Daily Stormer's new strategy NOT naming the jew

I predicted this the day of the Synagogue holocaust.

Naturally, they take their daily swipe at any boots on the ground with more empty rhetoric about "wignats"


Incredible people still go to this site.

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Anglin is a hero for exposing atomwaffles nigger kikes

baste huwite nationalist! baste trumpenführer deporting NAZIS!

I agree, Shlomo: Incredible people still do go to the stormer.

I was naive once and thought Anglin is just a misguided moron. Low IQ but had the heart in the right place. One of very men who still had a rather healthy attiduee towards women and didn't put them on pedestal. Now I understand he glows in the dark and shills for ZOG, bet it (((Trump))), (((Putin))), (((Corbyn))) or any other democratically elected buffoon.

It's a little late for that, Andrew.

It would be nice if Anglin was shot so he could die for nothing.

This is the 35 year old 5 feet manlet who can't find a white girl and fucks southasian prostitutes right? Lmao



Rant about the Jews and not get elected. Keep a lid on it and be another vote against the Jews and Jew policies. Sometimes I get the feeling people on Zig Forums don't have a firm grip on reality. There's serious people focused on getting results. And then there's OP.



If you are against mormons you are against jews too cults are fine leave them alone greeks aren't even white

why do white nationalists look weird

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So instead of getting elected and taking over the GOP we should rant about the Jews and be laughed off stage? Sounds like a winning plan. I look forward to your campaign. I'm just picturing that fat neckbeard candidate stripping on stage at the Libertarian convention. Maybe you can wear an SS uniform at your campaign events. Speak in German. Because it's all LARPing for you. It's all about purity spirals. Not getting results.

I would go on the Stormer once in a blue moon for the gigs. But I gotta admit after watching that debate I'm finding the degenerate thumb head growing on me.

You are allowed to criticize anyone. If a group is going to claim there is a collective consciousness to their group - black pride, gay pride, jewish pride, look at what the black/gay/jewish community did! , Then you are also allowed to be held accountable for fucked up shit your cult does.

An American citizen can't just go into Mexico and start shooting people. If an American does that and America goes tough shit, it's going to cause issues. Further , if somebody who was affected by that says I FUCKING HATE AMERICANS , Americans for the most part will go "
(If somebody criticized AMERICA, I will process criticism.) Sure you have the TRUPATRIOTS who are like FUCK THOSE COMMIE MEXICANS, but a large portion of the country looks at America bullying some foreigner and goes what the fuck fuck off you psychopaths.

So to summarize , Americans believe in accountability, and there are enough people in America who will understand that a foreigner with no other way to get themselves heard will attack the entire country if Americans ignore a crime committed against that foreigner by an American. No matter what that person says "I hope your mother gets raped! I hope America dies! Fuck you!" , There have been zero cases of the American public starting a witchhunt against those using cuss words against America.

So if thousands of Jews have been proven to come into America and commit crimes and psyops against American citizens , people say what the fuck this group is doing fucked up shit, the American government ignores this shit, it's proven that our government takes bribes from Israel or has just been straight up infiltrated by dual Israeli citizens, then somebody betrayed by the country they devoted themselves to go "fucking kikes", then jews ignore what led to them saying that and instead attack the way they expressed their frustration, they are a worthless cult and need to fuck off.

Let's shine a light on the hypocrisy a little more. If Putin came to the us Congress unannounced and started making demands there would he riots. netananahahayayyah did just that, and nothing happened.

If Russian bots come onto Twitter and try to change American opinion, Americans consider it an act of war. If thousands of Jews living in America are in Jewish Internet Defense force groups and spend their time changing the public's opinion on Israel, nobody cares.

The reason this happens is through basically false rape accusation techniques. A person who has never been raped can destroy another human being by saying they raped them. If they have some credibility, famous name , big title , lots of money, by default people will believe them. The Holocaust is invoked any time somebody suggests you are allowed to criticize jews. There have been countless genocides against all races. All races have experienced slavery. A Russian can't go BUT STALIN. Chinese can't go BUT WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT CHINKS NAME WAS. Japs can't go BUT THE NUKES. Armenians cant go BUT THE GENOCIDE. When shitty people from shitty countries do fucked up shit, the entire world is allowed to speak freely about what they are doing. When jews murder human beings for oil , including millions of civilians , you are not allowed to criticism them. When the entire us is held hostage by tech monopolies who are loyal to Israel and give the Israeli government information on every us citizen, you are not allowed to criticize that despite that being treason. When the jew media and jew politicians do money laundering , and many of their celebrity minions are revealed to be using offshore accounts to avoid taxes , it's illegal to criticize them.

So one counter is "so what? Everyone does this!" The protected status of the jewish mafia is what holds the entire scam together. The world is completely aware that the current system is a corrupt scam, even the liberals. Pressure is put on the scam system, then the moment that pressure hits a jew its ordered to stop. Brainwashed libtards will condemn greed, then the moment you bring up how wall Street banking insurance law health real estate media is dominated by jews they say "they are just good at business".

The moment the protected status goes away, which only requires constant pressure , a war that we have been fighting just the way we should, everything will fall into place. Since enough powerful people dont follow laws for them to even matter, I consider myself an anarchist, but consistent enforcement of the law would lead to a stable situation. One instance of evil excused leads to a never-ending chain reaction until it's punished.

Anti Zionism is based on logic. Zionism is jewish supremecy and has no place in a world as diverse as this. The only way they can have any form of that is by all of them retreating to Israel. Otherwise they are a mafia who only cares about themselves sucking the blood from people who they call cattle.

Since this is a scientific analysis of this threat, and is correct, all that is needed to end this problem is exposure of the threat.

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Your alt kike morons are far dumber then the above mentioned men as well. They will never get elected.
The demographics of the country wont let you get elected either.

If you like qualudes so much, you should probably just move to Mexico and be a bean nigger like they are.


Anglin is literally Jewish. He works with (((Weev))), why should we care?

Anglin says
This guy running for office
This guy's wife, son and daughter whether true or not are saying
So even if you dont ever mention jews in public or in your private life, someone will say you did and do, so what's the problem with mentioning the power jews have over us?

If you don't mention jews, your message isn't true

Who is the snake girl meme directed at?


OP has left out all the context here. Anglin was talking specifically about not naming the jew if you're running for public office, not in general. I disagree with him strongly on this point, because I think the world needs the Littles, Nehlens, Jones etc. that have the balls to openly name the jew as candidates, but this is not a NEW position from Anglin - he's been saying this ever since his "American Nationalism" push over a year ago.
Why is it every time I read an OP regarding Anglin here, I go to check what was REALLY said and it turns out that the OP had taken him out of context, or was just plain lying? I hate having to "defend" this faggot, because many things he's done are indefensible. But I hate even more that we have OP's deliberately lying about the guy and misrepresenting him just to score points, or whatever. Spreading disinfo to purposefully mislead Zig Forums is ALWAYS bad, no matter who it is about.

E-celebs all need to fuck off. The movement would be solid if not for the “leadership.” What a joke.

Because they're either jews or in this case have negroid admixture and the shills on here (90% of posters) go along with them being genuine huwhite nationalists.

Just like this Robert Bowers guy. What white person has that kind of negroish nose?


Anglin’s 11s are up. Only a matter of time now. youtu.b e/q-m1APdLna8

Jew say you no talk about jew. If Jew do bad thing and no mens can talk about jew? This mean jew bad and need oven.

You talk like jew

These sites and groups like the proudboys are clearly honeypots and controlled op.

The guy from PB shoved some thing up his ass on stream. That is not based….

And look at that they got their channel shut down. Would sure suck for legit groups….

Did you even read the article yourself? He says it's retarded to say it on record. The information will still leak but it won't be as devastating as Paul Nehlen.

Andrew Anglin is a HERO!

Look, nigger, only British, Swedes, and Jews are White. Seriously, fuck the Irish. Get off this board potatonigger. My name is Andrew Anglin I believe our priority should be rebuilding the British-Jew Empire of the 17-18th century. This is where we had British-Jew, Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli lead Whites into the promised land of White Imperial glory. Good 'ole Benny the Jew was the greatest Imperial British Prime Minister of all time! and a very handsome man. If anyone has a problem, go look up /our boy/ Oliver Cromwell to see exactly how we anglokike cocksuckers take care of dissenters like you Nazi punks. Don't ever challenge us. My name is Andrew Anglin, I'm a proud anglokike fighting every day to defend Cromwellian England.

It is not true that I deserve to have my head bashed in on-sight by a baseball bat for attempting to hijack you guys for three years now. So stop saying that, please. I'll have my team of effeminate Mormons and Freemasons call you mean names on the internet. As your leader Andrew Anglin, I will also continue stealing your creative works by posting them on my blog claiming you simultaneously don't exist. Now, stop trying to divide and conquer our British Jew Empire with this Celtic stuff.

A.A. signing out

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Fuck off back to endchan, retard.

It is impossible to get results through democratic means. People who think we will win through elections when America is slated to be less than 30% White within two decades cannot be called "serious people." They are just cowards hiding from reality. Optimism for voting and elections act as therapeutic catharsis for them.

In the city of Portland, Oregon a member of the Proud Boys was flying the British Flag walking around downtown, mixed in with around 30 guys in the group. They're freemason homosexual brits and zionist jews with a whatever sorry random pawn they happen to collect along the way. They don't talk about shit other than "man vs woman" hurrrrr

Yes, proud boys is a CIA, Mi6 honeypot operation. Everything that shows sympathy for "England" inside these circles is automatically a honeypot. People will learn that eventually the hard way. England is the birthplace of western liberalism, marxism, zionism and neoconservatism. England elected a Jewish Prime Minister to rule over England 150 years ago. No Western nation has ever done that. What more does it take to understand England is a den of rat faced jews.

If you're joined up with a right-wing group (any group) and they start promoting "England" as a priority, this is how you know you've been jewed.

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Irish potatoniggers are retarded. There is nothing wrong with jews.

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In the city of Portland, Oregon a member of the Proud Boys was flying the British Flag walking around downtown, mixed in with around a 30 man group. They were freemason homosexual brits and zionist jews including whatever random drunk they happened to collect along the way. All they talk about is "man vs woman". This is the limit of their dialog.

Yes, proud boys is a CIA, Mi6 honeypot operation. Everything that shows sympathy for "England" inside these circles of ours is automatically a honeypot. People will learn that eventually the hard way. England is the birthplace of western liberalism, marxism, zionism and neoconservatism. England elected a Jewish Prime Minister to rule over England 150 years ago. No Western nation has ever done that. What more does it take to understand England is a den of rat faced jews and their homosexual pets.

If you're joined with a right-wing group (any group) and they start promoting "England" as a priority, this is how you know you've been jewed.

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"I wish the Irish would stop calling me a British Jew operative." - Andrew Anglin

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Well, Anglin has a valid point. The Irish tend to be Nazi's. We should bring back Victorian England.

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Well, well, well, the jew(s) behind TheZog.info has changed his tactic from bashing "potatoniggers" like he did on Endchan to now attacking Anglos. And he's a mod.

Literally Abraham, Moses and Jacob.

Jewish people are cool and so is England.

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Why are you ip hopping polvolzog.info?

Fuck the Irish

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Maybe the White race should use the time they spend obsessing about Jews to get their own shit together!

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Maybe Jordan Peterson should clean his room instead of obsessing over Nazi's all day.

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Those arent Irish. Those are Scottish blooded settlers who are actually Jewish. The orange order is ulster scottish protestant unionists and the red hand flag is their flag. Thats all the opponents of Irish unity and the IRA etc.

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Where does it say those people are Irish? That post never said that. Are you an idiot or a derailing troll?

Typical Jewish "Victorian Age" revisionism. Twist history around and claim it was Jewish. The Scots came from Keltic Scythia, not Saudi Arabia.

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complete nonsense. Northern Ireland is the whitest and most Zig Forums place in western Europe. all of the Irish chimpout organizations like the IRA etc. are marxists

Oh, it's you. Wow, you're obsessed with trying to be white, Mike.

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We know all about those who say they're white.

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Look at enoch powell's slopped forehead and asiatic eyes. Is he the guy famous for his "rivers of blood" speech in the UK. What a Jew.

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Here's talking about people running for office. It's a no fucking brainer if you are going to run for office you don't want people saying "this guy hates kikes!" 80% of the US whites still don't feel strongly enough about their race to defend it, let alone side with someone who says bad things about another race publicly. How the fuck are you or I, a white nationalist supposed to get elected if we are nothing off about shit people refuse to vote for?

Get into office, get your friends into office, then talk about kikes all you want. Get power first then weild it.

Fucking wingnats / anti-white shills…

Wow, my mind is blown. You're like a really smart guy. Wow! I bet you play chess and win games. Can you teach us more of this strategy, top guru of the thinking world.

Fucking anglokikes / cromwellian homosexuals…

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Anyone that ever trusted Anglin or the fucking Trumpstein scam is pretty much beyond all help at this point

I'm going to take the final portion of the second paragraph to mean that we need to start exposing the jew on a massive scale so that the commoners start waking up and realizing the subterfuge that has been employed against them. Come and help brainstorm augmentations for and help carry out OPERATION ETJ:


Once you figure out how to crosspost. The quotes come from Rockwells books if you want more context. The first quote comes from This Time the World, the second one comes from White Power. If you really need I can take the time to check which pages they are from

All Europeans are white, except you, because race traitors are honorary Jews.

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Nope, youre a kike.

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That video is from the Greater Shankill Area MP of some ulster party, DUP or something I dunno. She spammed it in my Gab group so I told her off but I managed to save a cap of one of her rallies with both the jack and the star of david, and a clip of the tricolor which she said she was tolerant for including and wanted a pat on the back. Kike flags fly with unionists.

So all whites are equal then? Even tatted up gay methheads (which is what the Celts were, sans the meth)?

do you not understand that kikes run the federal reserve, and that since they lend our government money at interest they are in charge?

that way is literally impossible

everything is a slide thread user, we have gone from propaganda to memeganda. But you are a literal 22 yr old idiot so stfu

new topic:
vox day is not the solution , 2 problems:
-christianity is our strength and our weakness

eceleb is kinda fucked up conserdering its a medium , its like blaming a gun. Good and bad people can use the internet. Watching his darkstream today and from before there is a strong bias pro christanity. Almost too much knowing the down sides.

He talks about identity bias (not being able to separate yourself from your ethnicity). I think he has difficulty separating himself from his religion. Hes right about everything. But some salt needs to be added. Theres more info about the negative side of following christinity that he should address.

Not to downplay following the path of christ , but to add a pragmatic understanding of all of its implications.

todays video attached, btw killstream got fucked today if you didnt know

im guessing you posted this crazy response in the wrong thread.

Don't focus on the people machinating your genocide!

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Nice one. Anglo's are White jews. They get the rope too.

Where did this expression come from?

Also Anglin is low quality baiting scum who shouldn't be given attention. He's a shame to true American men.

Yeah, I had those faggots at DS crying for a good 6 months.

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>Anglin is literally Jewish. He works with (((Weev))), why should we care?

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Since dog-whistles are all you're going to be saying with your self policing language, what makes you think it's going to be understood by anyone that's not already "on the inside"?

The whole point is that it's impossible to know if his plan is a success (it won't be), but his low IQ followers will believe it is and keep donating. How can anyone prove for sure that all the BASED Republikikes who are cornholing preschoolers in jewish sex dungeons aren't also "redpilled fashy goys"?


This is the most subversive part of the article:

"We save Europe by killing all the Europeans."

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Im kind of disappointed at all the Anglin hate here.
Guy tries to explain that its possible to control the system that is used to control you without having to resort to siegeposting for your attention.
Plenty of posters here ready to judge based on a single posted article, which shows how easily you can be swayed when it comes to ideals and really shows you people lack any ability to commit to anything.

How do you know it wont be if its impossible to know?

It's Zig Forums, this place is now used by shills to destabilize right wing movements.

All the old people have left.

You can be banned for supporting Trump now.

Red Ice Proves Israel Behind All Rapefugees and Migrants Into The West

Red Ice just got a strike and had livestreaming disabled on their main channel.

They got the strike for the video they did on the Israeli government funded NGO Israid, which went to Greece to help bring in as many Syrians as possible to Europe, all the while Israel itself doesn't let in any Syrians.

Open borders and mass immigration for the goyim. Closed borders for Israel. Jewish hypocracy at its finest.

Here is another video on the Israid affair:


It seems like there is a way of censorship happening


That's odd considering 99% of posts in the last few years have been relentless campaigning for the orange kike who just the other day announced he's targeting antisemites for extinction

Not one solitary jew or MAGApedo spastic has ever been banned from here for promoting their jewish puppet

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Really not odd at all considering the recent polvol teams are anti-Trump, especially that kike polvol2.

You are an anti-semite? Poor soul.

These two statements are contradictory. Trump has been the most destabilizing for the right wing. The election of trump and the false hope he gave to low IQ retards who make up the bulk of "the right wing" has done irreparable damage to white nationalism and set us back decades.

And that is false. Anglin is a deradicalization shill, therefore he is our enemy. He is just an edgier Jordan Peterson. He will be killed on the day of the rope.

Oh hasbarakun you're so cute. Still posting bans from 2016 and repeating yourself daily on Zig Forums!

Whatever would we do without you?

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How? Trump gives a figure for the right wing to believe in, much like Hitler.

What was the right wing movement before Trump? Shit posters on the internet.

What was the stage of white nationalism before Trump?

Sound like a fucking FBI.

Except, unlike Hitler, it's a false belief. Trump openly works against our interests. He sells people a pile of dog shit and tells them it's prime rib. And low IQ retards like you eat it up it. Trump has completely derailed all of the momentum that we had built up during the Obama years and has directed it towards neoconservativism.