. You faggots think everyone is a shill.

Do to the non-whites of the world what is being done to us. Genocide slowly over the course of ~200 years, provide bread and circuses, suppress when necessary.
Kikes of course need to be done away with in a much more timely manner.

Honestly I wouldn't mind projecting American military power around the world if we were actually serving our own fucking interests for once. In that sense I could see "Americanism"
being tolerable. But yes, Bolton's conception of what he calls "Americanism"certainly involves spreading the same neo-liberal/neo-conservative agenda as the globalists, only with the US as the primary vehicle for this process. Pretty fucking retarded.

I remember getting banned from here when I made a stink about Trump picking Bolton. So glad the (((mods))) have been removed.

He's always been a fucking idiot. The only thing that is needed is to govern over him so he doesn't fucking do something stupid like breed.

Bolton is a massive neocon, pro-Israel warmongering maniac, BUT he did say recently that the national debt is a national security issue, which is literally the first non-insane thing I've heard him say. Maybe there is hope even in the most Bush-like

Checked. No, Little is not degenerate, not a kike, not a kike shill. You can tell when the (((establishment))) is worried about a white identity figure rising. They start dumping all over him on here.

Found the jew
No, only the jews and their anglokike pets.

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There is no argument you filthy kike. Bolton is the Guardian of Zion.

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Can you link the movie about the queens dealings in africa?

Republican patrons [(((Addelson]…Iran Contra'
This is a Lindsey Graham (whom sided against the 9/11 families lawsuit against Saudi Arabia'' ) -tier heel turn for Bolton, rhetorically if nothing else. If he is/was compromised, that can be leveraged going back the other way as well. Takeaway: Bolton's Iran-Contra involvement is related to Jamal Khasshogi's favorite uncle's, Adnan Khasshogi, whom was present with Bush Sr. and Ayatollah Khomeni's right hand and current Iranian President Akbar Rafsanjani during that Paris meeting.
If this can be held over Bolton's head in exchange for immunity, this would be good inside baseball on WWIII/Zionog endgame with Iran. While that might be nice if Bolton could magically overturn decades of shabbos shilling policy counterproductive to 'Americanist' self-interest, the only countervailing evidence will be negative, lack of action– that is, apart from the Obongo Iran nuclear deal. Bolton's there to signal hawkish 'Crazy Ivan' moves, bad cop to Trump's good cop in negotiations at best until proven otherwise.

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